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Yavin IV: Comedic Intrusions

The unlikely duo might have been forgiven for their shock at the lack of acknowledgment of their hail, had they not also mistaken dozens of orbital defense platforms, space stations and docks coupled with weather control sats and a hundred other pieces of debris or tech in space that shimmered against the rust crimson of the jungle moons immense gas giant for empty space. Within a moment, alarms had gone off all around the entire system. It was made all the worse by the fact that they came out of hyperspace so close to a freighter that it almost looked like an attempt at a suicide charge on the planet itself by some New Order fanatic. Soon enough a dozen sector patrols were speeding towards the gas giant and soon enough a warning shot streaked out in the dark as bright blue plasma from the medium turbo laser battery of a Recusant class Mon Calamari cruiser, it was a warning shot that preceded the large shadow of the vessel looming over the pairs craft.

At last com channels were open and the voice of an irate Mon Calamari passed over the vessel and a rather startled Fishman's face appeared as the pair finally caught an answer. "Dampeners?" the Fishman shouted, a look of utter bewilderment over his face as he observed the crew of the Nexu. Was he talking about inertial dampeners?! The maniacs?! How were they not a very fine red mist plastered all over the interior of the vessel? For that matter, how was the Nexu still flying, most vessels would just come apart if their AG or ID's failed. "Moron! you came out of hyperspace right on top of our defense system! This is the Republic Capital world not some vacation world! You're lucky our defensive systems didn't tear you all apart!"

He'd been given orders to treat them as hostile, but the goofy looks on their faces made him think they were less a threat to planetary security and the New Republic and more just really awkward but well meaning denizens of the galaxy on their way to something greater. Especially given how close they came out of hyperspace near two gravity wells. No one trying up to no good would be that cavalier about the chances of failing their mission due to planetary drag. "I am Captain Argus, my ship is called Krayt, for your own sake, the next time you come through here, please remember to exit Hyperspace at least a million klicks from the Gas giant or its moon...And come in slow" The Mon Cal let out a relieved sigh, with everything happening in the Galaxy right now.

"Alright then, Nexu, state your business and intentions and I'll, see about getting you escorted to a civilian space port and not a military one."

Yavin IV: Jedi Temple

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@Lotrix Molick

As she began to speak, security shuffled away nodding in cautious obedience to Skywalker who turned towards the Farghul listening to her answers. When she began to speak about what the Jensaarai were, he raised an eyebrow in fascination. "Not so confused after all I suppose, though I wonder how many more force using cults are out there." There was the woman on Coruscant, he knew about a cult that called itself the disciples of Ragnos, they seemed to serve Jerec who was hellbent on proclaiming himself a Dark Lord of the Sith, but with the Sith extinct and much of their knowledge seemingly destroyed, he had to wonder exactly what Jerec's new order would become. He'd heard rumors of a bunch of monks from a species of armored weasels who viewed the force like a rainbow and possessed the ability to teleport by bending space around themselves. Even a cult of eccentric gemstones incase in armor that fought and served like Jedi and all Luke could do was listen like an enthusiastic child, all these different disciplines. As she continued to speak he wanted to interrupt, to ask about the other Jedi she said she'd met as he had been told he was the last living Jedi. Although, the more Luke thought about it the more he believed that was Yoda speaking from his perception of what it meant to be a Jedi, or perhaps the senility of his final moments of life.

Then Luke realized Farghuls who weren't enhanced by the force could live a little over two centuries and that the force tended to nearly double the lifespans of the sentients that wielded it and the woman who stood before him could very well be as old as the Jensaarai sect was (which would put her in her seventies), perhaps that meant the Jedi she spoke of were long dead? "Funny how the Jedi preached that about aggression but they fought in a Galaxy spanning war before the end" Mara muttered, there was a lot about the old Order to admire, even she could see that. But that didn't mean they weren't phenomenal hypocrites ninety percent of the time. Jade had remained skeptical, since the other two idiots were gawking at her story like a bunch of academy graduates listening to a veteran tell war stories or like wide eyed children hearing a fable.

It had been when she spoke of her childhood that the redhead softened a bit, slaves didn't remember nothing. Either she was lying, had repressed the memories or, she was lucky? Part of Jade's psyche envied her that. The things Palpatine had done to her in the service of advancing her "knowledge" were, things she wished she could forget.

Around them, the lighting began to shift as the sun light of the gas giant's star began to dim. Ancient holograms began to spring to life all around them, some depicting great Jedi, others depicting ancient beings with feral eyes and bright red skin. Soon, the bustle of Republic troopers and servicemen would die down and the sounds of the jungle moon would flow into the temple filling it with a chorus of the wild.

"The Disciples of Twilight fascinate me, you fight for the little guy but shun anything on a large scale if my information is correct." That had been what confused Kenth the most about her. For her to come here, to seek out Yavin, for whatever was happening and had been happening to be so profound as to draw out one of those vigilantes? Vigilantes, he thought...Right..Something needed to be set straight then. "You can't just go about butchering every idiot in power whose character it would improve" Hamner muttered, a look of vehemence in his eyes that suggested he'd oppose any wetworks she tried to do in that area. Luke turned his head towards the merchant Jedi with a wry sgrin "By that logic my father shouldn't have thrown the Emperor down that reactor shaft?"

"No" Mara shook her head "That's different, the Emperor was insane, he had to be destroyed, he was a threat to all life"

"and it still splintered the galaxy into a million pieces" Hamner added his scratchy voice taking a dim, smoky, somewhat grim tone. "Still, there are times when the Galaxy would better off with one less malcontent in power. I can't fault the disciples for doing that on a small scale, on a moon or a planet or an asteroid it probably changes everything for the better.."

"All the same" Luke offered "While with us, please refrain from assassinating leaders unless we've no other choice. The last thing the Galaxy needs right now is for more power vacuums to form"

"Hey, caty lady wanna come with me to Coruscant?" Mara asked, her eyes flashing with a mix of humor and mischief "we'll have some fun, hit up a few gaming houses, maybe throw a crazy person down a flight of stairs?" Mara let out a laugh when she saw the look on Luke's face "oh come on! It's not an assassination it's gravity!"

"Right..well" Skywalker turned back to the woman and reached out a hand "We haven't asked for your name in all this mess and I apologize for that. Knight of many orders, what do you call yourself? And, I would welcome you to the Jedi temple but it seems like you've always been here. So, more, I'm sorry for not inquiring sooner"

Hamner reached up to rub his shoulder, the more he thought about it. The more sense it made to have her here, the more he felt the force twist and scream over whatever happened on Coruscant....The more he realized Luke was right. While they had to build their own force tradition slowly, they needed help and they needed a deeper reservoir than before.

Yavin IV: Jedi Temple

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"One of these days Luke's permissiveness is going to bite him in the a-" Hamner blinked, stopping mid sentence as the force seemed to bend about him, filling the room with a soft of crimson and violet static that danced on the edges of his senses until the world about him turned into an onyx black that began to drown out the light around him until nothing was left but what seemed like an empty space in which they floated. It was curious, like nothing he'd felt before. At once the vibrancy of Yavin's biome, its ancient wonders and its demonic past which had produced an almost total symphony of "noise" through the force was drowned out and Hamner realized she wasn't just projecting a mental illusion to them, but to everyone in the temple, to the machinery itself. As if she was defying photon sensors and bending light, manipulating and dampening sound waves as her craft convinced people to that they were hearing things differently. The distinction was subtle, but from what he read about the illusion powers of old which relied more on the power of suggestion this was another matter entirely. "huh? No wonder Luke let this one run around for so long, this is pretty impressive", of course, part of Hamner sighed internally. If the guy wanted to learn these abilities all he had to do was ask the wielder, sitting around and letting someone else run wild in the temple doing Xendor knows what...That frustration with their leaders willingness to observe was what finally yanked him back out of contemplating the mechanics of the technique long enough to reach for his lightsaber hilt.

Hamner stopped short of grabbing and igniting it but now that he knew what to look for (and was suitably chastened by the fact that he needed to be told what to look for. It was mortifying), his robes hugging to his body as even the wind seemed to cease, its entry barred by the power of the caster. In front of them a being appeared clad in rather brilliantly crafted armor, armor infused with all sorts of force power via exotic runes and spells that seemed to match the inscriptions on the walls of this ancient temple. Inscriptions shimmered in the force though they would have hardly been visible on the armor proper. And he recognized as them being derived from the ancient glyphs of the Sith but the accents all wrong, grammatically it seemed closer to the old Jedi runes and it made Hamner suppress a laugh because the binding "spell" on her breast plate would have read been a list of things a Sith wanted on his fast food if Hamner attempted to read it as if it were purely "sith". As it stood, it seemed to be a command of reinforcement. "Her armor could probably weather a few lightsaber blows before giving out" Blaster fire too, he thought and when her tail swished the man whistled "Farghul huh? You guys are usually off being drug dealers or mercenaries."

"What I'd like to know" Mara put in her eyes narrowing at the female her power defenses in the force rising to begin to challenge the illusions. "Why a vigilante from that Twilight cult is dressed up as one of those Jensawhatever guys?" Her illusions might have been well crafted but Mara bristled at the arrogance. She'd seen illusions before, force witches were rare but when she was Emperor's hand she'd killed more than a few of them. When she announced she'd been here three years Mara's brow twitched. That meant she'd been here through the Alliance resettling Yavin and then their retreat to the jungle moon after Endor, the entire duration of Luke's order's existence and well before that and Luke hadn't bothered to say anything?! -I'm going to kill him- she thought with annoyance, it was only when the Farghul turned the conversation to the presence in the temple that Mara raised an eyebrow. She seemed to be talking about it as if it were sentient, or had been once and not just the lingering presence of ancient power? "The Emperor said the Sith of his order and the ancients were different breeds, with different power. I was raised in the dark, but this place feels, alien, grander and more terrible. But you're saying a piece of those old dead Dark lords exists here?"

"not of many, but one" Hamner murmured, he'd felt that since they arrived. The relic hunter, no stranger to the echoes of multiple faded Jedi but this was wholly different. Oh, to be sure, there was an echo of that power, the collective power of tens of thousands of Jedi and just as many creatures of the dark. But it was all, background noise to him, this though? Something else entirely, something intelligent, angry.

He'd only voice this because the woman confirmed his speculation. "Master Skywalker insists we remain here though" On that he agreed, this was a place of power whereas the tomb Temple on Coruscant was a place of complacency and arrogance. Constructed when the Jedi Order had passed their zenith and grown stagnant and sedentary, when they walled themselves up not to pool their knowledge and expand it. They'd gone from sowing seeds of life and order to embalming themselves and holing up in a tomb of their own making. Here, on Yavin they'd taken the moon by storm and set themselves up as masters at the height and splendor. She continued, raising an honest point about how sorely this New Jedi Order needed people with some kind of experience and tradition even if it wasn't strictly Jedi tradition and when she admitted her pedigree Hamner had to stop Mara from stepping forward.

-I wonder who the naive-self Jedi is, and who the warrior is?- Hamner was no warrior, nor was he a self taught Jedi. He was learning now but he'd always be an amateur compared to Luke and Mara. "I see nothing wrong with your offer..."

"I do" Mara remarked "a lot of questions that aren't answered, like why the Disciples of Twilight would take in a Jeensarai? Last I heard you guys were a complete clusterkriff of misguided nonsense wrapped up in a lightsided Sith cult"

Hamner laughed "And they made it work somehow, don't be so dismissive Knight Jade"

"Master Jade, I outrank you, y'know"

"Only in title" both of them turned towards the "rear" of the spatial maze of shadow and unlight to see something bright slowly "push" through the illusion, gently tearing it like a bubble until it popped around the trio, restoring light and sound to the pair who'd been suddenly blinded by that light. Luke Skywalker stood there, in his usual black untic and one leather glove over a robotic hand (He'd had the artificial skin repaired long ago, but kept the glove as tribute to his father). Around him were bewildered Republic techs and a few soldiers who reached for a blaster only to stop when Luke waved them off. "It's alright, this is Jedi business. Besides she's a friend, if she meant to hurt us, she'd have done so"

And killed a lot of people before Luke could put a stop to it. Hamner thought in annoyance, why was he so trusting?

"sorry for ending your illusion, but I thought it was better than causing a panic" And he was genuinely sorry, it seemed that like Hamner Luke was really enjoying her illusions and was eagerly studying the mechanics of it. That he'd been able to dispel it despite no prior training might have surprised those who didn't know him but it hadn't shocked Mara or Kenth who'd been used to Luke's...intuitiveness. As Jade was so fond of saying it "The guy's like an idiot Savant with force powers". Luke bowed his head in a gesture of welcome then motioned to the other two. "I suppose you already know their names, but this is Kenth Hamner a Jedi Knight who keeps refusing my attempts to promote him and this is Mara Jade, former Emperor's hand and one of the senior instructors on in my little school"

"I'm Luke Skywalker" he added and then reached out with his hand "and I am humbled by your offer, though you may end up adding "former Disciple of Twilight" to your resume when this is over, I'd very much like to steal your talent for my order if possible!"

Yavin IV

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"Easy, easy now, one at a time!" The raspy voice of Jedi Knight Kenth Hamner did its best to cut through the cacophony of voices, some in basic, others Huttese, Boccee and he could make out a few chirps in binary as well. That must have been the R4 unit who was the main reporter for the Automated Services Network, a current events and "as they happen" interest network. "Excuse me, Master Jedi" "I'm not Jedi master lady" Hamner countered, his voice held a note of annoyance which caused the woman to correct herself "Knight Hamner, Qyra Arissia, HoloNet Free Republic. Can you comment on whether or not you were meeting with Senator Fey'la over the recent data leak in regards to the Naval budget?" before he could even answer another called out "And will the Jedi Order issue a condemnation of head of state Mothma?"

Hamner raised an eyebrow, doing his best to feign incredulity. "The Jedi aren't in the business of politics mystery shouter, even if we were. The data indicates that both Head of State Mon Mothma and Senator Garm Bel Iblis share blame in these matters and while the Jedi Order does not weigh in on political matters, I'll say this as a Citizen of the Republic. While I respect The Chancellor and the Senators convictions, it's my belief their feud seems to be taking precedent over their constituents and even the war itself. As to my presence in Senator Fey'la's office, the Senator has returned home to take a hard earned rest. I was meeting with his aids to discuss vetting the data"

"So the Jedi Order is taking a stance on this issue?" The HoloNet Free Republic reporter asked. Hamner waved his hand "My dear, offering our services as an impartial third party to examine the data and vet said data, is hardly poliical"

"And why do you think that?"

Hamner smiled slowly, his features beaming "Because, clarity is the antithesis of politics. If you'll excuse me I need to meditate" More questions followed and Hamner waved them off as he headed towards the Jedi Temple, which rose out of the jungles like a beacon of civilization and light in a wild, untamed land. Which was what was always odd for Hamner, for while the Jedi temple was infused with the power of the force, it didn't always feel bright. There was something dark and prideful within its vast halls and the impression Hamner got was that the Temple itself wasn't always Jedi (even though the hieroglyphs and runes on the obelisks and ziggurats in the gardens were very much Jedi in origin), that it might have been something else, something depraved and dark. His blue robes fluttered in the tropical breeze and Hamner took a moment to reach a gloved hand up to rub the scar at his throat, his one complaint about the planet was that the humidity always made his scar ache which in turn made his voice far more gravelly than it was off world. Hook, line and sinker Kenth thought with an amused grin.

Yes, the Jedi would bring clarity to this matter, no the Jedi were not political. But that didn't mean this was going to benefit the Jedi Order immensely, it also didn't mean a Jedi, didn't totally leak that information to expose the absolute foolishness of both factions within the Republic. -Wedge and his Rogues might have to be next- Hamner thought, which was a thought that pained him because he admired the Rogues and he liked Wedge a lot, they'd been friends for two years now and maneuvering him into a position where he'd catch a public chastening for this was not something he wanted to do, but this was unacceptable. Holocrons were dangerous, even when they were Jedi Holocrons, what little he was able to read on Rakata and Sith holocrons suggested that they were better off dumped into suns or held in reserve for the only most mentally stable Jedi to study. Whether they held one and knew and lied to Luke until the last minute or convinced the Naive Grand Master to lie to Kale was irrelevant. Their meddling was unwelcome and unwanted, worse it was dangerous given the failings of the old Order, failings Luke was dedicated to avoiding. Something flickered across his senses, disrupting his train of thought and Hamner, thought for the briefest of moments that he'd heard footfall only to see a custodial droid? And something blurry, he couldn't quite make out, as if part of the field ahead of him was warped.

The feeling vanished as quickly as it came and broad shoulders shrugged as he continued to walk. moving from the grand campus outside towards the interior of the temple where he noticed a young redhead, green eyes that had once been filled with hatred and murderous intent now seemed filled only with mischief. Hamner felt his thigh stiffen where her old crimson lightsaber had dug into his flesh, a reminder of her relentless attempt to assassinate Luke. An assassination attempt which turned into a conversation, a promise not to kill him for a day, long enough to hear him out. That day turned into two, two, into three and one day the two were not only a pair but out rebuilding the order. The woman was laughing and shaking her head as he came up towards her "You sure you didn't hear the wrong calling? You were born for this political stuff big guy"

She tossed him a warm piece of bread lifted from the commissar, Hamner nodded in gratitude and broke it half offering the woman a share. She shook her head "Already had breakfast, but I figured you wouldn't have had time". They were an odd pair as far as friends went, Hamner had been a logistics officer when Jade tried to assassinate Luke, Hamner had used his dirk made of Mando Iron to parry her blows until she grew tired of his games and stabbed him in the thigh. His skills as a duelist had increased since then by leaps and bounds, but Hamner had no doubt in his mind that she could still wipe the floor with him. The woman was skilled and strong and like Luke her powers were still growing while he believed he'd already reached his limits (Even if both of them vehemently disagreed). "I didn't" Kenth conceded "Thank you Jade and for the record someone has to be political around here..the alternative is we let those maniacs rip the order apart as they rip the Republic apart"

Mara nodded, that had been one of the reasons they became fast friends, both were determined to protect Luke's dream, help it grow even if that meant sometimes playing dirty. "She wants to focus on the hundreds of independent warlords out there, or focus on Zsinj or Kaine and Jerec. Iblis and Wedge want to wipe the Empire out"

"An Empire that was militarily neutered well before it's head of state and a bunch of its military and civil leaders were publicly assassinated? Hissa hasn't made any moves, yet" He had a theory about that, but voicing it right now would only lend ammo to one side and do the opposite of what he promised. "Besides, we still don't know anything about that woman, for all we know she really is a Jedi"

Mara raised an eyebrow "You really believe that?" she asked incredulously. Hamner shook his head "No the Miryia Janus of the history books was a moral absolutist. Her writings on the Sith were downright venomous, it's unbelievable that she'd accept service in something built by a Dark Lord....She's probably some untrained savant with the force who studied incomplete manuscripts and is being used by Hissa to legitimize himself"

Mara nodded at that, though not everyone knew the Emperor was a Sith, most of the Galaxy still believed in the lie that the Jedi attempted to assassinate the Emperor while he was still Supreme Chancellor, though most believed it was over his refusal to relinquish emergency powers. She agreed the woman was an imposter, but, earlier in the week her senses, kriff all of their senses were overwhelmed by something horrifying in the force..a perversion Luke was convinced was centered around Coruscant. Either way, it wasn't their problem yet "Either way, neither Iblis nor Mothma are wrong"

"Right" Hamner conceded "We need to be ready to fight the Remnant, but picking a fight with them is foolish. Especially when Zsinj and Kaine are far more organized and stable". "And Zsinj has Screed" Jade continued, Screed who'd been a peer of Jan Dodonna and one of the greatest Generals the Republic ever produced and one of the best Imperial Admirals. "Rua Skirata isn't far behind him either, he acts like a screwball but I've seen him fight both on the ground and in space"

"He any good?" Hamner asked raising an eyebrow. She took a breath, trying her best to accurately assess someone that annoyed her to no end. "He's no Pellaeon or Ackbar, but Screed is..Put a great commander and a good one together and you have a pretty dangerous combination. They've more money and manpower than Remnant as well"

Skirata was dangerous in a fight too, he could easily be a Jedi killer if he wasn't so terminally afraid of fighting Jedi. Screed was a holy terror if Zsinj turned him loose, or motivated him enough to fight. "Maybe we can bring the Remnant to the table, so we can focus on kicking the poodu out of guys who aren't a joke and then encircle the Remnant with the resources of the rest of the Galaxy"

"hohohoh...I think the Republic Navy would mutiny if we brought that up"

"I can see it now" Hamner rolled his eyes "Order sixty six was an act of self defense! The clones did nothing wrong!" Both shared laughter as they headed towards the main meditation chamber where Luke was holding class. "Speaking of weird, have you noticed..anything..odd outside by the butterfly obelisk?"

Mara grinned, finally, she thought. He's paying attention to the force and not his job, enough to sense it. "You mean the illusions? The slights of hand tricks?"

Hamner's jaw dropped "wha..what?!"

"HAH! You've been so distracted by two geriatrics that you missed the fact that we got a Night sister or a Force Witch of those weird unknown region cultists in the temple?!" her smirk turned into a conciliator grin as Hamner's face contorted into a mortified grimace. "It's okay, they're good!"

"Where is she? He? Can witches be men?"

Mara shrugged "Not if she's a Nightsister, no idea where she is now, saw her stealing breakfast earlier though. No idea how long she's been here, she's good"

"...Luke's allowing her to run around isn't?"


"And we're gonna let him...let..her?"



@Thunder Falcon

The Persistent vagrant.

"That one, the limbless cripple" A voice, imperious, yet lyrical echoed through the curtained windows of one of the balconies rising out of the old Presidential palace. Purple eyes that might have belonged to a serpent, peered out to the crowd gathered outside the immense steps leading to the grand doors. People bowed in supplication, others stood in quiet observation, more yet gazed with wavering uncertainty, those interested her the most. The ones who came as skeptics, or as enemies only to throw down their metaphorical arms and begin to listen to the gospels she'd preach. It would have been a lot harder, she thought had The Empire not torn itself apart, hard warlordism and decay not gripped the cosmos and had the resurgent New Republic movement not stood on the metaphorical throat of a core where the social divide split along lines that made her at once a unifying force and a threat of incredible instability. -The elite in the core favor the empire. Not much changed for them, they merely wore new uniforms or had to learn to bribe the loudest humanocentirst fools. The middle class is pro Republic, violently so- She thought, which was dangerous because Coruscant, Alsakan and Chandrilla boasted the largest middle classes in the galaxy. But the poor? The poor were an interest mix, at once reviling the abuses heaped upon them by Corsec and the regular army and yet Imperial public works projects, from ship building to founding new cities. All a grand scheme to keep the masses employed and sated and with the Empire in ruins, the New Republic moving in? People needed something to hold onto, but that lifeline manifested its own dangers and risks. Navigating the energies of a holy war in the making was going to be a task greater than anything she'd ever done before and the festering problems her machinations all those centuries ago exacerbated and created had been simmering to near boiling point for far longer than she'd intended. It was why she had to be selective, more so than she would ordinarily be (and she was above and beyond rigid in her criteria). In the days since the departure of Highsinger, the Apprentice and the Mule she watched as the crowds gathered, she watched as force sensitives new to their talen. Stumbling like infants walked up to her hallowed steps and begged, pushed against the soldiers only to be thrust back.

Most were discouraged within the first hour.

She didn't need them, that Miralukan amateur Jerec could have them.

Some endured hours, to a day.

The abomination on Yavin could have those weaklings.

"It's her second day mistress" The Twi'lik slave, one of the two of them anyway, she couldn't remember which not that she cared too. slaves were for utility, not for speaking or recognition. The bold few who did manage to become more than they were, she might decide to honor with acknowledgement, maybe. "shall I have the army throw her out?" "No" the serpent said, her awareness reaching out through the masses of agitants and wrapping around the crippled supplicant, ribbons of awareness enmeshing the Miralukans being in the force. Serpentine perceptiveness delved into the borders of her psyche, dancing on the edge but stopping out right from a mind probe. She was powerful, her inner forge could handle enormous amounts of the force. Purple eyes flickered, glowing in the morning sun, remaining obscured the snake turned holy warrior took the full measure of the cripples potential and walked away, leaving the window and the gentle brush against her awareness only to grab a com device and order a storm. "Let us see, if she is more than she appears, or if she is just another cripple ambling about the Galaxy wasting oxygen by existing" Arkanians had sympathy for those disabled in battle or in the glorious pursuit of research but for those born defective? Better they had never been born at all, her two and a half centuries of life spent in war had taught her the value of not underestimating even the most base and defective. Still, for the accident of her birth, this one would have to do more than be powerful in the force.

And so, Pontifex Invictus Miryia of house Janus ordered a severe rainstorm, which lasted well into the night.

On the third day, Invictus Janus observed from the balcony openly, gazing down with cold, assessing eyes brimming with certitude at the one with no arms. She endured the rain, refusing to budge from her position at the foot of her stairs. So, the miter adorned Arkanian cobra ordered the storm to become harsher, for winds and lightning to rise. By nightfall on the third day, the Serpent returned to the balcony, defying the rain as it fell around her, she regarded the Miralukan with the same cold, confident eyes. Eyes that judged her, eyes that in a lesser being might have said that it didn't matter what you were inside, only what you were on the outside. And a worthless cripple she would always be. But beyond the judgment, these eyes said something else "prove me wrong. Show me how wrong I am". That night, nine souls stood beside the limbless one in the rain, called by her dedication and her perseverance, motivated by curiosity, driven by a desire to see what the blind woman saw. Perhaps they too hoped they would be chosen or arrive to whatever sublime epiphany they mistakenly believed the female was chasing. Of the nine four departed before the dawn and another three before breakfast, winds howled on the fourth day and the two who remained were joined by twenty, who refused to budge and endured.

Some possessed force potential, they would be chosen as well but for a different duty. They were not yet ready for training, but Miryia Farlina of House Janus had seen enough. In the morning of the fifth day the Coruscanti weather control offices were contacted and ordered to disperse the storm. The great Doors opened and flanked by members of the five hundred and first the Jedi turned prelate descended the steps towards the girl and her circle of adherents. Adorned in armor, her purple cloak flowing in the wind which began to scatter the storm, her bone white hair weaving in the billowing purple fabric, she came with her lightsaber as well, adorned as if greeting the dawn before a battle.

Sher locked eyes with the woman's blindfolded empty sockets. a hand reached down and threaded its index and middle finger through soaking wet hair. "You" she spoke, her voice lyrical yet commanding. "there is no greater enemy than our own limitations, they are cruel, unrelenting, punishing barriers that when broken leave one as confused as they were before dejected. You understand this" There was no room for doubt in that voice and she made the assessment as if she were stating a fact so obvious and widely accepted that it was redundant to even state it. "you broke your barriers, congratulations Miralukan, you are more than a crippled freak and with your newfound freedom comes blindness"

She let the woman's hair go brushing her fingertips along Shomas' cheek before turning her way up the stairs only to pause. "Would you like to see again?" A slow smile crept across the woman's features, a reward she gave few and the offer even fewer still. "I can show you how...Apprentice"

The others moved to ascend the stairs, a subtle inclination of her head and the forced roared about her and the others were hurled back. "Not you, you will start below with the servants, if you wish to be more than a mere beast of the field next time do not follow, lead as this child has" The woman turned and began her ascent as the crowds cheered the new apprentice. "Come, Shoma Jidith. The last time you bent your knees you were an exploited, discarded freak. Rise a woman and follow me inside"

Destiny was not meant for the weak.

The glorious future was not meant for broken things...Save for those who found the strength to forge themselves anew.

Alright, so my character species is canon in this (Clone Wars yay) and is the Diathim, the "Angels" of which Anakin spoke of. However, her Force Tradition is a minor faction in the EU, the Disciples of Twilight from Dyspeth, in the Outer Rim. If that is not ok, I can always be a Jensaarai, which is from various EU sources. However, if Disciple, I was gonna dabble with Jensaarai and have their armor.

Ultimately this resides with the primary GM, but weighing on it here (You should join the discord too). I like the idea of you having a Jensaarai or Disciple of Twilight character. It would be extremely interesting to see how they interact with the story, as its EU heavy but not really rehashing everything in the EU. An Example being the Imperial Knights are being founded now instead of forty or so years after Endor..And by a former Master of the council during the era of Darth Ruin no less. There's an order of force users who consider the dark and light as raw material and are generally passive and non interventionist run by a former Jedi master from the era the Republic Golden age before the clone wars and the founder of the Imperial Knights is about to do something similar to the Albigensian crusade, without divulging too much..

Luke's NJO is a bit larger than it was in canon, but I've kept his personality and approach to other force using sects generally the same but so far all we've had in the story are..Former Inquisitors turned Knights and Mara Jade getting with Luke earlier than in canon. We've got none of the diversity of conviction we saw in the EU and it would be speaking as a fan of the old EU it'd be neat to see some of the disciplines and traditions show up in the NJO.

Luke in this RP is flying blind knowledge wise..So he needs help in that regard.

Conversely the Alliance of Free Planets (which is the New Republic in the RP's "canon") is kind of up shits creek in terms of political division and infighting. So there's stuff you can play around with there as well.

First @Honesty Crow needs to decide if he wants more force users in the RP at this time, most GM's are weary of that and I understand why. After that it's up to you how you go about it man.

Welcome aboard

Errant Venture

Kale walked into Talon's office, wiping beads of sweat from his brow as he crossed the doorway. It had been a while since he'd used the force to heal so many people. Unfortunately many were too far gone to save. "Things are still a mess down there, but I've done what I can." Kale said, looking around the room. He hoped the man wasn't too serious about imbibing stims and booze, he'd prefer he be coherent. "So, what is this information you had to tell me?"

Karrde's office was a haze of smoke, rare antiquities and art and much more like miniature lounge than an office. The man stood pacing, a bottle of something that was potent enough to fill the room with a high octane smell. blood stained his clothing, his cape was lost on the way up, likely burning somewhere or used to drape over someone wounded. Karrde's eyes burned and when Kale entered the man tossed him a packet of credits "They were all former imperial...But it looks like they turned mercenary, black sun was behind this." At least, he thought, that was what I.I or SPIN or that bastard Kaine and his blind mutant Sith wannabe wanted them to think. "I have my doubts, could still be Republic or imp rats..or any of the dozens of other would be powers out there" he shrugged "I can't tell you anymore about the kids whereabouts, other than he's somewhere inside the Quelii Oversector, likely near the center of that pompous, sequin bedecked mamas boy. And yes, the Raptor troopers you saw down there are the bodyguards of that one eyed Mandalorian ponce who works as Zsinj's second in cannot go an arrest him. The Venture stays neutral, even if our guests won't respect our neutrality"

Karrde gestured towards a cushioned seat made of wood from Worshyr tree. "However, I think I know what..specifically that holocron was"
"Well..first..what do you know about those infernal things?"

"They hold information, only one gifted in the force can open them. Sometimes the will of a force adept may linger inside of one. Which is why this holocron being Sith in origin would be a problem. The last thing the galaxy needs right now is an army of Sith." Kale said.

"An army of Sith? I always wondered why there were only a handful of them, in the Galaxy during our era, then I read up on the their history. Turns out if you get more than five in a room they turn on each other faster than a bunch of spiceheads jonesing for a fix. I can't imagine the damage crazy like that would do" Part of him wanted too, though, war was good for business, peace was also good for business, but pure pandemonium as witnessed today was bad for everyone.

"That Holocron is supposed to be a false a holocron...IE less a repository of knowledge and more a gateway, Ancient Sith believed they could come back from the dead, claw their way back as phantoms and incarnate inside a living host. Granted the old lady who told me that said she was a Jedi Master, two hundred years old and a descendant of Nomi Sunrider, so she's maybe as crazy as the upjumped Sabacc table dancer pretending to be a Jedi Master on Coru" Here Karrde paused, looking down, there were other points of knowledge he'd gathered on the thing, that it might have been Rakatan in origin as opposed to Sith. "I've heard its Rakatan...If that's the case your boy could be accessing knowledge even the Sith feared. Locations to sleeping superweapons, the darkside..kriff...maybe even to the Mother itself if you believe that legend. Point is, you need to be ready. Mentally for what's in that thing, what might be inside your boy now"

Kale had a stern expression on his face. It wasn't as if he hadn't considered the worst possibilities, but hearing evidence that they may be true made it all too real. "Aren being held captive makes more sense if this is true. If they wanted to use him as a bargaining chip we would have heard something by now. But if they simply needed a force adept vessel..." Kale pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a stressed breath. Looking after the young man was his responsibility, and he'd let him be taken away right from under his nose.

Part of him wanted to ignore Talon's warning and go straight to Zsinj's bodyguards downstairs, but little good would come from that. He needn't burn bridges that may need crossing in the future. "It appears time is more important than I'd thought. As you say it may already be too late. I am unable to even feel him through the force now."

Karrde remained silent for a time, eying the man evenly. Much of the scorn gone from his features, power began to flicker indicating engineering crew had finally gotten the power systems safely online. "Hah! Kriff, hows about that? Fatherless Nerfs managed to give us back the light without causing a meltdown" Any news not about an apocalypse was good news. Karrde remained focused on the Jedi Master. "It aint a hobby, there's an eccentric, loaded. uses me to acquire objects and artifacts at times, so I study this stuff. But my sources are pretty sparse on Holocrons, it was a crime to even utter the name in the days of the Emperor. Xendors Balls!" He roared the old smugglers curse "That wrinkled bastard made it real hard to do my job, ah well. I can say this, half the people who know about these things are conspiracy nuts, the other half are divided between two groups. Enthusiasts for history and those who claim to be former force users, of that group most are insane. Look'n like they went on a bad trip and never came back." he took a swig of the potent poison in his grip and let out a loud sigh that was almost a growl. "The others, they're different. Broken down ex Jedi who curse the force that betrayed them or Dark siders who became born again" Karrde paused, allowing Kale to realize where he was being led.

And when the Jedi declared that he could no longer sense Aren through the force he hammered it home "Might be, there's no saving this kid but putt'n said unfortunate hornblower out of his misery...Think you can do that Jedi?"

"I'll do everything I can to avoid it, I owe him that much at least. But if he really is that far gone..." Kale was silent for a moment, the sound of someone by the door caught his attention. It was Lahana.

"I'll do it. I've killed friends before, what's one more?" She was wiping blood from her hands with a towel. She wasn't exactly a medic, but she knew her way around combat wounds and had been helping as much as she could.

"That's not something you should put yourself through." Kale said. "Though I'm not so naive to believe it can be avoided. Just remember, that is the very last option we will take should Aren... Not be himself." He turned back to Talon. "Thanks for the help again, we should really get moving as fast as possible."

"What's the customary parting for you people? May the Force be with you? Kriffing melodrama, may the force be with you two and, try not to get any of yourselves killed" Karrde waved a hand and then turned back towards the large desk situated near a portrait of a Hutt decked out in military medals and with an eyepatch. Pointing a sword gallantly forward in one of the most absurd displays of "unHutt" like behavior possible.

"Before you go, I'd ask you a pass a message along to the Republic. If I find out Mon Mothma's little pack of spies was behind this and not Blacksun the IGBC will call in all of your debts immediately" Ice was in Talon Karrde's voice at that moment. "Now kriff off"

Name: Kenth Hamner

Age: 32

Race: Human

Faction: New Jedi Order.
He came up on stories of Jedi, joined the Alliance and eventually he felt the call. Beyond that, he is of the firm belief that the Jedi Order must be restored, in order for civilization to flourish.

Personality: Hamner is a born politician, marrying optimism, humility and a strong sense of justice with a deeply cynical side that he keeps to himself and a sense of pragmatism born of someone who truly appreciated the wealth he was born into and the sacrifice it took to amass it. While he’s generous, he isn’t blindly so and his ability to haggle, wheel and deal and barter has earned him nicknames like “The giant Jawa” and “the Hutt that walks”. Kenth doesn’t share the trademark Corellian ego but he is as defiant as any of his people, albeit in his own way. He’s ferociously loyal to Luke and vows to fight the political battles the Grand Master of the Jedi Order is too naïve to fight. Machiavellian to a point, post the Onderron fiasco, Kenth leaked compromising data to the free press on both Mothma and Iblis and their respective factions when it was clear one of them pressured Luke into lying about the holocron. While he doesn’t personally believe in revenge, he understands how the game is played well enough to know the kind of message they’d understand verses simply being told not to politicize the order. His willingness to do dirty deeds to protect the Order is something Mara Jade has both supported and clashed with him over.

Physical description: Standing at an imposing six and a half feet, Hamner looks more the warrior than the diplomat and politician. He’s elegant, wearing a dark green tunic with the symbol of the New Jedi Order embroidered below his shoulders. He wears a pair of dark brown suede gloves and a dark blue set of Jedi Robes. Hamner has a scar running along the left side of his neck from an assassination attempt by an ex Storm Commando who wanted to kill as many Jedi’s as he could before the end. The tear to his throat left him speaking with a somewhat gravely voice. He has thick brown hair that's long and well groomed and his eyes are a dark shade of gray that's almost the color of charcoal.

Equipment: A dirk made out of Mandalorian iron, with an old Jedi Lightsaber’s crystal in the hilt. His lightsaber hilt is made of the same material and is curved. Like Mara Jade, his blade is purple, owing to a synth crystal. His fighting style is a bastard’s mishmash of form seven with his foundation being in the more conservative and less aggressive sixth form. What he calls “Solid style”

Ship (Optional): Whatever he can requisition for a specific mission.

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Bodyguard, apprentice, harbinger, mastermind

-I hate it that he can do this to me- The Apprentice felt her blood chill as the enormous figure with a crested head loomed behind them both. The only give away about how profoundly it bothered her being how rigid she'd suddenly become for a few seconds before self control allowed her to take mastery of her involuntary reflexes. Aladar took a breath, her dark hair falling over her breasts which heaved under the silver and black tunic. She was her master's apprentice, but also her shadow, her protector (Even if that notion was laughable). Even an ally shouldn't be able to get the drop on her, the notion contradicted her duties so thoroughly it enraged Aladar. But less towards the Highsinger droid and more towards herself, she needed to be better, she needed to be more astute, she needed to expand her senses. -Funny, I've never felt more like a Jedi- even when she'd been a Padawan, how odd, she'd passed from drugs to the philosophy of the Sith and her connection to the force had atrophied along with her sense of self worth and pride and yet, she found herself in one who scorned both. Some wolf like xeno attempted to assault them both, Highsinger nearly disemboweled him with plastiglass and then remarked on how overt and loud her gesture was and the woman offered Highsinger an apologetic smile.

"You're right it was, I meant to inflame only one Rodian" she conceded apologetically. "My connection to the force was atrophied for so long, its stronger than ever now" she knew that had to be more than her facing her issues, or even her Master's philosophy and insight into the nature of "force craft" as she insisted on calling it. She'd never been this strong before and it felt as if the entirety of the force itself was shifting and awaking from a long sleep. She could feel it in the air almost -if I'm doing stuff like this without meaning too, that Skywalker kid must be a god- Then what did that make her master? To overcome both Darth Vader and the Emperor...Was Miryia's grand vision doomed? -she's more powerful than any Jedi I've ever known, but even a vegetable in a bacta tank could have felt the power surging around Endor- She shuddered remembering it, for one brief second of gentle defiance, a boy casting away his lightsaber radiated a light so bright it drowned out the power of the last Dark Lord and his apprentice. No, she thought, faith, I must have faith and fortify myself, grow strong and serve as best I can. Either way, Rheanessya Aladar was done probing the minds of sentient beings for now. The danger to herself was greater than the danger of starting another riot, that easily could have reverberated back onto her and boiled her brain.

Some reptilian began to run, she eyed Phasma and began to move her mouth to tell the warrior to grab him but Highsinger was on the brute and pulverizing his hand before either woman could react and then, he was summoning them along. Dragging the maimed reptilian in tow, who was muttering and howling and attempting to bleed. Aladar kicked him in the side "Shut your mouth fool" she hissed, doing her best to sound as vicious as possible even though she was never really good at torture (probably why she was such a bad inquisitor). As the bordello dropped further and further into the rear, smoke began to rise into the sky as several establishments around it erupted in flames and a riot was beginning to break out.

Crowds that had once been docile, emboldened by the frenzy seemed to get closer.

-Kriff- she thought.

Never reading minds sir.

@Honesty Crow

I present to you, for consideration. The Order's PR dude, pencil pusher, bean counter and Senate/council liaison.

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