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@Ithradine just shoot me a PM! :)
Hello! My name is Spencer and I'd really love to try out 1x1 roleplaying. In the past I really only did group roleplays and I wanna try something new.

I have nothing too particular in mind. I like fantasy, scifi, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, all that jazz. You wanna make a whole fantasy world with me? Fuck yeah let's do it. Anything with world building in any setting, I love.

The only romance I'm comfortable with doing is MxF, with me as the female. But I would prefer a more character and story oriented rp rather than one revolving romance. 18+ scenes I'm fine with as well.

Just inbox me if you'd like to try and start something :) I'm open to all your ideas and I will help contribute to them! Thanks!
Letter is Given to the Princess

(Four days after arrest,day after escape)
Eleanor stormed out of the room, a mixture of tears and anger on her face. Her heart was broken from the loss of the man she just recently figured out she was in love with and her anger swelled towards the betrayal of her own father. Fenros was no traitor and should not be dead. She was already at odds with her two male family members just for her kindness towards those below them but after their dinner, El no longer saw them as family just two people who happened to share her blood. People whom she could never trust or care for ever again. Although her brother was still in the in between, he would always hold a soft spot in her heart.

Elize waited patiently outside the door for her princess, letter clutched in hand. She rubbed the wax seal with her thumb but remained careful not to smear the design. Her heart beat fast behind her ribcage and her lungs seemed too small to breathe normally. Fenros was alive. Alive.

Eleanor bursts out from her father’s study, obviously upset. “Oh, El,” Elize cooed softly. She wrapped her arm around El’s shoulders and tucked the letter in the folds of her own dress. Words like those should not be shared in public. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go to my room.” That seemed like the best place to show her the letter. Guards would be stationed around the princess’s chambers, and lord knows their prying eyes and ears would report anything suspicious to the king. “Is Ritza around?” While Eleanor’s bodyguard was a trustworthy woman, Elize wasn’t sure how she’d react to the news of Fenros’ faked death. She might jump to conclusions and try and find him without any good plan.

The princess gladly accepted Elize’s embrace, her need for warmth and love after that strong fight. Eleanor hugged the younger girl back tightly,thankful that she had her in her life. She had always seen Elize as a younger sister and that connection was one she needed right now. Upon releasing the girl, her face had softened, the anger having been erased. She nodded at Elize’s suggestion and hooked her arm with the younger girl’s.

“No. Ritza is off on her own right now. We both are taking the loss of Fenros differently…” When she said his name her voice cracked ever so slightly as she held back fresh tears. The heaviness and sharp pain in her chest growing stronger again. Eleanor took a deep and shaky breath, holding back the tears. She needed to remain strong when not in private, having to keep her appearance of the kingdom’s strong, beautiful princess.

“Hush now, we can talk about him more when we get to my room,” Elize insisted. The letter felt heavy with guilt in her pocket. “We don’t want people staring, alright?” The noble girl kept her arm around the princess and guided her through the palace, glaring at anybody who dared stare at Eleanor. Once they got to her room, Elize sat El on her bed and shuffled around, looking for her pitcher of water and a soft cloth. She discreetly heated the water with her magic and dipped the cloth inside before bringing it to the princess. “Hot water always makes me feel better when I cry,” she stated.

Before El could reply, Elize did a circle around the room; she opened her closet door and closed it, lowered the shutters, checked in the hallway, and locked her door before pulling the letter from her dress. The air in her lungs seemed stale and dry and caught in her throat. “A man,” Elize whispered. “A man gave this to me and told me to bring it to you.” She handed the paper to Eleanor, her fingers shaking.

Eleanor nodded, taking another deep breath as she walked with the girl, ignoring the stares of people they walked by. Once they arrived to Elize’s room and were behind a closed door she let her poise go, her shoulders slumping forward as she rested her head in her hands, her face contorted in sorrow. The princess looked up when her friend came back over and gratefully took the warm wet cloth. “Thank you Elize. I don’t know what I would do without you. The others are just keeping distance from me…” Eleanor referencing to the other ladies-in-waiting who hadn’t been speaking to her since everything began with Fenros.

Gently, she dabbed the damp cloth on her face, holding it over each eye for a few seconds as the warmth felt good against her swollen eyes. While doing so she was too lost in thought to notice Elize going around and checking everything around her room, but she was brought back to reality when Elize spoke to her while holding out a letter. Eleanor set the cloth on her lap and took the letter, staring at it for a few minutes.

When she opened the letter and read the first few words a gasp escaped her mouth before she covered it with her hand and fresh tears began to flood her vision. The princess blinked rapidly clearing the tears as she read on, her heart rate increasing and an occasional choked back sob escaping her lips. After finishing the letter El looked straight at Elize, “Who gave you this letter? Tell me. Please.” Tears were streaming down her face once again but this time a look of hope could be seen in her eyes. It was small, no bigger than an ember the flew out of the fire, but it was there. Fenros was possibly alive and Eleanor needed to confirm it with whoever brought the letter.

Elize folded her fingers together, her palms sweating. She resisted the urge to check the door. “He was--he was hooded and had a bow and quiver. Sometimes the old women of the court talk about a man like that; they call him the Woodsman.”

Eleanor stood up knowing exactly who the man was. “Thank you Elize. Thank you.” She gave the girl a quick hug before she quickly hurried off into the halls, wiping her face of tears. A new look of determination plastered on her face as she head off to find the Woodsman, aka Verrick.
@AtomicNut uh we're not quite sure if there even are mythical creatures besides just legends? It's up to gm @OneStoryToMany but we as a group haven't even mentioned it yet
I'm still around :/
Hello, I would like to join if it is still possible :) I hope I didnt make any major mistakes in the CS, if so, feel free to point them out and I will do my best to fix them.

I thought liram would be the only veiled one yay he's got a bud
"Everything we got in here are basically the only things worth buying, so yeah, I guess I am happy with my purchases." They directed the trucks to arrive at their apartment complex later than evening to drop off their furniture. The two roommates stood outside, watching the city traffic shuffle by. "Anything else we could do today?"

"I guess the furniture store. I kinda don't wanna sleep on the floor," Mable chuckled. They arrrived at the nearest used-furniture store and began to browse. The first bedset they looked at had slash marks and burn scorches on it. "Christ, this place is sketchy as hell," she murmured under her breath.
"Does that happen often?" Mable almost chuckled. "Because I ain't afraid to smack a bitch. Again." She helped Owen clean up some of the mess. "Can we go shopping now? I need to get some more stuff for my room."
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