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Real life got complicated, so now is a good a time as any to say goodbye (for now). Gonna be taking a bit of a break from RP, but would absolutely love to write with you guys again. I will miss my little sociopath Kaitlin.

@Dirty Pretty Lies the Kaitlin v. Lanie feud will always have a place in my heart.
I'll get a Kaitlin post up this week :)

Kaitlin O'Connor

Kaitlin stared up into a pair of chocolate colored eyes, barely registering who they belonged to. Everything seemed to blur around her, causing her to blink a few times to focus her vision. Decky, it was Decky Boaz who had steadied her. If she had been capable of feeling anything other than numb in this moment, she would have been surprised.

Slowly, things came back into focus for Kaitlin and she became aware that Decky was leading her from the coffee shop, that he had been speaking to her in the meantime.

“Your phone..” she muttered limply, realizing his phone still lay shattered on the ground. Damn, that was her fault.

Again green eyes met brown as Kaitlin looked up, some life coming back into her gaze. The pair were now standing outside, away from the windows and prying eyes of the busybodies around them. That's small town living for you. Despite the strange situation, she felt surprisingly...comforted by Decky's presence. Never in a million years did she ever expect that.

Her surroundings and thoughts still coming back slowly, Kaitlin was surprised to hear Decky ask if she wanted to go back to the garage with him. She furrowed her brow in confusion, both at the offer of company, and at the fact that she wanted to say yes.

That's when her mind slammed back into action. Kaitlin had only almost lost something that day 10 years ago. Decky had actually lost something.

“Yeah, actually.” Kaitin said, clearing her throat softly before continuing on. “That sounds really good right now. Th-thank you.”

Kaitlin gave a slight squeeze to the shoulder that she had been holding onto, meaning it to be an action of comfort before letting go of Decky. She wasn't sure why he had offered her that bit of comfort of company, God knows she didn't deserve it based on her actions ten years ago... but she certainly appreciated it.

Emilia Carter

“Thank you Bella” Emilia practically wheezed as she took the bottle of water from her friend's perfectly manicured hand. Despite the animosity the two girls perfected while in front of the camera, off camera they got along swimmingly. Paparazzi and tabloids had often tried to coax a feud out of the two beauties, eager to bring the drama into the real world headlines. However, even as teenagers the two girls had never taken the bait.

“You're a life saver. They made Kaitlin a runner. I think they are punishing me over everything I broke on set when I was younger. They say they aren't but...” Emilia let her sentence trail off, taking a sip of water instead.

“How are your scenes going?” She asked after swallowing, genuinely interested. Most of the story lines were kept quiet even from the stars to prevent leaks, but Lanie's was already heading in an interesting direction. “I have scenes with Aisik this episode. Cue all the people that still ship Lanie and Decky to be calling for my head on Twitter.” Emilia rolled her eyes playfully. She loved the Edenridge fans, she had a lot to thank them for, but man, could they hold a grudge.
@Starwinteris the person Kaitlin ran into open for anyone or is it for Logan? If it's a free choice I could have Decky be the person

Open for anyone! Go for it :)
And there's my post!!! Interacted with both your characters @BrutalBx and @Starwinter

Thanks for the patience! ^.^

Kaitlin Katastrophe 😂😂😂
I will have Emilia's response up early next week

“Mr. Harvey, I'm going to be completely honest with you.” Alexandra's voice came out sharper than she intended, but she was tired, and this call had gone on long enough. “I have no intention of letting any of the AWE wrestlers onto your show. I've listened to your radio show, I've watched your youtube videos. You're condescending, and you go for audience shock value. Everyone I have spoken to says you go completely off script and are unreliable. I'm here to help the reputation of the talent I represent, and putting anyone on your show will only hurt it.”

Alexandra's statement was met by grumbling that she was sure was supposed to be tough and convincing, but it only served to annoy her further. She had just traveled from Connecticut to California, spending any moment she wasn't sleeping putting out the latest AWE PR fires. On top of that, her bag was full of files on the talent that was coming and going from the AWE rosters, and she barely had time to go over it. One new member coming from Japan already seemed like he was going to be a handful, and she wasn't looking forward to it.

Alex wasn't supposed to have to travel with the wrestlers, but Drayden had to relinquish his title, and everything went to shit from there. Put a bunch of hot heads on a bus, and chaos ensues. Caiden Winters was shaping up to be a particular thorn in her side, and if she got one more report of a certain wrestler washing down pills with booze she was going to lose it. With one problem following another, Alex got called onto the road. Sure, she had made the trip on a private jet, but the travel was unplanned and it pissed her off.

She didn't mind traveling, loved it actually. But she was a woman who planned things out and this was very much not planned. Luckily, her new intern that would be starting in a few weeks had also agreed to the sudden travel plans and would be joining her soon.

Alexandra pulled open the backstage doors to the arena, not missing a step as her black heels transitioned from one surface to the next. Her floral skirt swished delicately around her knees as she walked, taking in her surroundings as she went. Although she was of similar height to some of the smaller female wrestlers, with her plain black shirt and minimal makeup, no one would mistake her for a member of the wrestling team. Everyone let her pass by without question, as it was obvious to even those that did not know her that Alex belonged at the arena.

Over the din of the backstage commotion, Alex became aware of another incessant buzzing sound. She was still on the phone with Sam Harvey, sleazeball on air radio personality. He had been pestering her for far too long about getting some of the talent from AWE to go on his radio show. Not. A. Chance.

“I'm going to say this one more time, and slowly, Sam.” Alex said, done with formalities at this point in the conversation. Pausing to wave at some of the crew members as they passed her by, she stepped off to the side to check her watch, making sure she was out of the way of crew. “I have a lot of friends in this business. A lot of them are even outside of AWE. There is a reason I made it into my current position so quickly. A lot of people owe me favors, and I will be sure to call in all of them just to make your life hell. Goodbye Sam.”

With those final words, she hung up her phone, shoved it in her bag and ran a hand through her mahogany waves of hair, lamenting over not having time to get it cut before hitting the road. Almost immediately her phone began to ring again. With a muttered curse, Alex plucked the phone from her bag, completely prepared to engage in battle with Mr.Harvey again. Already she knew exactly who should plead a favor from to really put a wrench in his career.

One look at the caller I.D had Lex throwing her phone back in her bag. Obnoxious radio show hosts she could handle. Her mother was a different story. No, that call was going to voice mail.
A million years later, but I finally got my post up.

Kaitlin O'Connor

Kaitlin's feet hit the pavement in a rhythmic thrum, while Sia crooned about being Titanium through the buds in her ears. She didn't remember exactly when she took up running. One therapist along the line recommended it to get out excess energy and clear her head... something about running towards a physical goal rather than running from her problems. Whatever the psychobabble logic was, the running did help.

The miles she spent running gave her ample time to reflect on all of the events from yesterday. In hind site it wasn't too bad. Mike and Ashley were both in town, and they would always have her back. Mike especially always seemed to be by her side when she needed him. Somehow Roddy had ended up married to Lanie, but he didn't seem to let her opinion change his, so he was still going in the win column. Lanie and Decky... well, that is what it is. No use in dwelling on that. It was a small town, they would see each other... but they were adults now. Keisha and Logan, they were the unknowns. When she thought about them, all the times they had spent together, and all the times they missed, her heart hurt.

She ran through the streets of Edenridge. Past the diner and the fire station. Past the highschool and auto body shop. As she made her way through the town park, a poster on a telephone pole in the distance caught her eye. Looks like someone was posting a reward for their lost Pomeranian, and Kaitlin wondered absent mildledy if Lanie had decided to run away from home. With a laugh she shook her head, telling herself that starting right now, Pomeranian jokes were banned.

Eventually, her legs began to burn and her breaths became shallow and short, signifying to Kaitlin that it was time to head home. The morning was still only beginning, and the weather was beautiful. After a quick shower, she blow dried her hair, thankful that with a minimal amount of time and product, her long locks dried into soft auburn waves. In just a few more minutes, she was dressed in a knee length pale green dress, the three quarter length sleeves going to her elbows. A cream and tan scarf paired with tan boots completed the look, and she was out the door in moments, her bag dangling from her arm.

The drive to the coffee shop was short, as was the line. As soon as her drink was in hand, her phone buzzed, alerting her to a message. Nervous that it could be from her parents, Kaitlin dug through her bag. Her brow furrowed when she saw the number come up unknown, a video attached. Not thinking much of it, she played it. Regret tore through her as a voice she hadn't heard in ten years filled the speaker. Even after all this time, she could never forget the face or voice of the boy who had shot her.

While it played, Kaitlin was locked in place. Ten years had passed, but on screen, Charlie remained a teenager. He never got the chance to grow up. He had almost taken away hers. As soon as it ended, she tossed her phone in her bag and turned to run from the shop. Unfortunately, she didn't bother to look where she was going, and found herself colliding with an unsuspecting victim of her disregard.

Emilia Carter

“You must hate me” Emilia whined, laying on the ground while she clutched her stomach. She was physically fit, but running was not her first choice for physical activity. Matter of fact... she never did it.

“Emilia, you ran for like, 3 minutes.” the director said, standing over her. By the look on his face she couldn't tell if he was amused or wondering why he had bothered to ever miss working with her.

Slowly she got up, still panting. She really did need to increase her cardio, this was pathetic.

“You've got a few more scenes this morning Em, head on over to wardrobe.” came a voice to her side. It was one of the PA's. There were quite a few on set, keeping everyone organized and on time. It worked, Emilia picked up the pace, excited about the reminder of her scene later today. The cast would be getting a message from Charlie, and she was excited to see where it would go.
Ok now that I know what I am doing with Emilia, I will really post soon. I just wanted to post them together.
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