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You said I outright accused her of wanting to orbital bombard. I can't find a direct quote of Anari doing that. Again, I'm tired, so I might've missed it. About to sleep.

If how Anari said something bothered you, then sorry.
I'm a little tired at the moment, but I don't see where Anari accused Vreer of wanting to bombard the planet. Can you quote it?

As to reasonable, from a certain point of view, yes.
No, I didn't.
We're open. Go ahead.
She did not know where to begin with this.

Gloopra’s paranoia only grew while his evidence remained stagnant. The Force would exist whether a Jedi or Sith was behind its use, and this “Blank” likely didn’t fit with either side, only his own. It was beginning to grow painful listening to this prattle, but out of respect she did not intervene in the middle of his thoughts. In time, she wished that she did, before the ugliness of ignorance continued to rear its ugly head. By the end she was almost speechless, and could only be thankful that he was not the sole representative of the Order.

“That is your solution? To mobilize military assets, all on a hunch—a very weak one, might I add—that there is a Sith here, with Jedi already present?” Anari asked, eyes darting from Gloopra to Vreer. “And what if you’re wrong about your plan, Senator? What if they simply let it stay in orbit and continue their operation regardless, knowing full well that the New Republic is not barbaric enough to do anything drastic? You’d ask us to intimidate the populace for nothing. We don’t need power, we need intelligence. We need to know the enemy. So far, we know nothing except that at least one of them can wield the Force, and they are able to mobilize attacks with impunity.”

The heat in her blood rose at the thought of the New Republic ever considering either of these plans. Gallowin was a difficult man but there was nothing he’d done to suggest he was insane enough to go with this. It was the type of strategy she expected from the mercenaries recruited to aid them; not from one of the oldest Jedi in the Order, and not from a diplomat who should be looking at methods that prevented more casualties. Their mindsets leaned towards the Imperial, and Gloopra’s idea of peace was stretching close to the Sith themselves. Order through overwhelming force; throw your biggest ships and all the soldiers you could at the problem to make it go away.

Shaking her head at the solutions presented thus far, Anari’s eyes met Kale beside her. “I disagree, and I hope you do the same. I will not be a part of a military occupation founded on fear, not facts.”

She turned and opened the door with a subtle flick of her fingers at her side. “I’m going to see Lahana. Maybe she still has some sanity,” she added, turning the corner and focusing on the presence of the Padawan within the base. Not only would she provide another perspective of the events at the drug den, but she could also provide details about Blank that Gloopra neglected to mention on his own.
Drawn from aiding the wounded by her fellow Jedi, Anari saw to it that the last man she tended to would be left in good hands before following Gloopra and Kale. Returning with them inside the base’s interior, the office she left with Kale would be the meeting ground. Senator Ordo’s presence was acknowledged with a nod, and she left the purpose of this gathering in Gloopra’s hands, making certain to close the door behind them with a wave of her hand. Despite the matter being related to the Jedi specifically, Anari wondered why Gloopra allowed the Senator to remain, but said nothing on the subject.

Instead, she chose to do what she did the most of, and that was listen carefully.

From the moment the term ‘Sith’ left Gloopra’s mouth, Anari’s attention wandered nowhere else. That claim was large, dangerous even. The last known Sith the galaxy ever knew were defeated on the same day, one redeemed, another vanquished. Gloopra was old enough to remember their names and the horror they wrought. To hear how easily he made this claim unbalanced her, but she offered no visible sign to take notice of. All the turmoil that explanation brought was kept within, where she could dissect everything he said, and try to make sense of it. As his version of the events ended and Senator Ordo brought up ancient history, Anari glanced at Kale who quickly nodded, giving her the floor first.

Anari’s dark eyes returned to Gloopra. “I believe you’re paranoid. Firstly, the last sighting of Sith was made a hundred years ago, and since then there’s been little suggestion that they have returned. If what the records of Grandmaster Skywalker left were true, then the Emperor placed his hopes on Skywalker joining him. As we know, that did not take place. The culmination of Sith knowledge and power died on Endor. All that should remain are ancient artifacts and myth.” She paused before quickly adding, “But anything is possible.”

She paused once again to allow that information to process in the minds of each person in the room. Once a handful of seconds passed, Anari then gestured to Kale with a short jerk of her head.

“Secondly, you claim that the dark side of the Force surrounds this “Blank”, and that his boss wanted a report of the New Republic’s might. If that were true, then why does another Jedi Master not sense a disturbance in the Force on the level you do? What makes you so certain that Blank is not simply adept at wielding a power he has yet to fully grasp, much like anyone the Jedi do not find first?” Anari asked. “Master Gloopra, we are not without flaw. We cannot locate every single man, woman, and child in the galaxy gifted with potential to use the Force for good. Sometimes others get to them first and turn that gift into a weapon for their own purposes. What you are describing sounds more like a trump card in a crime lord's pocket. What use do the Sith have for drug production?”

None, at least as far as Anari was concerned. She struggled to come to terms with the sad truth—that Jedi could not be everywhere at once, that they could not save every slave or potential student from manipulation or pain. Despite not holding the rank of Jedi Master, she believed in her ability to pierce the noisy veil that surrounded Gamorria and its society. Were the presence of the Sith here, she was confident she’d have felt something even before Kale did. He had his strengths, and she hers.

“Lastly, Commander Gallowin’s first order was a raid you took part in. Our very being here challenges those who rule Gamorria. It makes perfect sense that they are watching us,” she said, looking to Vreer. “As Match said, the people who truly run Gamorria have a network so large that the sun and moon are compared to it. Prominent. Even if your eyes aren’t on them, they still shine.”

Crossing her arms over her chest, her final word was directed at Gloopra. “Give me his description. I don’t believe he is Sith, but that does not mean he won’t be a threat to our cause. If he can walk away from two Jedi and a handful of trigger-happy mercenaries, then he’s stronger than you’re letting on.”
I, too, have a question now.

@mattmanganon I did not give you permission to relocate Anari from assisting the injured to hearing out Gloopra's theory. Had Gloopra asked that she accompany him and make the talk between the Jedi occur sooner rather than later, that would be fine. Anari stepped away before Gloopra managed to land, but she wasn't far from where she left Lahana and Kale. I have no issue interacting with you. However, I don't like being forced into it. I was not allowed the choice to refuse, both OOC or IC, and the power of choice is one of the gifts we should have as players.

I'm going to let it go without forcing you to edit, because I genuinely believe Anari would join this discussion if Gloopra felt it important enough that every Jedi in the operation--minus Lahana--be involved in it. But in the future, please ask first, whether it be OOC or IC.
@mattmanganon Hi again~ So, I think you are the only one who has anything worth writing in this round of posting. I don't speak for the others, but... well, you have something to say about what's happened, so I wouldn't be worried about posting too soon after your last one. Pierce and I have decided to have Anari and Kale's be off-screen so the next round of progression can begin much sooner.

He promised everyone would have something to do, some stake. And I very much look forward to seeing what genius ideas he's produced.

No pressure, yo~
@SoleAccord Yes, sorry, been busy with work. It's 1am right now, but i'll try to post before the end of tomorrow.

S'all good. Just trying to let everyone get their actions and dialogue in before we press on. No worries.
@vancexentan Thanks for the heads up. Get well soon.

@mattmanganon You posting this round?
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