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That's the first post up!

All you need to take away from it is that our characters have been told to meet at The Refuge Cantina, at table seventeen. Here, our characters will finally meet one-another, and our story will get underway!
C a s E e l e n
Nar Shaddaa - Refugee Sector
The Refuge Cantina

“The Refuge. Table seventeen.”

Following the rather vague instructions left to him by the Zabrak, Mol, Cas made his way through the listless crowds to the entrance of one of the few functioning cantinas in the Refugee Sector. Overcrowded and filled with refugees spending what little they had to pass the time with drink, brawls and scraps were frequent, a fact Cas had learned when treating what must have been his tenth patient to escape one such brawl. He couldn’t say he was that surprised. When thousands upon thousands of different race and species are crowded together with little in the way of belongings, or even ways to simply pass the time, trouble is bound to emerge. Even the proprietors of the cantina had long stopped visiting, resorting to simply taking in the monthly profits. There will always be those who profit from suffering, one way or another, he thought.

Removing himself from his thoughts as he drew near the brightly-lit entrance, Cas reminded himself of his purpose for visiting the cantina. The Exchange agent, Mol, had said only that the others who had been contracted onto the job would be present at the same location. The noise of the crowds in the cantina would provide cover for their discussion, and they were to promptly get to know one another before starting their search for the unknown stranger who was proving to be an unneeded thorn in the side of the Exchange. Admittedly, he was rather uncomfortable with the idea of working with others who had been picked out by the organisation. Morally bankrupt scoundrels, thugs, and maybe a bounty hunter or two, he expected. If anything, he worried that the greatest danger in this assignment would be surviving those he was assigned to work with.

Making his way through the entrance, the interior was rather a grim place to be. Flickering lights of various advertisements in aurebesh were plastered across the walls, and small tables were placed across the room with the ring-shaped bar in the center. Crowds gathered around the packed bar, with some patrons resorting to simply standing wherever they could find space in the room. It was not hard to spot the only table not surrounded by far too many patrons, tucked away in the corner of the cantina. I guess that’s seventeen, he thought. The Exchange likely asked the barman to keep it free, or rather, instructed him. If there was one thing he had learned from being around the Exchange on Nar Shaddaa, it was that they did not ask. Indeed, he dread to think what the outcome would have been for him had he refused their ‘offer’ of employment to find this stranger.

Sure enough, sitting at the table and flanked by two brawly human bodyguards, was Mol. Recognising the Nautolan as he entered, he raised his hand in a casual wave, beckoning him over. Approaching the table, the Zabrak spoke calmly in his native tongue, “Kol", he said while gesturing to an empty stool across from him at the table. Figuring he had just told him to sit, Cas took a seat. “You know I don’t speak that, right?”. The Zabrak offered only a baleful grin in return as he lifted the cup of bright-blue liquid to his mouth, taking a large gulp and allowing the silence to continue between the two. “First one here. I’ll keep it short, you can tell the rest when they get here.” Cas could never take the, admittedly rather scary-looking Zabrak, particularly seriously. Instead, he always found he had the urge to clear his throat whenever he heard the deep and raspy voice of Mol.

Leaning forward and checking his surroundings out of habit, ensuring there were no unwanted listeners, Mol spoke lowly, “Blue Twi’lek called Taan. Probably heard of him - ‘parently he leads the refugees.”, he allowed his the corners of his lips to curl upwards at the thought of a refugee leader, or more likely what the Exchange would do to this so-called leader, “Find him. He’ll know something. Get the information from him, one way or another.” Leaning back confidently, relaxing almost, the Zabrak lifted the cup to his mouth for another drink.

“Taan the Twi’lek. Easy enough.”, Cas shrugged in response.

Exhaling contently after his drink, Mol slid the now empty cup across the table, “Yeah. There’s also the Scoundrels Sanctum. Most of the Bounty Hunters looking for someone who’s anyone in this sector converge there. Good spot for information.” Looking to the ceiling as he reclined in the chair, and bringing his hand to his chin in thought, he paused for a moment before continuing. “Apart from that… maybe that aid center. Dr Zane, the stubborn old bag, runs that place. Always packed, somebody might have seen something.”. Turning his attention back to Cas, he simply shrugged before commenting, “Look. Everybody know’s something. Break the old beggars on the streets, go after Taan, I don’t care. Do what you have to do. Find the karking ‘guardian’, and solve it.” With that, Mol stood and made a click of his fingers, his bodyguards immediately making way for him through the crowds. “Oh - and, drinks on you.”

Soon, Mol was gone, leaving Cas to sit alone and contemplate the instructions given to him. He wasn’t one for torture, or making the lives of the wretched souls around him any more depressing.

This whole situation gave him a bad feeling.
Here's my own character. I might tweak the wording or some such, but for the most part he's done and ready to save some lives!

Today is the 30th, however, and I think I have our cast list sorted.
Accepted Characters
Mokra Tem - @Gunther
Dasaen - @Apollosarcher
Hamlin - @Pundii
Lronè - @Inkarnate
Del - @DruSM157

Please post your characters in the tab so I know you're still around. Also - I'll probably put up a basic relations sheet you should feel free to add in and edit as we go along, or you can make up your own! Sorry to those who didn't get in, I really do appreciate your interest and application, but unfortunately I am not looking for a particularly large cast for this roleplay, so I couldn't accept everybody.

Just another small mention for posting activity now that we're about to get things moving, I want this to be an endeavour we can take at our own speed. Post when you can and be considerate towards others in the group who may want to bring things forward and not get stuck waiting for too long, and I think we'll be grand!

I'm looking forward to getting the roleplay started, though. We've got a discord here that is a great way to get in touch and/or arrange collabs. It's not necessary to join though, so no worries! That's the point of this OOC page, too :)

I'll have a first post up soon, perhaps sometime early tomorrow instead of September 1st. Can't wait to get started!

@DeadDrop Awesome!

I'm hoping to get my character up tomorrow, and then it won't be too long until we get our cast of characters sorted. I'm thinking the 30th (this coming wednesday) will be the day I review the applications we've had so far, for a definitive date. That'll then be followed by introductory post soon after and we're off.

Edit: @DruSM157 I thought I should ask, d'ya think Frizo would happen to still have The Quillwing around on Nar Shaddaa? we could possibly work it in as the ship our crew escapes on, and make a few enemies while we're at it
@The Elvenqueen I'm sorry to hear that. You do have some time to see if anything sticks, or if your situation changes, but I appreciate your interest in any case!

There's no disappointment, life comes first. :)
@Gunther That's absolutely fine! I mainly mean for 'The Crew' section to be a quick list of everybody still around as we go on, really. for my own aesthetics, basically

Writers are more than welcome to post their CS in the character tab and develop/alter them as they see fit while the journey progresses. :)

Edit: I should also say - I love the idea of adding in your characters opinions of others when they get to know them.
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