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Current I honor people who can keep the same profile picture forever... xD
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Well crap... How long have I been gone?? *blinks twice*
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suddenly in the mood to do a cheesy 1x1 magical girl rp with real-life fcs. kill me
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These Korean's spamming us with their Singapore and baccarat stuff. Korea has just got a whole lot weirder. xD


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Lookin good, I can really see him hating my character which is gonna be fun.
Well THAT was interesting to write XD

This tomb will get touched for shits and giggles... :3 be warned.
Save me now

@Irisity Looks good, I can dig that x) just stick it in the character section!

Meanwhile! Work in progress!

@Orange Juice TERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Name: James Fair

Age: 26

Gender: Male


Personality: James is a person who, over long years of fighting alongside commoner and noble, respects merit above all, whether it is fighting prowess, stewardship of resources, knowledge of strategy and tactics, and of course, the knowledge on how to sheperd and build should the civil war finally end. Respectful of his commanding officer despite the latter's inferior social rank, James acts as a loyal enforcer and sub-commander, but who has come to expect not to be blindly ordered around, and instead given a rational reason for whatever operation has been planned. But because these reasons are given regularly, James trusts the company's commander and is willing to defend his reputation.

Equipment: Sword (stainless steel), Mace (stainless steel), Shield, Full Plate Armor, Horse, Full Plate Horse Armor.

Strengths: James is smart and intelligent enough to understand his superior's tactics and strategy, as well as the political and diplomatic disputes that lead to conflict. He is also good with melee weapons and mounted and unmounted combat, as well as the basics of leadership.

Weaknesses: James is not a spy or assassin; he is not good at sneaking around, and while he understands espionage and respects spies and the need to gather information, he prefers to leave such work to others.

Likes/Dislikes: James likes everything going according to plan, making money without too much atrocity, peace being brought to a place, at least temporarily. Oh, and whoring around with men (it's less of a stigma if you're the dominant and you're discreet), and women.

Dislikes are bandits, massacring those who cannot fight, rape, destruction of beautiful things.

History: James Fair was born as a second son of higher nobility in Alber, thus removing him from direct heirship of the family's domains. Though groomed early on for the Church, James' fighting prowess was such that it was agreed that turning cleric or monk would be a waste of his potential. So he was set to marry a heiress of a neighboring noble family, so as to seal an alliance, with an entire castle and two villages as a dowry. And with that, life was good and fairly uneventful...until the Alber Royal Family was murdered by unknown assailants. Then, the whole kingdom was launched into anarchy, and in the early stages of said anarchy, his family and his prospective in-laws found themselves on opposite sides of battle.

Granted, even that was not an obstacle to patching things up later and having the marriage anyway...if not for the fact that an outbreak of flu killed off the other family, including the heiress, in a few years. James, already fighting at the age of sixteen, was saddened at the loss of marriage prospects - the heiress was very beautiful - and so, with his family's blessing, tthe young knight decided to go mercenary because in this climate of civil war, it really was the best prospect for him. Taking provisions and a set of quality arms and armor, James went off to the nearest mercenary company, which just turned out to be the one ran by the 'group of friends' who banded together for mutual protection. And yes, he was skeptical of serving under a first.

One decade later, however, James would warm up to his commander, and learn to respect the others in the company. Fighting beside said commander in many battles, James would learn that merit counted more than rank did, as well as the benefits of the peace he had taken for granted in his youth. As the war drew on without any sign of letting up, James began to take a harder line towards atrocities, just like his commander did, and grew more interested in 'restoring order', or fighting beside those lords who are less bad than the others. He also discovered the joys of other men as well as women, but that was discreet, in order to avoid predjudice and stigma.

Either way, James is a product of war that desires peace and rest at the end of it, and hopes that one day, his commander can bring them out of this hell.

This is great x) Just make sure to use a smaller picture or place it in a spoiler before placing it in the char section

This isn't even started, but I found a picture, and I feel like it'd be better to leave it here so I don't lose it.

Fair enough! looking good so far x)

I'll try to write up a profile before I go back to work!

This is U/C so yeeee back to work for me :'(

keep going~! :3

Hell yeah! x) very noiiiceeee
@Vulkan@Salrynn, what about just written nudity?

Dont get into too much detail when naked and you'll be cool :3

"And then he took off his shirt and the audience was like damn he's got like 16 abs"

omg, that needs done BAHAHAAHAHAH OMG XD
Verdict on sexual content? I prefer that it be taken to PMs if absolutely neccessry, I don't pArticularly enjoy reading smutty stuff at all. And themes like rape and graphic torture? Yay or may, regardless of subtlety?

If there is too much going on, i'd take it to pms. Hugging and kissing is fine, but thats probably about it on that.
I'm stuck between playing a reformed psychopath who's incapable of developing relationships, and a really big stupid guy who likes to smash things until they don't exist anymore.

Why not both...? ;)

Just dropping by to say I am still interested in this. Because, I haven't said anything in a little bit. So, yeah still interested!.

Yes, I would also like to reaffirm my interest


IN other news! the OOC will be posted later 8D be prepared
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