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"I am a light in the darkness, I am the path revealed when you are blind, I am the calm within the storm, take my hand and I will keep you upright, with me you will find the strength to walk on your own again."

- Personal Quote By Sebastian

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So I am just looking for a partner to write a story with. I have been rather bored of late and idea's for good stories rather bland at best. (Seems like all the good stories have already been done.) I am looking for someone to work on an original story, as I have been watching Merlin lately I am feeling a lot like a story involving magic. If you have any idea's or plots in mind and your looking for someone to work with ya then please do PM me the details and lets see if we can work some magic (no pun intended)


Rented Hangar

"Argus what is going on out there? I would take it from the lack of bombardment that the Imperial trash can didn't fire on Paradise. Its not like Imperials to be late to their own threats."

Akazin walked into the cockpit of the modified YT-1300 as he posed the question to his apprentice Argus. Akazin took a seat in the chair beside Argus and looked at the young Twi'lek expectantly. Argus was in all reality a five foot nothing, red skinned and green eyed outcast from Nal Hutta where he had been a slave until he escaped and racked up quite a bounty on his head. He wasn't too skilled in combat and his piloting was to be desired, however his ability with technology, specifically, hacking, was far beyond that of his years and that was one thing that made him incredibly useful. Well and in all honesty Akazin had taken rather a liking to the young Twi'lek, not that he was feeling nostalgic of his old slave days but Argus really did remind him of himself so long ago. Most in Verda did not fully understand why Akazin had made Argus his apprentice and taken him under his wing and often ridiculed the decision of letting him join Verda in the first place. But what most men of skill tended to forget was that sometimes it is the weakest of the bunch that eventually becomes the strongest and Argus had a good chance of one day outlasting them all.

"It appears that another Imperial Ship intervened and stopped them from attacking Paradise. Was quite a interesting thing to witness actually. I never knew those ships could take such a blast and shrug it off like it was nothing."

"Outdated junk now and days if you ask me kid. Damn shame the Imperials couldn't just let themselves die when Vader and emperor Palpatine bit the dust. But like most pests they just crawl into the woodwork and multiply and then infest something else. It is the way of the Galaxy my young ward. Although I will be honest I really did want to see how strong Paradise actually is. Anyways the meeting with Dakar went fairly well, ended up being right about him trying to skimp us on the payment. Tell me where did you get that replica of his sisters prized crystal?"

"What that piece of junk? I know a guy in Illos who makes them by the dozen, after all anyone will buy anything to look like their actually important and have credits to their name. Its a shame really, all that credits usually just gets you caught by the attention of some gangster."

"True enough kid. It certainly fooled Dakar and his feeble minded intellect. Should have seen the look on his face, even I wasn't aware a Rodian could contort their face that much. Hilarious after thoughts aside we can take a look at this here seeming the Imperials have tempered down a bit."

Akazin pulled out the credit chip silently from his inner jacket pocket, he passed it off to Argus who immediately nodded his head and quickly opened the secret compartment within, removing the data device he slid it into the console before him and his fingers started caressing the the keys better then a Twi'lek dancer in Nar Shardaa. Akazin sat bat in his chair crossing his arms after removing the black lense goggles from his face. He didn't show it but he did not like being in such close vicinity to anyone who was Imperial. Even if they were left over rejects from a bygone era. The truth of the matter was that his name was still on a list somewhere deep within whatever was left of the Empire, and he was one of the highest bounties still on it today if he had to guess. He took no credit for toppling the Empire, that was the Republic's work, but when they eradicated the High Command of Imperial Intelligence, there was no recovering from the strike that the Republic had made. But even Akazin knew, probably even better then most that the II still existed in whatever this new Empire Sect was and he would still be on their list. He had trained with them, worked beside them, knew them closely, so he already knew that some of them had survived, they were almost impossible to fully destroy.

"Sir? Can i ask you something?"

Akazin was broken from his thoughts as his eye's locked on to Argus's who seemed like he was puzzled by something. Akazin merely nodded his approval.

"Why did you come here personally? Usually you do not often leave base if at all, you almost always send someone else to collect payment. I have to be honest I was a bit surprised when you said we were going to Paradise of all places. I know that you don't like to risk anyone identifying you."

Let me ask you something kid, what is the one thing in the entire galaxy that is worth more then even credits?"

Argus looked at Akazin contemplating the question, not being on to want to give a stupid answer, eventually Argus just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head signalling that he didn't really have a good answer.

"Intelligence kid. Information. The more important the information the more its worth to the one who wants it. Credits make the galaxy go round but it is information that keeps the credits circling. I don't have to tell you that like any faction in the galaxy we have a greater purpose, a greater goal then the services we offer. Unfortunately you can hire those who wish to make money, but can not make them want the same goals that you do. This job was personal to O'r te werda, a job that needed to be handled delicately. The information within that device is very important to both O'r te werda and myself. Once upon a time there were more who believed in what Prudii Verda was formed for, who fought for the same reasons, but many of the original members who believed in the goal we have are gone now, but the goal we set for ourselves remains. Prudii Verda became a legitimate business, that much is true, we needed credits and a lot of them. but there is more to this then just that. It is my hope that one day you will see that too, and then perhaps you can fully understand what I mean."

"Why me? Honestly when you found me I thought that you were going to kill me. I never imagined you would take me in and even more so join Prudii Verda knowing how weak and useless I am. I understand what your saying but I don't think I am meant to last long, at least that's what most of the other mercenaries tell me. They are forever taking bets on how long it will take me to be killed."

"Don't let it bother you kid, most of those mercenaries will never understand the potential you truly have. Even you don't fully see your potential. Unfortunately that is the byproduct of having been a slave. You often get it pounded into you that your worthless and that your nothing, and you will never be anything other then a slave. I was there and I know what it feels like to not believe your worth anything or that you will ever become someone important. The markings on my face are all the proof you need that if you want it bad enough you can have it, but you have to work for it, bleed for it, sacrifice for it. It is the one that they call the weakest that often times becomes the strongest. Do you know why that is?"

"No I don't sir."

Trials Argus, trials, pain, suffering, loss, sadness, hatred. Those who have lived a life of impossible odds are often the ones who make it the farthest. The pain, the suffering, the loss, those things make you stronger, they push you to your limits, they encourage you to take one more step when you know you can't. Most slaves who become free try to forget their past, but they only hurting themselves because you can't escape yourself. But if you cherish your past, let yourself remember it, and use it as a reason to push forward regardless of circumstance, you will be strong. I was weaker then you are now kid, but not anymore, if I can make it this far than you can too."

Akazin looked up from Argus as an audible sound emanated from the console. It seemed that the files had finally finished loading in. Akazin turned to his own console and started typing. He brought up the newly entered files and scanned through them idly until he came to one simply named Order 58. Akazin clicked on the file, the screen lite up with words, many of which were blanked out, the normal Imperial Intelligence bury job. He was not interested however in the report, looking to the bottom he quickly read the name of the Officer which had issued the order itself. Akazin clenched his fist tightly as a resounding crack could be heard.

"Prep the ship kid, were leaving now and returning to base. Take the fastest route."
"This isn't over Akazin, you scum!"

Akazin stopped just barely stepping through the exit to the Nightclub, hearing his name screamed across a room full of random people from all over the galaxy was not to be expected. Even more so he did not expect it from the pathetic little wealthy Rodian who moments ago was scared to the point where he might soil himself. It became painfully obvious that Dakar was none too happy with the fact that he had threatened the well being of his daughter, it was interesting in more ways then one how the love for ones children could take an ordinary coward of a Rodian and make them brave enough to do something incredibly stupid. Akazin turned on his heels and faced the Rodian who was now on his feet, pointing and accusing finger at him. Looking around Akazin noticed a few of the patrons casting glances at him. Akazins eye's became hard underneath the blackened goggles, all clients knew better then to ever use his name in public. Akazin was tempted to go across the room and break Dakar's face, but he damn well knew the consequences of doing something like that in Paradise and the slimy little bug knew that he couldn't do anything. Akazin raised his finger and pointed it at the Rodian Dakar as a smile hit his face.

"Dakar I told you not to drink that Vosh, now you have gone and become crazy again. I told you last time that Vosh and dejarik just don't mix. Face it you lost your bet and your sister had to be my maid for a few days. Every time you get drunk I swear. Sit down before you fall Dakar."

Dakar suddenly fell backwards as if he had a drunken misstep and flew into the table yelping in surprise. Some of the patrons laughed wildly as Dakar rolled around on the ground trying to regain his composure. Akazin lowered his hand casually, the slimy Rodian deserved so much more but that should take any attention off himself. Akazin turned and walked silently to the bar, pulling out a couple large cred's he placed them on the bar top.

"My apologies for my drunk friend, he can be quite loud when he has had one too many. That should cover any possible damage, feel free to spend the rest on drinks for the patrons here at the club, my treat.

There was a small cheer from some of the more tipsy patrons, Akazin turned briskly and escorted himself out of the Nightclub before the stupid Rodian could further try to convince a room full of cutthroats, bounty hunters and mercenaries that a rather large bounty was walking right by everyone. As he exited the nightclub Akazin heard his data pad go off, pulling it from his inner jacket pocket he clicked on the screen and viewed the message.


There is an Imperial Star Destroyer with escort outside of Paradise, came out of hyperspace just now. Caught bits and pieces of transmission while monitoring frequencies, it would be wise to get out of Paradise immediately, I think they mean to cause destruction. Prepping ship now for immediate evacuation."

Akazin was silent as he read the message, what the hell was an imperial star destroyer doing outside of Paradise? A better question was who commanded the damn thing? Come to think of it Akazin had heard rumors around some of the seedier clubs that there was small splinter factions out there made up of diehard Imperials who remained loyal to the Empire even after it fell. It would stand to reason that maybe this was one of them, in either case Akazin was not willing to stick around and find out. Paradise... it was almost too bad... if these were in fact diehard imperials and they have business here, then things were about to heat up and fast. Imperial's were never known for their patience and even more so for their need to dominate their enemies in anyway possible, Akazin would know seeming he was one. Quickly shooting off a message through his datapad, Akazin started his way for the hangar.



Akazin sat quietly in a secluded corner within the Nightclub aboard the Paradise, he was alone with a glass of Vosh in front of him, a pair of black goggles shielded his eye's from view darkening the room around him. In his hand was an old data pad which he was silently scrolling through the news panels on the current happenings in Hutt Space. Every couple of seconds or so he would divert his eye's to the room and the occupants around him, to say he was paranoid would be an understatement by any means. He trusted the sentients in this room about as much as he trusted a Hutt to not try and rip you off at every turn. On any normal day he would not be sitting in such a public place, but there were some clients who were either too snobby or too afraid to meet anywhere other then this heavily fortified "trying so hard to be fancy" ship. But when you are in the business of of killing or protection than you often found yourself in places like this, places that were considered "Safe" if such a thing even existed, that just came with the job.

"Stupid Hutts..."

Akazin spoke in a gruff, deep, scratchy voice lowly to himself as he scrolled through reports back from their stronghold on Nal Hutta. To be honest living in that swamp infested bantha fodder planet was far from where he would rather find himself, but the truth was that not many wandered too far into those swamps, at least not willingly due to the wildlife or the scum that find themselves out there waiting for the unprepared. It was unfortunate however that living there also made you a target, especially when you offer businesses involving discreet assassinations. Much of the scum that came to that planet or resides there often believe that they are some kind of criminal gods that should be feared. Much of the time they would try to employ the services of Prudii Verda through intimidation or threats simply because they felt it is their right to do whatever they please to who they please. many of these two bit criminals were associated with the Hutts, and the Hutts were having an internal gang war ever since Slabba the fat bit the dust on his own barge. Every Hutt worth their salt was trying to get higher in the food chain, sending their lackeys to procure mercenaries for their nefarious bidding and offering no credits for services rendered.

Then again thus was the way the galaxy tended to work, the toughest survive and thrive while the weak die, that was just a reality that you had to face. Akazin looked up almost casually when a well dressed Rodian approached his booth. The dark skinned sentient seemed to look around idly before eventually taking a seat across from Akazin whom lay the datapad on the table in front of himself clicking it off before folding his fingers on the table.

Dakar it is so nice to see you again, it is.. unfortunate that your brother was found dead, I am sorry for your loss I know it can be rough losing family."

Akazin spoke as if he was sympathetic to the Rodian, he reached one of his hands forward as if in consolation but instead placed a metal brooch down on the table right next to Dakar before retracting his hand and folding his fingers again. Dakar reached forward and quickly took the brooch and eye'd it almost a bit too closely before placing it in his inner jacket pocket. The Rodian looked around cautiously again, but no one was paying them any attention.

"You are a man of your word. I trust that there were no issues with our business arrangement? I know that circumstances can arise that are unexpected. You made sure that there were none yes?"

Akazin rolled his eye's behind the googles, that was double talk for finding out if there had been any witnesses or incriminating evidence. This was one of the reasons Akazin did not like working with rich clients, they were always trying to make themselves look flawless while they made deals in the shadows like the scum they truly were and spitting on others when they did something and got caught, acting as if they were any better. That was another way the galaxy worked though, at least in the end Akazin did not try to hide what he was unlike most of the people who employed Prudii Verda.

"There were no complications, business was conducted as always and without hindrance. Your interests are quite safe as promised and there will be no further need to worry. Now with our business concluded the other half of our agreed upon price is required as per our contract. I am sure I don't have to remind you of the consequences we discussed upon our first meeting when it comes to those who refuse to pay in full for services rendered?"

"No need for that, I am quite aware of your policies regarding failure of payment. Although one might think that such threats are useless when in a place where violence is not permitted my friend. So I think that perhaps we should renegotiate our agreed upon price while we are here enjoying this safe expanse."

Akazins face did not change from the casual expression he wore before Dakar had arrived, in fact if anything he seemed as calm as ever. Casually Akazin reached his hand forward and placed it on top of Dakar's like two old friends sharing a rather touching moment and spoke:

"My old friend, I hope that you realize that safety is just an illusion for those who are too afraid to otherwise fight for themselves. I can respect your cander in luring me to this.. droid infested ship to try and strong arm me for a cheaper price, in fact I was almost certain you might try that given it was your idea specifically to meet here. After all I know well of your past dealings and you seem to have a very large history of stiffing those who work for you. It is quite true that I can not bring you no harm in this place, and I am sure you have some plan to keep me from harming you when you eventually leave this little safe haven, hell it might even work. However... it is important to inform you that if I do not receive your payment.. in full.. here and now there is going to be and unfortunate accident involving someone you care quite a bit about. An if you think I am lieing to you, then... well."

Akazin released his heand from atop of Dakar's revealing a small crystal, it gleamed in the light above them and sparkled. Darkar was almost shaken to the core when he reached forward and grabbed the crystal from atop his hand. Akazin than leaned in real close and got eye tp eye with Dakar and spoke lowly:

"Unlike you I have no problem admitting I am a bit of a monster when I need to be, and I do things, unsavory things that most would consider fairly sick. I don't like to involve others in business dealings but with you I had no real choice. So you want to renegotiate? Then here is the new deal, you give me the other half of the payment, right now, and you can take that crystal and give it back to the one you care so much about, unharmed in any way. If you don't then you will never see them again, that is a guarantee and I always keep my word.

Dakar looked like he might say something more but then thought better against it, reaching into his jacket pocket he removed a small chip from within his pocket and set it on the table sliding it to Akazin. Reaching forward Akazin removed the chip from the table and placed it in his black jacket pocket.

"Its been a pleasure doing business with you Dakar, as always if you need another job done then we of the Prudii Verda are always at your service."

Akazin spoke the last part lowly before he took the glass of Vosh and downed the remaining liquid before getting up and putting a hand on Dakar's shoulder. Giving it a rather hard but friendly looking squeeze he nodded his head and headed for the exit out of the Nightclub.

I hear you all, my apologies work was a bit trying today. I got the whole afternoon off tomorrow so I am going to get up a character sheet, determine the cut off and our starting power levels and such tomorrow.
@Darkmoon Angel

My apologies I did miss your question. We actually decided to go another route with the roleplay instead of taking out the entire dbz cast we are actually going to be one of the various alternate universes, so that the original DBZ universe will exist and still be intact but just in another universe far from ours. That said Majin's will exist in the universe were going to be living in. So they will be an open race to play when the roleplay gets up and going.

@Weird Tales

To answer your question about auto hitting, I have actually done this form of pvp fight many times in roleplays and it is widely successful for the most part. I would have no issue doing this so long as whoever your doing it with is fine with this method of fighting. So just make sure your both on the same page about how you want to go about your pvp fight beforehand. For those who might be unaware autohitting is basically any hit that is not considered lethal or incredibly damaging to the opponent. Usually the two people using this system will have already agreed upon this and are okay with autohits so long as they do not damage, as everyone already knows strong attacks must either be moderated or planned out ahead with the two fighters. My rule of the thumb when it comes to pvp is to usually let the roleplays decide the outcome of the match before hand and then they fight it out to the determined conclusion. If this becomes impossible or a problem than myself or a moderator in the thread can mod your fight for you.

Now as for the point system debate, it is clearly evident that the majority of interested roleplayers in this thread do not wish to see one. So its looking like we are going to be completely free form. Dark if you would still like to try and convince them of this idea, once again you are free to give it a go if not then at this point we will not be using a point system.

With those questions and debates taken care of if everyone would be so kind, we need to start discussing the first Arc, we did decide to do an adventure where everyone meets. I have come up with some idea's on that, I will type them up a bit later after my second work shift but you all can feel free to start throwing around idea\s and perhaps we can find something we all would love to do.
@Dark Light I do enjoy a structured game, and in the past in various role plays I used such systems to keep things in check. The unfortunate truth though and downside to this kind of system is that most role players tend to feel trapped within it. A lot of people prefer to be more free formed instead of a system that governs everything when it comes to the aspects of move sets, fights and so on. The idea is great and its sound but my biggest fear is the role play might not survive with it as most people are not willing to join a role play with complex systems (Its not complex to everyone of course but to a large majority it is). Depending on how a system is set up and used ultimately makes little difference to most, its just the fact that it exists that makes people wanna click on to the next thread. As this has garnered much interest already I feel more or less that if you feel strongly about a point system to keep the game on the up an up then I encourage you to convince the other role players of it that have already shown interest. If you can make then feel at ease with it then I will be happy to let you form a system we can use and implement. I see that the majority in this thread do not want the system, but I have no problem giving you a little time to convince them otherwise, as long it stays civilized but that goes without saying of course. Seeming this not just my opinion at this point I would rather we discuss it more maybe find something we can all agree on.

Im just gonna drop this here and let you decide for yourselves xD
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