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4 mos ago
Current Due to recent events, I am finally home and will be replying alot til the 3rd! :) Sorry for no responses for the last week! <3
5 mos ago
Readdy to have some fun!
6 mos ago
Sicker than a dog currently, trying to ger caught up! Sorry for late replies!
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6 mos ago
Ready to have some fun with the RPguild!
3 yrs ago
Back from a hiatus, and ready to have some fun!


I have been RPing for going on 10+ years. I took a small hiatus due to a ton of personal/work issues. Now that things are settling down for the most part, I am able to get back into my RPing and gaming!

I currently work for a prison. I do work the graveyard shift (8pm - 7am). So please bare with me and slow responses. I work 6 days on, and 3 days off. On my 3 days off, I will be most active, but I will also hop on to reply to any roleplays I have joined.

I enjoy 1x1's (hard to get my interest though. Once I got a 1x1 going.. I have a ton of fun). I also LOVE group RP's. I have managed some with a little help with friends and they always turned out wonderful. Currently, I am just working on one Group RP. I am not looking to over load myself, so the one RP I have going is all I am wanting to do at the moment. But, feel free to chat with me on any ideas, I might start another soon! :)

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Great Idea! I don't have time myself for something like this but I hope you find someone who can play out your idea!
I am very interested in this plot!!!
@SweetOwlette --

&& you know the drill. β™₯

This couldn't come at a better.. Thank you lovely!

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Sooo... I wanna ask you for another favor!!

Could you do something with owls? And completely surprise me? I love owls with the bushy faces (white or brown). >.<
With a full set?

TAKE YOUR TIME! If not, I understand! :)

Thunder - Imagine Dragons
I love Chai tea with a bit of sugar and milk.. it makes it awesome.


You are awesome too. Can we try to start something?
Before you go any further: I am not gunna lie, I am a horrible person to reply to RP's. I work 56.5 to 72 hours a WEEK. Yes, and fucking week. I am a correctional officer, and well... enough said. IF you can handle that, proceed:

With that said, Welcome. I am Sweetowlette. I love to RP and have been for nearly 15 years, on and off. I'm a medium advance RPer. I will write 2-3+ paragraphs. I do like to write. I want some story, development, and creativity. I want to talk to you and make something beautiful.

I don't care if we PM or have a thread. However, I do keep a inventory of my RP's here. If you do not like that, than we cannot work together. I want to show off our work together. Be proud of it.

I'm a mature RPer. The sky is NOT the limit. The stars aren't even the limit. Go above and beyond and be dirty about it! Cussing, Fussing, Fucking... lets go! I am very open and well, like to discuss everything. I don't mind going into details (wink wink). If you do not like this style, we may struggle to work together. HOWEVER, I will not do some underage shady shit, and you know what I mean! If not, move on!

I do not care if I play male, female, lesbian, transgender.. etc. I will play it all! It helps build my RP style if I can do a bit of everything. I have no limit, and like to push my RP's to make something fun and exciting!
I'll be honest with you, and do my best to stay in touch while I am at work. I work 6 days on and 3 days off. I will be most active on my three days off. I do not mind slow replies, but expect the same from me. If we happen to get a good day with multiple replies, that's awesome. If not, work together.

If you are still reading this, and are interested... then lets see if you like some ideas!

1. Apocalyptic or Post-Apocalyptic
- The Rain (Netflix Series)*
- The Walking Dead
- Z Nation
- The 100
- The Last Ship
- Rose Plague (ask me, my idea)
- Any other ideas!

2. Romantic
- He broke her heart in the past.
- He has a secret…
- It was supposed to be sex only…
- Their love was supposed to be fake…
- Their love is forbidden by others…
- One of them is promised to someone else…
- She is interested in someone else in addition to him…
- Their time is together is limited…
- Being together would require a big sacrifice…
- Any other ideas!

3. Games
- The Last of Us
- Fallout

4. Shows
- Greys Anatomy
- Orange is the New Black (LOL)
- Breaking Bad (with a spin!)
- Ozark
- House MD
- Game of Thrones
- America Horror Story (we create something!)

I am still adding to my list. However, if you do not see something on here that did not catch your eye... I am still open. I like original stories. I do not have any original myself at the moment. Please send a IM if you wish to start something!

&& click raw to receive the code.

I am SOOOOOOOO in love. Thank you darling!
<3 I cannot wait for this! I am just excited!

@World Traveler Can we start a RP with something? Itching for something!
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