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Current asdljlfasd My computer just crashed on me. I was almost done with that post. Almost. Now I have to start over. *cries*
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Eeeek, apologies to everyone for being so slow. My last thing keeping me busy will be over tomorrow, so then I will get on those CSs.
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I have a birthday, a test, and an interview coming up in the next few days. I'm dreading the birthday, test, and interview. Whoo.
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Canadian mosquitoes are vicious. That's all I'm saying.
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Away from Thursday till Sunday~


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Chris | Sophia

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. 𝟚𝟠, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / 𝔹𝕒𝕝𝕕 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕕 π•€π•€π•π•’π•Ÿπ•• / / β„€π•™π•’π•Ÿπ•˜'𝕀 𝔼𝕀π•₯𝕒π•₯𝕖 / / πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜
Sophia was out of practice. Though she had been trying to practice once in a while, with everything that had happened since becoming a subnatural she hadn't really felt like it. Now, however, she had returned to the piano with hopes that it would help her relax and keep her from thinking too much.

Without notes to look at, Sophia's playing was riddled with mistakes as she stumbled through different pieces, slowly recalling what she had learned. She tried to think just of the music, nothing else. Not of the conversations she had had the past weekend. Not of Wisford, not of D.C. Not of her newly found advances to her power. Not of death, and blood, and death.

Slowly, she did manage to relax, focusing on which note came next, recalling each movement from the back of her mind. After feeling sufficiently warmed up, she at last switched to a piece that she had finished learning just that August. Though she stumbled a few times, Sophia kept playing, swaying slightly on the bench as she kept her gaze fixed on the keys.

The white haired arbiter Chris entered the music room with the intentions of distraction through music. He had expected to play in privacy but to his dismay another fellow mage had already started on the grand instrument. He hadn't talked to her before, but that didn't dismay him.

"A bit sloppy there." Chris commented with his usual scowl as he observed the fingers that had been playing away on the ivory keys with their occassional stumble. "I suppose thats why you're practicing then." He had muttered to himself before standing away to the side, more so to wait his turn then to continue a conversation.

The last thing Sophia had been expecting was for someone to march in unannounced while she was playing and make some comment. The girl jolted on the bench, head snapping towards the door to see... uh, was it Chris? She hadn't talked to him, but names tended to get thrown around enough for a bystander to pick them up. The dragon, right? A flush rose quickly to her cheeks when she processed what he had said, turning a bit to face him. "Obviously." Stupid remark.

It's the first time you've spoken to him, and that's what you say? That's the first word you say to him? Her self consciousness came flooding in now that the shock had worn off, along with the dread. Another person. She had been seeing too many people. And he wasn't leaving. Which wasn't good. What had happened to being alone? But she needed to be polite. Couldn't leave a bad impression. "I'm sorry," she began quietly, cringing internally as the words left her mouth. She hated apologies, even if right now it wasn't a real apology. "You're waiting for the piano?" Impressive. That was how many words?

"Don't worry about it." He shook his head. "I'll take over whenever you feel like your ready to stop." He didn't show much malice but he certainly had to struggle a bit with being polite.

Right... so he was just going to stand there waiting until she was done? That was... uh, she didn't like it. Her jaw clenched slightly, a barely noticable action. There was no way that Sophia was going to be able to practice anything with him standing around there. She could ask him to leave, but that was rude, wasn't it? And this was a public space, after all. "Al--alright."

Sophia turned back to the piano, too aware of his precense to focus properly. Judging every note she was going to play. Still, she began the first few measures of the song again, but stopped just as the faster part was beginning. She couldn't play with him there. Facing Chris again, she frowned, hands gripping the bench. Nervous. "I..." What had she wanted to say? "How long... would you..."

He rolled his eyes. "Well if you are going to be a while I'll just go do something else." Standoffish as usual, the arbiter lowered his crossed arms into his pockets. Though he had really been in the mood to play the piano, with someone else occupying it there wasn't much else he could do. He wasn't going to force her off it.

Wait wait wait. No, she did want to be alone. She did. It was... nice of him to offer to go do something else. She should let him go. But one more sentence, because she couldn't mess up yet another encounter. Even if it was just a small little thing. Couldn't let yet another person walk away without any input from her. "Wait but... you are Chris, right?" The words were drawn out longer than they needed to be, as if she wasn't sure how to form each syllable.

A pause. He really wasn't in the mood for socializing, but the last thing he needed was to make enemies. "Yeah...and you are?" His hands retreated from his pockets to allow his arms to return into a cross. He wasn't sure if she was shy or just wasn't familiar with the language, but regardless he tried to keep his patience.

Of course he didn't know her name, did he? Hah. As if. She should have included her name with her last remark. But at least he had asked. That was a good thing, right? "Sophia." It was so awkward, him standing there with arms crossed and straight face, as if silently evaluating her every move. Swallowing hard, her fingers tightened even more as she forced out the next words with an equally forced grin. "You probably haven't-- haven't seen me around much, huh?" Brilliant remark. Point out how antisocial she was. Calm down.

"I don't exactly get around much, i guess." Chris stated as he slowly loosened up his posture. "I only know a handful of my classmates anyway....But I guess its a pleasure knowing another one." Having decided to make himself comfortable, Chris took a chair to sit on, but made sure to keep some distance.

Same here. Still, she guessed he went out and about more than she did. His next remark caused her eyebrows to shoot upwards, unable to disguise her surprise. Suddenly, she felt like laughing. Don't laugh don't laugh. She didn't laugh, but... her grin grew a bit wider and she turned her face away for a moment before she could drag it down. Perhaps it wasn't really that funny, but seriously? A pleasure? Knowing her? Knowing another person? Time to return the phrase.

"Glad we finally get to aquaint ourselves properly." A slight, flat smile to replace the grin that had been there earlier. Was it just her, or had that sentence sounded strange? Time to say something else. Because he now looked like he was planning to spend some time to talk, meaning that she had to say something. Something, something, what? "Uh..."

He shrugged. "Is this your first time playing or have you had some experience in the past?" He proceeded to make some small talk. While not his biggest hobby talking to a stranger wasn't the worse thing to waste his time with.

If she could more or less play that song correctly, she obviously had been playing for some time. But at least now Chris was helping to add to the conversation, so she didn't let herself be annoyed. How long had she been playing? Mind flew back to think about all those years past, settling on a number. "I've actually been playing for... five-- five years, I think?" A pause. "You?"

He nodded once to acknowledge her experience. "I started when I was little but I never got much chance to play until recently." He said, avoiding as much details as he could. "You're not bad at it, but I noticed there were some mistakes in your playing...." A pause. "A word of advice, when I stumble over what keys to press I found that stressing over perfection made me play worse then letting myself flow with the music." He was terrible at giving advice, much less helping others. Still he tried to give his best support he could.

Chris's answer wasn't very clear, but Sophia nodded as well anyway. Did that mean he was less advanced, or more? Depending on how much effort he had put in... she now wanted to hear him play. Especially since his criticism still had her feeling somewhat defensive. He's trying to be nice. He's trying to give advice. What Chris was saying was sort of true, but it was hard to let yourself 'flow' when you could barely remember all the notes. "Yeah. It's just... a newer piece? So..." So you don't have to defend yourself. "What do you like to play?" Sophia shifted on the bench, looking like she wanted to get up but not quite sure if she should. Show me.

Was that challenge, or did she want to see someone with possibly better talents play? He wasn't sure, but he took her offer after some hesitation. The best song he knew how to play was piano man, the same music he played in the hotel. WIth no better ideas Chris began to play the melody, the somber tone of the notes synced with his growing meloncholy expression. Like spreading butter over bread Chris recited every note in perfect rythmn and sync as he had done times before.

Sophia listened closely to Chris play, standing with a slight frown on her face. His playing wasn't bad, he was pretty good at playing the piece. Less mistakes than I made, huh? But... perhaps the song he played wasn't as complicated. She didn't think it was. When he was done, she stood silent for a moment before speaking. "Nice." So that was the kind of music he liked, she assumed. It was quite different from what she had been trying to play, wasn't it? "Thanks for... agreeing to play."

He nodded once. "Right well I won't hog the seat, you may continue." He excused himself from the piano and returned to his chair, though he didn't bother to sit this time. "Take that practice to heart and you'll be better at it soon enough." He ensured as he made his exit. "Thanks for the chat."

"Mhmm. You too." For once Sophia responded quickly, before Chris could get out of hearing. He left so suddenly she was surprised. Had she said something wrong? But he didn't seem upset, not that she could tell, so he was just being... she didn't know. Giving her space, like she had wanted. Like she had wanted. Drawing in a deep breath, she let it out slowly. At least that hadn't been too bad, though the way he phrased his comments wasn't her favorite.

Shaking her head slightly, she got back on the bench and began to practice some more.
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At least Alina was feeling cooler by the time the bus reached her stop, the air conditioning of the vehicle having done wonders for her mood. Without her black skirt and plain cream blouse sticking to her skin, she felt more ready to go home... and continue the endless grading of papers and planning of lessons. She had only been teaching for a few months, a newbie compared to some other teachers, but she was definitely sure of one thing. It wasn't easy. And she wasn't sure it ever would be.

But then, what had she been expecting? She hadn't signed up for the job so it could be easy, she had signed up because she had wanted to make a difference. Was she making a difference? With a sigh, Alina made her way to the front of the bus. Made sure to smile at the bus driver. Swiped her card and got off.

As she stepped out, the humidity hit her once more. At least it wasn't as bad as before, now that the sun was about to set. About to set. With a sinking feeling, Alina realized she had spent too long over at the school. She still had to make dinner, prepare for tomorrow, wash and iron her clothes, make sure she actually had food to last her through the week, and a whole lot more. Lately, she felt like she wasn't in control for enough of the time.

Beginning to walk the well known route back to her apartment, Alina allowed her smile to drop and her shoulders to slump, tired eyes becoming more vacant as she allowed her mind to wander. She was alone now. This section rarely had more than one or two people walking it at a time, and now it was just her.
The Honourable Linza Hailee Attwater

Linza was asleep when bells rung, snuggled down in her bed. Her thick curls were tied up as an attempt to keep them from tangling up, but it was already evident that she was going to have a hard time brushing her hair out when morning arrived. Her pale face seemed so still and peaceful in contrast to how she looked when awake, lips neutral and relaxed for once instead of smiling. When Linza slept, it was hard to wake her, so it was only the combination of Elena's yelling and the alarms that managed to get through her dreaming.

She rolled over once, but the sound wouldn't go away, persistent and loud and abrasive to her ears. She opened her eyes a few seconds later.


It was the explosion of the building just then that shook her out of her groggy state, in time to see Wren go. "Wait, Wren--" Linza began to call out, but the girl was gone. Hurriedly pushing back her covers and getting out of bed, she glanced towards Elena. Those were alarm bells. And they needed to get out. Though both of them were illusion mages and would not be able to help stop the fire, there was always the job of helping to evacuate younger, possibly panicking, students.

Linza wasn't going to waste time changing, but she slipped into her shoes and grabbed a large dark green shawl that was heaped by her bed to wrap around her shoulders. "Come on, we need to go," she said to her roommate, as she hurried out the open door without seeing if Elena followed.

There were still many students out in the hallways, and though many of them were heading in the same direction towards the nearest exit, some appeared just as dazed and groggy as Linza had been a few minutes earlier. She stopped a few times to urge those students along, but mostly even the confused ones were following the flow of people. As Linza made her way out and into the yard, she fought to push down the panic that was rising at the sight of the fire and smoke-- way too close for comfort.

But the other mages would deal with it. They would handle it. It was going to be alright.

Tearing her gaze from the bright flames, she blinked rapidly to try and clear her vision. She kept herself busy by herding students who, like her, had stopped to stare at the sight, until they reached the area where those not combating the fire stood.

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In Gift of Light 16 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Roleplay between @Dracorex and VampireOracle.

A vampire x human rp, set in Singapore.
Sophia Lemane

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. 𝟚𝟘, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / 𝔹𝕒𝕝𝕕 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕕 π•€π•€π•π•’π•Ÿπ•• / / β„€π•™π•’π•Ÿπ•˜'𝕀 𝔼𝕀π•₯𝕒π•₯𝕖 / / ~πŸšπŸ™πŸ›πŸ˜
She had drifted in and out of sleep throughout the whole ride in the APC, the events of the day having taken their toll on her. Even after sleeping a good few hours, she still felt tired. Was it really sleepiness, or just an unwillingness to wake up enough to face and sort through those past hours? Perhaps both.

Now back in her assigned and labeled room after taking a long shower to wash off the fine dust and debris that had clung to part of her body, she sank down onto the bed. Though mostly it was still exhaustion that clouded everything, there was the faint pang of hunger lying underneath. She knew she should go eat something, get some nourishment. Drink some water to alleviate the pounding in her head that came from not drinking for so many hours.

But she didn't want to walk out there again to navigate the hallways. Neither did she want to meet anyone. Or have to change out of the pajamas she had already put on and back into proper clothes. Sleep. More sleep would come first. And she didn't want to dream either.

For there was so much she could dream about. The mounds of crushed and broken buildings. The dead people. The people that had been killed by her classmates. The wounded. The monsters. The appearance of what must have been Cat's Cradle. She didn't want any of it. She wanted to go back and back until she was nothing but a little child in Arizona, too small to fully comprehend the existence of the monsters yet old enough to laugh and play. Or if that wasn't possible, back so that she would still be living with her family in New York.

But none of it was possible.

Sleep should come first. With a long exhale, she lay down, arms stretched above her.

Then she wasn't in bed anymore. She was back, back at that strange ocean that stretched out farther than she could see. Again, she was floating above it.

She still didn't understand what it meant that she was here again. Couldn't pin point why.

Everything in this scene seemed the same as last time, so far as she could tell. Except this time, she didn't feel as much awe. More of it, instead, was confusion as she observed those strong waves, realizing that yet again she wasn't allowed to come closer.

When the droplet came, she grasped it tightly, holding it until every bit had sunk into her. Would it help?
If she wouldn't have had that... vision before, Sophia might have thought that she had fallen asleep and dreamed it all. Curious, she sought for the magic that dwelled inside her, realizing that something had indeed changed. Last time she hadn't been sure if it had been a coincidence or not... but now... it was harder to say that the vision was not doing something to her power.

That something it was doing... was it good? Yes, if it could make her more useful. More helpful? Maybe even... stronger?

Yes. It had to help.


I am so glad that you decided to drop by. Please don't run away yet, I promise I don't bite... often.

Alright, so to the point. I'm looking for a roleplay partner that will hopefully stick around with me for the long term-- though of course, shorter roleplays are fine with me too! I just really want to find someone who I can get along with, someone who won't ditch after a few weeks without warning, someone who matches my ideals for roleplaying. I try not to be too picky...

Also, quick note. No smut. Please.

Romance? Sure. Smut? No.

Plots and pairings
Note: I don't do fandoms.

Here are some pairings that don't have any particular plot to go with them, so we can hash that part out together. In bold is the role I would prefer to play. That doesn't mean I absolutely won't switch, but still... preferred. If nothing is bolded, I'm fine with both! I couldn't come up with a lot, so feel free to suggest some. It's really bothering me that I can't center this hider while keeping the contents aligned to the left, please don't mention it.

Next, the plots I have thought out.

Some of these, as you will notice, seem more like a group kind of rp, except there is a sort of "special" character in each. For these, I would play most or all of the excess characters, while you would play the odd special character (and a "group" character too, if you'd like). Your character would then meet with the rest and form relations and views on the rest. I view these plots as being a sort of "writing exercise"... except not. These would help me learn to adapt multiple characters (like if writing a book) to a situation I can't control, because the "main" or "special" character isn't being controlled by me. While still having fun. And keeping me motivated because I'm writing with another person.

Personal opinion? I think those plots (the ones mentioned above) might work better with my collab esque idea since it would involve more characters that will often be in the same place, each trying to do their own thing and possibly blocking out your character. But again, optional. We can make it work in thread/PM.

Now finally, after I've blabbed on and on, to the plots!

Now, I do have to say I'm eager to see if anyone is going to approach me for any of these. So though I may add more lately, I'm posting this now! Suggesting additional plots is always welcome. If you're interested, PM me or post in this thread!
I'm still not quite sure how a PhD for Physics or Chemistry can only take a year, as the information I'm getting pretty much everywhere tells me somewhere from 8 to 10 years. Even specifically for a Chemisty PhD, I got the average number of 10 years. But I won't dwell on that, since you did agree to change it. Maybe I got the wrong information. But I am not unfamiliar with GED and CLEP testing and how to graduate early. My sister did graduate high school a few years early, and passed CLEP for Pre-calculus after studying for one or two months, years before she turned 18 in order to be allowed to take Calculus based Physics that fall.

I don't have a problem with smart people. I just didn't find getting two PhDs in two years realistic, and that didn't sit well with me. Neither did I mention that I wanted to quit when I posted earlier, I simply wanted to see if you would be willing to change some things. Thank you for being understanding.

The football stuff was fine, I made no mention of it or any critique regarding that. I don't quite understand why you would bring up how long it takes to recover from a gunshot wound, but nevermind. I also didn't say that he fought the gang all 12 at a time. My point was that I should have thought that he might have gotten a wound or two that needed to be taken care of, perhaps transferring over to a foster family would have taken some time, perhaps going to all those counseling sessions you mentioned would have taken some time.

Again, thank you for agreeing to work with me to change a few things. I did not intend to drop initially, but after thinking it over last night I have, regrettably, decided that I will not continue. Don't think that it's because of this recent post exchange we're having discussing this. I have been thinking about this for a while, and I feel that the way we rp and write is quite different, and therefore I think this rp turned out to be different from what I expected.

I'm sorry for leaving this rp a month in, but I wish you luck on your other rps.
Hey, Mitheral? Sorry about raising this so suddenly out of nowhere, but I'm starting to find that Duncan's level and achievements are getting a bit too high for my comfort.

I do understand that I did say that it was fine for Duncan to be a prodigy, but I did not expect him to have completed a PhD by the time he was fifteen. One PhD would have already been quite something, and completing more than one is even more unbelievable, in my opinion. Even as a prodigy, I should think that completing one PhD would have taken at least two to three years? Or much longer, in fact. That would mean that he would have started working for his PhDs at age twelve or thirteen, at an astounding young age.

What also makes these achievements too high in my view is how you wrote about his constant abuse from a young age. I should think that this would have meant he might have had to miss school to recover, on top of the fact that you said in his bio that he was often bored-- meaning that he must not have been allowed to skip grades, at least not until later.

I should also think that recovering from killing several gang members must have taken a while, and all that counseling afterward must have taken time away from his studies.

I'm not sure when he changed hands to a foster family. But if Duncan would have changed to his kind family that allowed him to study as much as he liked at a younger age, it probably would have not been possible for him to defeat those gang members.

I would like to ask if you are willing to tone down what Duncan has done. Some intellect is great and I think that it makes things more interesting for Darlene to be around someone who knows so much, but all these PhDs and degrees are making me uncomfortable.
Darlene Kate Revie
As Darlene waited to see if Duncan would appear, she noticed how the place seemed more deserted than it had been a few days ago. He hadn't really...? No. Those lights she had spotted in the distance, that must be where he was. She considered going to look for him there, but decided to wait a while longer in the car.

Sure enough, he returned. She felt herself getting jittery as the sound of an approaching vehicle reached her ears, not sure how she would be received. The answer: not very nicely. Her hopes plummeted as Duncan didn't even look at her or read her letter. His first words told her that she could sleep on the couch. That was... so very nice of him? She hadn't come to take up space, but she didn't voice that thought. If he read her letter, he would know.

It was fine. She could deal with mad. He couldn't keep it up forever. Still, internally she compared the previously cheerful and welcoming Duncan... to this now. So different.

Nice to see you too. That remark wormed its way into her mind, but she pushed it away, refusing to voice those words.

Instead, she followed Duncan inside. She wasn't sure which was more shocking, him removing his shirt so nonchalantly in front of her, or the scars that adorned his back. He didn't really care, did he? Didn't care about concealing... and didn't care that she was a girl. Not that it was anything outrageous, removing a shirt, it was just that... well, the only person she ever really saw without a shirt was her father, but he was older. Oh, and one or two times at the swimming pool. But she didn't really swim much.

Anyway. She averted her gaze for both reasons, trying not to dwell on the scars too much.

The shirt went into the garbage can? Though Duncan did look quite dirty, she didn't get why he wouldn't wash it. Perhaps it was easier for a man to throw stuff away and get another new one, especially since now you didn't have to pay for anything with money.

She waited patiently while he showered, running over the possible things she could say if he still didn't read her letter. When he finally appeared, she took a second to look over his attire-- identical to what he had worn earlier. It didn't take long for her gaze to narrow upon the sticker left on his shirt.

"I'm sorry." She spoke as she got up from where she had seated herself. Sorry. For leaving like that. For not being able to deal with his past calmly. For not accepting him as he was. For so many things. Darlene moved towards him, reaching out to remove the sticker from his side. "Please... just read what I wrote. Just that one thing, and then I will leave you alone if you wish things to be that way."
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