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Charles Durett is a freaking football hero. Along with being the son of wealthy hotel and restaurant owners, he is the star quarterback of the Summers County High School Bobcats. So it goes without saying he's a cool guy. He's got the looks, lives in a badass house with a kickass old mine on the property, and he's about to graduate and get a free ticket out of this small town. Rumors around school say he's going to throw the biggest party ever at his house, 'cause his parents are going to be out of town this weekend. And you got invited!

Hinton, a very small and close-knit town in West Virginia with a population of only about 2,000 seems like one of those towns that no one can escape from. You hear people all the time say that it's cursed, that no one can leave. People do, of course, be it for weeks or years, but they always end up coming back for some reason or other. There's not much to do there, and everyone knows everyone else.

You, the players, will be playing characters going to that after graduation party at the Durett's mansion, where you get caught up in discovering and exploring that old mine; and what you find will change your lives forever. Inside you'll find a big open area behind a boarded-up doorway, unknown to you is actually the inside of an ancient space ship which you guys will of course accidentally activate and will hurdle you all off into space.

Think of the t.v. shows Dark Matter, Farscape and Lost in Space. But, this will be player-driven with main story arcs.

As far as your characters go, you being normal humans goes without saying. You don't HAVE to be graduates from high school though. You just need a reason for being at the party if you decide to be an older or younger character. And like the show Dark Matter, you all with have a specialty. Whether you know it before the adventure starts or have to discover it is up to you.

Anyone interested in a SPACE ADVENTURE!?!
Artur had thought that being a walking skeleton was insane, but this was even crazier! Backing away from the center of the room, only turning once he had reached one of the many hallways that fanned out from the structure. One thing was for certain, he did not want to wait for that thing to come back. From what he had understood from his teachers, this was supposed to be a gateway; a portal to other locations in this realm. That wasn't from this realm, the material plane. That was from. . . somewhere else. He didn't know how that thing knew his name, and that frightened him. He decided that he needed to get out of this place as soon as possible, and he started to walk a different direction than the way he had came, setting a scorch-mark on each wall that he passed after each turn. Eventually he would find the way out of here, whether it be the long way or the quick way.

Not like it mattered, he was dead. Living dead, at that. He had never heard of the dead regaining consciousness of their previous life, but of course necromancy wasn't something he had been particularly interested in studying. He walked on, making marks on the walls with each turn from the ball of flame in his hand as his mind raced on with endless questions. Who was that necromancer? Why did he choose him of all souls to raise? How long has he been dead? He knew that all these questions would not be answered in the crypt, but there was little else to do but think.

He pulled the robe close around his body, as if he had a chill. It was purely a reflex, as he noticed he didn't feel cold at all. In fact, he didn't feel anything. He had been walking these corridors for gods-knows how long and wasn't even the least bit tired. He paused for a moment when he realized that he wouldn't need to sleep or eat ever again. Those were his two favorite things! No more lazy days lounging in the silk sheets of his bedchamber, reading old tombs whilst eating yellow cheese. If he still had eyes, he would've wept. After his lament, Artur continued on, determined to find the way out of this maze.

There was a rustle of wind around one hallway that whipped his robe back and almost put out the small fire in his palm. He had found it! Quickening his pace, he walked up the inclining hallway. At the end, the entrance was almost completely covered in sand, save a three foot hole. Artur had to crawl on his hands and knees to get through the opening, and looked around in despair at the scene before him. Ruins. What was once a sacred academy to the magic arts now lay almost completely buried in the sand of the desert. How could this happen, was he really gone this long? He was bewildered at the notion of what year it must be, for erosion of this magnitude to occur. Where was his people? Surely they hadn't all died out.

Pulling the hood onto his skull, he walked into the desert heading to the where the borderlands used to be. He had to find a way to answer at least some of his questions. He had to know what had become of his homeland, and his house. He had to figure out what he was going to do about what he is.

I'll have my post ready by tomorrow afternoon, sorry for the delay.
Sleep paralysis sucks, but I have some tricks for those that share my plight. In my experience it's always happened while I was sleeping on my back, and after a while of striving to sleep on my sides I can say I haven't had an episode. Also, when you find yourself in that state of paralysis, attempt to wiggle your toes. Doing that has broken me out of it a few times.

Anyone else here battle with sleep paralysis?
What's up. Normally I don't comment on the welcome threads because I am new myself, just wanted to say cool username.
I'm a big Forgotten Realms fan, can I join? :)

@Mind of Madness

Waiting to start. . .
That isn't my point at all, but I'm just going to move on as its clear that you generalize people way more than I do.

'Kay, sounds good to me. But just making a final post to say I'm speaking to you in those posts, hence the quoting. Straight to you :P

From what I've read into it, the head's at EA say all the loot boxes and such will be for cosmetics only.

You're welcome to disagree, but lootboxes and microtransactions are paths to disingenuous business practices. Full stop. Given I've played SWTOR and NBA2k for what seems like an eternity, I think I have some merit to my issues with it. I’m genuinely pleased Battlefront got the shit it did in the press (Jim Sterling and many others) and I’m thankful that it got EA to get their head out of their ass for five seconds. Now if only others can understand this before gamer apathy sinks them.

Also, NBA2k18 was getting shit on from about all angles for its microtransactions, so I don’t think you know what you’re talking about for once.

See, here's how I look at it. Feel free to laugh at me as much as you want (as it's clear you've already set your mind in stone) but look. A game that's not multiplayer costs the same as a MMO on a console, for the initial purchase - or at least relatively close right? Do we agree on that so far?

Okay, then what you are mad about is, the MMO team that continues to work on updates, fix errors, work on new content and expansions and a bunch of other things try to incorporate a way for them to get paid for their continued work.

But I see your point, they should do all that for free for years after the release, because you shouldn't have to pay for anything in this life. Games should be made for you free of charge. :P

Maybe they could make it to where the game costs like $120 bucks one-time-expense, and all content further on is free? That could give 'em enough momentum to continue paying the wages to support the game for a few years after the release. ***shrugs*** I dunno. Another thing is EA has kinda got a monopoly on the multiplayer industry for consoles, so maybe if another company gets their shit together we could get some competitive prices goin' on. Either way, EA isn't goin' anywhere and I look forward to Anthem still.

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