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Hey, are we still doing this? Just wanted to check in with y'all.
"It must be nice to forget. Others are finding it much harder," he said, maintaining a sharp cool. What it is you owe. Did you think the Shadow Beasts were something you could slither away from? You could just escape. Your deeds have been tallied Ms. Birdy. Time to collect."

Despite herself, Birdy felt chills run down her spine as his calm aura grew. A dark chill that cut away the light started to fill the area, as it grew Kinly faded into the shadows, the glossy photo laying on the ground. His cute, albeit somber voice came through saying "You look so happy now. But how can you when you're covered in blood? So much blood."

Birdy felt herself flinch at the child's words, her guilt crawling up her throat. Were they right? Was she incapable of walking away from all of that, without recompense? As the man's aura grew, she recognized what he was doing, Preparing his En so that he'd be more capable of responding to her physical attacks. She was impressed, he wasn't much older than her, and was capable of this. The man continued, naming himself at last. "Astley is the name of your assassin, Shadow Beast. I'll tell you now that no matter what you do, you won't beat me. Not with only your voice. So let me make this painless for you." she knew if they kept cajoling her, she might just get pulled into this faceless death. And when that boy's voice came to her in the darkness with such a sad plea, she felt her knees go weak. "Let him give your victims true peace,"

She was tempted to concede, to allow them to do this. But the truth, she has seen so much death, and already knew that more death was not the answer to solve for death in the first place. No one was given peace through death. It only ever bred guilt, sorrow, and grief.

"This would give no one peace. What a foolish idea, to kill to bring peace to the dead. They're already dead what more peace could they have?" jumping backwards, as she focused her aura into her hands, she quickly brought them together, releasing sound waves that were heightened to a bone shaking amount. Without looking at them again, she tool off running towards the fence, jumping, she bent her body grabbing the top of the fence then flipped over it. Landing she continued to run, hoping to disappear into the darkness.

Sorry about the silence. My roommate had a car accident, but I've returned hopefully I wasn't gone to long.

Responding to my bit now.
So, we're all meeting up in Yorknew?


Birdy felt just a tiny silly for being so cautious of the child, when the sheet of paper showed absolutely no signs of tampering to her vision. But that adult was still a problem, especially when the young boy called him over. Hearing that emotionless "Cool," sent a cautious shiver down her spine. She knew she had to be careful where she stepped.

Watching him come up and place his hands on the boys shoulders with a short laugh he told her how "He was intent on doing this alone," Watching the boy and his father interact had Birdy loosening a little, Maybe they were just normal people and she'd just imagined the chest pains? "She's going to sign my paper, right?" he asked his dad cutely. If that didn't just melt my heart. Cute tyke, I gotta be careful not to hurt him if my instincts were right.

"That's entirely up to Ms. Birdy, Kinly," voiced the handsome man. As the man said that, he raised his face, a dangerous look of cold waiting death was all Birdy saw. It reminded her of the Shadow Beasts, and sent shivers down her spine. I thought I was done with psychotic people like this already. Yet here I am, yet again. listening as he continued, "I would imagine she'd be willing to do anything for a fan. Including paying a debt she's overdue on. Afterall, we came to see her show, even bought this image of her."

Listening to his explanation, caused concern to spread in Birdy. And as the man slowly awakened his aura, the lights became dimmer. Birdy felt some sweat begin to pool on her forehead and at the base of her spine. She could hold her own, But this man was dangerous, and she couldn't risk a misstep at this point in time. "Pleeeease, Birdy," the boy pleaded, holding out the sheet of paper to her.

"Certainly, I'd never disappoint a fan!" Sliding her hand into her hoodie pocket slowly, she once again slowly drew out a black marker, hoping the dad would remain calm. "So, "dad" what is this debt you speak of? I'm just a singer and can't imagine what kinds of debt I could owe to my fans, they've always supported me and I do what O can for them. Can you elaborate for me?" as she asked the dad, she drew her own aura out, calm except for the slightest spikes. If this did end in a fight she wouldn't be caught unawares.
@RennyWhere's the love button? And you're fine. I just hadta say something. I'm eagerly awaiting the next post! But when we all get together would be great!
I keep checking this cause I'm too impatient. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I love Hunter x Hunter and have been waiting for a chance at role-playing in its universe.
Just on the safe side GYO!

As Birdy jogged through a parking lot that had scattered cars of all different kinds of models, mostly red or black 4 doors. She was was headed for the fence that usually locked the lot in. It was there beneath a flickering lamppost that a cute boy bounced up and down on his toes, a plain glossy page held tenderly in his hands. Though she could barely hear him, she caught him saying "Birdyyy!" he screamed suddenly. It's her, its' her! That's her, Daddy!"

Slowing down when the boy screamed, she didn't get a chance to see the handsome man in the dark yet. Not before she was suddenly gasping from an onslaught of pain. Her hands flying to her chest, she was bent over for just aminute as she sought the feeling of blades suddenly piercing her torso, but her hands found nothing. She was unscathed, her thoughts immediately turning to Nen and hunters who were looking for a name for themselves by catching an ex-Shadow Beast.

As she looked around for the source, she missed their further exchange, before seeing the man hidden in shadows, the boy from earlier approached her, his cute little face bright with innocence. Glancing back where he had come, her eyes picked the man out. Even in the darkness she could see his sharp narrow eyes, and cold features. In contrast to the boy's messy hair and wide careless eyes.

Seeing his giant smile would have eased Birdy's mind had it not been for the sudden intense pain from just moments prior. She was convinced the episode came because of the adult in the back so she kept her attention split between them. However, if the child were to make any sudden moves she'd be unprepared for that event. Listening as he stuttered out his sentence, the words catching and tripping on his young tongue "Can you... Hm? Hmmmmm? Aaah- Audo--Otto--" A painful frustration slowly stole his features leaving him looking like his puppy just died be cause he couldn't remember the word autograph.

Despite herself, Birdy chuckled and ruffled his soft hair saying, "You want me to sign your picture l'il buddy? If you can get your daddy to come over here I'd love to!" a forced cheerfulness thick in her throat as she sought a way to get him into range for a sudden attack if need be, and she had to be careful, if he did use Nen there was no telling if the picture had been altered in some way.

Glancing down at the glossy face she focused on her eyes, using Gyo to see if there was any Nen used on the sheet of paper....
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