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16 days ago
Current My problem with modern fantasy is that it's over influenced by teen thinly slice of life in disguise tv shows and it's not surreal enough.
1 mo ago
Going for 1x1 roleplaying only right now. If that works out I might try joining a group again.
2 mos ago
Enough with the anti heroes ok? It's one thing to have a flawed or depressed hero, but now they're just glorifying villains who help out the side they can relate to as the "good guys".
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2 mos ago
Life, Light, and Love


Bees of heartbreak make honey from our failures

But we are a strong creative part of the earth

We are nature's blessings

Not her curse

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You know... that character might not work here I Guess. I will try to create a character better suited to this RP. Maybe another suitor of a more conventional race or something.
usually the characters follow a more fantasy setting/fantasy-esk setting.
But i suppose i could accept it if it follows the character sheet.

Have you ever read Clark Ashton Smith? Or Anne Rice?

I'm sort of going for a Lovecraftian High Cosmic Fantasy / Oldschool Swirds And Sorcery Fantasy,

Or even the Malkavian Vampires in Vampire: The Dark Ages.

So yes the character is intended to be like disney level dark fantasy in a way. With just A touch of cosmic horror in the form if theme right?



Is this ok?

Welcome to the Guild! I love your train of thought Hope you find what you're looking for.

Thank you all!

For the light and power of harmony, let me leave a little jest. A toast to the good Kings and Queens who bring greetings!

I do enjoy Wuxia film and that game and in it's influence in media very much. But Jade Empire is one of the more fun and funny ones. But it is also really smart. Because it goes out of it's way to say that Closed Fist isn't actually evil. But that it is a necessary part of society like the disease and disasters of nature are still very obviously of nature. It's very taoist.
Pray tell, dear lords and ladies, is there room for a jester at this court?
@WindsOfFateseriously your idea of Cultivators vs warrior of evil sounds like "The way of the Open Palm, the high path of harmony and adherence to the celestial order vs the way of the closed fist the low path of strength, purpose, defiance and discord" as they are presented in this game:
If I could be a nonhuman creature I could never become a buddha. Because only humans can escape consciousness and awaken. Or so it is said. But if I didn't care about any of that I suppose I would be a Naga. Or maybe a Velociraptor-Human-Thing.
What in the Jade Empire is going on heeereeeeere (Tony Baker style)
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