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2 hrs ago
Current holdin a gun to my head, so send me an angel. or bury me deeply instead, with demons to lean on.



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@Altered Tundra damn it does
gender ratios are stupid, go for a gorl
<Snipped quote by hawkins>

I can cook the fuck out of some soul food we eatin some hoppin' john and cornbread

i dont know what you just said but fuck it. ima eat anyway
I'm happily quitting this site in general. So good luck to your group. I'm looking for a more skilled role playing area with people that are actually fun. :)

ok boomer
so what you're telling me is rpg got chefs up in here
because you're all depressed pieces of shit who need to start being nice to each other and yourselves

yeah i know the gush thread exists but that's for roleplay milestones. this one you can generally chat amongst yourselves. think of it as a hangout thread

— standard guild rules
— if you come in and be intentionally edgy/depressing for the memes you're not funny
— can be related to any topic. if you're happy about something you did at work, write about that. if you're happy about a win in a game, write about that. you can write about roleplay related stuff too, though i will say please go to the gush thread if it's to commemorate something in a roleplay. i don't want that one to die.
— leave prior grievances at the door. take a weight off your shoulders
— hype each other up

to start:

i went out on the weekend for the first time in a while today, and i had a really good day because of it. i made progress on a project for school, had a good meal, had a nice conversation with someone on the discord and played siege with my friend. it feelsgoodman
high casual type beat
Chalk me down as a maybe.
(the store never shuts off its day-time shopping music and ad play-list even at night, it's a 24/7 experience).

what the fuck
my mum has been moving christmas stock onto the shop floor since september. we also went into a bodyshop store on november 1st and it was all christmas'd up and playing christmas music on repeat.

retail workers should be the new joker
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