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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I'm willing to fix anything you have an issue with!
I'll have a sheet finished by the end of the weekend!
Hi! My name is Tune, and I've returned from a long break to roleplay again.

I'm looking for an anime roleplay (or two!). Slice of life, fantasy, sci-fi--you name it!

All I ask is that you follow these rules:
- No forced romance! Let things develop on their own if it must be included.
- Don't hound me for posts! I'll try to post once per week, at least.
- No canon characters! I'm not a good canon character RPer.
- Post a few paragraphs per reply! I'll do the same.
- No icky smut! I'm 18+, but it's nasty!

If you're interested and have an idea that you want to roleplay, leave a message in this thread or send me a PM, please!
Will try to have a post up in the next few days.
Should we make one post for NPCs, or should we make separate posts for each of them?
I went ahead and made a few NPCs to use in the future, though since I didn't mention their names in the post, I'll do it here in case they need mentioning in the future. I imagine Arye might have a few squad mates of his own, too, unless he's going in alone.

Blair Laflamme - silver-haired glasses guy.
Isaias Moffitt - fiery, talkative kid who has trouble shutting up.
Elwood Calloway - quiet, bookish green-haired nerd.
Catheryn Vetter - brown-haired woman who tends to be team mom.
Stepping outside an elevator, Nephinae found her way to the hangar bay in a matter of minutes. A few steps ahead was her ride down to the planet, a large boxy-like spacecraft, hastily attended to mechanics and other personnel as they finished last minute preparations. Most would've not spared it a second glance, yet to the young Tal'jin, her eyes were lit like a child receiving a present. The acute shape was much unlike anything Nephinae had seen before, especially when compared to the rounded appearance of Tal'jini craft. Eager to learn how the spacecraft flew, Nephinae approached a nearby mechanic before suddenly being pulled back away from the crowd.

"Ah, there you are."

Turning around, Nephinae came face to face with a silver-haired man with glasses, who seemed to be quite taller than the Tal'jin. His expression radiated with warmth, with a grin from ear to ear.

"You must be Nephinae, correct? Since we're going to be a part of the same research team, we all wanted to get to know you, but we never could seem to catch you." The man replied, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. Truly, behind him stood a group of three, each with their own individual traits—an innocent-looking green-haired man who simply nodded at the constant babble of a fiery, extroverted kid, and a gentle woman who met the Tal'jin's gaze with a smile and a wave.

As if on cue, Nephinae flourished with red, clearly embarrassed. "A-Ah, my apologies." She spoke with a smile. "My curiosity tends to get the better of me."

"Happens to the best of us." The man responded in jest, having roused a slight chuckle from him. With his thumb, he pointed to where a row of gear had been carefully organized. "There is a space suit for you over there. Once you get settled in, I'm sure there'll be time for some chitchat for curious minds like us before our security detail gets here. Sound good?"

There was little to no hesitation between his comment and Nephinae darting off. "I-I'll be right back!" The Tal'jin exclaimed, wondering what she might learn from intellectuals like her fellow teammates. The quest for knowledge could never end, after all.
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