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There were lots of things happening in the area surrounding him. He wasn’t interested in most of them but he did notice that most of the same species were sticking together and no two species particularly liked each other. He did notice some unusual alliance between some of the creature but that is to be expected. He was deep in thought when he heard a strange notice and went to investigate. After firing a glob of poison over the edge at his face, he hopped off his little perch and hurried to the bonfire. He notices a couple of his own kind doing something strange and he was curious about what they were up to.

He headed down to an area near the bonfire keeping himself hidden by staying in the shadow. he was still getting use to his new body but he pretty much got the gist of everything. Once he reaches the place he saw the two lizards, he climbed on to the rock and greeted the two lizards. He kept his distance and had an escape plan just in case they were hostal. 'You can never be too careful' a saying his father used to say

“Can I be of service?” he asked.
◼ Nathanial ◼

For the first few days, he knew nothing everything was blurry and lost to him. All he had was his instinct to survive. Over time his memory started to come back then there it is clear as day, his death. At first, he didn't know if what he was seeing is true but eventually he accepted that he died and reincarnated into this lizard body. After regaining his scented he stated to test his new body, getting used waking on all four and seeing from the ground. Everything felt strange but eventually, he got used to the body and started to explore.

He made his way up on a little hill to get a better look at his surrounding. There were several things that caught his eyes. The biggest was the glowing crystal that grew out of the cavern wall. He hopped off the perch he was standing on and made his way towards the crystal. As he got close the bigger the crystal got. They were giant compared to him. He tried poking the crystal but nothing happened. Then he broke off a piece and still nothing happened. He had no idea they did so he moved on to the only plant life that seems to be growing in the cavern. They didn't resemble any type of plants back on earth so he didn’t try to do anything with them thinking they might be poisonous. After looking at everything that was in reach he went and found the highest spot he could reach and studies his surrounding, trying to make sense of everything.

@Zeroth also I'm voting for the IC post. ^ w ^

@Zeroth Interested - I am debating between a wisp or a Fanged Lizard
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