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1 yr ago
Current For all ya’ll trying to stir the shit pot tonight, I suggest you simply walk away from each other before trouble happens. I assure you that my banhammer is much bigger than your shit spoons.
2 yrs ago
I love you 3,000. D:
2 yrs ago
Some people in the status bar are itching for trouble. Check yourselves before I wreck yourselves. (Only warning I'm going to give to cool it.)
2 yrs ago
I’m an adult. (Not late to the party - I just like to make an entrance. ) /disappoint
2 yrs ago
Happy new year to everyone from here in NYC! :D
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Being that I’m female, I don’t think little blue pills are going to do much for me... But, hey, if you need them to help solve some ‘little’ problems of yours, then no judgement on my end. lol
Slytherin: 50
Guys, keep it clean with the smutty stuff. I'm getting complaints and we really can't have it on the board anyway. You want to get colorful, you take it to PM here on out.

I hid the offending posts for now. Please try and keep it all PG-13 and under.

If you have any questions let me know.
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Nothing but lies here.
Oh, forget this shit.


Everyone go back to what you were doing. Nothing further to see here.
@Bartimaeuswould you please stop acting like a staff it annoys me, I hate it when ppl boss me around when they seriously have NO authority

Well, I do have authority and I'm going to nicely ask you to stop posting in this thread. Do not respond to my request in thread or that will be considered back-sass and I'll just go ahead and ban you for not being able to follow simple directions.

If you have any problems, however, contact me via PM.

I'm leaving this post public in this thread so that it serves as a warning for future disruptors and as a note to other staff that you've already been warned for this behavior.
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