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Having a mental block at the moment. Will get replies out within a day or two.
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Will be more active today :)
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To all my roleplays: got my Xmas work drinks tomorrow night while I may be able to get a few posts done in the morning... I will be unavalible for a day or two while I recover lol <3
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Most deffo still interested :P

Yeah sounds good.
Ryan had grinned as he followed on after everyone else who seemed more excited about getting on the bus than what he did.

"Just because the bus was late doesn't mean you are early... or on time.. " Sammy still continued bitching about it as she rushed through the doors down the wide runway down the middle to meet up with Harper. But in all honesty he'd rather that than any sort of bollocking for being hangover again when he needed a clear head to perform.. He performed very well regardless of any hangover.

"Alright Sammy I get it.. I'm late.. wouldn't have me any other way though right?" He had chuckled and quickly bounced around Sammy now, his body fell back against the leather coach also, alongside Harper, his head nudged to the side as he rested it on top of hers. While his eyes regained focus on Sammy as she contemplated sitting down now.

She had felt Ryan's eyes even more - even if he did have sunglasses on she could tell her was glaring at her, almost daring.. she huffed quietly, she was defeated even if she hated to admit it "I'll go check out upstairs and catch up with you guys in a bit then..." she had forced a smile and turned to joined Bodie upstairs.

"Hey.. so we have some time alone to check out downstairs... want a drink?" He had manage to catch word that she had recently split from her longest relationship going and while this had happened while they were still all hanging out during band practice, before today.. they seemed to be still cozening up together like nothing had happened. Even if he was pleased she had split from her jerk of a boyfriend, no way did he ever like him but for the sake of their friendship he coped with it. So he made sure to be at the girls side when she needed him the most.

He stood and reached for the huge mini bar, the 'mini' seemed inappropriate to use against it now as it was seen to be fully stocked with beers, vodka, wine and he even caught sight of some champagne - The expensive stuff. He pulled out a bottle of beer for himself and held out a tiny bottle of wine towards Harper with a huge grin on his face. Yes it was only 11AM.. but fuck he needed to fix this hangover and because they were on their biggest tour now.. why not celebrate..
@Hari If you didn't already check ^^
"Did someone say coffee??" She had sneaked up behind her friend Harper, her arms flinging round her as she was to give her a hug but she wasn't.. there she held a cup holder with 4 cups of coffee.

"I had a feeling something OR rather SOMEONE was going to be late this morning so..." while she did say that in an annoyed tone.. it was always Ryan who was late; she had grown a soft spot for him and was giggling as she had swung herself around while she had grabbed at a cup on the intentions that Harper had held them now.. she was now stood in front of them both.

"I went and grabbed some coffee" Sammy stood wearing some black skinny jeans, a pair of high heeled boots; which made her just as tall as Bodie, and also a tightly fitting grey hoodie with the words 'ROCK ON' plastered in multi colors scribbled across the front. Her very own painted black saxophone was loosened, she had saved money and customized her own one she has been playing since she was seven years old. Something she was proud off the most. She placed it down lightly against everyone else's belongings and lent up against her own suitcase to sit and wait.

Sammy was seen as the more serious one of them all and would often or not be the one to cause tension even if she hadn't of meant too... her facial expressions normally would be the main reason why. While she does lack the skill to express her feelings without it being taken the wrong way... makes up for the fact that she can play saxophone really well and she often thinks the band would be lost without her.

The band's name could be seen plastered largely across the huge black tour bus as it was slowly turning around the roundabout in order to reach the trio, it came to a stop with a loud hissing sound, loud enough to startle anyone who hadn't seen it coming.

"WOW, Richard went all out..." Sammy had stood and gazed at the huge bus, it had two floors, much rather looking like a double Decker bus but it was much wider and taller. It was like something you'd see in the movies but she didn't make too much complaint about it out loud and stood waiting for those big doors to open but then caught sight of Ryan half jogging towards them now.

"Oh look.. here he is.. late!" Sammy had shouted out towards him as he reached closer he had chuckled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into a side wards hug,

"Oh look who doesn't care... plus.. I just seen that bus pull up.. so I'd say I just made it on time" Ryan had tried to make it sound like he was teasing but he was in no mood at the moment to have any sort of argument with her or anyone for that matter. He slid his sunglasses down just enough to see the other two standing there, Bodie seemed to have his hand out ready to greet him.

"Bodie" Ryan had stepped forward and given his mate a friendly fist bump against his own and then his head titled side wards as his lips curled into a smile instantly. "Harper" he had pushed his sunglasses back up over his eyes then but he was still staring down at her and without even another thought he placed an around her side, pulling her into a tight embrace against his chest and there he kissed the top of her head, like he always would. No other words were needed but he had both Bodi and Sammy giving him the glare that he shouldn't be doing that.. he let her go after a few more moments and held his hands up surrender "Chill guys.. just a friendly hug.." he had mouthed this to the pair and nudged his head on Harper as they all seemed to stand and stare, waiting for those huge doors to open.

"I know I can do better.. with someone like you"

Beneath the covers Ryan had laid there with his eyes shut; if anyone had lifted the covers he would appear to look fast asleep. But he'd been semi awake for the last hour, several song lyrics were hardly sung loud enough to be heard but it had been apparent now he wasn't alone. He had been busted when he'd felt the sudden touch of fingers being traced along his bare chest causing his body to tense up and with one move he sat up, the blankets pushed right off the edge of the bed.

"Isn't that the cutest?!" Roxanne, a brunette he met on a night out; cute little thing she was. They had only been dating for several months now but he couldn't didn't see it becoming anything more serious then the odd occasional fuck. She had seemingly become clingy and while he did enjoy the attention A LOT.. there was a line that she was slowly trying to push over. It was given that the longest relationship he's tried to hold onto was 6 months and even then he hadn't assumed it was anything more than an easy fuck. He was just thankful that the tour with his band members was today and his latest fling wasn't invited.

TODAY... Ryan was an idiot, he was never great at time keeping or at least he tried to keep track of time but ever since becoming famous enough to be in the VIP sections of the clubs he frequently would go to, he had become somewhat forgetful because he'd always have severe hangovers for several days and while trying to nurse this one today was going to be killer.

"Shit! What time is it?" Ryan had thrown himself off the bed, passed the brunette haired girl sitting on the edge of the bed. He had tumbled around as he pulled on some jeans that were clean enough to pass for the day and a black shirt was pulled over his naked chest, his hair was rather on the wild side today so he'd paid more attention now trying to gel it down into place all the while he noticed her eyes were still watching him as he looked in the mirror.

"It's almost Ten am... can I please come with you..." she had pouted and leaned over the bed as if trying to be all cute and get him to say yes, they both knew he could take someone with him if he wanted too.. but he didn't want to take her. He would much rather not have someone all over him 24/7 or at least he didn't want to be suffocated.

"No you can't.. sorry... this is the first big tour were going on and we all need to be focused... maybe the next one though yeah babe?" he had replied back but he hadn't turned to look at her reaction but instead grabbed at his suitcase, chucking anything and everything into it until it was fully packed. At least he hoped he had everything he would need. "I'll call you okay?" he had somewhat tried to sound upset that she couldn't come and lent down pecking a small kiss to her neck but she had quickly turned and pushed her lips straight onto his mouth. He rolled his eyes and endured it for a moment and stood wanting to end it quickly. He was defiantly weighing up his options here.

"You better call me..." she had purred and he had half smiled and left without another word. He had to make a quick walk to the museum which was luckily enough down a few streets, his suitcase dragged behind him while he had also placed on a pair of sunglasses to hide the direct sunlight, his head was still pounding but he didn't want the band to know it. There the tour bus would be waiting... he was also 30 minutes late. Oops.

Daniel Lewis Monte Parker

@ibecameinsane ;

Dan had somewhat returned the hug and pulled back, one hand slid into his tracksuit bottom pocket while the other still held his glass of wine mid air. "Leave? of course I don't want you to leave... it's half yours remember" he had smirked at this and looked around the surroundings of the building itself again, there were plenty of pictures with them in it to tell that this is where they'd spent most of their happy childhood lives together.

"Yeah it's nice to see you too man.. what's it been.. 13 years?" he had returned his gaze upon Mattie who had somewhat grown up a lot.. he didn't sport that cute baby face anymore although he was still pretty cute, but he wasn't too sure on the outfit his friend was now wearing and his fingers reached out to pull at the pink polo shirt. "I. uh.." he had chuckled all the while shaking his head and taking a large gulp of wine. "Didn't think I'd ever see you in something pink... man.. what happened to you". He'd remembered his friend would never touch anything pink back when they were younger.. seemingly a lot had changed since they last spoke. He had let go of the material now and patted it down as if he had made it scruffy which he hadn't, his eyes lingered back up to his face while he had a huge smirk now.

"Well.. I am actually here for a week.. maybe a lot longer but we'll see what happens" In all honesty he was planning on staying a week and if he didn't grow bored then he would drag his holiday out a little longer. now it had all become apparent that it would all be down to how things went between them. He sure hoped they could pick up off where they left off.. He'd drank the last sip of his wine and placed it down while he began looking around them, around at all the memories that were starting to replay back in his mind. That very balcony was where him and Mattie would pretend they were some sort of superhero's while they both jumped from there plenty of times, it was only lucky enough that neither of them broke their neck thanks to the thankful soft fall from the bushes underneath.

"So.. I see nothings changed... still have those hideous chairs downstairs.." he had rolled his eyes, back when they were younger.. they had no say in what furniture could be bought but at least they each had their room, their own way. He began wandering around now; he was checking the place out as if it was the first time he was visiting. "What about you then? what's new?" he had wondered but made sure to keep in sight of Mattie ever so often glancing right at him.

Daniel Lewis Monte Parker

@ibecameinsane ;

To say he wasn't excited was a pretty big lie, in fact he was most certainly looking forward to going back to the city, back home. It had been at least 10 years since he had been back and that had only been a short visit back then but this time he had planned to stay much longer, hoping to at least be able to catch up with his childhood friends all the while enjoying some peace and quiet in the comfort of their summer house. Well the partially half owned summer house his parents had bought alongside another family, his childhood friend, Matt, someone who he hadn't spoke to since back then either minus the odd occasional text he had received a few years back.. he was more excited to see him again in all honesty but it wasn't something he would admit openly.

It had been a long drive down, he'd left the previous night due to how long the trip was; only stopping once half way to have a few hours sleep and then he was back on the road at the crack of dawn. He had opted for the most fastest and dangerous way down to the city, his black motorbike he had been fixing up for the last few months and this was the perfect opportunity to test it out now as he sped up now along the quieter roads leading up to remote part of town. The best thing about the summer house was it's location and one of the many beaches and huge deep blue sea was was just at the very bottom of the hill, it was remotely quiet this morning as he eased up on the peddle now while his bike came to an immediate stop outside, he had pulled off his helmet while his eyes scanned the car that was parked right outside.. strange.. he had thought the summer house would of been empty or at least he hoped his mother hadn't sold it out and not told him, it wouldn't of come to surprise that this might of been the case but he still hoped he was wrong.

Turning the engine off as he gave it a few more revs, it sounded so beastly, he smirked and patted the painted bike as he un-straddled it, his eyes had scanned the outside of the building now as he clutched the helmet in his fingers, it hadn't changed, it still looked brand new and without any more hesitation he bent down at the front door to retrieve the key which oddly enough was still there, after so many years.. it was just then that he felt his heart beating a lot quicker in his chest as he unlocked the door and slid in quietly. There had been no real sign on anyone being in the house, it looked like it hadn't been touched in months but the car parked outside was a tell tale sign that there had to be someone here.

He had placed his bikers helmet down on the kitchen table as he ventured in further, his body leaning in vaguely to every room he passed to see whether the mysterious person was in there but with no luck downstairs after checking every room, he slid his bag of his shoulder as he carried it up the stairs, towards his bedroom which he really hoped was still there and within a matter of seconds he opened the door and there it was.. his single bed which by the looks of it might of outgrown him.. annoying yes.. did it matter right now? no, there also stood a tall oak cupboard in the corner with a long door mirror still attached to it, he found himself standing there checking himself out and began re-arranging his hair so it didn't look too messy.

Having thrown down his bag on the bed, he had decided he wanted a drink, he deserved it after the long trip and well it was only the right thing to do seeing as he could enjoy it whenever he wanted too now, at least he had to enjoy himself while he could until he had to go back. Only grabbing at his phone and headphones, he had placed them over his ears while some tunes blasted, he skipped back downstairs in his comfy clothes and there found himself in front of the wine rack, rampaging through the varieties, although he never really like wine this was all the house had been kept at best. Eventually he decided on a red, a fruity one he hoped and had poured himself a glass and turned to admire more of the house and how it hadn't aged while sipping at his drink.

As he began shuffling along the walls, pictures of him and their families were lined up neatly and he couldn't help but smirk as he reached for one, him at a very young age along side his friend Matt both with their cheeky grins, they were both little shit's back then.. 'like two peas in a pod' he would remember their parents would often say.. placing the photo back on the wall he had chuckled softly then and almost did a double take when he noticed him. "Matt? Mattie? WOW, I was wondering who that car belonged too..." he was in shock to see his friend, he hadn't seen the guy since his 13th birthday.. he had certainly grown up in many ways, they must of been around the same height but he remembers his friend being a year older which never mattered anyway. He always looked up to him as the older brother but right now there was no 'feelings of re-uniting with his brother ' he wasn't at all sure how he felt and rubbed at the back of his neck "So.. I didn't realize you still came here.. are you planning on staying long?" he had smiled at the guy and leaned up against the doorway while continuing to sip at his drink as he tried his best not to make it any awkwarder, not that it needed to be right.
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