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Current "I don't care about you" is my favourite
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Victim, Means, Motive, Opportunities, Suspect.


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laters man
Hum... there is enough clues for all of you to deduce on the motive, means, and opportunity by now. And a possible lead to the prime suspect. Now you need to piece them together.
@Tenslashsix just read your post. will PM clues when I got home in an hour. Kinda hard to use phone
Have to say I really like that pic you got there xD
Yeah, so far we don’t have the technology to quantum entangle anything too large; but mathematically it is plausible.
@Forgiveness Watchdogs

Edit: okay no not original at all xD
@Forgiveness put in OOC I'll organise them into the CS together. and take your time :)
Then I can help put the factions in character sheets :) I can even script some mysteries with them involved by then.
Gonna put more mini locations other than the Serpent's lair as well.
Things' getting more serious and chaotic 😍 . Let the killings begin.
Gonna go work, I will come back to expand the world after. Hopefully getting six new contracts on, a new short story, and some CS on the military and killer associates' characters. @tigersloth @Forgiveness would be good to add some background to your respective factions. I'm planning to revamp and advertise the rp again for more killers xD Totally need more of them to make it more real.

edit: and dangerous
Politics in the city
No countries have ever tried to claim the city. Whether or not the world leaders know about the city's existence is still a mystery. The city was fundamentally lawless; until the day self-proclaimed Mayor Jess took over the city by military force two years ago. No one knew her origin, or why she would want to take over a city like this; but everyone knows she is not mayor material - she is a nutjob.

Hum think the city like a post-apocalyptic world with random people trying to conquer the city, and there is minimal ways to contact the outer world.

Edit: and thanks xD
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