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The following sheets are accepted, provided the issues are resolved.

--Could you resize her FC so that it isn't so huge?
--Would like to hear more about her time post-outbreak.

@Salty Spitoon
--FC is kind of huge, so I'd ask you to resize it.
--Interested in hearing more about how she received her shoulder injury.

--Main complaint is with the FC being a tad big and could use some resizing.

--As said previously, the FC is rather large and I'd prefer if it was resized somewhat.


--Been thinking and figured that it would be important that the squad would have some sort of communication devices, such as the radio Spicy mentioned in their character sheet. Feel free to add a radio or some kind of headset device to your sheet.

On another note, I'm going to wait some more time for sheets to come in because of Thanksgiving before I decide to start the IC. I hope you all understand.

Badass Lady Squad: ASSEMBLE!

I did have an idea for some background fluff for the squad to be nicknamed the Valkyries since people are deciding to make females.
Well, I'm back for good.

I'll need a day or two to get settled back in and catch up on what I missed, but I'll see about getting this rolling soon.
Sorry about that. Currently without internet and just had a chance to check in. Hopefully I'll be back soon if you all plan to stick around for the long haul.

Plot Information
It has been five years since the dead took over, bringing the end of the world with them.

Though the majority of humanity has died off or joined the ranks of the unliving, some of those that have survived through the thick of the apocalypse have chosen to put down their weapons and join forces with other encampments and groups at the ushering of Scott E. Willis, a former politician from Michigan. Whilst his cancer would inevitably claim him, the coalition he had created would change the landscape of the apocalypse forever. No longer were people squabbling over dwindling resources, but instead working together as a team to rebuild a semblance of civilized society.

It wasn't never going to be perfect—there were still bandits and the undead to deal with, of course—but Willis' efforts ultimately saved lives that would've been lost without change. People had food to eat, friends to keep them from going crazy, and safe shelters to live in away from the dead and the crazy.

The job is never done, however, and there is much more to accomplish. Taking on the role of a Ranger, aptly named after the medieval guardians they were, your goal is to help the community in any way you can. Whether that means helping with repairs, scavenging for supplies, or even clearing out the undead, your hands get dirty so what's left of the world can stay clean. It's a risky job for anyone, and death may always be around the corner, but a full stomach and festivals surely beats huddling in a cold, abandoned house.

Are you ready to heed the call?

OOC Information
  • This RP will be primarily set in the settlement of Wolfwater named not only for the encampment's proximity to Lake Michigan, but also due to a growing population of gray wolves nearby. Characters may be from other settlements, but the main hub of events in this roleplay will be in Wolfwater.

  • Characters must be in line with realism and a good fit for a group. For example, characters with katanas or a full set of military gear probably wouldn't fit here just as much as lone wolves or edgelords would.

  • Zombie culture is a thing in this universe. As for the zombies, though, they will be no more than what we see with The Walking Dead. Slow shamblers that are typically easy to handle alone, but dangerous in large groups or herds.

  • One three paragraph+ post at least once per week is considered acceptable. Anyone who doesn't post in the IC or mention an absence in the OOC in that time span will be given a week to respond before their character is considered a disposable NPC to either be placed in the background or killed off.

  • Please remember that we're here to have fun! Don't ruin it by godmodding with your character or being a pain in the butt in the OOC. GM's word is final!

Character Sheet
I'm interested, but what is the overall plot? Is it going to be primarily up to us as the participants to drive the narrative or do you have something going on behind the scenes? Not that it really matters either way I'm just being nosy.

I have a plan for the plot, but I don't want to reveal anything just yet until it needs to be revealed in the IC.
I would love to do this if I could use my self-proclaimed king of the apocalypse DJ Skully

Depends on if he ends up being a good fit for this roleplay.

Interested! I've been craving to do some zombie RP for a while now.
If there is an option to double up characters I would gladly do it too.

Not sure if I want people to double, but I appreciate the interest!
How many are you trying to get?

Preferably 8-10, probably?
I'm interested. What are the limits and rules of the role play? Do you have a character sheet or format that you'd like for us to follow?

Limits are what guild rules allows, so no extreme gore, any possible smut in PMs, etc. Otherwise, the rest of the rules are stated above.

Character sheet will be given out once enough interest is shown for an OOC.
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