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Name: Gunner Marks
Gender: Male
Race: Dhampir
Age: 39
Ward: Dylan Alexandra Melikova

Personality: Calm, cool, collected. Doesn't really know how to have fun. He's very wrapped up in the duties of being a guardian.
Background: Gunner mother has turned Strigoi when he was very young. Had it not been for his uncle, a guardian, it was highly likely that Gunner would be dead. Due to this, he takes his job very seriously. He doesn't see glory in killing Strigoi like some of his classmates do. Although he wishes to protect Moroi from the fearsome beasts of the night, he is tormented by the images of his mother. His uncle had been unable to kill her and in the end, she ran off with him. All Gunner knows is that she is still alive.

After graduation, Gunner learnt the truth of his family's fate and fell victim to it himself. A force to be reckoned with like none before him, Gunner lives with the guilt of the damage that he created and the countless families that he destroyed like those that had taken his own from him. He works to make up for his, working as the Ward of one of the Moroi children, who happens to be his daughter as well. He protects her to ensure she never again meets the danger he created... Although, she is also the daughter of his beloved, Anna.... So, there was no way that he was ever going to keep her sheltered completely.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Serena Abatangelo
Gender: Female
Race: Dhampir
Age: 38
Ward: Sebastian Lazar

Personality: Serena is quiet and tends to keep more to herself. This is mainly due to fear of people figuring out what Moroi men did and what she allowed them to do her. She is shaky and tends to be a little jumpy, although, some of this might very well be from the withdrawal that she is now going through.

Background: Born and raised in a Dhampir commune, Serena had a... difficult childhood. Her mother was young when she had her, Serena was clearly a mistake. Her mother was a blood whore, through and through, and Serena could never really get over that. Although, that could have been due to the fact that from a young age her mother allowed her Moroi father to drink from her. Well, maybe she didn't let him but she surely didn't stop him either. Nor did she stop anyone else. Realizing her own addiction and seeing the women around her, who had practically come dependent one the endorphins from Moroi bites, Serena decided it was time to leave.

Although she attended a school not far from the commune year-round, Serena applied to St. Vladimir's. She felt as though this was the one way to escape the only future she saw for herself. She still bears the scars from her years at the commune and hides them under her long brown hair. Now, she intends to keep her secret while training to be a guardian as an escape... For now.

Serena's final year of school was a bit strange, including running away from home in Italy, making new friends, dying, being brought back from death by her spirit wielding Moroi boyfriend, being confronted by her father, going manic addict on her friends, and actually managing to graduate as one of the top students of her class. Despite offers, Serena decided to stay with Sebastian, which wasn't a hard decision to make. Their life over the last few years had been good. Serena was less antsy about her past, even managed to take down a few Strigoi without dying. Although, sometimes it was hard to tell who the Guardian was, with how protective Sebastian got. Ultimately, he had been the best thing to happen to her.

She now wears her hair in a ponytail from time to time that often worries those who do not know about what all she has been through. Mainly Sebastian's family, with whom they have cut all ties, except for his sister. However, she likes the thought that her weakest moments lie with her strongest, the molnija marks that show how many Strigoi she's killed and are tattooed to a small piece of unscarred skin at the back of her neck, spilling out onto her upper back.
Zelia looked at Ryzo as he asked her if it was wise of her to release him from his own magical prison. She cocked her own eyebrow in response, "It would be foolish not to. I don't trust you and we aren't friends but I also don't know what is out there. My magic is versatile but it pairs best with others magic," She looked at him, tilting her head slightly to the side, "I am not naive. If I felt it were wise, I would keep the collar on you. But I am not thoughtless enough to think that my powers alone will get us out of here."

The rock flew around him and then with one clean thwack, hit his collar with more force than Ryzo himself could have supplied. The collar fell to the ground. Not giving him a chance to attempt to convince her otherwise. His collar fell to the ground and she tossed the rock to the side. Her eyes were cold when she looked at him, "Let's find our way out of here."

~ ~ ~

Flynn gave his friend a soft smile, "I just want them to be safe," He said quietly when Trex said they would get him the keys.

He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, "So long as they end up in the hands of anyone who will treat them right, I'll be happy... I just know that I will."

He shook his head and laughed, "But let's not think about any of that until Zelia is back."

Flynn leaned back in his seat and stared out the window. They were heading north, the blue key was there somewhere. Hiding away. He wondered if keys that weren't found were ever scared of who they might be found by. He thought that he might be. After all, he had seen the way some spirits were treated by their wizards. Suddenly, there was a weight on his lap. He looked down to see Pea and groaned, "Why does this keep happening?" He wrapped his arms around the small spirit, knowing that she had come because she knew he was worried.

She hugged him, ignoring the groan, knowing that it wasn't because of her but because of the confusion. Flynn held her against his chest as though she were is child and rested his chin on her head.
Zelia looked at Ryzo when he told her to lie down and nodded her head. She lowered herself to the ground and laid on her stomach, after all a rock hitting the back of her neck would be less damaging than hitting the front of her neck. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "Go for it."

She felt the thunking of the rock against the collar and furrowed her eyebrows. There would still probably be a bruised from the collar impacting against her skin but it was worth it when she heard the crack. Her eyes snapped open and with a few more thwacks she felt it loosen around her neck all together. She waited for Ryzo to finish before she moved to sit back up and pulled the loose collar away with ease. She looked at Ryzo and grinned, "It worked..." She waited a moment before she looked back at her hands where the collar lay and then it was floating. She laughed a little before she moved her hands and it shot across the room and slammed into the wall. God it felt so good to have her magic back. She wasn't as dependent on it as some people were but it had felt like she lost a limp. She looked at Ryzo and the rock that was in his hand floated into the air, "Let's get that off of you."

~ ~ ~

Flynn leaned against the window on the train, watching the trees race by as they sped toward the north. He looked at Trex when he asked what they had been doing. He shrugged, "We did our best to help out but with Skye being..." He hesitated to finish the rest of the sentence. Sure, the war was over but the fear of foreigners wasn't gone just like that, "We couldn't exactly join the army and I wasn't about to leave our Skye all alone," He grinned at her, "So we travelled with Lucy around Fiore, heading to places that were attacked and helped rebuild. We saw some pretty amazing places, got to do some research along the way... but the whole colour key hunt was put on hold for the meantime."
As Ryzo brushed her hair aside she gathered it over her shoulder and in her hands. Allowing Ryzo to get a better look at the collar that she wore around her neck against her will without her hair falling back in the way of his view. She stared intently at the ground. It was weird... standing this close to him. Zelia, although a very friendly and open person did not allow many people into her personal space. She could think of only one person she would continually welcome to stand as close to her as they stood now... and she didn't believe he reciprocated those feelings... This, however, never effected that relationship.

She looked over her shoulder at Ryzo as he suggested that she attempt to bash his collar off of his neck with a nearby rock. She crouched down and picked up, looking it over for a moment, a small smile playing on her lips as requested that she not hit him in the neck, "It's tempting," She teased before she held out the rock to him, "You are stronger and my magic is versatile. If this is going to work, you are going to have a better shot at pulling it off. Your strength and angle will be a great asset compared to my own strength and height," She pursed her lips, "I said I would trust you... So I'm trusting you not to hit me in the neck."

Zelia took a deep breath before she once again pulled her hair over her shoulder and closed her eyes, awaiting the blow that would hopefully damage this collar enough to at least use her magic.

~ ~ ~

Flynn shrugged, his cheeks turning a little red, "Yea... She's great... She's been helping me figure out all the weird stuff that's been happening with my keys. Spirits just popping up out of no where... It's been wild, man.. You've missed a lot," He wrapped his arm around Trex's shoulder and pulled him into his body, "We've missed you a lot."

He looked over at Skye and gave her a smile. He enjoyed the time during the war that he got to spend with her. Getting to know her and her quirks a little bit more. In some cases, she was still a mystery but Flynn no longer felt like he was forcing a friendship upon her. It felt reciprocated now. He released Trex and nodded his head, "That sounds like good a plan as any... Is there anyone we can contact to track down which infirmary location she was at? I know the North got hit pretty hard so they set up a few bases along the border."
Zelia stood when Ryzo mentioned them needing to locate the entrance of the air that was keeping the air fresher than it should have been. She took a deep breath before she stood, her legs seemed shaky but they held as she walked over to the water that dripped down from the roof. She held her hand under it, there was a decent flow that ran over her fingers, pulling the dirt away from her skin. She gazed up at where it was trickling down from before she glanced back at Ryzo, “This water is coming from somewhere… If we follow it… we might find the surface… or drown”

Zelia reached up and touched the dirt and pursed her lips. The frustrating part that with her magic, she could have pulled that dirt apart no issue. That was her favourite thing about telekinesis, it was so adaptable. It worked so great with her team as well… She felt a small prick of tears in her eyes. God, she missed them all so much. Even Skye, who she hadn’t known nearly as long as Flynn and Trex… She wanted to get out here to see them again. She had to see them again. But crying about that wouldn’t make that happen. She needed to be stronger than she had probably ever been just so that that could happen. When she was with them, then she could break down with them in her arms. Successfully holding back the tears, Zelia looked at Ryzo, “I just know how we plan on being able to dig through anything… Or how we are going to be able to crawl out through that,” She grabbed the collar that rested on her neck, “If we could find a way to get these pesky collars off… We might be able to get out of here alive…”


Lucy gave Trex a small smile when he hoped that he own team had returned safely. She slowly slid out of the booth and nodded her head, “I’m more worried about the places that they all have been over them,” She gave a small chuckle before she pulled her own bag over her shoulder, a bag packed just in case. She placed her had on Flynn’s shoulder and kissed him, “Be safe… Bring her back.”

She looked over her shoulder at the rest of them and nodded to them all before giving a warm farewell and heading over to another table of survivors. Flynn watched her walk away for a moment before he looked back at the rest of the group. He rested his hands on his backpack straps and smiled at them, “Alright, where do we begin?”
Zelia stared at Ryzo for a long moment, "My apologies if I find it a little harder to just set those feelings aside. I didn't do anything to you and yet..." She took a long and deep breath, "But that doesn't mean I can't work with you," She gently put her own hand in his, "Don't make me regret this."


Flynn smiled when Trex seemed to perk up slightly, clearly very happy to be active in the search for their friend. It didn't surprise Flynn in the slightest. He too was happy to get going and hopefully get closer to fully reuniting their group and he didn't have any confusing semi romantic feelings for their friend. Not that Trex would admit it... Although... Maybe after all of this, he might stop taking the fact that Zelia was always there for granted... One day she wouldn't be, hopefully it wasn't this soon.

Flynn looked at Lucy when Trex asked if they were ready to go and kissed her cheek, "We'll be back with Zelia soon."

Similar to Skye, as Flynn stood he pulled his bag out from under the table and pulled it over his shoulder, "What? You don't think you are the only who just arrived."

Lucy laughed a little at her boyfriend's expense, "We've been here for a few days, he has just kept his bag with him in case he heard anything and needed to go and save the day. He's been worried about all of you."

Flynn pursed his lips and shrugged, "What can I say... I care about you guys..."
"Or," Flynn interjected, he was all about encouraging his friends to comfort each other. Especially Skye, that was new for her. It was a good thing, showed her progress... But he wasn't about putting a timeline on checking in on a friend who had been awol, "Considering we haven't heard from her in far too long... And as much as I want to believe that she is just taking her sweet time being the absolute sweetest and building house and stitching people... She's been gone for three weeks. Let's check in now. Either they tell us that they sent her home long enough ago that we really start to worry and create a search party and comb the borders for her... Or they say that she is on her way and is currently nursing baby sheep back to health on a farm that Natsu destroyed," Flynn looked between his friends, "Anyway, we find out what we need to know and we spring into action if we need to. Cause if she's alive but not safe... She might not... have those couple days..." Flynn said, his face fallen. Flynn liked being the light of every room, the comedic relief in every conversation, it was clear that this conversation was hard for him. He couldn't bring himself to make it fun. It wasn't fun. Their friend was missing. Maybe dead.

He couldn't just wait and hope she would walk in the door without at least asking someone when to expect her.


Zelia looked at the map, she was slightly impressed by Ryzo's ability to nearly perfectly map out the entire country and the borders of the neighbouring ones... Not that she was going to tell him that. He was still an awful person. She caught his slip up that he tried to gloss over. Looking. Looking. Looking for what? "Waas Forest," She said, her voice hoarse.. She chuckled a little, "Still on the hunt, hey. How long did it take you to figure that one out? Flynn knew... Months ago... Before the war ago," a small spark of the old Zelia seemed to light up her eye. Sure, maybe antagonizing the guy who had just given you food and was possibly your only way out of here wasn't the best idea... But he deserved to have the fact that he was too late rubbed in his face. Yet again, Flynn had beaten them to the punch.

She reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out a letter, there was blood on it. It was clear that Zelia had been reading it whilst she was stuck her, "Blue," She read, "You should see how blue she is," She looked over at Ryzo, "If that's what brought you to the forest... If that's what got you stuck here..." she laughed a little, "I'm going to call that sweet karma for everything you've done," She looked him in the eye, her laughter dying down. A more serious tone washing over her, "Maybe... You can make up for everything you've done. I don't know how... but I don't intend on staying her. Never have intended on staying. I want to get back to my team... My family."

She reached out and carefully placed a hand on the wrist that held his book and looked at the pages... Remembering a different time he had shared the contents of the pad with her, "You know... I don't know if when we first met... You were playing... If that was all planned. If was... everything I'm about to say, is useless. As empty as what you made up... But if it wasn't. Then... You don't seem like a bad guy Ryzo. Just with the wrong people..." She watched him for a moment before releasing his hand and pulling back, "Honestly, you all seem like you hate each other. So I don't even really know why you are a team to begin with."

She sighed and stared up at the ceiling, "I guess what I'm rambling about is... I want to get out of here," She glanced over at him again, "But I'm probably going to need your help... Do you want to be a good guy for a change?"
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Bexley Leahy

Location: The Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With: Simon @Ghost Shadow, Erin, Syleste @Vicier, Michael, Niesha, Pierre @Caits, Deon @YoshiSkittlez.

Bexley sat there as the people around her talked not too enthusiastic to join the conversation. Especially not the lecture that Simon had been about to give her before the children of Athena cut him off. She listened as her eyes were on the tower but only partially just in case there was a window to add something. There rarely was. Bexley didn't often feel the need to insert unnecessary information. Besides, everything that was happening in that moment around them seemed far more interesting. First, there seemed to be a tie at the top of the tower... That being said it was the two people that seemed to be the only contenders for anything in that camp.. So as interesting as it was, it wasn't as interesting as it could have been. Then there was the real reason the entire camp had gathered around. The announcement that everyone had been trying to figure out what it was about to no avail. The details about what Chiron and Dionysus had to say had been kept under lock and key from the moment they had told everyone to be here...

She sat quietly as they accused, for the gods, yet another camper of stealing an item from the gods... When were they going to realize that blind accusations were often incredibly wrong. She rested her elbows on her legs before placing her chin in her hands and watched as the events unfolded from the first accusation to the jeerings from the Ares cabin. She thought about it for a moment before she raised her voice slightly, adding to Neisha's own comments toward the bullying that was taking place, "You do understand that you are technically defending him... right? As much as it is veiled in mockery... You are saying he couldn't have possibly done it."

She watched them for a moment longer, almost in a daring way. She had no telling expression on her face, none of worry or threat, but she just stared. It was a stare she had often used on thugs in the street that tried to scare her off from a particularly nice alleyway, one that didn't have the usual smell of piss. They had often found it unsettling. She didn't have much intention to unsettle or scare the Ares cabin, she had a feeling that that would be something difficult to do. However, she did have the intention of inform them that she was neither scared nor unsettled by them. She turned her gaze off of them to look at Neisha and gave the girl a nod, simply acknowledging her. A silent, possibly unneeded, praise for sticking it to the cabin that most wouldn't dare anger. She turned her gaze back to Alan, watching him trying to rack his brain. It seemed like this summer, if not the next few, were going to be a whirlwind for him. Finally, she turned to the new figure that had arrived moments before and gave him a curt nod, "Hi."

Bexley Leahy

Location: The Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With: Simon, Erin, Syleste, Michael, Niesha.

Bexley sauntered up to the crowd of people that were surrounding the obstacle course in the seeming ritual of the camp. The Obstacle Tower, one of many challenges in this camp that pit camper against camper for entertain of others with the very real stake of severe injury. Bexley had partaken in the whole shebang a couple of times, usually managing to scale a large portion of it prior to being knocked down or managing to stay on just long enough for Ky'vie to win. Now, Bexley wasn't a sore loser but something about someone being undefeated for years kind of took the fun out of trying at all.

She adjusted her hood as she watched people get flung about and the children of Apollo race about to pick them up and deal with whatever mess of injury the person had. She wondered what it felt like to have that kind of obligation to the campers around you, chasing after them just so you could bandage them up so they could turn around and run back into battle. Ultimately, it was probably a good trait and a valuable skill but Bexley would be lying if she said she wished she had it. She turned away from the tower and walked over to a group of spectators. Erin Marie Chase, daughter of Hades was among them... Erin was probably currently the closest thing that Bexley had to a friend. When Bex arrived Erin was, begrudgingly, assigned to teaching Bexley to read. This relationship didn't exactly make them the best of friends, as they each had their frustrations with the other, but it was safe to say that if anyone tried to mess with one of them the other would probably be there to kick their ass. She slid into an open spot next to Erin with little greeting to anyone as she caught the end of the passing conversation. She looked at Simon, "Is it really odd to see them here when we were all instructed to be here?" She held her gaze on him for a moment before she turned her attention back to the obstacle course in time to see Ky'vie summit the tower.

Bexley pursed her lips, puffing her cheeks out slightly, as she watched. To be honest, Bexley was kind of hoping someone would have ended the winning streak of Ky'vie, not because of any disdain toward the girl. In fact, Bex was inspired by how hard Ky'vie worked and would be quick to admit that she was a little in awe of the older girl. However, her winning yet again had been expected and Bexley had been hoping for something a little more interesting this time around. Oh well really, she thought as she drummed her hands against her thighs, releasing the air from her cheeks. Maybe, just maybe, the coming announcement would prove to be a little more shocking.

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