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Bolin's just going to make the asskicking coming that much harder on her, lmfao.

Dope post, dude!
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Name - Mirai

Age - 18

Personality - Compassionate. Protective. Affectionate. Dismissive.

Hobbies - Mirai enjoys long walks through parks and forests, spending time with friends and family, and tending to flora.

Ambitions - Mirai wishes to make the world a better place through small acts of good for everyday people. Donating food and clothes to homeless shelters, visiting orphanages, speaking to sick children in hospitals – things that could brighten up someone’s day, even just a bit. Going to medical school to become a Doctor was her first dream, but the idea of running a nature reserve has also come up in recent months. Her heart is in so many places at once that she doesn’t know where she’ll be a year from now.

Uncertainties - Mirai has a fear of horror films. Ironically, she also can’t stop watching them with a friend. Odd, she knows. Another fear is that of losing someone she cares about to some horrible act of evil and being unable to help save them.

Her spiritual strength is weak, as is her strength, but her intuition is far beyond that of an ordinary human. It often helps her decipher the true nature of others’ intentions, making her an effective lie detector. Skilled liars can mask their body language, but very rarely can they completely seal the shift in their energy.

Adopting the role of medic and support both moral and spiritual to the team, Mirai’s skills with spiritual energy are limited to sealing wounds and repairing broken or burnt skin tissue by allowing her energy to speed up the self-healing process of the body considerably. Dead cells are eaten by her energy and quickly replaced by newly formed cells both skin and blood. Any toxins or harmful substances within the body’s blood stream are subsequently hunted for and absorbed into her energy before escaping out of small pores, evaporating once no longer preserved.

~-~-~ & ~-~-~

Name - Haseo Watanabe

Age - 19

Personality - Courageous. Unyielding. Outspoken. Vulgar.

Hobbies - Fighting delinquents, bullies, and violent gangs. Reading mystery novels. Watching film noire.

Ambitions - Haseo entered the police academy once he completed high school, desiring to become an officer in Sendai, Japan. While his marks in all areas that required speed, strength, and a steady hand were exceptionally high, his superiors quickly discovered that he had a habit of mouthing off. After enduring one too many lectures from those above him about respecting the chain of command, Haseo resigned from the academy, but not before giving those in charge of his training some strong, unkind words related to their addiction of lips planted on their ass at every possible moment.

Thus, he flushed his chance of becoming an officer goodbye.

With little passion for anything but investigation and kicking ass here and there, Haseo then turned to his second career option: Private Investigator. However, he lacks the passion to get started on his own. The irony isn't lost on him.

He doesn’t care much for the world outside of his reach and doesn’t plan on becoming some figure of goodness and greatness. His reason for living is to help protect those that have the passion to make the world better. He can’t be fucked to do it himself, but he will look out for those that will.

Uncertainties -

Haseo fears not being in control of his own fate, and becoming the pawn in someone else’s game.

As a four-year veteran Spirit Detective native to Sendai, Haseo’s spirituality has been put to the test in both battle and mystery-solving. His spiritual strength is high, his adaptation average, and his intuition above average.

His first skill revolves around the first technique taught to him upon returning from an early death, the Spirit Gun. At first, he could only shoot once each day, but his experience and training have allowed him to fire six shots a day. Each blast is powerful enough to send the average humanoid opponent flying backwards, harshly bruising the point of impact and often knocking air from the lungs. He can narrow the bullet or widen it, increasing either its penetration or its blunt force.

His second allows him to unleash his spirit energy from his body, causing a burst of energy to knock back all those around him. He can manage to do this technique at a single point, such as his fists or his feet, to add additional power or even to gain some distance from foes.

Lastly, Haseo’s spirit energy can act as an adhesive, sticking to the target from the point of impact. The energy is clearly seen to the naked eye, glowing a vibrant blue. It then takes the energy used to place it onto the target and mimics it, allowing the same force to be felt twice. A punch that only connects once is felt twice with the same amount of force with less exertion for the user, with the same being said for kick, elbows, headbutts, etc. This ability can also work in tandem with the Spirit Gun.
Conversation phase activate

Side note: I don't know how to play shogi. I am not interested in learning how to play shogi. I cannot teach you how to play shogi. Therefore we are going to bullshit HEAVILY!

Or at least me.

Fuck research.
Shikamaru hated to admit it, but it was strange to hear someone supporting the idea of him being together with someone as lively as Ino. But Sakura wasn’t just anyone else, which might explain why he didn’t laugh her compliment off like it was a joke at his expense. If Ino’s best friend thought he was a good match for her, then there was hope for him yet. All he had to do was play this relationship game properly. Luckily, he had the perfect partner on his side.

He listened on as she explained her dilemma of boredom. Team Seven was effectively cut in half ever since Sasuke Uchiha defected and Naruto left with one of the Legendary Sannin. The gap between sensei and student left Sakura unable to go on many missions with Kakashi, something he understood almost immediately. Asuma, too, was away on assignment, leaving Team Ten idling away to do solitary training and continue their day-to-day activities until called into action. While he could say that he had Choji and Ino to work together with, Sakura couldn’t say the same about her own teammates.

“Spur of the moment decision or not, I’m grateful you took the chance,” Shikamaru started, perking up as their waitress returned to them, meals balanced on a black tray. The aroma of meat and vegetables was strong, immediately making his mouth water in anticipation. Joining Sakura in breaking chopsticks, he stirred the stew and continued. “There’s nothing wrong with working on medical jutsu and reading books. It isn’t the most exciting, sure, but it makes you happy, doesn’t it? That’s what matters, not what anyone else considers enjoyable.”

With that said, he turned to his meal and dug in with her. The wait was worth it; the flavors within the dish blended together well, and he found himself savoring every piece he ate before swallowing with satisfaction. From the look of things, Sakura was pleased with the place, too.

“It’s not as stifling as the joints Choji usually wants us to go to, so that’s a plus. It’s cleaner than the average restaurant as well. Not bad at all.” He believed Ino would be just as impressed as Sakura. Not only were the dishes great, but it felt “official” – like a real place you’d take out someone you liked. ‘Asuma might want to take Kurenai here. Maybe he already has.’

He nodded at Sakura’s mention of picking Ino’s brain a little more. “We could use all the knowledge we can— “he paused midsentence, catching sight of a familiar face outside who stared back at him. Kiba, and right beside him Akamaru. Based on the wide grin on his face, the Inuzuka was all too happy to catch them in the middle of the “date”. And, unsurprisingly, he was making his way inside. “Brace yourself,” Shikamaru muttered. “Unwanted attention.”

Through Kiba’s prying, Shikamaru maintained a relaxed demeanor. If he looked too pressed, it could encourage him to stick around, which was the last thing either him or Sakura would have wanted. Thankfully it was Sakura herself who handled the response, to which Kiba decided that their dating made sense. Their intelligence made them perfect for each other apparently. But rather than leave it there, Kiba went on to suggest that they spend their time doing a lot more than hitting the books.

At the thought of them doing more than engage in conversation, Shikamaru rolled his eyes. It wasn’t as if Sakura was unattractive in any way; she had attractive features like Ino, specifically her eyes. Looking at her face turn red made him realize that her blush was cute, too. But it was a stretch to imply that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They had dignity. Maybe Kiba didn’t know the meaning of the word.

Bidding them a good night, Kiba left them to their meals, prompting Shikamaru to return his focus to Sakura with a sigh of mutual relief. Left alone again, they could continue laying out their plan. Sakura beat him to it by suggesting they address rumors that could stir up from their sudden romance.

He shook his head. “No. It’s troublesome, but if I know Ino, I know that her lack of intel about what we talk about and what we do in private will keep her thoughts centered on us,” he reasoned, peering down at his bowl. “Kiba’s one of the first, but he won’t be the last. It’s just another advantage for us. People talking about what they don’t know. Ino is going to press you, but I know you can handle that.”

Returning his chopsticks to his bowl, he continued to eat with his thoughts settling on Sakura’s previous mention of aimlessness. She was a ninja, book smart and determined to learn under Lady Tsunade just as Ino did. It never occurred to him that she could be so dissatisfied with her situation as it was now. It wasn’t her progress at the hospital, or the books, or even the lack of missions that made her feel dull. Nothing had changed her day to day activities for a while. Not until today.

‘Something new, huh?’

He focused on her for a few seconds before leaning back in his seat, setting his chopsticks aside for the moment. “Have you ever played shogi before?” he asked. Knowing the answer before she gave it, he pressed on before she could reply. “While we spend time together, we can make it an opportunity to get to know each other better, like friends. If you want, I could teach you how to play it. I don’t see Ino having the patience to learn, and if Kiba was right about one thing, it’s that you’re one of the smartest people to leave the academy. What do you say?”
Shadows is about half done, but I'm gonna sleep on the dialogue a little bit. I wanna find the right blend of conversation and a lack of want to get into some heavy topics, such as Sakura's apparent lack of other friends lol. Shikamaru lacks close friends too, but I think it's not a conversation he'll want to get into since it's never really bothered him much. I may stick to the shogi discussion and get into her training with Tsunade a bit. At the end of Part 1 of Naruto, Shikamaru also resolved to become a better leader. Maybe she could ask him a little about the Rescue Sasuke mission, maybe not right this second, but eventually. All she knows is that they didn't get the guy back.
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Mako - Peru - CD853F

Amon - Crimson - DC143C
AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH, IT IS DONE. God, FUCK essays of information dude, I'm so done with this shit after my next Roses reply, at least for a while.

Let me know if the Amon color hurts your eyes. I felt like red was more appropriate but maybe we can compromise if it strains your vision too much. ALSO, A ROSES REFERENCE, AYYYY~~~

And I didn't even go to sleep like you told me to. HA!

Added color codes on Character page so we can store them btw. Probably gonna do that for the others when I'm not lazy.
All Korra’s hopes of departure were dashed with Bolin’s bold refusal.

She had barely gone up five steps before he began to snap at her, prompting her to stop mid-step. She kept still with her eyes forward as he attracted the attention of the nearby spectators. The hot flush of embarrassment at the sudden attention was felt dancing across her skin, but she didn’t bother responding, nor did she continue walking. If this was going to be how Bolin wanted to handle their dilemma, she would let him make that choice, and she would make the choice of not being a part of this argument. Proportions now blown, all that was left for her to do was grit her teeth and bear the brunt of pain his anger had brought her.

Bolin was supportive of her until now, something she was never going to deny him. He went on, saying she changed, that she wasn’t the girl he thought she was, that she was selfish, self-centered, arrogant, and probably much more awful things. Not only did he see fit to cut her down publicly, but Bolin also felt it sensible that the situation among the Fire Ferrets be made known, loud and clear. What happened between Mako and herself was no one’s business. Bolin felt differently.

Korra turned sharply and glared at him through teary eyes, holding herself back from spitting the same venom he did. Her hands were clenched so tightly that they grew numb; she trembled where she stood, bit back from retorting, and endured every blow Bolin gave her.

He was wrong. She cared about Mako and Asami both, but Mako did come to her that night when he could be anywhere else at the time, like with the girlfriend he supposedly loved so much. Somewhere inside she knew that Mako felt something for her, something that Asami didn’t have or couldn’t quite give him. It was Bolin who couldn’t see the situation for what it was, and it took every ounce of willpower she had not to give him the pleasure of seeing her argue with him again. Since he chose to be the one to lash out, he should do it alone. She would take comfort in the truth.

His final piece was the one she did not prepare for. The very moment he spoke of Mako’s regret and trying to work things out with Asami, her rage melted into shock and confusion. Her wet eyes peered searchingly into Bolin’s to trace for a lie, yet no sign of it was found. He stood firm behind the words he spoke, and in any other situation she would find no reason to think of him as a liar. But this was different – it was about her happiness, something he wanted to take away from her. Because he was hurt, he wanted to hurt her back. That was the only explanation that made sense to her now.

“You’re lying,” she said shakily, managing a faux smile of confidence. “Mako’s just—“

An explosion from the arena ceiling cut everything between them short. Simultaneously, several things occurred: Black cables descended from the dark smoke of the crumbling ceiling, followed by a few canisters that hit the arena center and engulfed it in white smoke. The bystanders of the arena, fearing what was coming, scrambled for all available exits only to discover that they were now barred shut. Several men and women across the bleachers stood calmly and proceeded to stand closely to the arena, waiting for a sign of some kind. Lastly, the announcer for the game had been heard yelping from up high; she could just barely make out the silhouette of a masked figure with an electrified glove standing in place of the unconscious Shiro Shinobi, donning a familiar uniform and mask.


Looking down at the dissipating smoke, Korra could make out several men. At the very center was their leader and the source of all her most recent fears since their very brief encounter on Aang Memorial Island: Amon. He was backed by a handful of men, some of which held one of the teams – the Wolfbats – hostage, electrified gloves gripping their uncovered heads. The fear of what was happening and what would happen to them was plain in their eyes. She knew Tahno and his team as a gang of arrogant jerks, but no one deserved what Amon was prepared to do to them.

Before she could try and formulate a plan with Bolin, he raised a platform of earth from the splintered material that fell from the crumbling ceiling and charged ahead. He was fearless in his efforts to confront Amon, but his escort proved more than enough to handle him. It had only taken one enemy to gain his attention. Another of many had slipped down the dark cables above, throwing two metallic discs at Bolin the moment he set his feet on the ground. Two braided cables freed themselves from the discs and wrapped around Bolin’s ankles and his arms, securing his limbs in place and emitting an electric current that brought his rampage to a swift halt.

In a single minute, everything had changed. Now she was one of many, fearful of what was to come next. Amon’s introduction came after Bolin was subdued, and then every eye within the stadium fell to her still, awestruck form.

Could she really do this? Korra wondered, the only sound in the arena now was the beating of her own heart. She swallowed hard and considered what few options were left to her. There was no escaping Amon this time. And as much as he hurt her, she wouldn’t—no, she couldn’t leave Bolin to face Amon’s wrath. Everywhere she looked were eyes brimming with fear, and a select few with hope. Everyone was counting on her, counting on the Avatar, to end this threat and to set things right.

There was no other option but to fight.

“Is something the matter, Avatar Korra?” Amon asked, his booming voice echoing around the arena. “Do you intend to flee?”

Wiping away what stray tears remained within her eyes, Korra straightened her posture and descended the staircase towards the platform Bolin created. “No,” she replied firmly. Even though she feared him, no one could see her frightened at a time like this. “Are your followers joining in this time, or do you actually plan to fight me yourself?”

“You speak as if that makes the outcome any different.” Amon watched her carefully. Once she stepped foot on the arena floor, he casually waved his hand back, prompting the Equalist group to take their hostages and step away towards the edge of the arena. Bolin unwillingly joined them, dragged by his feet. With enough space to move, Amon began to pace and flex his knuckles. Several sharp pops could be heard. “I told you before that you would be the last bender I destroy to bring about my new era. But I’ve had a change of heart.” He stopped and rolled his neck, causing several pops to be heard once again. “You’re tenacious. And that tenacity is going to be problematic. You’re going to learn your place right here and now.”

His confidence was unshakable, and Korra was certain that his strength could back up his words with ease. She was nervous, and that was something she could admit to herself. Her whole body shook as sweat built on the surface of her bare skin. Even with three elements at her disposal to Amon’s none, she didn’t feel strong. Amon’s confidence wasn’t her own. She was unprepared for him and she knew it. Despite these facts, Korra bent her knees and prepared herself for the fight that would determine the fate of benders everywhere.

“You’re shaking,” Amon pointed out. “Are you frightened, Korra?”

“…No,” she lied quietly. “This won’t be like last time, Amon.”

“I agree. This is going to be much worse than before.”

Korra unleashed a stream of flame from her right fist, accompanied by a cry that deafened all who watched on…


Mako had run over a dozen conversations in his head prior to arriving in the park with a single rose wrapped in hand, and none of the outcomes made him feel any more hopeful about how this chat was going to begin. For most of the day he paced at home and scolded himself for everything that led to this moment. If he just minded his own business and left Bolin to experience Korra himself, then he could be at home with Asami right now, cozy by the fireplace, or maybe just a walk through the very park where he stood now. Anything was better than the anxiety that choked him by the neck. He checked his breath out of habit a multitude of times, debated on combing his hair, and thought about dressing up prim and proper for her before getting here.

Thankfully, he had come to his senses. Looking better didn’t change how she felt about him, but it was the only distraction he had from her teary eyes that he still saw when he closed his own. The pit in his stomach felt endless. He could hardly eat throughout the day. Getting sleep didn’t work much better. All he did was wait until the sun began falling to make his move, only being reminded of the things he could be doing with her now. Watching this sunset with her hand in his was just one of many outcomes he’d prefer on a list of intimate moments. He’d even throw fighting Equalists with her on that list. Anything was better than feeling hopeless.

But in his self-made depression, he knew that Asami felt far worse. Now a decision had to be made, one that determined the fate of their relationship as they knew it.

Asami was a jewel in a sea of sand. Because of that, it didn’t take long to find her resting against her vehicle. Mako made his approach with his arms behind his back, concealing the rose. “Hey, Asami!” He called out to her with a smile. “Sorry if I kept you too long. Sundown isn’t much of an… indicator… of time…so, you know… didn’t really know what the time was.”

‘Great start, Mako. Great start...’

“I bought you something,” he said, bringing the rose forward, wrapped in simple white paper. Despite its lack of friends, it still bloomed strong and stood out, much like Asami always did to him. “I know it doesn’t make up for everything I did recently. They had another rose there – sapphire, I think the guy said – but I didn’t have the money for something like that. I always thought red was more your color anyway, s-so… for you. Here.”
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