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I hoped you were lying Odin. Fuck... anyone but him.
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Question: Can I have my main character lead Rogue Squadron, or would you prefer that Wedge Antilles still be leading it at this time?

And if I can't use it, is Red Squadron fine?
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Yes. You'd have to label it in the template beforehand. After that, you can say whether they know it or not. I made the rule so characters don't suddenly become Force-sensitive in the middle of the RP. xD

Fair enough. I'll see what I can do this weekend.
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Since this takes place just a month or two after the Battle of Endor. So, the New Jedi Order is fairly small. The only other senior member of the Order is Mara Jade. However, if you make a character for it I'll take a look and perhaps make him a Knight or something of that nature.

Nah, don't worry about it. I didn't have a learner in mind. If I made one of the pilots Force Sensitive, that wouldn't go against your rule of 'becoming Force Sensitive during the roleplay', would it? Like, do they have to know they're Force Sensitive when the RP begins, or do I just need to label it in the template and they can discover it at their leisure?
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All right. How about four, including your character? It's just so you have a chance to work with other players if the opportunity arises. How's that sound?

Actually, the other characters were for others to interact with, but I can stick to four if it suits you.

Do you want Jedi to be fresh students or are you allowing some flexibility; for instance, would Luke have actual Knights in his Order by now, or just learners?
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How many people would be in the squadron?

Six or Seven characters from unique backgrounds.
<Snipped quote by SoleAccord>

Could you elaborate on your idea?

They would be 'supporting characters' attached to my own. Imagine if I played Luke during his Rogue Squadron years, and had wingmen like Wedge and Dak attached to that unit. They would come with their own bios, but wouldn't be as fleshed out as my main character. Would you require a full bio even for a supporting character?
@Honesty Crow I want to use a New Republic pilot, and create her own personal squadron with small biographies attached to them. Would you be against that?

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