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@Dragonfly 9 Still waiting for that GM character!
Name: Leon Lepride
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Personality: Loud and boisterous, Leon has always been a very popular kid in school. He laughs at everything and brags about things he makes up on the spot to impress others. Underneath this veneer he's extremely insecure, however, and is afraid that other people will turn on him. Because of this he's somewhat of a bully: when other students aren't in awe of him, he tends to panic and pick on them.

Since being affected by the vial as a result being given strange were-lion powers, Leon has been something of a nervous wreck, a fact he is desperately trying to hide from everyone. He's terrified of monsters, he's terrified others will learn about his powers, and he's terrified of his own powers.

There's low on the totem pole, lower on the totem pole, and the very bottom of the totem pole. The youngest of four brothers, Leon has always been at, you guessed it, the very bottom. His siblings picked on him mercilessly growing up. In school he realized that he could be at the top, with just a dash of lies, bravado, and maybe the occasional throwing-a-kid's-library-book-off-a-bridge. He soared to the dizzying heights of high school cliques.

Unfortunately, that success hasn't quite been matched in other fields. Academically, he's a disaster, not so much because he isn't intelligent but because he can never really sit down and study. Not to mention that grades are for losers. As for sports, he backed off both baseball and soccer when he realized that everyone would make fun of him if he lost or played badly.

While walking home one night from a friend's place, he ran into a monster from Grimm, and barely escaped alive by consuming a vial of who-knows-what and turning into a monster himself. He is currently in complete denial about everything that has and is continuing to happen to him.

Potential Quirks:
* While he has a well deserved reputation for being a self absorbed jerk, Leon isn't actually trying to hurt anyone, and he'd never abandon a friend in need.
* He is completely incapable of standing still for more than five minutes.
* He is a surprisingly good cook, although he'd never tell anyone that.
* If you ever see Leon in his monster form, remember: He's more afraid of you than you are of him.

Abilities: Leon is strangely strong for a kid his age, and while he hasn't had to find out yet, he can take a beating that would shatter the ribs of most of his classmates.

Recently, he's grown some slight fangs. Probably nothing to worry about.

Powers: Now you're making me angry! (Ontheotherhandyoulookprettyscarydowereallyhavetofightiactuallygottago...)

Leon can shift into his hero form, a massive were-lion creature, gaining incredible strength, razor sharp claws, and a hide that is extremely resistant to physical damage.

Fairy Tale of Inspiration: The cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz
But he’s an animal though.

This is a no singing zone!
Seems interesting! I dunno if the Wizard of Oz counts as a fairy tale, but here we go...

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