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3 mos ago
Current I've been watching Gundam Build Fighter and now I want a mecha RP or learn how to do arena stuff for Mechas. Damn it, my cravings are all over the place.
4 mos ago
It's been ten months? Huh, college had me busier than I thought.


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<Snipped quote by Fractured>

It made me really proud and happy that you both put so much effort against him.
*smiles warmly and you both feel the warmth within both of you*

<Snipped quote by Vacare>

*steps next to you*
If none interests you, I can change the list or filter it for types of quests or postings that suits your interests!

Actually, is there any that require a mage of sorts? Perhaps help with magic? I can also help in a fight quite handily. Gio and Lily know that much.
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

If that's whatcha want! You don't have to have a home if you don't want to. There are so many new possibilities now!

I figure it's best to start small ya know? I mean, big goals are for later! One things for sure, I definitely want to study different types of magic in these multiverses... Maybe I can be a multi-mage? I don't think that's possible but I could try.

*Noct hoots at me with a sarcastic looking face*

Hey, if I wanted your opinion on whether I could be a legendary hero I would've asked you. I mean, we technically already were! Besides, that's not the point... Don't you want to know if there's any way to help you shift forms from owl to human?

*Noct's eyes widen and begin to sparkle*

... Of course that's what gets your attention...
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

But I think you still need some kinda goal for the near future!

The goal is to find a new home... I'm pretty sure... The fate of my old world is sealed. We were on our last legs against the cruel darkness... So now I just want to help people. But I have to be able to stand on my own two feet. A place to call my own. It wouldn't make much sense if I can't even do that now would it?

<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Depends on where you come from, and your dimensional status is. Seeing how you can travel to different universes, what you see on the board is a wide range of postings from a variety of universes!
*chuckles and scratches the back of my head*
I guess you can call this a guild hall, but it doesn’t have any qualifications necessary to do these jobs. Just tell me which ones you wish to do and I’ll contact the one who posted it for ya!

*I walk over towards the board and try to look for anything that I could possibly help with*
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

*Taps my forehead*
I've got it all up here. You should be able to revisit places with a little practice!

Hopefully one day.

<Snipped quote by Vacare>

*tosses you a key*
If you don’t have your teleportation down yet, use this. Open up any door with this key and you’ll arrive here!

Thanks! Oh yeah, earlier you said you post up jobs? So is this place like... An Adventurers guild? Do you have those kind of things here?
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

Do you want some kind of home? There's no rules on where you go from here.

That's true... Is there a way I'll be able to find this place again? Do you guys have some sort of interdimensional map or what not?
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

You'll both need to get your bearings on where you want to go from here eventually.

Honestly without a home, without a job, in a... What seems to be a multiverse of unknown... Bearings seem pretty difficult at the moment. Noct and I just wanna help out where we can. It seems you've both pretty much presented something of that sort to us. That being said, you're not wrong, I still need to work on getting my portals to go on target. Part of it is visualization, I can't really tell it where to go if I don't know where to go.
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Do we need to go back in once I recover?

If this is something Noct and I can help with, I'll go with you. We're no use doing nothing after all...
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Can someone swap with her?

Are you thinking of doing it yourself?
<Snipped quote by Vacare>

What's that?

Oh, so you haven't tried grilling a sandwich with fire magic before?
<Snipped quote by Ignacious>

Meat. Anything that can’t talk back.

I'll have a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
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