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1 yr ago
Been listening to club mixes of retro game music.
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1 yr ago
My heart goes out to those injured in the New York attack today. Thankfully it was contained quickly and only 4 people were hurt.
1 yr ago
@Dewey Deftones Oh! So that was you!
1 yr ago
I am a number.
1 yr ago
I constantly forget what I set my Profile Picture to, and then I post something and he's there.... staring at me...
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@Conscripts Yeah, just have a lot of limiting conditions I exceeded over the holiday.
I didn't die (but got close). I'm closing out on some medical stuff and can't invest until later this week. I'm sorry for the hold up.
The AutoSaves only last 6 hours unfortunately. I found out the hard way myself

@LetMeDoStuff So do I copy and paste it into the Characters tab?

I'm working on mine. Had to scrap it once because I lost focus. Shaking off all the rust. I'll have it very soon.
Hi, I'm pretty new, but I am quite familiar with VC1 and have designs for a headstrong, reckless Shocktrooper or Sniper.
Name's Will. I am a 23yr old dude who plays video games, can't walk properly, and spends a lot of time in front of a pc. While my play-by-post rpg skills are limited, I've spent thousands of hours in various RPG games, enjoy lore building, and dming the occasional D&D campaign for friends. With changes in my life, the last bit has diminished a lot and I want to bring back that social aspect of world building and character development with people.

So yeah. I have already spotted a few Interest Checks that get my creative mind working. I have lots to learn but Roleplayerguild looks like an awesome place to explore. Happy writing, and thank you for having such an open and expansive platform.
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