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Current Looking forward to my next days off! Will be consuming lots of junk food and writing up all post's!
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Off out now to see some fireworks!! Be back later.
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As much as I've tried to start this off, I regretfully have to abort it before it's even began

I just don't think I have enough time to put into this to when I first did want to create it. [Plus I've not hosted a group role play for many many years.. I don't think I can do it]

I'll be participating in other role play's that it wouldn't be fair to get this going only for it to end straight away.

I will however keep this here for the future or whatever..

@knifeman@Zaxter996@Dirty Pretty Lies@Malice@MissCapnCrunch

You are the first five people I have considered a spot for, you'll be the first character sheets I look over and are willing to give a spot too.. you lot have first right to make a character sheet in the OOC when it is completed, it should be completed by tomorrow night I hope.. Anyway.. subscribe to the OOC please and also know this.. I am possibly only accepting 5 possibly 6 characters, no doubling, maybe future on I will accept more characters as I'd love for this to become long term! I'll even write this as a series sort of thing... ofcourse I'd be more than happy to keep the same people in but create new characters when old ones die out or grow up... or if characters become un-active or we need a new face :)
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Don't worry you beautiful people, I do have to postpone this for an extra few days, I was hoping to have something up tonight but I have to work 3 days straight from today so I'll then be off for a few days, that will be when I will have something up!

I hope you can wait a little longer, if not I won't hold it against you.

Active right now :)
Thanks for the interest guys & girls!

I should be able to get something up more for an OCC with an actual story and character sheets within the next few days! :)

@MissCapnCrunch@Dirty Pretty Lies no. Haha sorry should of mentioned it's not important if you've never watched it my bad.. :)
Added pairings & general settings.
So for those who've not heard of Skins There is a link.

It is actually one of my favorite shows that I used to watch and I'd like to set something up like it, with maybe just 6 characters? Maybe a few teachers, I was planning on having it in six form or college and I would love for this to become long term which is why I'd rather it be high casual and yes I am also looking for a co-gm who could possibly help me out, I've been away from this sort of thing for a while !

Er, if anyone has any questions, ideas or you think you'd be interested then either PM me or leave a message here :)
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