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1 day ago
Current school finally done with, got the food i need for my diet change and just saw the new lion king.......hell yeah babey


i was referring to the present in past tense
it was the only way that i could survive it
i want to close my head in the car door
i want to sing this song like i'm dying

heavy boots on my throat, i need
i need something soon i need something soon
i can't talk to my folks, i need
i need something soon i need something soon
all of my fingers are froze, i need
i need something soon i need something soon
only one change of clothes, i need
i need something soon i need something soon
my head is my head is my head is
sinéad 15 homosexual she/her
virgo isfp-t

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In OBLIVION 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Now that I think about it I've applied for a few RPs now, so I'm actually gonna pull out of this one. Will be reading as you guys go though :)

Fine by me, have fun in your future endeavours. you did steal the 69th post so for that i will be holding a grudge

If my computer doesn't die from the amount of tabs open, I will be going through people's sheets and vetting players to formulate an idea of who I'll be accepting. Don't worry if you haven't yet completed your sheet, applications will close officially at midnight, GMT. I'll be willing to look at a late sheet provided it's posted within an hour of this time and that you drop me a PM so I'm aware. I'm being extremely lenient with this but I want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity because I understand lives get busy, as mine was lately.
In OBLIVION 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm not used to code so I'm struggling to fill out the Cs ^^''

Like verzehren said, just PM either of us. I also don't mind if you PM me just the coded information for each section without coding so I can then insert it in for you.

There's been a lot of radio silence on my end, for that I apologise, but I have been looking through sheets as they come. Today is the deadline, but it's 6am right now and I'm gonna be out doing stuff for around 8 hours, and I'm able to stay up late should anyone need the whole day to finish their sheets. Plus, the whole timezones thing. I'm GMT so I'm probably quite a bit ahead of some of you.

Once applications have been reviewed and the select few players have been accepted, expect things to shift gears a lot. I'll have a lot of free time on my schedule to really interact and build up this story with you guys. The IC won't come straight away, as first we'll need to have a discussion about preferred posting speed and established relationships between the group, et cetera.

I might try contacting those who haven't migrated over from the interest check to see where they're at, but I'm quite happy with the quantity and quality of applications here.
In OBLIVION 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I forgot that more magical and supernatural leaning abilities were open to us..... I'm hesitant to move forward with the two i have now since they're on the more scientific supernatural kind, not fantasy.

Alternatively, I may make a third just so it's more even option wise....

I'd actually prefer if you moved forward with the more scientific powers, so we had a nice mix. Not a requirement but you don't need to add anything more to your plate for no reason.
In OBLIVION 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
It’s a fight to the death basically

And I get to sit here eating the popcorn.
In OBLIVION 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@WanderingSpirit What Severance said. Application deadline isn't until the 19th, so feel free to apply.
In OBLIVION 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@hawkinsI understand, would it still be okay to apply with two and only one be accepted? I'm enjoying where I have the two characters now, and while I am leaning towards one versus the other that may change. Also, I suppose there's no harm in asking.

I don't have discord so this is really the fastest way for me.

Yeah, I'm fine with you giving me two to choose from.
In OBLIVION 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm not the type of person to really stress about male/female ratios, if it helps anyone my character will be female when I'm finally done with her. There's also another female character from another player that I'm aware of.

With that in mind, would it be possible to apply with two characters? and is it possible that they can both be accepted?

Right now, I can't say I'm comfortable with that. It's a small group as-is so I don't want multiple spots taken up by the same player.

What are the sports that were present in Ritman High when our characters were in High School, or are we free to make one up necessary?

Feel free to make them up. I can discuss any changes with you if need be. Same goes for everyone.

My discord is sin#0278 if anyone wants to hit me up on there, I feel it encourages faster conversation than PMs. Like I said, won't be making a dedicated server for this thing until after July 19th, and after everyone has confirmed they can access it. You can always hit me up in PMs if not.
In OBLIVION 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Mercenary Lord Don't worry, the gif thing isn't a dealbreaker.

As for the whole powers thing, I won't tell you which idea to use, but I will say maybe don't combine the two. It would be, essentially, the equivalent of just having 2 powers, unless you could find a way to explain how talking to machines is related to astral projection through sleep.
In OBLIVION 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Quick questions:

How big is Ritman High?

The building itself is roughly 9,500m² (metres, not miles), and in 2012 their enrollment was 498 students. There is an added 7,800m² from their football/sports field. An estimate of the entire school grounds would be 70,500m², which includes various external facilities.

Are they in the class A bracket for sports?

They teetered between class A and class B, but just managed to scrape class A.

And do they have the stereotypical high school setting with the different cliques and hierarchy?

Oh, definitely. Not as exaggerated as others you might've seen, I'd say (certainly no pet names for each clique like Mean Girls), but c'mon—they were teenagers. You had the people you'd hang with and the people you didn't hang with, and they all had their own stereotype.
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