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Woops, I didn't see that hider.

Looks good. Just a question: Are the Daybreaks still around, or was her mother the last one?
@Vahir How many people are you hoping to have before the IC starts?

We have enough I think. I'll wait until this crop of joiners make their sheets, and then we can start the IC.
Alright, I am making a character. However, I have no idea what the station for my character should be listed as. So, I shall tell you guys who/what they are, and hopefully one of you can help.

Here goes, her mother isn't really important, but her father was a younger brother of Lord Edwyle who left when his brother became Lord of Castle Tarrow. He his his identity and reappeared only on special occasions so that they knew he was still alive but disappearing when no one was paying attention. Skip to my character the daughter of this man who comes to Castle Tarrow with a letter from her father after his death with information that proves her identity. After that it'd be whatever Lord Leoric chooses to do with her. I just don't know what to do for her station.

I would put her as a commoner until Leoric decides IC whether she's really a Cade or just an opportunistic imposter.
I think so. He said his CS is changeable depending on who makes what character. Though I would have to rethink my character plotline. lol Go for it.


So my thought is that Leoric left Ser Raymun to be castellan at Castle Tarrow while he was gone. Thoughts on that?
Nice sheet, I like the formatting. You can put that into the character tab. One detail I'm unsure about is the recent marriage. Leoric's been off fighting in the war for a few months now; the RP will kick off with him coming back to Castle Tarrow for the first time in a while. If you want them to have been recently married, how about that they haven't been wed yet? She could have arrived for the marriage not long ago, while Leoric was away, and she meets him for the first time at the start of the RP? That or they've been married for at least a year.

By the by, can I just say that you guys have done a bang up job in character creation? Yes, yes I can, because I'm the GM. Internet cookies for everyone.

All Done ! Check it out! @Vahir

Also if you're looking for more players, I'd try posting a new fresh Interest Check.

Well, I'll take the suggestion halfway and refresh the IC, but I don't want to make a new one just for the fresh tag. That feels like a scummy thing to do.

For newcomers: This is still going on, and we haven't started yet. There's still time for more joiners.
Sorry for the late response, tuesdays are nuts for me.

Ok so lord Leoric has no daughters or wife. But it does say - [SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON PLAYER CHARACTERS].

So @Vahir how do you feel about a daughter? Or a new wife? It's up to you. I have other ideas but these are my top two.

Yup, feel free to play as any relative, daughter or wife included. The idea really is for us to collaboratively build up the House. I'll edit his sheet as needed.

Is this happening though? Now that I look at it Vahir has not been on for 24 hours and his last post in this thread was 5 days ago?

Mea culpa. Time's a precious commodity; I usually try to get back to people in 24 hours.
I'm working on the opening of the IC. I think I'll wait for a few more people to join before putting it up, however.

Looking great guys! You can post those on the character tab.
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