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Lupita Nereva

Lupita studied the worn, slightly blood stained map as she whistled a pleasant tune. The worn gravel road beneath her feet crunched as she walked, only ceasing when she need to step over a branch or in light of recent events, entire trees. Indeed, it was quite a shock when she saw two gigantic demons fall out of the sky and crash into the earth. Or what she assumed to be demons anyway, Lupita never paid much attention to things like spirits and whatnot. Despite being a half-elf she wasn't all that gifted in magic and never really cared to learn any. The middle aged woman brushed a gray lock of her hair behind her ear and tucked the map away in newly acquired pack. While the demons falling from the sky is certainly a startling event, it gave Lupita enough time to steal her traveling partner's dagger and drive it into his neck. The two had met shortly after Lupita was tossed unceremoniously from the wagon that brought prisoners like her to these lands.

Now she normally didn't make murder a habit but the bard had a very strong suspicion that her greasy wayfarer was planning to bed her. With or without her consent. Which obviously wouldn't do so measures had to be taken. The sleazebag had been selfish with his belongings anyway so who knows if she would have froze to death that night? Now she had a very nice pack, a somewhat ill-fitting green tunic and leather vest, and a...rustic dagger.

"Hmm, rustic indeed. Lupita muttered to herself as she inspected the knife. It was chipping and rusted in places along the blade, but it would do in a pinch. Or a...stab, more accurately. She sheathed the blade and gazed at the horizon, a small sigh of relief crossing her lips as Varone came into view. It would take her another half hour to get to its weathered gates. Not that she was complaining. Lupita was frankly surprised that anything was standing at all after that explosion. As she made her way through the streets, the familiar din of the city assaulted her ears. And so did the smells. Most bad, but there was a particular scent on the breeze. It almost smelled like...

"Bread!" Lupita said aloud, to no one in particular. Her stomach grumbled angrily at the scent. She was about to follow her nose when she realized that she was flat broke. Unless she stole the food or mugged someone, neither seemed to have a high chance of success, she would need to get some money together. Which meant she needed people to entertain so she could coax the coins out of their purses. Lupita began to scout out the best dives around town. She didn't have her violin and couldn't afford one, so she needed to find a place low class enough to...there!

She spotted a stone built inn with some charming archways. The sign swinging above the doorway said "Ubrico Soldati". Might as well start there. Lupita opened the door and was pleased to find that the establishment was actually clean and staffed. This also put a damper on her plans, as it would be harder to convince them to hire a self-proclaimed musician off the street. With no instrument. Lupita smiled to herself. She couldn't help but think back to her early twenties all those decades ago, when she was trying to make a name for herself on nothing but her skill as a musician. And her silver tongue, of course. Lupita sauntered in and gave a quick once over of the faces of the bar's patrons. They seemed grim enough. A little energy could really pump up business. A sea shanty, maybe.

The half elf made her way over to the counter and signaled what she assumed to be the tavern keeper. As they approached, Lupita took on a concerned look.

"Excuse me, my friend. I couldn't help but notice that your lovely establishment seems to be a little dreary this morning. Ah, but have no fear, for I am a quite seasoned entertainer. Now you're suspicious and you are right to be so. Very astute. But I offer you an olive branch. All I ask is for breakfast and lunch. In return, I whip this gloomy atmosphere into something a bit more festive, eh? What say you to that?" she asked, flashing her most charming and confident grin.

Previous post was unnecessary. Have a good one.

I did let him know and he threatened to boot me off the RP because I didn't wait for "permission" to fix a non consequential error. If I had just done it and not said anything this wouldn't be a situation. When the rules are this strict it stops feeling like a game and more like a job. And I already work enough in my real life. So I appreciate the effort, but I'm good. Nothing against anybody, but its just not my style.
@Sigil It was already a part of my character sheet, I just misinterpreted the item on my DnD CS. Its not like I'm adding anything to my inventory. This is the second time you've had an issue with me making an incredibly minor change. If it's such a hang up, I think it best that I leave the RP. I like the group, but if I have to tell you every time I make a small edit, I'm not going to enjoy myself.

I hope everyone has a good time, thanks for having me.
@Sigil Changed handheld to normal crossbow. For some reason I thought it was just one handed.
Made a few grammar and spelling edits like a minute after posting.
Alastor Shore
Tiefling, Fighter (Champion), Level 03
HP: 31 / 31 Armor Class: 16 Conditions: N/A
Location: Darenby, The Infamous Pear
Action: N/A
Bonus Action: N/A
Reaction: N/A

Alastor could almost hear his uncle scolding him in the back of his head as he watched Victoria stifle a giggle. She wiped away the wine at the corner of her mouth and he saw a charismatic little smile.


She was pretty. Really pretty. Alastor was certain Uncle Richan could feel a disturbance, he could already hear him. "Don't get involved with necromancers, boy! The witches of Lapai were buxom, were they not? Did you feel the same way when you saw them raise a horde of monsters that tore our men apart!?"

He was always very theatric. But he wasn't wrong. The Lapai Coven was a veritable wasps nest and every necromancer in there was fine. Not that Alastor knew for sure whether or not Veronica was a necromancer. It was just a feeling. Mostly from the hog. If she didn't have that Alastor probably wouldn't have suspected anything amiss. He cleared his head of these thoughts by downing the last of the mead. Thankfully he was distracted by another new arrival, another attractive ('DAMN IT!') woman with a sprite dancing around on her shoulder. She was dressed like a holy woman but she at least seemed a bit more relaxed than the grim creature sitting across from him.

”Don’t think I’ve seen this many ladies work on a single quest before.” she comments as she looks around the party. 'You're telling me lady.', Alastor thought to himself. She locked eyes with him. ”Not to forget you, of course. Just a… serendipitous encounter.”

"No of course, I quite agree. It is a pleasant change." Alastor replied, surprisingly diplomatic. They didn't have much time to think on it though because yet another person was joining them at the table. A man, thankfully. Not like that changed anything for Alastor's apparently rampant horniness today. An elf too, which was turning out to be a peculiar weakness for Alastor if Victoria and Veneth were anything to go by. Luckily, this half-elf wasn't really Alastor's type. For one he was incredibly small. Alastor had almost mistaken him for a tall dwarf for a brief second. Secondly, there was a coldness about him. Alastor had seen it in some of the veteran soldiers he served under back on the Crescent Coast. Seen too much death and not enough love. It can curdle the soul. Like spoiled milk.

Hugh made his introductions and Kosara immediately started interrogating the poor bastard. She meant well but even Alastor, who was notoriously bad at picking up on other people's feelings, could tell the small monk was getting pissed. He was saved by the cleric, Marita, establishing in a not so polite way that they should discuss their skills. Dead weight, was the words she used.

"Well you're a right firecracker, aren't ya?" Alastor chirped with a cheeky smile, but he respected it. Sometimes it took that sort of firmness to get a group into order. He wasn't sure that attitude would make her many friends though. He waited as the others went through their skill sets. Marita was a healer, which was obvious and Alastor was grateful for it. Too many things can go wrong on a mission and its easy to end up dead. Hugh was more of a rogue type, which Alastor supposed could be useful. At least his skill with a bow would be. Then it came to Veronica. A bard...among other things. Alastor only vaguely recognized one of the names. Jaisdan church...he recalled something about law and death but that barely soothed any of his misgiving.

'Maybe if you paid more attention in seminary, you git.' flared his inner monologue. 'Shut up, me.' he retorted to himself. Again, his eyes flicked to the boar, standing hauntingly silent. He saw her pet it earlier. The damn thing didn't even twitch. Then there was a lull in the conversation and Alastor figured he might as well go next.

"Well I'm sure the lot of you have already figured me out, I'm not that complex. I'm a swordsman, trained as a duelist if you care about specifics. I'm good at handling combatants one on one or in multiples. My style is more speed over power, so I make a right annoying distraction. I've also some skill with a crossbow but if I'm using that, we're in dire straits indeed." he finished with an amused chuckle.
Did an edit for punctuation in most recent IC post.
Alastor Shore
Tiefling, Fighter (Champion), Level 03
HP: 31 / 31 Armor Class: 16 Conditions: N/A
Location: Darenby, The Infamous Pear
Action: N/A
Bonus Action: N/A
Reaction: N/A

Alastor greeted each newcomer coolly. It was strange, it was a little like when he left home to pursue this life. Meeting strangers in a strange place to do a probably strange job. It had been a year since he left the Kadosh estate so he had made some friends in Dizar, the city where he met Zern. But coming here almost felt like starting from square one again. Not that he was going to stay. Alastor doubted he would have much reason to stay in Avonshire after this job.

"Alastor, pleased to meet you." he said casually to each of his new teammates. The mead he was drinking was bitter. He supposed he should have expected it to be. He wasn't even sure why he ordered it, he didn't particularly like beer. Alastor guessed he thought he would look more...competent drinking a beer. Gods, that sounded daft even in his head. He instead focused his attention on his new companions. Kosara was the most...eye-catching, one could say. With lovely white horns and dressed in, funnily enough, a belly dancer's outfit. He silently wondered if she was from the coast, the attire was certainly similar. But he kept the question to himself. Best not to get too familiar just yet. Who knows if she'll survive the job. His train of thought was interrupted by the clerical looking woman.

"Any word from the sheriff?"

"Nothing other than his letter. You'd think he'd be here to meet us." Alastor pondered aloud between sips of mead. He didn't know why he was still drinking it. He glanced at the half-elf that had just walked in and gave her his greeting. She carried a violin case on her back. A musician? Alastor had heard of bards who also did some adventure work on the side but he had never met one himself. But there was something off about this bard. A certain feeling she gave him when he looked at her. The feeling grew stronger when he noticed the creature at her side. A boar, covered in wrappings. Alastor knew what boar acted like. His uncle used one to hunt. They're noisy and inquisitive creatures. Constantly snuffling and grunting about. But not this one. It stood silently. Like a ghost. There was something unnatural about it, Alastor could feel it. The elf, Victoria, gave him a polite nod. Alastor was sure his faced betrayed his suspicion. His sword was resting against the wall next to his chair and pack. He pulled it a little closer to him.

Then Kathryn arrived. Alastor was a big guy but this woman was nearly a head taller than him. He raised his mead at her approach, trying his best to look as not intimidated as possible. She seemed nice enough, Kosara was particularly taking a liking to her. Alastor was taking another drink of his mead (he paid for the damn thing, might as well finish) when he heard Kathryn say she was a half giant and she could still grow. He choked on his beer and had to painfully muscle it down to avoid spitting it up on the table.

"Bloody hell, you're gonna get bigger!?" he asked in an incredulous tone.

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