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Current Apparently I have depression. Explains a lot
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You know that college feeling, when everything's gonna be due very soon... Max that... That's on my mind... And the rest of me... ohgodwhy
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I think I might be able to start RPing again with the right method to my madness... keyword "think."
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What's on my mind just so happens to be my skull... What about yours?
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Ila'Ira Orina

Involving: Airus @Apollosarcher, Dra'kal @Lmpkio, Solace @Alfhedil

Ila looked to Airus as he had begun to suggest she help to take the holocron away. She started to wonder if the Sith spirit would try to stop them, whether it could, whether they'd be able to...
'I do not see enemies'
What? Her stance relaxed slightly, not out of reassurance, but out of confusion. This sith spirit, using the dark side with all of the gloomy reds, the stereotypical antithesis of the jedi... doesn't see enemies? This almost made Ila more worried, seeing as her first logical conclusion would be that it thought all of the jedi in the room beneath her. A thought like that didn't bode well, so Ila returned to her readiness to escape or fight.

Quietly, Ila listened to this... neutral sith spirit? It didn't take long for another surprising turn of events to come about. The sith spirit speaking of things it shouldn't have known lead directly into a lot of slamming, the world outside being entirely cut off save from significant effort from the strongest of creatures. She immediately felt claustrophobic, which was strange, since she normally didn't mind enclosed spaces. The whole situation was unnerving to say the least, and now the world outside was nothing but a faint dream. Seeing as her previous comment had been made out of nervous worry, and likely didn't help either, she maintained her silence. The spirit had said it didn't see enemies, so it probably wouldn't attack unprovoked, so she finally truly relaxed her stance. She did ensure to mentally prepare herself to start using battlemind if the need arose, but otherwise tried to simply sink into the background for now.

'Not a sith holocron...'
'No, I was always a sith...'

Ila started to give up understanding the full intricacies of the situation. This ghost was a sith that wasn't an enemy, but also not a sith, just from the empire... it felt like the two sides had an impasse about how they viewed sith, and that wasn't about to change in the next few minutes. Well, that was her thought process until the ethereal being outright said against having practiced the dark side. So... not a sith, just culturally a sith...? Her thoughts to herself abruptly ending with the shielding around the room being removed and her out of the norm claustrophobia faded. She tried to stifle her chuckling at the feeling of relief as everything seemed to calm down at once, but said chuckling was audible, to say the least. "Oh... sorry..." She composed herself quickly before moving over to Airus and whispering "This isn't the kind of sparring I had in mind."
Ila'Iri Orina

As Airus claimed to have a meeting, Ila started to nod in acceptance that he was busy, only for him to offer for her to come along. She paused her nod for a moment before then continuing it, "I'd be honored, Master Airus." As she followed behind him, she quietly thought to herself I meant to leave Master Solace to the business she had, but unless there's another diplomat hanging around the temple that I didn't know about, it looks like I accidentally got myself involved. Must not be too big of a deal if Master Airus is allowing me to attend, though. Despite being invited to see said holocron, she felt slightly nervous, like anything Solace was doing was likely too important for the young togruta to be involved in.

Upon getting the directions to the correct room from the clerk, Ila gave a quick smile and wave on the way by, hoping to make up for her nervousness with quiet friendliness. As she entered the room behind Airus, she gave a quick bow to the two already in the room. Not knowing whether she should introduce herself or not, she stayed silent. Official business is a little worrying... I hope I don't get assigned to Master Solace, I couldn't handle figuring out what to do in situations like this. Before she got too far into wondering about whether the diplomat would even be getting a padawan, let alone the risks of it being her, she focused on the comments being made by the three in the room.

Ila quietly craned her neck just a little, hoping to get a good look at the holocron without getting in the way or distracting any of them. Right, sith... the ancient evil that wielded the force like we jedi do. She suddenly straightened her posture as she heard something about a Sith Spirit. Wait, this was actually super important, and Master Airus just walked me in here without a care. I guess I'm getting assigned soon, so I can handle myself well enough... I guess I should get used to stuff like this from whoever my master is. As her thoughts wrapped up her near conversation to herself, she started to relax slightly, assuming she was at least okay to be there since she hadn't been asked to leave.

Ila almost got into a fighting stance when Solace recoiled from the holocron. She watched as the device begin to react, and started to get ready to pull her lightsaber for, if nothing else, defense. The lights flashing, the surprise from the others in the room, and then the red light. It all felt dark, wrong, overall unmistakably not good. It could have been Ila's expectations of the thing tainting the experience, but it didn't matter what it actually was, she didn't exactly like it. As the thing rung out something about releasing to Verra Alleron, Ila spread her stance slightly to defend or take off if needed. She quietly spoke out, a nervous smile across her face, "Does.. this mean we're learning more about the Sith?" Maybe not the best time for her to speak up.
Ila'Iri Orina

In the Jedi Temple of Mandalore

Ila inhaled slowly. She focused on the world around her, not immediate surroundings, but the universe at large: nature, life, sentience, the Force making it all possible. She focused on the Force, moving everything into place as it needed to be for life and the universe to be as it was, how it would continuously flow through everything, including herself. Finally, she focused on herself, her connection to the force, its control of her, and her requests of it, she focused on... the loneliness of meditating completely on her own.

Ila drooped, letting out her breath all at once. She'd been meditating on her own here for way too long, locked away in a back meditation room with not even a fly nearby. I don't think anyone would mind if I meditated in a more public area as long as I was out of the way. If I say it's to practice keeping out distractions, maybe they'll respect it even more and not bother asking me to move again. She flopped onto her back, staring at the ceiling, Or maybe I could convince someone else to meditate with me... or spar?

Suddenly, the door to the meditation room opened, causing Ila to put up a hand, "Sorry, you can use this meditation room. I'm having trouble in here anyway." As the other person, some Miraluka girl she'd never heard of or met, began to thank her, she rolled back up into a sitting position and stood up. "Don't worry about it. Unless you want to try group meditation, it's all yours." She gave a quick smile and wave, walking past the Miraluka. With the door shutting and cutting her off from the most interaction she'd had all day, she inhaled again, feeling a little better to even have had that brief interaction. Alright Ila, let's go find at least one person to practice something with. Maybe one of the knights or sages? I'm pretty sure they'd be eager to test a potential padawan of theirs.

Wandering out into the main halls of the temple, Ila saw a parasol, red dress, and (albeit a second individual) a stranger with a white mask. The stranger, the fancy clothing, and who they were talking with made them clearly on official business of some sort, and definitely not free for any training. Unfortunate, but if the girl in the red dress was who Ila expected, probably no different than the norm anyway. That woman seemed busy beyond belief. But seeing her made her think of another option, one a little more potentially free.

Ila took her time heading towards the library, enjoying the feeling that came with knowing there were a number of people in the area, rather than just walls. Finally finding herself in the library, she linked her hands behind her back taking in the library's resources for a moment, and preparing to act somewhat official while speaking with the one she came to ask for some sparring. After a short search and a quick breath, she found Airus near the Holocron vaults. "Master Airus. Could you spar with me if you're free? I don't have very much to do while I wait for assignment." She gave a quick bow as she asked her request.
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I was asked to remove this message, so I have.
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As the one who modified the suggestion to Discord for you, I agree with it.
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Hey guys, it's your co-GM (by force-I mean... choice). So my character is a jounin, here, that doesn't mean others should try to follow that example or use my character as a reference or anything, as he is pretty powerful due to his being a jounin. Good? Good. That said, if I messed anything up, feel free to tell me, and I'll change it ASAP, Jasonhero.
I'd like to sincerely apologize. Up until this point, Jasonhero has been doing a lot to explain silences on others' parts, mine included. Please forgive me for my silence, as what I'm about to say should generally explain it. I attempted to join this at a very inopportune time for me (not too long before realizing real life was going to start giving me some troubles) and rather than update you all, I forgot to inform you. I regret that, and would like to apologize for that as well. Finally, to avoid you all having to wait on me in the future, and because I could not put as much effort and time into this RP as I was hoping, I will be leaving the RP, I greatly appreciate that I was allowed in at all, sincerely apologize that I wasted your time, and would like to say, in a less formal tone, I'm really really sorry. I really did intend to participate more and post often, but some stuff in life has caused that to not be possible. I do hope that you all have a great time in this RP, and I hope you forgive me for the mistake I made.
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