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Current It appears to me impossible that I should cease to exist, or that this active, restless spirit, equally alive to joy and sorrow, should be only organized dust.
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My name is Syn, pretty straight forward.
Born a Male, Indentifies as "Myself".
Age 24, lives in Arizona.

I don't expect a lot when it comes to writing. I make typos, I have days where I can write a novel, or days where I can only manage a handful of paragraphs. The later is especially true during times of heavy character interaction, I'm not a fan of jumping around in the dialogue, but nor is it really a peeve of mine. My writing can be very... detailed at times, and my themes can cross into dark zones depending on whatever scenario is at hand. If you're sensitive to things like violence that is not trust constricted to males, or adults; some gore, though I don't get too excessive; and things of that nature, perhaps I am not the partner for you.

Additionally, there could be moments of taboo, especially in past era type roleplays, such as the medieval ages. While we're on the subject of forbidden romance, I guarantee there will be themes incorporating lesbians, gays, and things of that like. That includes the other things do, like females with male parts, and so forth. It's not that I'm an advocate of same-sex marriages or rights or whatever, it's rather that these things exist and I see no reason not to include them if I feel like it.

Furthermore, on the topic of sensitivity, this is the only trigger warning you will get from me. I would say that it is possible to avoid certain triggering scenarios, but that is highly unlikely. These are real things that affect people, and it's possible I will do something terrible to my characters. This doesn't just involve around physical actions, like drugs or non-consensual happenings, but also those of the mind.

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Glad to see some interest already, Just a heads up if anybody is wondering, there is a main plot that will unfold over the course of the roleplay.

Hello, new faces, and those I've seen before. I may be under a new name, but I am the same mind that built the world of Dust from the ground up. Moving past experiences, trials, and mistakes, I'd like to see this live again. Dust was honestly one of my favorite worlds, and is definitely at the top of the list, above all that I have created in my time. Unfortunately, it was launched during an unsteady period of my life. Now that things are calm, and cemented into place, it's time to unfold this book once more.

The theme of Dust is a mixture of dystopian life, especially for our characters, and post apocalyptic survival. It's set in a custom world, on a desert island made of sand, rock, and prejudice. Our characters, The Immortals, are judged by society, harshly, for being different. For being unique, for having powers that let them rise up above the normal man. This is a metahuman roleplay, if superpowers aren't your thing, then this probably isn't for you. I will allow non-metahuman side characters, but the story revolves around 'The Immortals', our characters. Additionally, along with superpowers, there will be a metamorphosis, of sorts. Call it what you will, a "were-form", the avatar state, ascension. It's a state beyond that of human, of co-existance between The Immortal, and their spark. You can read more on it below. The Hollows are the monsters of this world, alongside your average host of apocalyptic creatures. More on that below.


So, what does on do in the world of Dust? Whatever you want. Do note, that I have plans for my character to start recruiting the feared, and oppressed Immortals at Isolone (A location on the world map). You can start a rival, Immortal based faction, or even a cult or purist humans who see you as a god. Have a mob family running the island's primary drug trade, or slave trading, and so forth. Be a wanderer, an arm-for-hire, a settler, all with their own stories to tell.

The last time I did this, there were several separate plots, many of which intertwined with one-another. If you have an idea, but don't want to feel so, isolated in your driving story line, we can incorporate it into world events. Speaking of which, there will be plenty of events through a job-bulletin, or quest-system, for characters to explore and partake in. I will collaborate with you on these, and provide information (Through PM) as necessary. It should be noted that these events will directly shape the world, for better or for worse. That's right, you can shape the world into somewhere safe, secure, and pleasant to live in, or a war-torn battlefield of despair and fear.


This is the information I have from the original launch of this roleplay, and I probably won't change any of it, I may rewrite it but the essential points of the pieces will remain the same. However, I do plan to update some of the other information, and maybe revamp a few things. We will begin in Year 2381: 346 Years After The Fall. And as always, I provide updates anytime I change or add something, usually on an "updates" section of the OOC, and by making a recent post about it.



Would you be up for a Demon x Human/WhateverYouWant. (I'm also available on discord if you have the rpg server, "Syn.Co.E") (Don't click that it leads nowhere.)
@Kinetic Kitty This is a cool idea and all, but I have a few.. questions. Not all of these planets can support life, let alone an expedition of.. worthwhile interest. Are you planning to overlook these facts, see how they play out, or basically redefine these planets?

Mercury Has no atmosphere (which can be worked around) and is about 800 degrees (farenheit). (Paper spontaneously combusts at 391 degrees F.)
Venus is not much better, 801 Farenheit, with an atmosphere that can't be breathed and an atmospheric pressure strong enough to literally crush us (specifically 92x that of earth).
Jupiter isn't even a planet, it's a sphere of gas.
Saturn doesn't have a surface either.
Uranus doesn't have oxygen (workable, yes) but is also -371 degrees (water freezes at 32).
Neptune No oxygen (workable) but also no surface, it's gas.

and a throwback for when we cared about..
Pluto is -400 degrees (F) and is so cold that oxygen and nitrogen freeze, so no breathable air for us.

All in all.. that already knocks out three planets/gas orbs. The other three have no atmosphere, and have super extreme temperatures, and of those one that would just crush you.

Just kinda curious how you're planning to work around this.
@Ajjer Not sure if you've revised the OP or not, but I definitely like what I've read. Magic and Gunslingers isn't something you see very often (more often than not you get the very basic, iron ball and musket type deal), so that's definitely a breath of fresh air. The magic system is pretty appealing as well, and gives me a chance to play a certain type of character I've been itching for--one that lines up with Harmony quite well.

As for the plot idea, and the age old classic of overbearing rulers for whatever reason or another, it's a time tested tradition that still works. It gives you all the room you need to incite some drama, and a reason for characters from all walks of life to find purpose in your world. I like where this is at, and I'll keep on eye on things here.
@Claw2k11 My character's master's passing is his motivatoon to join the settlement.

Mmhm, lacking a settlement recon element you are quite right in you reasoning. I don't see him being able to quite hone the skills I would like being a guardsmen, but I am slightly concerned that my idea seems appealing to others and I wouldn't want to have duplicate characters. How many outsiders will you be allowing?

I'd like to stake my claim for an Outsider with a hunting pet, most likely a dog. So everyone is clear I plan on, and hopefully it will be accepted, to create a stealth element character centered around survival, recon, and marksmanship. Likely using a sniper rifle, and some other alternative weapons, leaning towards, such as hunting knives, or the like. The character I have in mind will be adept in moving in the shadows, blending with the landscape, and all that good sneaky stuff.

If it's not too overpowered I may try for some sort of repelling gear as well, that's up to you sir Firecracker_

I only say all of this for the sake of diversity.

Edit: Backstory idea, let me know what you think, as an Outsider perhaps my character was in a master - apprentice situation, having somebody else there to help teach him all of these skills and hone them into, for lack of a better words, perfection. A nomadic duo, who wandered about and lived off the land. Distrust for settlements and their people will likely be ingrained into my character somewhat, though friendly enough. Perhaps after his master's passing he's looking to fill a sense of longing and decided to give the settled life a try.

However the only real question I have is, would the settlement employ an outsider who's only real use is out in the field in any sort of way? Or would I have to give him a more mundane job, like guarding the wall. If the latter case is true, is there the possibility that he could sneak in and out of the settlement, or perhaps utilize a settlement firing range? I'm sure guards have to practice. How would (The council?) feel about him bringing in his own weapons, do they allow citizens to carry firearms or would he be permissible since he may work as a guard?

I'm down for this, quite a fresh take on the zombie scene. Have you thought about animals play out in all of this? I'm planning to submit a sniper style character, recon, stealth, all that jazz, and perhaps have a well trained pup if permitted. (By pup I mean dog).
(80% done with a post)

Well damn. Though, that is quite fair reasoning. It's, personally, been increasingly difficult to complete a post on my end. Working hard towards getting this state job I want (Holy shit paperwork, tests, and even a fucking polygraph) and getting the holidays situated.

At the very least, most rp's expect a sore of "lull" around this time. Sad to see some of our players go. But perhaps the return after the holidays will see a bit of excitement.

Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrate.
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