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LeeRoy, haven't forgotten. Beta reading/editing someone's 88k ms. It is taking a lot of my time currently
That's fine but you are open to a vicious number of counters and your sweep fundamentally is flawed, you should be going for a leg hook not sweep.
I am having a few problems with your move. Mainly your body movements and your actions. You are grabbing my left with your right? How does your left hand pull my arm in? You are going for a leg sweep from an awkward position which I am having trouble visualizing.

Also the awkward position you are in leaves you open to a very quick, nasty counter. Why didn't you just avoid the upper and reset the fight?

A side note. I never said he was left hand dominate. I just said I was fighting southpaw.
Yup yup. I want to see him when your done if you don't mind.
All guns can jam or misfire. Thats why we clean them incessently lol
Ahh well I have recommended the Taurus Judge if you wanted a hand held shotgun but if the tourny is antigun use a sawedoff with a custom rig.
Defense is always good with the overwhelming ability to fire downrange. Yes it just loads like a normal shell might need a different barrel though.

You can fire a saiga one handed if need be with a tactical sling
Hmm I wouldn't use a sawed off. I'd use a Saiga with a collapsable stock and a quick sling.
Yes and yes.
TMP Pistol Pepper Ball Pistol-
The semi-automatic design is target accurate to 60 feet and provides area saturation up to 150 feet. Magazine holds 8 PepperBall projectiles and the disposable CO2 cylinder.
Magazine fed design provides rapid reloading and projectile versatility.Designed to accept the Split Shot powder dispersal accessory.

Light Weight Mini-Bang®, Model 7290ML
CTS has added to their innovative line of noise flash diversion devices with the release of the 7290ML; a lighter weight, higher output design that expands on the popular 7290M Mini BangTM. Weighing 267 grams, the 7290ML has light and sound outputs of 4 to 6 million candela and 175 dB, respectively. All CTS flash-bang models release energy from top and bottom vents, a safety feature designed to prevent the device from becoming a dangerous projectile.

The TASER X2 Defender is a projectile weapon that works by firing two electrically charged probes that pierce through the clothes of a target, creating neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) of the body. The X2 can hold up to two replaceable cartridges, A good close weapon.

Tactical strobe flashlight. I’d recommend the BDRC-HLS Rechargeable (Hi/Lo/Strobe).

Tactical baton or PR-24
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