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Current today👏is👏the👏ides of march❗️❗️❗️📆😜 Julius Caesar 💬might💬 have gotten💘the knife😩 but I'm ❌NOT❌🙅 going to stab🔪🔪YOU in the back👌🙏because you're my 👬HOMIE!
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a moment of silence for new zealand and a moment of seething uncontrollable rage afterward for all /pol/acks
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rolled cu alter, but of all the mats he needs it's specifically the ones i don't have a towering pile of


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Finally, all workload done. Post later.
Apologize for the delay; end of the school term is right around the corner so gotta rush the final projects first.
Posting tomorrow, if not later.
Made some edits to my post as I didn't see that Lumina was right in the vicinity of Halleine and had interacted with Vitalion. Thought she was either on the way and a bit too far to interact with, or she is with another group on the raid.
Halleine Castoran

@PaulHaynek @CitrusArms

(and maybe) @AzureKnight

"Well, I can swing my sword and shoot beams of light from my palms."

"That'll... work, I guess. I can swing my sword and shoot beams of light too... but also from my sword." His was a rather vague description, if it was accurate at all. But if he had his own reasons for keeping the surprise, such as snitches in the corner or Orlov having excellent hearing, that'll do.

"But I'm serious though. I have fought a member of this 'doping den' and she was quite capable. Likely a veteran mercenary."

Halleine kept silent, but her eyes looked down in slight concern. Of course, Juan de la Cruz still bit the dust despite the best efforts of the team that even Vitalion was in, and the fact that they're dealing with unfinished business right now makes sense when the crime ring is that potent enough to refuse to be quashed in one go. Hisana was reportedly the most dangerous of the bunch whose tricks put some nasty scratches and cuts in the armor and skins of knights and mages, as well as on Juan's face and brain. Orlov, on the other hand, is a big unknown in the history of unknowns, but the fact that she runs the entire gang is not something to be taken lightly.

Here she lies in this gym. Quite spacious and sturdy, but nothing else looks interesting about it except... "Kill Moves" on the entrance? Who wrote this? Why write this? Maybe it's a gym that trains some suave killer moves. Maybe it trains literally killer moves. Maybe something more ominous. Whatever. This is the spot they were about to raid, and there's no time pondering its history.

"Now that we're all here, I'd normally start with introductions but I'm afraid we don't have time for it. The kingpin, well, queenpin of this operation might be leaving soon so we cannot dawdle."

"So how do you all want to do this? Do we go in quietly or just kick open the front doors?"

"Is there a rear entrance? We could enter from there, first, and if things so south... If there's no upper floor, I can fire off a signal. I'd hate to hit someone with that, though."

"Nice meeting you then, Captain. And you too, whoever you are, but we can introduce ourselves later." Halleine smiled, and the smile became obscured as she put on her helm. "We could really use some sneaking in like she said, and it'll be nice too if there's some holes to crawl in. Just... make sure our armor isn't loose enough to clank too loud. Tell some people to secure the exits too in case anyone escapes."

Following this, Halleine swapped out a piece of metal in the base of the blade of her sword for another piece with the Null Circle written.
Lady Halleine of House Castoran

A knight in shining, but slightly faded armor. A blue cloth adorning the shoulder. Each step, a slight thump and a noise far restrained for an almost complete set of armor. Almost. The helmet dangles on the hip, at least for now.

The full glory of the knight's visage is shown. Ladylike face, stern eyes but a slight smile. Hair, almost as white as snow, a bit frizzled as if it's gone through a lot of wind, and yet it still has quite the flow. A tiny scar on the nose of her bridge. Where did it even come from? A simple accident, she says. Reflecting on her cheeks is the shine of an odd blade, a greater sword of the greatswords. Its steel shines like no ordinary iron, a faint bit of bluish color on its glimmer. A crossguard of pure, but fading gold. Halleine Castoran, she was, and she was striving and slowly succeeding to make a name for herself.

Before her was another knight. Sir Vitalion was a man whose name resonated among knights, guards and infantrymen. Though now just a simple guardsman by his own volition, he still had the respect of almost everyone in the land save for, well, criminals, dishonorable rebels and most importantly, the maliciously envious. To be quite honest, Halleine was envious, too. But he had her respect too, so in a way, her envy is more of a despire, an aspiration to surpass this man. Working with him was an honor, no matter how little the work. For him, his legendary name is all great deeds. For Hally, her name may be her once-honorable family name for now, but she wants great deeds, too.

"My pleasure, Sir Vitalion."

Halleine tightened a piece of loose armor for a moment.

"No idea what to expect? Kind of concerning when you say that for a mere doping den. But it is really concerning when they say a pack of the most wanted rogues are running it.

I'l be curious though, what do you have that makes you... ready?"

Perhaps a glimpse of Vitalion's abilities would let her see how well-prepared they are.

Thanks. I'll try to read on stuff that happened, but I'd like to be filled in too in case I misread some things.

Interested in joining, but I'm not too sure yet with my post count.
New to this site, but not really new to roleplaying, though I haven't done any RP of sort since two years. Wanted to scratch that itch so I found out about this place.

Thanks for having me.

i'll probably just sit around in the off topic community threads for the first few hours or days i'm staying here lol, my account age might be off-putting
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