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Current I've worked so much that my tiredness reached my bones and my paycheck had a comma in it
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1 mo ago
trying to use my computer and my cat decides that the clicker seems like a good thing to try and paw on the screen
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1 mo ago
when you listen to music and it reminds you of an old love that you try to forget and it makes you almost cry....send help please
1 mo ago
soooo i hope my rp takes off or something cause I think its a cool idea but we will see won't we?
2 mos ago
what? It's after christmas and I'm alive?? boooo I thought my mom would have killed me


Just getting into roleplay thanks to my best friend who might be well known around here. Don't know much about roleplaying so go easy on me please

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Many many ideas. Like a good western or a good si-fi! what are you thinking about? I'm up for anything and I am a sucker for a romance plot that makes sense
1) New Fire by Sent by Ravens
2) Drown by Bring Me the Horizon
3) this Ain't A Scene, It's an Arm's Race
4) Eat it by Weird Al Yankovic
5) Remember to Remember ft. Lights by Shad
6) Fury of the STorm by DragonForce
7) Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3
8) Mr. Simple by Super Junior
9) Problem by Natalia Kills (aka my bad b**** song)
10) Kyoto ft Sirah by Skrillex
Cause I need you to tell everything will be alright
To chase away the voices in the night
When they call my name, have I gone insane
-Black Veil Brides "When They Call My Name"

War: @vertigh0st
Conquest: @shadow dragon
You have my interest!!!

Because that violin solo, in the beginning, is amazing!!!!!
I am so interested in this!
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Welcome abord mate!!
Welcome to the site! I hope we can roleplay together!! :)
So I had this idea when I was trying to write a story about it but couldn't get it rolling but its a much better roleplay. It features the Four Horsemen with Conquest being an angry gamer uncle who plays FPS games, War taking the role of the cool mom who will bottle his angry till the last moment when he explodes, Famine is the depressed uncle who has the best advice on life, and Death is the most awesome dad his standards everyone else thinks he needs parenting classes or some help.

EDIT: Please PM for roles as I never got the notifications for this thread
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