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Current Apologies for the delay in responses! It’s been a busy couple of days.
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Sorry for any delayed responses. It's been a busy week!
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Took off from work for the holidays. Of course I have to come back on the day with the nastiest weather.
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Life got busy but now I’m back and I’m dying to do something! Let’s gooooo!~
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Sorry guys, I’ve been working nights! I was so exhausted yesterday and didn’t reply much. I’ll get back to you soon!


Welcome to my bio! You’re either one of my partners, interested in being a partner of mine, or just a stalker. All of you are welcome!

You can call me Tiliqua, Tili, T, or anything else you’d like as long as it’s nice! I’m an 18 year old female college student, so sometimes (especially around midterms and finals), my postings might be delayed. If we have an OOC chat, I’ll definitely let you know what’s going on there.

I’m ALWAYS looking for new partners! Don’t be afraid to shoot me a message if you want to play around with one of your ideas or maybe one of mine!

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Hello everyone! It's your girl Tili here. I'm at work currently, doing the overnight shift. I'm incredibly bored and I'm in dire need of a distraction! Here are some random ideas that I have floating around. If you love it, let me know. If you hate it...don't tell me. I'm sensitive. :'(
Anyway, here they are:

- God x Mortal
+ A God (I'm thinking maybe Cupid/Eros, which would be interesting) has been watching over a particular human for a while, and they never understood why this particular human interested them so much. They decide to come down to Earth in order to find out.

- Online Friend 1 x Online Friend 2
+ Based LOOSELY off of the Black Mirror episode (S5E1). They have their own lives outside of the game they play, but in game...things are different. They could be married in game, have a family, etc. All of this is a secret from their real world families, but what if the video game company released a virtual reality upgrade that made everything feel real?

- Android x Human
+ Detroit: Become Human inspired! I don't have a plot for this, so I'm willing to work on one with you!

- Tutor x Student
+ A student who desperately tries their best but still manages to fail a class reaches out for help.

- Professor x Student (An oldie but a goodie!)
+ At first, they didn't know what it was or how to acknowledge it. It started with small office hour visits, or the occasional hour long chat after class. The student really liked the class, so they decided to take another one of that professor's classes the next semester. It escalated to texting, hanging out in the office together, and walking home from campus together/offering rides home. It was a harmless, innocent relationship...until something changes. (HUGE BONUS IF THIS IS AN ART PROFESSOR! They could make them little things and leave them in places they know they'll find it, etc. Could even work with an English professor.)

PM me if you're interested in any of these!
Bump it up! Going to edit this in a minute with new ideas and I'll be taking out some old ones.
Hello all! After a long semester, I'm ready to flex my creative muscles again! I'm a little bit rusty but I'm more than ready to work on it and create a great story/RP with you guys. So here we go!

- I don't have many rules. I really only ask that you don't control any of my characters or twist the plot too much without discussing it with me first. I like to have an OOC chat with each of my partners, so if you have any questions, just PM me on here or my Discord (wherever our OOC/RP thread is).
- Please be 18+!

Pairings (Anything with '*' has a plot down below!):
- Artist x Muse *
- Teacher x Student
- Online Friends/Pen Pals
- Florist x Customer *
- Barista x Customer
- Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby (more of a fluffy plot?) *
- Mob Boss x Detective's Daughter
- College Students *
- Demon x Novice Witch*
- Human x Vampire (haven't done this in forever so I'd be down)
- Maid x Prince/Princess

Plots/Plot Ideas:
- Artist x Muse: MC is working on a very important project for the local gallery. It's a huge deal to them as they come from a long line of successful artists and are very eager to prove themselves. MC puts an ad out in the local paper/online for a model to come and sit in for a couple of hours a week. At first it was about money and professionalism, but after a while they begin to care for one another. Their sessions turn into hang out sessions, and the pay becomes unimportant. However, when MC slowly begins to lose their eyesight, how will it impact their relationship with YC and their work?

- Florist x Customer: There's a small 'mom and pop' flowershop in the middle of town. Plenty of men come in to get flowers for their wives or girlfriends, but sometimes YC comes in without buying anything. YC is in a seemingly happy long term relationship, so why are they constantly stopping by?

- Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby: YC is in need of some attention and affection after a split from a long-term relationship. YC is even generous enough to pay by the hour for some company. However, MC is desperately in need for some cash and YC doesn't know/doesn't care why. Until...

- College Students: MC is dropping off some packages for their older brother who is away for college/university. YC opens the door instead and explains that MC's brother won't be home for another couple of hours. After getting to know each other for a while, they seem to have a lot in common and plan to hang out more often. Will MC's brother have a problem with that?

- Demon x Novice Witch: Witchcraft is becoming pretty trendy on Tumblr, so why not give it a shot? Everything was going well until they accidentally summoned a demon that they seemingly can't get rid of. (I don't have anything too detailed for this yet).

--If anything interests you, just shoot me a PM! No need to comment on the thread. I hope to hear from you guys soon!--
So I had played Detroit: Become Human a few months ago when it had first released and I really, really enjoyed it. Since my RPs are running a bit slow as of late, I figured I'd spruce up a few of my ICs. While I was doing that...this idea came to me.

What about an Android x Human pairing, in the same timeframe as the original game? (Even if you haven't played the game, I'd be willing to do a similar plot outside of that universe!) I thought it would be really interesting to turn the whole Android vs. Human war around and making it into a plot where someone could really feel and sympathize with the androids and how they've been treated (since most of the game focused on the negative views). It could either be a human trying to help androids escape during the revolution, or a human and their own personal android building a relationship (romantic or not). I'm not sure if this RP will include any of the characters from the game, but that can be arranged if you really want to!

Some rules/details:

  • I would be willing to play either the android or the human, but I would definitely prefer to be female either way. (Completely open to MxF, or FxF!)
  • This will also be free – low-casual, as I'm not capable of doing anything more than like 4 paragraphs as of late. Sorry! ^u^"
  • I prefer for my partners to be 18+, but I doubt this RP will include anything that isn't uh...PG-13. This can also be discussed! I'm open to anything. Thanks for reading through my IC!
  • OOC PM is not necessary, but preferred. I like talking out some ideas as the RP goes along, and I also just like learning about my partners! I feel like it gets both parties more involved and interested in the RP.

- Tiliqua.
Updated, edited, and ready to go! Bump!
I’m back for the summer so let’s get this ish started. Bump!
@Scarescrow Thanks.
I have two dogs and a blue tongue skink. I used to have a bearded dragon too but she passed away today.
Bumper to bumper, the avenues packed.
And hello those of you who have stumbled upon my post! How are you? If you're good, then that's wonderful! If not, let me know in OOC chat and we can talk about that one bitch Jessica that ruined your day, or how you just feel out of it lately. I love OOC chat, so don't be afraid to reach out and

Alright! It's time for the main event. Pairings and Plots! The part that has the blue star is the part I'd be playing.

These are more of my "supernatural/paranormal romance" pairings. I don't know why I love these so much.
  • Demon x Angel* (I know everyone is so sick of this but I've had REALLY great luck with this pairing. Don't knock it 'til you try it!)
  • Witch* x Familiar
  • Vampire x Human* (Okay so I've never done this before, but I honestly wouldn't be against it.)
  • Monster x Monster Hunter (I can play either one!)
  • Monster Hunter* x Sheriff/Detective

Okay, and a couple more! I know some people can get really tired of the whole witches, monsters and demons type of thing.

  • Online Friend 1 x Online Friend 2
  • Camp Counselor x Camper
  • Runaway* x Truck Driver (more of a sweet plot!)
  • Childhood Crush x Old Friend*


If you have any ideas, feel free to run them by me! I don't bite. Thank you so much for reading through this mess!

- Tiliqua.
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