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Current When you're trying to sleep but your cat's butt is in your face…


Hi, I'm Alexia and I'm bad at bios! :D

I write fanfiction! (Fandom: Death Note) You can find my works at the Archive of Our Own website. My user is blueandpinkhair.

When it comes to roleplaying, I'm pretty much open to anything! (Though keep in mind that I kinda live under a rock and some fandoms you might suggest I might not even know what it is. [My "room-mate", Patrick, is doing well btw.] I'll do my best, though!)

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Welcome! :D
@Kenshi Thank you! :D
@Vampiretwilight Thank you! :D
@deadwolves Yeah lol. :D
Hi, my name is Alexia! I am new here, as you can imagine, and I'm looking forward to roleplaying about… stuff. *Awkwardness*

So, I'm a bit shy at first, but I can warm up to things! If you wanna talk (or rp) feel free to PM me! :D
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