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I'm going to finish up my Paynes sometime over the next few days. I'll continue work on them tonight at any rate!
Here's my completed CS of old Eze'.

Love the history you've worked on. Funnily enough I've been in a cyberpunk mood lately, so I'd be down for this.

Hiya! I may or may not have been lurking this. Hopefully there's room for one more.

Anyhow, I made a character called Caelan who's (as a tl;dr for his history) basically from a disgraced political dynasty in ye' olde' United Kingdom and has recently emigrated to America with his fam'.

“Ours Are Certain.”

House Description

Point-of-View Characters

Family Tree
For any interested writers, we are currently in the process of accepting applications. The character sheet is now up, so feel free to hop on in. Any house that is not listed on the 'Roster' section of the Character Sheets page is fair game. Lastly, joining the discord is a great way to communicate with the others making applications and to get quick answers to any questions you may have.

Pinging some currently interested folks to let'cha know the character sheet is good to go.
I'll be writing for House Payne, the successors to House Lannister and new Wardens of the West.

Looking forward to getting started with everyone!
I like the look of this, too!
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