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When your Soraka is so on point the enemy carry claims you carried <3 P.S D Rose
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The rearmost shuttle’s soldiers shifted anxiously in their seats as the pilot navigated them through the atmosphere. It weaved carefully above the trees, falling farther and farther away from the others, before peeling off towards the west. Its momentum gradually slowed until it stopped completely and hovered behind a mountain of trees and natural rock. Every soldier inside exchanged glances, then moved their gazes to a feminine, robed figure near the cockpit who kept still. They listened as the explosions in the distance went off and their comm channel blared with tactical information. Most of the dropships made their landing. Others were less fortunate.

“What are we doing?” One soldier found the nerve to ask. “We should be fighting too, not just sitting here. I thought Jedi were supposed to be brave! We’re just sitting back here like cowards— “

The robed figure turned to face him, so quickly in fact that he nearly jumped in surprise. Dark, strong eyes met his beneath the shadow of the hood, until finally she pulled it back and exposed her face for the first time. The soldiers sat in their seats a little taller, while those that stood straightened their backs as much as they were able.

“Cowards?”Anari repeated, eyes narrowing. “What about this decision—my decision—makes us cowards?” His lip quivered to respond, but she beat him to it. “We will aid our people another way.”

“And what way is that?” he asked with a huff. “If Master Taal knew about this—“

“If Master Taal saw more paths than a direct one, maybe a dozen more men and women would be alive right now.”

Silence fell over the soldier in question. They could all hear the reports of dropships not making the drop or being shot down in the process. The thought that it could have been them that died before even having a chance to face the enemy rose, but none spoke a word. The reports grew more intense and the sounds of fighting escalated. Only when she was certain that there was no more argument did Anari turn around to face the pilots ahead of her.

“It’s time. Press forward and keep behind as many mountains as you can. Cover is key.”

The pilots complied and returned power to the engines, keeping low and doing just as instructed. A wide berth was given to the enemy stronghold until they were nearing the rear. The engines dulled as they made their approach. Anari focused her attention on points of entry even as the loss of life spiked with each passing second. She spotted just what they needed: a cavern, likely an escape route for Okussus, and hopefully an entry point for their own traps to be set.

“There, a possible entry point,” Anari pointed towards the mouth of it, leading outwards into the open wilderness of Ashal. “Take us as low as you can and pull back until I contact you again.”

“Yes, sir.” The pilots began their descent, hovering just several feet from the grassy grounds below. The soldiers within the shuttle ended their final weapons check while Anari opened the door with her own hand. She jumped down and landed with a crouch before the ship landed, and once it did the other soldiers joined her; armed with rifles and pistols, their heavy weapons were few, but their grenades and personal shielding units just might even the odds if things go awry.

The shuttle took off again once the last soldier left and peeled off, maintaining discretion in both speed and height to keep to Anari’s strategy. Once it was safely away, the soldiers looked to the Jedi for leadership. She looked forward again to the mouth of the cavern and began to hustle, her men and women keeping pace, hoping to make the trouble of this flank mean something.
Okay I gave up. Let me know if you need changes.

It's okay for you to start without me, still chipping away at it. Shouldn't be long.
So does 'full' mean you guys don't take any more characters despite showing interest in the check?
Interested in either a pilot/soldier position or some type of fleet admiral role if available. Galactic Republic.

Do you have a time limit for posting?
You fail only if you stop writing. ~ Ray Bradbury
Still interested in this idea!

Genkai is currently going through some real life struggles at this time, which would explain her absence up until now. I won't get into it all because it's her business, but she was talking about needing a break because she's become overwhelmed recently, and she's become very anxiety-ridden, which I've experienced in the past. I've tried reaching out to her in the meantime but I'm kinda just keeping this hand held for her to take when she's ready.

I was holding off on announcing anything because I thought a week might have been enough, but it appears she needs more time. We'll put the RP on hold until either I know more or she makes an announcement when she's ready to continue or not.
@Natsu Yo, my man, I understand you've been busy lately, and I can relate. Genkai has been going through some things of her own right now and I'm trying to deal with that as well as my own situation.

All that said, you're really the only one we are all waiting on right now to be able to press on. Is there any chance you can get us something before Monday?
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