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1 yr ago
Welp, basic is coming up soon. It was an amazing ride my friends. Kris 'TheForgottenArc', signing off .
2 yrs ago
[@shylarah] Now you got me really intrested, does it still have spots open?
2 yrs ago
How would an RP with pilots and dog fights play out, it's kinda intresting to think about.
2 yrs ago
Honestly, I'm super intrested in picking up an RP as a Knight or something. They've always been cool and I wanna see if I can handle a Knight or even a Squire OC.
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2 yrs ago
The Road to Recovery is a tough one, but I can manage it. This isn't my first rodeo after all.


Born in Texas and moved to California, graduated basic as an CBRN Specialist in the army!

I know a lot of people are gonna wonder cause of a couple DM's but, I am a recovering drug user (From my teens, as I've turned my life around as I grew up) and struggled with Depression and Anxiety, not fun. I want to use this site as a release, lessening the stress from my life and maybe make some friends.

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Very Interested!
@prettydrops Hello, nice to BE back!
Hey guys, back from basic and AIT after a long ass time, I was wondering is the RP still on? If so, is it possible I could rejoin @Balthazar007?

I'll explain everything that happened too if you guys are interested!
Hello everyone, as you all might know I have been active a lot less recently. The reason for that is I've been in talks with my recruiter (For those who don't know I enlisted in the army last year and my ship date was originally this may.) and with all the spare time I've had we've decided to push my ship date to an earlier point, as of now I leave in a week, April the 13th. I would like to spend the remaining time with my family and friends, so I will discontinue my role in this RP. Whether you chose to have someone replace me, move on without me, put the RP on hold or to overall end the RP, is up to you guys.

It was an amazingly fun, so thank you @Balthazar007 for letting me participate and sorry for the abruptness, also thank you for helping me grow as a writer.

@prettydrops This was admittedly my first RP in a long time and thank you for dealing with all the mistakes I learned along the way, I earnestly hope in the future we can get into another RP together as it felt so natural writing with a partner such as yourself.

@iKatamalicious I enjoyed your post and honestly, I strive to be as good as you are, as good as anyone here to be honest, if its all the same to you after I'm out of basic, whenever that may be, I'd love to get some writing lessons or something to improve my writing.

Thank you again, all of you, wish me luck.

-Kris 'TheForgottenArc'
Ah! I was about to say something, Ill get a post out after I get home sometime around 10 or so.
"Thanks, sir." Dan said as he delicately took the leftovers, storing it in his backpack "You guys go ahead, I wanna do something first." Dan said, turning and walking out of view from everyone, he grabbed his poke ball containing Twiggy.

With a swift toss, Twiggy emerged, looking tired, as if he just got up from a nap.

"Hey, Twiggy" Dan said as he handed some food from the bag of leftovers to the turtle. He took it cautiously, giving Dan a stink eye.

Welp, time to get this over with.
I'll get a post out tomorrow! It's been a real slog this past ever, so I haven't had as much chance to visit this site.
@prettydrops I knew! I just thought it'd make more sense for Dan to ask rather than him know for no reason.
"Yeah, for now." Zvi muttered.

Dan was confused as to what Zvi meant by that seemingly insignificant comment, was he moving?
I'll ask Zvi later... Dan thought to himself.

The walk to the hut was a lot shorter than Dan had in mind, not that he was complaining.

"Smells good!" Dan said, his stomach growling Audibly. "I didn't eat this morning so I'm starving!"

"Also, mister Nobu. "Do you know what type of Pokémon are around? I'm always looking to make new friends after all, and I bet that temple has some cool Pokémon." Dan said looking for any that might be nearby the Hut.

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