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4 mos ago
Current I'm back! :)
1 yr ago
Due to recent events, I am finally home and will be replying alot til the 3rd! :) Sorry for no responses for the last week! <3
1 yr ago
Readdy to have some fun!
1 yr ago
Sicker than a dog currently, trying to ger caught up! Sorry for late replies!
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1 yr ago
Ready to have some fun with the RPguild!


I have been RPing for going on 10+ years. I took a small hiatus due to a ton of personal/work issues. Now that things are settling down for the most part, I am able to get back into my RPing and gaming!

I currently work for a prison. I do work the graveyard shift (8pm - 7am). So please bare with me and slow responses. I work 6 days on, and 3 days off. On my 3 days off, I will be most active, but I will also hop on to reply to any roleplays I have joined.

I enjoy 1x1's (hard to get my interest though. Once I got a 1x1 going.. I have a ton of fun). I also LOVE group RP's. I have managed some with a little help with friends and they always turned out wonderful. Currently, I am just working on one Group RP. I am not looking to over load myself, so the one RP I have going is all I am wanting to do at the moment. But, feel free to chat with me on any ideas, I might start another soon! :)

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I would love to be part of this! Are you planning any twists with the story.
@RocketteThank you very much!
New Year, New Set! I am still using the first set you ever made me! <3

request type. // signatures set
stock and images. // I really want to you choose! I know I will like it.
size. // defaulted.
text. // something post apocalyptic
misc. // Okay, so I love owls, and post apocalyptic (zombie like) themed stuff. Do you think you could combine this somehow?
I eat ketchup with my eggs...
- 135
Hello! I saw you like The Last of Us. All time Favorite game!

Start of a friendship? Would you like to do a RP together?? :)

It's Time - Imagine Dragons
Great Idea! I don't have time myself for something like this but I hope you find someone who can play out your idea!
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