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On a completely other random note, here is a current list for everyone that was kindly compiled by Brink.

Confirmed Character positions

1st - N/A
2nd - Captain & Lieutenant
3rd -
4th - Captain
5th -
6th -
7th - Captain & Lieutenant
8th -
9th - Captain
10th - Captain
11th - Captain & Lieutenant
12th - Captain & Lieutenant
13th - Captain
I t s u m i Y u k a n n a

The Head Captain, 1st Division

Itsumi was sat in her office behind her desk sifting through mountains of paperwork the ideally should have been completed months ago but due to a lack of staff, she had to take most of it upon herself which was stressful, she barely got any sleep these days. Itsumi let out a sigh as she looked up from her desk and then turned her head to the right to look out into the distance "They should be ready by now..." She slid back on her chair and stood up, stepping out and then tucking the chair back under the desk as she then made for the exit of her office. "Still not used to this..." It'd taken her a long time to get even remotely used to being the Head Captain, standing in front of many other powerful Shinigami and effectively giving them orders was just strange and she couldn't even begin to imagine how he-well...she was best off not thinking about that anymore.

After a short walk Itsumi arrived to a rather empty hall...once stood Thirteen Captains and Lieutenants but now it was down to a terribly low number and that was made even lower by some who were too busy with missions, some too busy with their research and then some...ideally one who was simply too lazy to actually show up...She'd have to pay him a visit after they were all done here. As she walked past the Captains and Lieutenants she noticed the alcohol, although admittedly she could smell it before even seeing it. Usually she should be more strict with these things but they all likely needed whatever they could get to relax, a lot of responsibility was weighing on their shoulders after all. Itsumi got to her position and turned to face the rest of the Captains and Lieutenants. "Are we all ready? I'd ask that you put the alcohol away just for now. We've got some potentially concerning information to go through."

Sure enough everyone came to attention though almost not surprisingly Alcohol was offered to Itsumi before the meeting got underway and whilst she was tempted due to how stressed she was feeling she simply shook her head in response before trying to do her best to sound stern and strong "Now that we have everyone's attention, It's time to get this meeting underway. Recently reports have been coming to me from the S.R.D.I about increased activities of hollow in both the Human world and Soul Society, I know...nothing strange there. That is until we look into why even more are coming across. Apparently there have been odd signatures that can only be described as Vasto Lorde level hollow and I don't need to tell you how rare even one of them is"

Itsumi then closed her eyes for a moment before she continued speaking "So you can imagine how the S.R.D.I are freaking out about finding 5 of those signatures and in quite quick succession of one another, one of which has somehow made it's way into the Soul Society but is doing a remarkable job of keeping a low profile. This has lead to all kinds of trouble entering both the Human World and Soul Society, only the other day a Gillian was sighted in the Human world which is something that should never really occur, thankfully it was dealt with before it caused any damage. Then we get onto the next issue which is much stranger...souls just disappearing entirely. Not being killed and going into the great machine that is our universe but entirely disappearing and this is the strangest because we can't find any trace of what has done this. We have our theories but they're just that." Itsumi then took a look at the Captains and Lieutenants around the room before she continued on her next part.

"What I need from you all is to go out and actively hunt this Vasto Lorde, we cannot under any circumstances have this thing running loose. Do not underestimate this thing, we have no idea how strong it really could be and so I suggest pairing up. Lieutenants should stick with a Captain at the very least and be prepared to call back up if needed. Whilst on the hunt for this Vasto Lorde, try to find out anything on these disappearing souls. We can all speculate but we need something solid to try find out what has done this. If you have any questions the feel free to ask, if not...get going. That concludes the meeting." Itsumi felt a bit off, she was never good with these meetings but she at least got across the important information. She would assign them partners but some Captains felt like they were being babied if things were handled in such a way and so she felt it was best if they were left to decide amongst themselves.
K a i z o T a t a k a i

7th Division Captain

Within the training hall of the 7th Division barracks all that could be heard was the sound of Bokken hitting flesh, often followed by a cracking sound and what sounded like a war cry. This went on for hours until it began to slow down and eventually stopped, stood in the middle of the training hall was Kaizo, his arms folded and eyes closed as all around him laid men and women all exhausted from their training or perhaps it was more Kaizo's training. He'd stood there for hours in the same spot whilst every member of his Division hit him with bokken until they were either exhausted or the bokken broke. Kaizo often did this kind of training, he called it endurance training for them and toughness training for him, he'd become quite numb to it all now.

Although he still remembers the days when this was treated more as torture than training, back in the 2nd Division they'd do this for hours on Kaizo to make him stronger and make sure he wouldn't be weak and give up any information. At first it was painful but he grew to enjoy the pain and soon it became a staple of his training. However almost on cue a hell butterfly fluttered in which caught Kaizo's attention "Hm?" The message was delivered, requesting all Captains and Lieutenants to report to the meeting hall "About time, hopefully we get a serious enemy to fight." with that Kaizo adjusted his uniform, dusting the shoulders off before turning and making for the exit of the training hall, pushing the doors open the sun almost violently assaulted his eyes which caused him to squint slightly and speak in irritation "Damn sun...when are we going to get some rain? tch!" With that said Kaizo made a quick exit via Shunpo.

In moments he arrived at the Meeting hall to find a few had already arrived. Kaizo barely knew any of them, he made no effort to get to know them...just wasn't his thing. Kaizo then went to take his place, crossing his arms before having a quick look around and surprise surprise no Noro in sight. He took note of everyone and what they were doing such as meditating, drinking and having a chat, once again...not his thing and so Kaizo then simply opted to close his eyes and wait until the meeting started and the Head Captain arrived.


ノロ 北川

Shinigami Male 411 Years old 6'2 147lbs 4th Division Captain

W.I.P A lot to add. Most of it on a dead PC with a still intact hardrive, got to get it working and add everything in. Until then vague stuff unfortunately.

K a i z ō T a t a k a i

改造 戦い

Shinigami Male 497 Years old 5'11 137lbs 7th Division Captain

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We are indeed still accepting, so feel free to work on a character.
Atop the 1st Division Barracks

The rain had begun to pour down on the Seireitei as two figures arrived at the rooftop of the 1st Division barracks, then a man spoke in a clearly aggressive tone "You bastard!" The Head Captain looked over to the two figures that arrived, a smile making it's way onto his face as he replied to the man in a calm tone "Ah and how may I help you?" The man grit his teeth and his brows furrowed before he replied "So this is all for peace huh!? This isn't what I sided with you for! Explain to me clearly how this is peaceful! because all I've seen so far is my Division and many others being wiped! They have no idea why this happening!" The Head Captain simply chuckled at this before delivering his reply "The road to peace isn't paved so easily, even you should know this. How much have we already lost before this? We're fighting an endless war...can you not see this? No matter how many hollow we kill, we will never win. We only seek to disrupt the balance...That goes against our very duty does it not?"

The man was completely enraged at this point, behind him the other figure placed a hand on his left shoulder and then spoke, this voice was much more gentle and clearly that of a woman "There's no use...we can't stop what is already in motion..." The Head Captain nodded at this "At least she understands..." The man balled his hands tightly into fists as he began walking towards the Head Captain "I might not be able to stop what's happening down there...but I can stop you!" Itsumi quickly perked up as she went to unsheathe her Zanpakuto only to be stopped by the Head Captain "No..." Itsumi looked at the Head Captain, slightly shocked "B-But Sir!" The mans footsteps grew stronger as he reached for his Zanpakuto "I'm ending your reign here!"

Everything then stopped for a moment as another male figure arrived on the rooftop " this is where you ran off to" Then yet another male figure then arrived shortly after, panting as they tried to catch their breath "Y-You need to slow down Kaizo! I don't move around like that!" Kaizo cracked his neck before speaking "Then you shouldn't be so lazy shut the hell up and actually prepare to do some work!" Noro sighed and rubbed the back of his head with his right hand "Not work...dammit! I thought you said I'd just be watching and waiting!" Kaizo clearly irritated looked back at Noro "Just fucking fight for once! I don't care if you're in the 4th Division! I know you can god damn fight! Now!" Kaizo looked back towards everyone else but before he could speak the other man spoke "The hell are you small fry doing here!? This isn't the place for you to be!"

Kaizo grinned then cracked his knuckles "Oh na...I'm exactly where I want to be. I've come for you! It's been so many years but now seems like the perfect time to take my revenge for what you, not only you! you and that bastard of a wife with you!" The man turned to Kaizo, his expression even angrier than it already was, if even possible "What'd you just say?..." The Head Captain looked on in amusement at this before speaking quietly to himself "Well this should be amusing..." The Head Captain then turned and looked at Itsumi "Regardless, perhaps we should lead them elsewhere. I'd rather not have my barracks further destroyed" The Head Captain then shunpoed off, Itsumi in tow which caught the attention of everyone else on the roof, catching the mans attention specifically "Y-You coward! get back here!" Both he and his wife followed the Head Captain leaving only Kaizo and Noro on the roof "Ohoho no fuckin' chance! you aren't getting away again!!" Kaizo then shunpoed off after them, leaving Noro by himself "It'd be great if everyone would just stop moving!...I just wanted a normal night...Why is it never a normal night?" Noro then sighed and followed the rest to their destination

Sōkyoku Hill

All parties arrived relatively quickly at Sokyoku Hill, The Head Captain figured it was a far better battleground than the roof of his barracks after all " all followed, well that worked out...but don't mind me, please finish your conversation" The Head Captain motioned with his right hand towards Kaizo and the man "Is this a joke to you!?" Kaizo at this point was growing increasingly irritated and looked back at Noro "Just keep her out of my way, I'm only interested in the 7th Division prick!" Kaizo then took off towards the 7th Division Captain, this left Noro reaching out towards Kaizo, still attempting to catch his breath "J-Just stop for a second please! aww...dammit, now he's done it" The 7th Division Captain, previously and simply known as the man. Went to turn towards Kaizo only to be met with a swift and harsh right fist to his face that sent him skidding back some distance, that was when his wife and Lieutenant quickly unsheathed her Zanpakuto and went to slash at Kaizo, only for her attack to be blocked by Noro's own Zanpakuto "Sorry...he'll kill me if I don't help" The woman looked at Noro furiously and spoke in just as furious a tone "I'll kill you if you don't stand aside!!" Noro shrugged "I'll take my chances...he's more threatening than you are..."

The 7th Division Captain wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his left hand, a fierce glare now fixated on Kaizo "You're done...I know who you are and I don't care. You're the little shit in the Second Division, that third seat I keep hearing about...the one who keeps fucking up his missions" Kaizo unsheathed his Zanpakuto and yawned "Yeah yeah, whatever. That's by your standards, not mine. I'm not interested in what you think, I'm here to just kill you" Kaizo then shunpoed in front of the 7th Division Captain, slashing from his left to his right, this caused the 7th Division Captain to raise his Zanpakuto to block the attack, yet Kaizo vanished, appearing behind the 7th Division Captain and slashing across his back. Thankfully due to his instincts he managed to avoid a serious wound and managed to just about shunpo away, however he still received a cut "You barely even reacted to that one...come on if you know me so well, you should know how I fight!" The 7th Division's Captain glared at Kaizo, this little shit was clearly cocky...this wouldn't last long.

Noro & The Lieutenant of the 7th Division's fight

The two had put a little distance between one another, the first to speak was Noro "You should go easy on me. I'm a fourth Division member after all a-and a tenth seat! So hardly a fair match up!" The Lieutenant spun her Zanpakuto in her right hand as he spoke "You should have thought about that before you tried to interfere in matters that don't concern you!" The Zanpakuto in her right hand began to glow bright yellow as it's form changed into that of a halberd "I'll end you quickly and get to helping my husband deal with your little friend over there" Noro sighed and rubbed the back of his with his left hand "Shikai already? c'mon!...I really, really don't want to have to try..." Noro sighed once more as his Zanpakuto's blade became all black, blood then began dripping from it "Guess I have no choice...Sorry for this Yurin, I always thought you were kind of cool" The Lieutenant looked at Noro, her eyes cold and her tone just as much so "A strange time to be admiring me isn't it? Regardless...I'm not holding back"

Yurin, the Lieutenant of the 7th Division then rushed towards Noro, aiming to impale him with her halberd, Noro saw this attack coming and choose instead to stand there, his stomach was the impaled by Yurin's shikai which caused her eyes to widen, she knew he had the chance to dodge, but why didn't he? "I just want to end this quickly..." Yurin was still confused at this point, to confused to notice the scythe of blood solidifying behind her as it swung it's blade through her back and out of her stomach causing her mouth to fill with blood as she then coughed it out, she needed to get out of this quickly! Yurin twisted her Shikai and sliced it out the left side of Noro's stomach as she then shunpoed away, the scythe returning back into it's liquid blood form. Noro stumbled a little and coughed, blood of his own began coming up "Ugh I hate this..." Noro then held his left palm over his wounds and began using healing Kido, this kido glew a bright red however and began healing his wounds at an accelerated speed. "Good thing I mastered that, makes these situations much easier"

Yurin held her stomach with her left hand as blood dripped from her chin, her vision quickly becoming distorted, even the colours she saw began to change and grow more vivid "W-What's happening?" Noro then looked over to Yurin and spoke "You're poisoned quite simply put. For my own safety really...I don't like spilling my own blood like that all the time. I just can't risk it really..." Yurin then began coughing more as a pain shot through her heart causing her to wince "H-How are you a tenth seat with this kind of power?" Noro stood slightly hunched as he rubbed the back of his head with his left hand "You're going to die so I suppose it doesn't hurt to tell you. Truth is I'm a big slacker. I believe the term failed upwards might somewhat apply to me, I got where I am now by simply avoiding work and getting forced into situations I couldn't get out of...if I applied myself then I might even be the Lieutenant by now, but I just don't want that much work. I joined the fourth division for a more laid back lifestyle..." Yurin looked at Noro in disbelief, although it was becoming difficult to properly see where he was at this point.

The Head Captain watched Noro's fight with interest, he then looked over his shoulder at Itsumi and spoke "You may want to make note of that...quite terrifying really" he then turned his attention back to Noro's fight. Noro continued to speak "Look...out of fairness I should tell you how to rid yourself of the poison. If you manage to kill me, then the poison will exit your body, simple as...bad news is, you aren't going to kill me. I'll try end this faster now..." Yurin couldn't believe it, this fool had been holding himself back because he was so stupidly lazy! "Screw that! I've still got fight in me! You haven't beat me yet!" Yurin gripped her Shikai as tightly as she could in both hands and shunpoed towards Noro, slashing down at him as she passed him and appeared behind him "Heh! got you!"

Noro sighed and looked back at Yurin "Unfortunately you missed. The poison has really spread quicker than I thought, you must have a naturally weak immune system. I best end this now, it's becoming cruel..." Yurin went to turn to face Noro but found herself unable to move, her feet simply wouldn't move, as if something had a hold of her "W-What's happening!?" Blood had pooled around Yurin's feet, in fact...the blood had created quite a large pool. The blood then began to ripple as many solid spikes of blood shot out from the pool and pierced Yurin several times through her chest causing her to violently spit up blood "I'll try keep you somewhat alive Yurin...Like I said, I thought you were kind of cool" Before Yurin could react Noro's Shikai pierced through her back, through her heart and out of her chest "Sorry..." Yurin then looked over to her husband, the 7th Division Captain, reaching out to him with her left hand as she spoke "Kenji..." Yurin's body then began to turn red before she turned into a liquid red form, then her body violently burst sending blood splattering everywhere. Noro sighed once more and sealed his Zanpakuto, all the blood in sight vanished as he sheathed his Zanpakuto and sat down and crossed his legs "At least I can relax now..." Noro turned his attention to Kaizo's fight which seemed to be getting to the interesting part.

Kaizo & Kenji, Captain of the 7th Division's fight

Kaizo and Kenji had been trading blows back and forth now, both receiving their share of wounds but none all that serious. "This is boring! bring out your damn Bankai already! Why're you holding back huh?" Kenji continued to glare at Kaizo yet his attention was snapped away suddenly as he saw his wife reaching out to him before she violently exploded sending blood everywhere, his eyes widened dramatically as shouted out "YURIN!!!" Kenji gripped his Zanpakuto tightly as the ground shook violently causing cracks to form "BAN-KAI!" Kenji was no longer focused on Kaizo, instead he had Noro in his gaze. Kaizo looked over at Noro quickly before returning his attention back to Kenji "That shit's terrifying..." Kaizo's eyes narrowed however as he noticed Kenji focusing on Noro "Not having this..." Kaizo's Zanpakuto then froze over and shattered as red ice formed over his hands and forearms. Without warning Kenji shunpoed towards Noro, however he was met only with Kaizo's left palm smashing into his face and sending his head into the ground, Kenji completely enraged wasted no time in using his Bankai as arm rose from the ground made of rock reached out to crush Kaizo causing him to Shunpo into the air to retreat.

This gave Kenji time to get to his feet as he looked up at Kaizo and shouted "SO I HAVE TO KILL YOU FIRST!? FINE!" Two more arms made of rock erupted from the earth and stretched high into the air in an attempt to crush Kaizo between them, however Kaizo was far from defenceless in the air. Kaizo created a disk of red ice beneath his feet that he then catapulted himself off of, rocketing himself towards Kenji, creating many large spikes of red ice around himself that then fired towards Kenji. Kenji quickly created a barrier of rock before himself that managed to stop the Ice spikes in their path, he then stabbed the barrier with his Zanpakuto causing a large blade of rock to shoot out towards Kaizo at a blinding speed, in the air it was hard to dodge, especially something this fast! even with his ice disk he wouldn't make it out of the way and so Kaizo opted to try avoid it by twisting his body, yet found himself caught by it regardless as it pierced through his left shoulder.

Before Kaizo could properly react Kenji was in the air above him, his Zanpakuto now massive in size due to rock growing from it and causing it to swell in size. Kenji then slashed his giant Zanpakuto down at Kaizo who was still pierced by the earlier blade, the Zanpakuto caught Kaizo clean and sent him hurtling at a disgustingly fast speed towards the ground which he quickly made contact with and found himself now in a large crater violently wounded. It felt as if his body had been broken in half and there was the blood loss. "Shit..." Kaizo grit his teeth as he tried to sit up, yet he found himself unable to do so due to his injuries and thus only resulted in him coughing up blood "Ah this aint good..." Kaizo then looked up to see Kenji falling towards him, his Zanpakuto overhead in order to deliver one final blow to Kaizo..."FU-BANKAI!" Immensely cold wind burst out from Kaizo's location as the ground around him froze instantly, Kenji now close to Kaizo froze in mid air, now unable to move his own body as all he could do was look down at Kaizo who continued to lay where he was, his left arm raised and his open hand aimed at Kenji. Kaizo's body had become frozen almost entirely and his skin began to rapidly turn grey, his breathing was slow and painful as he spoke "Fuck you...this is for my father..." Kaizo then slowly clenched his left hand into a fist, this caused Kenji's frozen body to slowly crack and then explode into chunks of ice.

Kaizo continued to lay in the crater as he sealed his Zanpakuto causing the ice to fade slowly, his wounds were incredibly severe and it was only moments before he'd bleed out...thankfully he brought a pretty good medic. "Noro! Get your ass over here before I fucking die!" Noro had dozed off watching the fight but was woken rudely by Kaizo, this caused Noro to do his usual sighing, rubbing the back of his head and slowly get himself to his feet. He then walked over to Kaizo fairly slowly until he was stood over him "You really should be more careful you know..." Kaizo frowned at Noro as he spoke, unable to shout but clearly speaking in an irritated tone "Just shut up and heal me already! I don't need your shit!" Noro sighed then unsheathed his Zanpakuto and held it over Kaizo's chest, pointing it's tip towards his chest as the blade turned black and blood began to drip from it "One...Two..." Noro then plunged his Zanpakuto into Kaizo's chest causing Kaizo to wince slightly and then retort angrily "Where was the fucking Three!? Dammit Noro!" Noro then held his left hand over his mouth as he yawned before he responded "I couldn't be bothered to count it..." Kaizo wanted to face palm at this point but wasn't able to. Thankfully due to Noro's Shikai, Kaizo's bleeding had been stopped, now all he had to do was heal him with some standard healing Kido and he'd be...stable, those bones would take awhile to heal after all.

The Head Captain

The Head Captain had watched both fights and while he was impressed with Noro's fight, he was less than impressed with Kaizo's. "Always to reckless...if he got that under control he'd be able to win half of these fights with ease, even that would have shown no real trouble for him...still a long way to go." The Head Captain then turned to Itsumi and looked behind her at the burning wreck that was the Seireitei "Seems everything is winding down now...well there's only one thing left to do..." The Head Captains eyes then met Itsumi's as he continued speaking "It's time for us to fight..." Itsumi's eyes widened as she stepped back "I-I can't sir! I couldn't!" The Head Captain reached for his Zanpakuto and unsheathed it "You do not have a choice my dear Itsumi" The Head Captain then raised his Zanpakuto above his head and swung down at Itsumi, all she could do was close her eyes as everything grew silent, then a loud crash could be heard as the ground shook violently.

The Head Captains Zanpakuto stopped only inches from Itsumi as a bright light shone from behind him, causing him to calmly turn to face the light "Just in time..." Two figures emerged from the bright light "Ah! my dear friends Akira and Kotomi! How're are you?" Akira the man stood at an impressive 6 foot 4, had long flowing white hair and warm yellow eyes and was accompanied by Kotomi, a shorter woman standing about 5 foot 7, long pink hair down to her lower back and cold blue eyes. Akira wasted no time in speaking "Masaru...this is what you've been up to since we left? I'm disappointed in you" Kotomi shook her head as she spoke after Akira "Truly...I know you were always a mischief maker but this is what you do now? play games with peoples lives?" The Head Captain, Masaru chuckled before he replied to the two people he considered friends "How I've missed you both! Any chance of me joining you both on your way back up to the Soul Kings palace? would save me an awful lot of trouble you know..."

Akira raised his right hand to his face and rubbed his eyes with his fingers "Enough with the jokes, you know why we're here Masaru. Let us waste no more time..." Masaru sighed then replied to Akira "I wasn't joking though, I mean...can I buy you both a drink, my favourite bar is just dow-oh's on fire...well it was down there. Well I would have brought you both a drink, had a little catch up and so on but I suppose we can't do that...Very well then. Do your worst" Masaru then threw down his Zanpakuto and raised his arms into the air "So what's the plan? quick death?" Itsumi looked at Masaru shocked and then spoke "S-Sir what're you doing!?" Akira narrowed his eyes at this and spoke "Exactly...what exactly are you doing, do you really expect us to believe you'll just comply peacefully?" Masaru shrugged and then spoke "I've only preached peace have I not? It'd be hypocritical of me to shed blood with my own two hands now wouldn't it?"

Kotomi then chimed in "I don't trust you Masaru, you're always planning something..." Masaru simply chuckled in response to this "Perhaps then, but I have no more planned truly...deliver my fate unto me, I wasn't expecting you both to have become so strong, even I know I'd be wasting my time fighting you both, I'd rather save my former Lieutenant the horror" Akira looked at Kotomi then nodded, they knew what they had to do then. Both appeared either side of Masaru and soon he found himself wrapped in chains, Itsumi found herself simply watching, unable to move a muscle or even speak as Masaru was wrapped in these chains. "Oh these are a snug fit...oh and they're stopping me from using my Reiatsu, well this is a shocker!" Akira shook his head as both him and Kotomi took a few steps back. Then behind Masaru in the sky, a large gate appeared, skeletons on either side with a hand reaching for the centre of the door as it slowly opened and sucked in air.

Masaru looked at the gates behind him shocked "Hell!? You're sending me to Hell!?" he looked back to face Akira and Kotomi who both nodded "It was the fate decided for you, death would have been too quick and painless of a method for you who has made the ultimate betrayal." Akira's gaze was cold as he took his turn to speak "You had your chance to fight for your freedom, I must say I'm glad you didn' made this much easier for everyone" Masaru grit his teeth as a large blade began to emerge from the gates of hell "You've got to be shitting me!" Masaru's Zanpakuto on the ground then began to glow bright pink however he quickly found himself impaled through the chest by Itsumi who had tears in her eyes "W-What am I doing!?" Masaru chuckled then smiled at Itsumi "The right thing..." Itsumi stumbled back and fell to her knee's as her Zanpakuto also hit the floor. Masaru was then impaled by the blade from hell that began to slowly pull him back towards it's gates "You should have just killed me...cause I'll be back, you will regret this!"

Akira and Kotomi looked on emotionless as Masaru was dragged back to hell, it's gates closing once he was inside. "Do you believe him?" Akira said, looking down at Kotomi "No. Even he will struggle down there, let's go." With that, the two turned and made their way towards where they came from.

And just like that he was gone, the man that'd started it all found himself sealed in Hell.

The Morning after

The sun slowly began to rise, it's light emerging onto the world and casting the darkness back. It's light travelled across the Soul Society until it hit the battered wreckage that was the Seireitei. The fighting had all but stopped and the dead and wounded were finally being attended to. This place had a long time to go before it was able to operate at full capacity again, it was in utter ruins. Now though it was without any leadership, any Captains and even the majority if not all the lieutenants died...the Soul Society as a whole hadn't seen a darker day, if not for the efforts during the previous thousand years, the Soul Society would find itself at an incredible risk but now was the time to rebuild and to rebuild, there needed to be a leader...

Within the Central 46 chambers, a certain Shinigami was called down and was quickly being asked many questions, somehow Central 46 had wormed their way out of getting slaughtered, although in a usual fashion they were still ungrateful as ever to even be breathing after such an catastrophe "Truly, how could you have not known this would happen!? You worked the closest to him! You were even seen standing at his side when all this was happening! what do you have to say for yourself?" The Shinigami standing in the middle of these 46 holier than thou morons was the 1st Division Lieutenant, Itsumi Yukanna. She kept her head low, her hands to her side and tried to keep her emotions well in check as to not further anger Central 46 "I had no idea this was his plan, I found out when everyone else did. He kept me completely in the dark and made it his every effort to do so. As far as I gathered he'd been planning this for a thousand for being by his side what else was I supposed to do? I may be as strong as some of the previous Captains but I do not possess enough strength alone to kill or even subdue him, he'd have struck me down easily and he made this very clear to me...this was all very well calculated, at least to a degree."

Central 46 were as ever not very pleased with this answer, if ever they'd be pleased by any answer. "You should have done more! our forces are in ruins! Why are we wasting our time with her! She's clearly useless!" Another voice then chimed in "I agree! how can the first divisions Lieutenant be unable to do anything to stop this!?" Then again another voice "Now, now we shouldn't be so harsh on the girl. We know full well what that man was capable of, he's talked his way out of many things that should have had him imprisoned, clearly he knew how to play people to his advantage, even us. This girl is one of our last strong Shinigami and whilst we could punish her, we'd only be playing right into his hands, wouldn't we then just be further carrying out his work by removing even more power from what's left of the Gotei 13?" Many voices and mumbles echoed through the chambers, most in agreeance but some clearly not satisfied still.

"Come now hush! it or not the Gotei 13 needs a leader, it needs a Head Captain and she is still the most qualified amongst the Gotei 13's ranks. We have no real choice but to appoint her to that position, let her fix this mess. I believe the work from that alone will serve as some form of punishment...will it not?" Most of the chambers were a bit hesitant but decided to side with those for this motion. "Then it is settled. Itsumi Yukanna, you are here by appointed the new Head Captain of the Gotei 13, do not let the Soul Society down..." There wasn't much to say after this, the less Itsumi said, the better...she'd only dig herself into a deeper hole. Now though she had to face a new challenge, she had to assume her previous Captains position and run the whole show properly now and this show was missing a lot.

Roughly 100 Years later

Itsumi stood on the balcony of her office and looked out into the distance, it overlooked a large portion of the Seireitei which thankfully at this point was fully rebuilt and mostly functioning. Most Divisions had Captains, some had Lieutenants and some were still without any real leadership which made her job more difficult but at least it'd gotten easier for her over the last one hundred years. It felt like an eternity to simply reach this point...but now she was in command of new and inexperienced Shinigami, some of which had taken to their new roles as Captains and Lieutenants and some that continued to get to grips with the duties involved, alas they were strong and so even off that merit alone she had to appoint them.

Still though she couldn't shake the feeling that all this was never felt right for her to be wearing the 1st Division Haori, it didn't feel right being the now strongest Shinigami in the Soul Society...she hadn't earned any of this, it all just fell into her lap and she had to just get up and run with it. Like it or not though she was bound to this duty, she couldn't leave it...this was her punishment. She'd be here until she died and that in itself saddened her, regardless though she'd stay strong and do her duty, although the barracks were lonely these days, people tended to avoid the Head Captain for some obvious reasons.

There was then the other issue, in the time that the Shinigami have been rebuilding, the hollows numbers have been swelling due to the Shinigami being unable to deal with them and this has created problems throughout the human world and even the Soul Society, their ranks spilled into the worlds due to Hueco Mundo becoming so full of hollow and having not enough experienced Shinigami to deal with them made it truly horrible in these worlds. Perhaps now though they could begin to fight back...just more of the same in the end though...everything a hundred years ago was for nothing, people just died pointlessly believing that peace would come from it all...they'd likely be rolling in their graves to find everything still the same, perhaps worse.

Prologue is over, hundred year time skip has taken place, post away

!We now enter the Main Arc!

"Do you hear me?"


"Good. It is time, time for this to all end"

"I understand my Lord"

"They will not harm you...I'll make sure of it personally"

"My Lord, you needn't waste your strength on me, I'm but a small piece in this game"

"No...this is not a game, everything is valuable to me and your service will not end on this day. Simply trust in me"

"Absolutely my Lord..."

" make sure he doesn't die, but allow him what he wishes..."


Atop the 1st Division barracks

Smoke and fire continued to engulf everything before it, even the 1st Division barracks were not safe from the fires that blazed throughout the Seireitei. The Head Captain continued to look over his work as a figure appeared in the smoke behind him, it's form becoming more clear as it's steps got closer to him, until they suddenly stopped and a womanly voice uttered a single word "Sir..." The figure took a knee and bowed their head to the Head Captain, the smoke still obscuring their appearance. The Head Captain hadn't moved a muscle as a large explosion not to far from them cast light upon the rooftop revealing the Head Captains face.

His name was Masaru Owari, he'd been the Head Captain for about "A thousand years..." The lady still engulfed in smoke behind him, lifted her head "S-Sir?" A small grin made it's way onto the Head Captains face as he let out a sigh and looked up at the smoke filled night sky "I've been the Head Captain for a thousand years and this night it will all end and they will come for me..." The Head Captain then turned to face the woman, brushing away the smoke with a simple swipe of his right hand revealing her appearance also.

The Head Captains eyes met hers as he spoke "My dear Lieutenant, Itsumi Yukanna, how I've enjoyed having you work alongside me...there is none other I'd have rather spent those thousand years with." Itsumi looked up at her Captain, her eyes looking a little shaky before she lowered her head quickly "It's been my pleasure to serve under you sir...but...but" She tried to choke back the tears as a lump caught her throat and stopped her words. The Head Captain let out a little chuckle as he crouched down and lifted her head gently with his right hand, her chin gently resting on his hand as he looked into her tearful eyes "Everything must end...but this will be the beginning of something new. Now...don't let others see you like this, you'll need to be strong for the future to come" The Head Captain then wiped the tears from her cheeks then stood upright.

"Remember what I said. No matter what happens, you are not to come to my aid, if you must, cut me down. You're important to the future of this place..." The Head Captain then turned his back to Itsumi and looked out into the distance again "But Sir...why does it have to be this way?" The Head Captain then took a shallow look over his right shoulder and spoke "You remember our duty as Shinigami right?" Itsumi nodded to her Captain as he then continued to speak "We're supposed to keep the balance of the worlds...and yet" the Head Captain looked out into the distance "How many of them would willingly give their lives for the sake of Balance?...Our worlds are on the verge of destruction but you'd barely notice it. We could continue to kill hollow but in truth there simply isn't enough left for us to kill and so rather than sacrifice the lives of those innocent souls out there in the Rukongai, I chose to sacrifice the lives of our own...the Shinigami and Gotei 13 will survive this night, this is merely the beginning of something"

The Head Captain then looked to the sky once again "And the end of something..." Itsumi's eyes widened and her face turned to that of horror as she realised what it was that her Captain was looking at "S-Sir you can't! we will all die! you will die!...Y-You're strong Sir can you fight that!?" The Head Captain chuckled "I'm well aware...but higher powers call out to me and I cannot deny them. This is what I enlisted for all those millennia ago...I had hoped it wouldn't of hurt so much but" the Head Captain sighed "There will be done. Mark my words Itsumi...I will not ever get the chance to see it's face, but once it realises why this is happening then my former friends will come for me."

Itsumi's head went low again as she struggled to truly understand why her Captain was going into a battle he knew he'd lose, then darkness crept over her mind, it sounded like a million screams inside of her head and then there was silence as an echoey voice entered her mind and spoke to her "" The darkness then left her mind as she began to pant, it felt as if for a moment her very being was going to be torn apart...she then looked up to see her Captain looking at her "Hm..." Itsumi began to perhaps understand what was happening here, was this what her Captain was speaking about? She felt a chill throughout her body thinking about that voice but she couldn't help but trust it.


Sat in a darkened room, a man sat on a throne with his left elbow resting on it's arm, his head resting on his left hand as he sat with his right leg resting ontop of his left. His face and torso were impossible to see but his piercing blue eyes tore through the darkness as he opened them "So it's to be like this...Perhaps I was foolish to have thought he'd stay in his prison. It seems as if there is almost no hope for them...even still I do cherish them so." The man then let out a sigh "Prepare two of my best...they should be more than enough to free that poor corrupted soul..." The one man kneeling before him nodded and without a word moved to execute his orders, leaving only that man in the room "Why must we continue these games?...did you not learn your lesson last time?, You will not defeat me, that I assure you..." the room then suddenly turned pitch black as a smokey red figure appeared before the man "You're...doomed..." The man in the throne slammed his right fist down onto the arm of his chair and cleared the room instantly along with the figure. Then he spoke in a slightly irritated voice "Not a chance...I'll play your silly little game, just so I can humiliate you again!"

..And with that I declare the IC Open!
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