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What do you call a bad prostitute in a roleplay? A well thot-out character.



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If he's a pilot, even a newly graduated one, I would age him up. Additionally, pilots typically hold a junior officer rank after earning their wings, like second lieutenant, and have had years of training and education.

I would also want a bit more substance to your final section. We want to see more content there, aside from (a description of) a graduation speech.

To your first point, the Google docs say that Imperial citizens typically finish their military education "around eighteen". It does make more realistic sense if he's a party boy, so I guess I can have him take an extra year or two, but that might tarnish his disciplinary record (which the Empire takes far more seriously than the FAA IRL).

Secondly, I'm scrapping that current interview. I can't think of any cutaway from that which doesn't involve godmodding or fully playing the character in a scenario prior to acceptance.

Self-appointed deadline for edits: 12:01 AM, May 17th PST
But it has to be a ranked match, which return requires you have a neutral party act as judge (it can be anyone that isn't participating in the fight).

Thanks. I was mostly wondering who the judges were, and what the criteria were. Seems like "Roleplaying: A Popularity Contest Among Writers". Color me intrigued!
Despite reading through multiple pages of this main OOC sticky thread, I still cannot make heads nor tails out of how the scoring functions. Did I miss that explanation in the nearly 6,500 posts in this thread or am I simply on a wild goose chase? A succinct explanatory PM explaining how arena scoring in at least a 1x1 setting works would be greatly appreciated by me.

Thanks for your time.
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My old RP site died. This one seems suitable. I'm a dude from America, 18+, but not looking for romance. I prefer science fiction in modern settings. If there are guns involved, I like it. If it's on the SyFy channel, I've watched it. I won't talk to you much OOC, so as to avoid creeping the ever-living crap out of you. I'll occasionally deviate and RP somebody else's fandom, but only for short periods of time. I'm a pessimist who roleplays optimists, and my favorite colors are black, then red. I was imprisoned once for third-degree assault. Prison sucks. Anything else you wanted to know? This'll probably be your only chance as I'm prone to long bouts of inactivity due to the traveling nature of my work IRL.
I came expecting Dark Magician Girl from Yugioh. I suppose if nobody else is interested, and you want a Draco Malfoy or original Slytherin, I could slither in and dredge one up from the graveyard of my mind for thee.

Send a PM, preferably with any CS template you require, if interested, please.

You want to RP something Throne of Glass or Court of T&R? I'm down to RP anyone fey or human (not really valg, although you are free to play as one even if my character doesn't know you are one!). I've finished Throne of Glass, but am admittedly still only three books into the latter series.

Girl in the Tower and Emperor's Chosen also interest me. The prince and the soldier both intrigue me, but as far as the latter goes, I'd find it more engaging to start out with the escape from the emperor (with the emperor being controlled by either of us, but likely you since it's your vision).

I can pretend that I'm the one doing the storytelling if you'd like, but since I'm so new to the site, I'm pretty much just along for the ride and looking for an extended good time. (Hence the preference for anything by Sarah J. Maas. :> )
(I know I haven't really been around for like, ages but I remember this)

I agree a lot with the directionless aspects. I can't say I didn't contribute to that sense because I was told I had a vast sum of space and places when it started and so decided that meant I could use a vast sum of space for some fictional faction. I thought initially there would have been more cooperation in the story telling aspects in the sense that the GMs would build some story arc with the factions. What I didn't take into account was that when you have many factions constantly added such planning is very hard. Which is a bit inexcusable on my part as someone who dwelled normally in the depths of the NRP forum.

Another thing was that the IC got ridiculously chaotic, making it pretty much useless to get any story arcs going like I tried doing. Random characters bursting it made it hard to really structure things and shifting attention story-wise made it exhausting to deal with.

I also found the focus on character powers over making unique characters with unique perspectives a bit irritating as the app sheets facilitated that with the tier system and how the sheets emphasized abilities and gear as much as it did.

Than you have the more internal issues I have, but these are issues with the general culture of the site and more my own scruples. I am no fan of the genres that other players on this site embrace. I didn't feel like a lot of people were being creative enough with the canvas given to them and instead stuck to anime stuff. It seemed like the overwhelming majority of people was some anime character. However I find that anime is ubiquitous with RPs in general, especially on forums dedicated to them like this one. I wouldn't have been so bothered by it if there was more diversity of media inspiration going in. I tried to facilitate that with that new space opera based faction I hosted to little success as people would still draw from anime instead of any other medium. And what was I to do, tell people they couldn't make anime based characters within the faction when the overwhelming majority of players do that?

Like, you are given the whole universe and all you do is populate it with anime characters. Don't get me wrong, I know there's lots of anime stuff that makes use of such large scale spaces with weird alien creatures, but like if you are going for some multiverse RP setting wouldn't drawing from everywhere make more sense than drawing only from anime? I know there's a minority of players who did that, but the majority didn't.

That being said while I don't have interest (I like star wars, but don't have interest in participating in fandom stuff), I can see why the next PW is a star wars one. Much less need to worry about the technology-magic balance when every character isn't having their own magic system or tech paradigm and instead drawing from star wars lore.

The Expanse (and maybe Stellaris) are excellent sources for alien (and some human) imagery to draw from that are not anime.
Interest withdrawn due to misleading title. :P
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