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I hoped you were lying Odin. Fuck... anyone but him.
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Once NA and EU are out, I don't bother. D Rose.


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XXX got me into Juice WRLD now, rather late, I suppose. But this guy has some great tracks.

Goodbye & Good Riddance has plenty of dope tracks (his debut album). I'd post most of the album if I was bothered.

“What you’re good at is making excuses while you help choke out any life you can, and nothing more.” Anari was not flattered by his envy nor impressed with his justification for being with this “Un-Refrain”. He made no attempt to mask how desperate he was to leave. His eyes turned to the main entrance far too many times to be taking her, or this conversation, seriously. She reached out to him yet his hands stayed at his sides. She couldn’t help someone who thought better of her perspective, who thought their lives were perfectly situated.

“Don’t be envious. Be better,” she said firmly. She backed away towards the passage holding the liberated slaves. “Goodbye Blank. Continue to think only of yourself. It’s what you're best at.”

She turned her back on him and walked towards the rear exit, her eyes peering upward at radiant glass chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Beautiful, luminous things; a shame they decorated a place filled for ugly practices. It was one of the few areas untouched by the guards convinced of the error of their ways. Before slipping out she stopped beside her exit and reached out with her left hand, placing invisible pressure against the surface that held them.

Small fissures grew along the ceiling between the decorations, growing larger with each passing second. The ceiling slowly began groaning, until the weight of each chandelier became too much to bear. They each fell to the gambling floor, one after the other, filling the silence of the room with sounds of shattering glass.

Anari turned and left, destroying the rear door console with the Force on her way out. She made her way back to the base on foot, deliberately taking the longest possible path to ponder the choices she made today.
“You live for nothing else but to survive,” Anari summarized. “Instead of lifting your hand to help others who cannot help themselves you decide not to, not because you can’t, but because you see no use in it. What good is surviving then if you are going to die in the end regardless, Blank? Have you given your values as much thought as you claim to, or is it easier for you to not think about anything at all?”

She grew tense in stance and tone, doing nothing at all to conceal how shaken up she was becoming. To live day-after-day and do nothing with your life felt depressing and senseless. It was either a lie he was telling her to justify the rot in Gamorria he stood by and did nothing about, or he was selfish to the core and thought only of himself.

“Better to cling to those at the top and feed from their cruelty like a parasite. Behaving that way is normal I suppose, she said mockingly of his words. “A chance to tell someone of your ambition and survival is the only response you can give? We are all trying to survive, Blank, but some of us choose to make something better of this galaxy before we leave it. You may think you aren’t part of this problem, but you aren’t part of the solution.”

Anari fearlessly stepped forward until she was within reach to grab—just as Blank was. Her stare didn’t waver from his face. Her body was motionless. They were both armed, but it wouldn’t be her that struck first. That was a choice he would have to make.

“I don’t care about anyone else’s reason for joining your organization. I’m not talking to anyone else. I am talking to you,” she said. “You choose not to feel anything for others because you want to survive. In some ways I understand that. What I don’t understand is how you can’t see that the people you aid are the people who cause those ten others to suffer. Have you really become so numb to the suffering that you can’t see your hand in it?”
Anari subdued the urge to interrupt Blank; the explanations he’d given her begged more questions, more than the guy would likely be able to stand all at once. The true mastermind behind Gamorria was a single person, or at least what she was led to believe. Blank said boss, not bosses; one person was making this all possible in a comfortable seat of power hidden from the rest of the riffraff. It was too flattering to suggest this person was anywhere close to the long-dead Emperor. The methods they used to control the populace might be considered similar. There wasn’t enough to speculate on just yet. A little more information, if she could manage to get it, might serve the New Republic better in the investigations to come.

After his explanation for working with the unnamed boss, Anari gave a brief smile before it vanished in its entirety and her expression returned to its natural calm. Next came the usual turn many went towards when she confronted them: Who was she, and why was she doing what she did?

“I’m working with the New Republic because they are dedicated to peace through diplomacy, through reason, and in this galaxy each world should have a voice and a government that does what it can for its people. No exception should be made,” she said. “I recognize that the mission of the New Republic has begun to change. But that is a problem I need to discuss among the few within the military that I trust. I don’t fail to see the irony of this occupation. You didn’t ask for this, but some of your people do want change, and the New Republic should represent a positive one.”

Pitching the idea that the New Republic would be good for Blank felt as fruitless as it sounded. What would he care about a better, brighter world when he stood here unbothered by the hopelessness of others? The upbringing on Gamorria must have left him numb, that is if he was even born here. Another question. She couldn’t stop.

“My name is Anari. I’m a member of the Jedi Order.” She lightly shrugged her shoulders. “Not a very interesting story to tell, really. I want to do good for the people of the galaxy before I inevitably die. That includes facing the corruption of planets like this and trying to do something about it, and not always letting my raw strength solve every problem I face.”

Anari looked around the room, her eyes hovering across the scorch marks of blasters and overturned furnishings. “There were little girls held back there with their family.” The attention she diverted to the damage caused by persuasion returned to Blank. “I didn’t say anything and I didn’t show it, but the sight pained me deeply and angered me even more. Instead of unleashing it on the ones responsible, I lowered the shield that kept them in. The moment it fell, they collectively felt relief, more than they must have felt in days, maybe weeks. They believed that maybe they had a chance at a better life than servitude and sexual abuse. I took more satisfaction delivering them from this place than I ever would raiding drug houses because changing a life means more to me than taking it.”

Swallowing hard, she became aware that her eyes begun stinging and briefly looked away towards the door she went through to free them. “You call being complicit in these things competence. Something to admire. "They do it well," you said.” Anari lightly shook her head. Although she didn’t meet Blank’s eyes again, the power of her voice didn’t waver. “Those guards, they weren’t beyond redemption. Maybe they were never given a choice. I don’t know the truth. Still, I persuaded them to change their ways and to live better. And now I’d ask that you consider doing the same, Blank.”

She found it in her to meet his gaze once again. “You aren’t what I was told you were. You aren’t evil. But could I—could anyone—call you good? Just for a moment I want you to think about who you are. Then, think about who you could be.”
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