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22 days ago
Current Happy new year to everyone from here in NYC! :D
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1 mo ago
Oh, trolls be makin' me laugh. Not because what they're doing is funny, but because they're just making themselves look utterly stupid. :D
7 mos ago
'Slice-of-life'? I'd rather just have a slice of cake, thanks.
7 mos ago
The glass isn’t half empty or half full — it’s just twice as big as it needs to be.
7 mos ago
I’m a leaf on the wind — watch how I soar.


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In Yep 10 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
Nothing but lies here.
Oh, forget this shit.


Everyone go back to what you were doing. Nothing further to see here.
@Bartimaeuswould you please stop acting like a staff it annoys me, I hate it when ppl boss me around when they seriously have NO authority

Well, I do have authority and I'm going to nicely ask you to stop posting in this thread. Do not respond to my request in thread or that will be considered back-sass and I'll just go ahead and ban you for not being able to follow simple directions.

If you have any problems, however, contact me via PM.

I'm leaving this post public in this thread so that it serves as a warning for future disruptors and as a note to other staff that you've already been warned for this behavior.
In Searching 4 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
I’m looking 4 a roleplayer to play together. Send me a massage;3

You're better off posting in one of the RP sections, if you're hoping for responses. Spam is mainly for junk posts and games. Check out the front page (maybe 1x1 area specifically?) if you're looking for a partner and post there. (You might also get more responses if you post some possible storylines/plots you might be interested in writing.)
there are seven hungry tigers in my underwear drawer
at least last time I counted, by now there could be some more
i don't care if they stay, so long as they don't poop on the floor
there's seven hungry tigers in my underwear drawer
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