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“There was something so pleasant about that place.Even your emotions have an echo in so much space”-GB
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A sheepish smile appeared before she tucked away a few stray hairs from her head. "Yes. I think I get the impulsive trait from the lineage, though, I feel this can be a passion brewing.” Her spotted body shifted around in the grass as if weighing herself and different thoughts. Breaking the short silence of wonder she would laugh gleefully. A hand reached out to a patch of sunlight that was filtered through some of the tree branches. “I think it runs in my instinct to catch the sight of something interesting and pursue it, though there are good hopes that I will think rationally when prompted. My herd would be a bit hesitant about the new chapter, though they know that it's part of our core to adventure, and they may feel they have taught me all they could so I may be prepared and let the world guide the other teachings.” Lyra gave a soft nod. She leaned in a slight curl and rested her upper body's elbows on the soft grass while listening closely.

Before even the slightest trace of sadness for departure could be felt the mare applauded happily to the women's words. There was hope for her and choice. Truth was sewn into them and a lesson of thought, though she also reflected on the message of flowers and the comforting warmth from the hand. Lyra gave a solemn look and gingery placed her right hand over her heart for understanding.

Carefully rising with each horse leg lifting after the other she glanced around and took in a deep breath of air. The hues and scents would be cherished. The fragrances of flowers and sound weaved into her memory of today. While the words of a goodbye felt too heavy to share, fate and souls had a way with such things. A small act of hugging crossed her mind, though she was unsure if that would make the hearts heavy, and disturb the comfort of rest. While a playful part of her wondered what it would be like to lift another and two in her arms, she resisted.

“May your travels go smoothly and your song reach all hearts. I am very glad we met.” Taking a small moment to gather her thoughts after her well wishes she waved to the magical Surayyah and Sir Schwoopy. “Farewell, till we meet next, stay safe to you two and your people.” A bittersweet feeling swayed her like the wind would when it swept across the grounds and sky. Her hands smooth out her shawl. A trip back to the herd would be a ways back, though she was determined to not go off track, based on the sun's height in the sky she could absolutely return to them in little time and give them her news and whims. With a few reassuring taps of her front hooves, Lyra trotted off and weaved between the trees while retracing some of her old steps.

The further she galloped, the smaller and fuzzier her vision would go as she passed along the scenery in motion. While one usually might say do not look back, Lyra molded the words to her own interpretation, instead heading back when ready, a part added on. Her heart would be sore though it would brighten if she came back. If she thought in reverse and wondered about her herd the answer seemed to be the same, though regret of a travel and quest missed would likely make her restless. A long sigh drew from her. So many thoughts, so many roads, though like the steps taken on any adventure, first thing first. Calming a busy mind she recalled bits of the tune that danced their way to her ears and the mare hummed along as she made the trek back to the grounds her herd resided in.
Lyras's smile reached her eyes when a kind smile was given in return. A glee-filled moment made her want to run and prance, though she remained sitted. With a slightly raised eyebrow and affirmative nod, she tried to reassure.

“I am sure you are. I still have a lot to note, though I’ve seen many faces and heard tales and life aspirations. Very few I’ve met go out to impact the world in a good way, while some I fear are lost.” Her eyes closed for a moment of silence as her shoulders dropped. Wizards, merchants, and those who lived a life of training, while names were not always remembered the presence of them lingered. In the corner of her mind, Lyra was reminded of what some of the elder centaurs would hide in their stories while she was in her youth. Sometimes a raindrop may not bring something right away, though it may be all a flower needs to bloom. A bit like this field of greenery and the wilds if taken literally. A drop of rain also impacts the ocean itself, still sending ripples on the surface and shaking the underside.

An almost pained look crossed her russet features when the plan of moving on was heard. Over the horizon. Though the two wandering souls had just met, the centaur felt that the meet was but a brief moment. Even though she was accustomed to traveling by herself since she moved ahead of her herd, a break in lone travels felt as if needed, desired for enrichment and curiosity. Something and somewhere to dedicate time, rather than wander on to the next location with no direction and spend the short days as long ones with a mind wondering what could have been. There was a point and two to her resting companion's words. Her face brightened with a flame of color. While peering into the sun-lit honey eyes, words did not aid her. Her thoughts also wondered if maybe it was an invitation to follow she tried to be mindful, but it would not hurt to try and ask.

“That would be a blessing of fate, and I definitely would be grateful.” A gentle smile appeared. She looked to the wilds also as if seeing what could be reflected on the mind while she listened about those in the group. They sounded interesting and adaptable. Personally, the mare found a bundle of strength in the woman with how she spoke. There was a determined flair that she could feel brightened the space. There were always the rare treasures of those who wandered and had a heart of steel. Caring of others, especially those close to them. It felt like a family, a community of heartbeats that worked together. She would not pry about if the mystical other was one to care for others before herself. At least she was not alone on the outside it seemed. The company of Sir Schwoopy and her people showed compassion and made the mission of spreading more joy through the sullen lands made greater.

“...Oh, a journey onward to more grounds?” Lyra had a curious gaze, her slightly pointed ears seemed to move back slightly. The tips of her nails barely tapped one another. “Seeing that I am always moving around, I would like to join you and the others there, if you don’t mind, and the others.”

The mare wanted to help and learn more about the journey of song and to uplift others. “More eyes can be helpful.” She quickly added before shifting her body in a slight turn. She mentally planned it out. News of the Dynasty was something her ears picked up on and tried to catch grasp on when out and about. In traveling, whether she kept watch and followed through shadows, the jungles could house many things to be wary of from terrain alone. Sharing her inexperience of a land structure not known and would not come forth in telling. Instinct had a way with people and creatures all alike. The gut feeling and when the skin would shiver reminded one's self that they had to be cautious. While her brain had temporarily switched to caution Lyra was brought back by Surayyah's words. Ah, a positive note. Not a drop of negative essence, she was sure of herself and the desire to accompany.

She could not help but feel a bit saddened by the tinge of sadness felt. Lyra thought to herself quietly. She had seen structures like statues built, holidays that brought remembrance and cheer, at least that was the notion of her reasoning. Seeking an answer to make something immortal even was an art she would need to think through. Lyra slowly raised a hand to her face and tried to pat the flush of color down when noticed. A silent oops of expression crossed her rosy face. Outward expressions hinting at her feelings, she was grateful for Surayyah’s understanding. Responding with a soft nod of her head Lyra had a rather fond look from the expressed relief. Although she felt it was more of something to keep under wraps, Lyra was reminded of the friendly souls she had encountered.

Noticing the closer shift of the radiant woman she tilted her head and smiled at the acceptance of presence.
“Amazing.” The mare smiled. Happy her ideas and thoughts were not scolded, there was a relieved exhale of breath. “Your words are very kind and wonderful.” She slightly wiggled her nose. The warmth from the boop and scent of flowers and earth came alive again, she closed her eyes briefly, a feline-like expression of one that was cozy and content.

“Ah, excellent question, I do love to travel. Even though my herd is based on traveling itself like the generations before us, sometimes I want to see more sights in fewer days, and there are interesting people I get to meet. You especially too and your fluffy friend.” She did not consider it, though her words sounded like a record of challenges waiting to be tested if there was one for the greatest record of wandering at first. At the same time, she could not boast back to the herd of her findings without making a map and having things recorded in case the others of the herd wanted to travel there too. There was a quiet bay.

“I think I found my call for adventure when I tested myself to see how far I was willing to go, ideas can disappear after the experience.” A journal, yes a journal would definitely be something to add to her ventures. Time can be cruel, and memories worth a lifetime should always be there to reflect back on. She cleared her throat to prepare for an imitation.

Trying to copy the voice of her mother and sisters of a quote she had taken from them.
“Dashy is at it again with her great explorations.” However, Lyra laughed with great happiness. Recalling the memory was a good one. Quieting down when remembering the second part of the question the spotted traveler leaned in at a comfortable distance. A hand cupped the side of her cheek as if telling a secret only for the fellow traveler.
“I’m warming up to you.” Returning back to her prior position she laced her fingers together. “I am more curious than cautious, though my excitement for similar interests involves more parading around.” She paused for a moment, carefully rephrasing her sentence back to herself in silence before speaking again. “I don't want to cause a stir from bountiful energy.” Chuckling softly the mare sighed softly to herself.

“How is your herd, or family, group?” Lyra gestured over to the direction of the creek with her arm and curious eyes.
Lyra looked bashful when she was called kind. Kind words really did warm her hearts. She grinned seemingly from ear to ear soon afterward and moved her head in a small bow. “You both surprised me, pleasantly.” Lyra looked off to the distance and seemed to confirm the words with some unspoken thought. “That puts me at ease, thank you.” Her smile softened and her cheerful expression appeared and remained.

When listening to Surayyahs words Lyra listened carefully and thoroughly. Listening to others was always a joy, and the mission of bringing happiness was very admirable to the mare. A fond look was in her eyes. A sad world does need to be reminded of the good. The point of living and living life to its fullest, Lyra had felt.

“Ah, I see. That is very wonderful. I'm sure there are many who smile from the kindness of you and your herd, or group. I'm sure of it.”
The mare remained restful, her heart paced comfortably in Surayyahs and Sir Schwoopys presence. While she was happy with their bravery and trust in her, there was a deep gratitude. Risking the peace with words before thought, though with a well-meaning compliment was saved to silence. With a slight tilt of her head, Lyra leaned slightly and copied Sir Schwoopy. She could hint at a warmth, grass, jasmine and honey before settling back.

There was a faint bloom of red on her face when she responded. "I did enjoy, a good curiosity lead on to a happy smile and the great presence of others. I’m very grateful to have had the chance. The wind can bring pleasant surprises.” A delighted laugh, almost short of a neigh escaped her when she took in a breath. She reached up and briefly cupped her hands over her ears as if trying to catch the sound of Surayyahs voice.
“Tune, voice, and song were great gifts. It does bring joy and it leaves the soul with a fresh breath of life.” She clapped her hands together as if joining two ideas. “Just like dancing, the spiritual and physical last in the memories for a lifetime. Even when one cannot dance, or sing, they will still feel in their bones and blood.” A quick look of surprise appeared. The mare's eye widened like one would after making a discovery. Surayyah had a grace to her voice and movement, which reassured Lyra that she could dance also. A story in dance, a living story of art alive.

“Oh, I tend to ramble out loud sometimes.” Combing through her mane she tried to repeat the melody, and another question wanted to follow about the song's origin, and if it was passed down. "Thank you for sharing. If you have another question for me, I will share answers in return." She gave a reassuring nod and a gentle look.
There was a small silence when Lyra locked eyes with the woman. It reminded her of a time she saw a doe when she was a youngling. There was a calm sea in the eyes that reflected a world from another perspective. Her hooves planted themselves while her thoughts were full of wonder. No shout, no run, or throwing of anything nearby. That was a good sign. Seeing the fluffy hare hop forward Lyra watched curiously. He was not a runner either, moving forward even. She was glad the woman and hare did not run away. Though if the interaction was different Lyra was likely to head in the opposite direction and keep watch till they disappeared from view before figuring out what to do.

Lyra while unsure of the gesture placed a front hoof forward and bowed in greeting. It was the best assumption she could make. She was not used to greetings with others, especially those that were not her species, and though the woman was kind and in respect, the centaur was going to show the same.

“I wasn’t bothered, not at all. I love tunes. The rhythm and untold verbals, they are very nice.” Lyra gave a soft nod of her head. An equal smile was shared. Surayyah looked like art, unique and colorful. Sir Schwoopy looked cute and interesting also, she could not help but chuckle. She knew better at least that no one would enjoy being picked up at random, the hare was safe. At the mention of others, Lyra looked over in the direction of the little creek. Hearing the pardon the mare shook her head gently, the glint of the metallic hues shimmering slightly from the movement. She could not take a visual guess how many souls were traveling also although she was sure it was nothing to worry about. The calm seemed to bring some ease to all in this place.

“You’re fine, my herd is a far way off.” She chuckled softly. “Really far. You and the others are safe, no quarrels here.” Trying to look as reassuring as she sounded, her russet-colored shoulders dropped slightly, relaxing in posture.

“I’m Lyra, the mare, a fellow traveler. Pleased to meet you Surayyah and Sir Schwoopy.” She placed a hand under her collarbone and reminded herself not to prance in a little circle, to avoid stepping on too many flowers or bumping into a tree. It would not be the first time she did such a thing, though the bark of a tree was worse than a bite sometimes. Lowering herself to the comfort of the grass she lay on her side. Front legs out, and back legs resting to the side. “I don’t think I’ve come across that name before, and I usually always have an ear out, or two. I wish you pleasant times ahead.” She tapped her chin in thought. “Oh, but you are so fluffy, I’m sure there is some fun with your current state.” Lyra shrugged her shoulders slightly. She hoped that her words were not offensive. There was hope though that wandering as a friend of the forest, or so she would call hares and rabbits, brought some joy. He was not alone at least, he had great company from the look of things.

“Do you and Sir Schwoopy travel often?” Tilting her head to the side she gave a curious look at the two with her inquiry. She quickly added on in reference to her travels. “Each traveler has their own stories, though I will not pry.” The mare had crossed many kinds of people. She liked to guess what their lives were like. Did they travel often? Teach an art of some kind? Or were they looking for themselves in some way? The last part remained true to her at least. She grew up wandering and wondering. Her time was spent among others and learning when not gaining independent experience when away. Surayyah was different from most and in a good way from what Lyra can say. There was some magic and mystery, all in one, even without the mention of the poor hare being transformed. The duo was definitely very interesting and felt full of life from energy alone.
Calming senses had lured a traveler to rest. While her journey was nothing sort of traversing terrains and moving through with stops here and there, a meadow reminded her of times she would frolic for hours and occasionally chatter. The air felt alive to her, and that was all the free-spirited person could ask for. A small break was wanted, maybe not needed though nothing seemed to stop her.

Lyra had found a small spot to claim her own and decided it was best to sleep. The shade of a few trees kept her out from the sun and out of sight for the most part. Cozy and relaxed, why stand and rest when there was enough grass and greenery to go around? No mud to pick at, rocks to move out of the way, and closer to the scents of earth. After a bit of time, slowly regaining her waking mind she would wake up from a dreamless snooze. Blinking away the trace of sleep as she steadily rose after stretching out her limbs before looking around she sighed softly. The sun was still out, the meadows all glowed past the little stream. The mare yawned and flexed her fingers before leaning into one of the surrounding trees by her shoulder.

She really had not thought much about her nice course of action. It was like a motto. Dance with winds and wander wherever the legs could carry you. The faintest jab of guilt seemed to want to sour her mood. Who was this feeling to try and bend her thoughts? A ghost trying to creep up on her. Swatting her wavy metallic-colored hair from her shoulders as if dismissing the thought. the mare checked her satchel and woven saddlebag, checking her stores she snacked on a few mints leaves before catching onto another presence nearby.

Brown and green mixed eyes glanced over. She wasn't alone here. Lyra sniffed the air and swayed her tail slightly in thought. She listened for anything to make note of, though did not find anything that would prompt her to leave just yet. The sound of light metals moving tickled her ears. They had a rhythm to them while seeming to be moving closer. They sounded different from the beads she had on her shawl. Rolling her shoulders and adjusting her shawl the centaur tried to follow the scents while speaking to herself in questions. Each hoof forward was careful on the grass, cautious with movement like a bird observing, deciding how far to hop away from the branch of a tree to closer grounds.

A figure was seen wandering also before settling near a tree. A woman of many colors, very vibrant, and a small fluffy companion. New sights in a new place.

With a few small steps, Lyra kept a respectable distance, a tree that seemed to offer that space. Her left hand held onto her right wrist. “This place is quite peaceful.” Her voice was silently hushed. As if she was trying to blend in with a breeze. “Nice scents too.” She lightly pawed at the grass with a hoof, though did not disturb the soil beneath. Her eyes followed the cards in the woman's hand. Lyra slightly angled her head while standing from afar.
Name: Wonders (Though likes to give out different names to other people)
Age: Mid 20’s
Gender: Female
Weapons: Scythe | LongSword
Powers(Common): Shapeshifting(Wolf, Beast, person), Ice/Snow magic, summoning, telepathic (animal relations only)
Race: FrostBlood, the natives of a little pocket kingdom hidden off with magic
Reason for presence: Just wants to venture around, fresh air is welcoming, and money is nice too
Description: An outlaw who escaped her execution and escaped her kingdom. She is a calmly chaotic wandering soul. The shapeshifter enjoys causing mischief, hunting, and adventuring. Often she is accompanied by Squeeks the field mouse and Geauve the ghost cat.

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