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5 mos ago
[@shylarah] Now you got me really intrested, does it still have spots open?
5 mos ago
How would an RP with pilots and dog fights play out, it's kinda intresting to think about.
6 mos ago
Honestly, I'm super intrested in picking up an RP as a Knight or something. They've always been cool and I wanna see if I can handle a Knight or even a Squire OC.
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7 mos ago
The Road to Recovery is a tough one, but I can manage it. This isn't my first rodeo after all.
7 mos ago
Today I lost my best friend to Stage Four Melenoma today. I won't say his name but I already miss him. I love ya,dude.


Born in Texas and moved to imnottelling Ville, Due to leave for Boot in May.

I know a lot of people are gonna wonder cause of a couple DM's but, I am a recovering drug user (From my teens, as I've turned my life around as I grew up) and struggled with Depression and Anxiety, not fun. I want to use this site as a release, lessening the stress from my life and maybe make some friends.

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"Yeah, for now." Zvi muttered.

Dan was confused as to what Zvi meant by that seemingly insignificant comment, was he moving?
I'll ask Zvi later... Dan thought to himself.

The walk to the hut was a lot shorter than Dan had in mind, not that he was complaining.

"Smells good!" Dan said, his stomach growling Audibly. "I didn't eat this morning so I'm starving!"

"Also, mister Nobu. "Do you know what type of Pokémon are around? I'm always looking to make new friends after all, and I bet that temple has some cool Pokémon." Dan said looking for any that might be nearby the Hut.

I feel like a post RN would be a waste and not add much, so you guys go ahead a post or two!
Dan nodded "I agree with Indy, Cloud temple sounds nice."

Given his condition Dan was doing reletivly well in the air, it wasn't a fear of heights that concerned him, it was the falling part that freaked him out.

"So, what'd ya take earlier, in that orange thing?" Zvi asked
"Just my medicine. For my heart. Not doin so good." Dan said.
"Oh...Well that seems stupid." Zvi said aloud. Dan took no offense to that, knowing he tended to speak his mind.
"So what HAVE you been up too, Zvi?"
"The normal."
"What IS the normal." Dan asked
"Just going around with my friends" He said as he patted the Drampa "I haven't gone into the town lately. Nothing fun ever happens there"
Dan chuckled "Tell me about it. I think the closest to fun I've had was a lost Pokémon me and Indy dealt with."
"What happened?"
"Well me an Indy had to babysit some pokemon and...." Dan reminisced about the incident, while they drew closer to the mountain.
OKAY! Enough waiting, I am making a post now! Sorry for the delay.
Hey guys, my schedule decided it wanted to not go at all hoe I wanted it to, so I doubt I can get much out until Saturday, sorry for the inconvenience!
I think I have something brewing in my head, I'll try to get a post out tomorrow!
I decided not to control Zvi, just not enough time. I think he needs to know where the Trio are going before they head off.
Dan had taken out a pill bottle and some water as the other Drampa touched down.

"Ooooh, this is Hermes! Meet Hermes, you guys, he's a friend of Pawpaws!" Zvi beamed. "Hermes, meet Margo, Indy, and Dan!"

Dan waved at the Pokémon after taking his pills and drowning them with water, the pills just helped keep down his Heart Rate when it got a bit fast or slow, they always came with a slight searing feeling in his chest after a couple of minuets.

"I call riding with Zvi, I'm sure we have a couple mountains we need to yell off together." He said, knowing his friends wouldn't get the reference to the first time he met Zvi.

"Ready when you are, dude!" He said as he climbed the Drampa, not before introducing himself to it. "Let's get this trail over with."

I'll probably get a post out tomorrow!
Okay, so I kind of ran myself in a problem, I'm not very sure where to go from where my characters are, or how to meet with the other characters. That and time constraints.

I do like this but, I'm worried such a large scale thing is abit too much for now.

I still want to do this just not sure how. I'll try to think of somethin soon. @Balthazar007
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