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11 May 2017 18:35
Current Lately it seems that I only feel awake for one hour during the day, the rest of the time I want to go to bed.
8 May 2017 17:58
Took a "what element are you" quiz and got... Darkness as an answer. What's that supposed to mean? I was hoping for a fire/water/air/earth answer. Description for darkness was pretty accurate, though.
2 May 2017 1:12
Sometimes I wonder if I have no social life because I spend too much time rping and being online in general, or if it's because I had no social life to start with that I spend so much time online.
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23 Apr 2017 13:57
It's hard to like weekends when they mean less time to rp, but at least it's almost over now.
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20 Apr 2017 18:06
[@Mr Allen J] Hah yeah, it looks preeeeetty bad now. Not sure if I like it this way, but it's staying until it falls off the bottom of the Recent Statuses.


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Tentative interest for this, working out my time schedule for the coming months so still a little unsure.

Liliana Brandt | Sophia Lemane

π•Šπ•–π•‘. πŸ™πŸœ, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / πŸ™πŸœπŸ™πŸ

As Lily said to her current teammates earlier, she really did run back to her room to get her cellphone albeit it being the last minute. (She really meant to get it but being the scatterbrain that she was sometimes, she actually forgot until it was almost time for the briefing before the battle. She didn't bother looking at the screen and just slipped it into her pocket as she hurried back.

Back in the briefing room, the golden eyed teenager's attention was occupied entirely by the Commander's demonstration, eyeing the material that was on the table in front of her. She tentatively touched it while listening to what was being said. But then I'll need to have some part of my body exposed just in case I need to go on offensive, was the thought at the back of her head until the order for the healer teams to avoid combat was given. She looked up then, her eyes zeroing in on the blue dot that was labeled the striker team's target: Factory. She glanced around the room and found the members of that team and wondered briefly how each felt being assigned to the frontlines.

But soon she found herself distracted again by the equipment given to them. A baton, a knife and pepper spray... They should be useful when I need them... She obediently wrapped the wishalloy around her body, making sure she left some parts of her arms and legs exposed just in case she needed to use the more violent aspect of her ability.


Eventually, the time for talk was over and they were all led to the truck.

Lily was silent, having checked out who she was sitting around her the moment she stepped in. In front of her was a boy she didn't know. To her right was Marcus and to her left was Sophia. Both were familiar to her and so she felt comfortable sitting between them despite the knowledge that they were riding to what could be their deaths. When Kusari dropped the extra wishalloy in her lap, she merely nodded and muttered a quick thank you. Her attention was however occupied by the gadget she was holding in her hands. The broken screen of her cellphone displayed several missed calls from Sebastian and a few messages from him. Did she want to open them? What will she find in his messages?

Maybe I should look at them now? Or maybe I shouldn't? she argued with herself mentally.

As she chose a random place to sit in the truck, Sophia's hands were still filled with the items she had gotten prior to being led to the vehicle. Occupying herself with the job of attaching the items to the belt in her hands and examining the wishalloy, she didn't look up until Lily settled down beside her. It had been three days since they had last interacted with each other, and she wondered how Lily had been doing. It seemed that the girl was absorbed in whatever she was looking at on her phone, so she wasn't sure if she should interrupt. She spoke quietly, "Hey... Lily?" If Lily wasn't in the mood for talking, then they could just leave it at that, a greeting.

With Sophia's quiet greeting, Lily acknowledged her with a soft "Hmmm?" before she actually looked at her. "Oh, hi, Sophia," she greeted a little distractedly and then held up the wishalloy Kusari gave her. "Do you need more of these?" she asked.

More wishalloy? Nope, she didn't need more. Shaking her head, she motioned at the rolls of material in her lap. "Maybe someone will need it later," she suggested, unzipping her cardigan. Might as well put as much of hers on as she could while they were still safe on the truck. Unrolling one of the smaller bundles, she ran her fingers lightly over it before beginning to put it on. "It's so strange," she murmured, "I really hope it works."

Lily gave her cellphone a long thoughtful look before she tucked it back into a pocket. No need to distract herself for now. She nodded towards Sophia. "I hope so too. Although if it doesn't, I guess I could always transfer whatever injuries to..." she paused for a moment. " the enemies," she finished.

Sophia merely nodded, though there was a small doubt in her mind. How did transferring injuries to the metal clockwork objects work? But that wasn't her power, so she wouldn't know the specifics. Better to keep quiet than to voice her doubts and worries. Putting more of the wishalloy on so that it now covered both her arms and her torso, she put her cardigan back on before putting the remaining wishalloy away. She would put it on her legs later when they got off the truck.

There really didn't seem to be much else that she could say or felt like saying at the moment, for most of her attention was being occupied by thoughts of their upcoming mission. Lapsing into silence, she leaned back against the side of the truck, closing her eyes in preparation for the long ride.
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@FallenTrinity Yeah, was actually considering having Laura give Darius a useless punch or slap (hence the stepping forward), but I decided it wasn't really her to do that so quickly. But if Darius doesn't realize his mistake and keeps going on about the spar... she's going to become even more unhappy. Looking forward to that post!

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@Aeternum Telling me to take my time... then adding that "sorta".

That "sorta" did it. XD I decided to bang my head against the keyboard until something came out in the form of somewhat understandable sentences.

I posted something.
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Laura Tilney
Hallway, Chroma Knight Base
December 19, 2016 - ~10:28
What a coincidence. The moment Laura finished talking to Connor, or rather, pretty much lecturing him, Darius wandered in before Connor had much time to respond to her. Yes, she still needed to talk to Darius too. Couldn't he have decided to show up a few minutes earlier so she wouldn't have to repeat most of what she had just said?

Lowering her gaze from the ceiling, she watched Darius greet Connor with the eyes of a bystander. Observing while she tried to get a better grasp on her emotions. But what Darius was talking about did not help her mood. Just everything about what he said was making her upset again.

He didn't remember what happened after he got hit in the eye? Nice. So he didn't remember attacking a teammate with such lack of restraint and cutting off Connor's arm.

He looked forward to another spar with Connor.

He had the cheek to go and grin at her and say that he had been hoping that he and Connor could have gone all out with the spar. All out, huh? She had had enough difficulty healing the injuries from this match, and he wanted to burden the healers with more unnecessary work. But she couldn't blame him for going on so cheerfully about the spar, could she? Because Darius couldn't fucking remember.

The corners of Laura's mouth pulled downwards into a deep scowl as her mouth slightly opened so her teeth showed. Her eyes narrowed as her hands gripped the hem of her shirt tightly. "Why am I staring at you like that?" she echoed in a sickly sweet voice. "Oh, you need me to explain? Let me think."

Her voice changed so it was dripping with sarcasm as she glared at Darius, her grey eyes not as calm and mellow as they usually were. Perhaps one could liken her appearance to an angry wolf. "Maybe because... you just cut off his arm? Maybe because... you don't seem to care that both of you ended up in the infirmary? Maybe because," here her voice rose and became harsh, "not counting you two, more than half of our team was on site helping after the spar the two of you had to help deal with the mess that was created? Plus one other Asclepian?"

She took a step forward towards Darius before evidently changing her and turning to face the wall. Will not resort to violence to deal with your emotions. Violence solves nothing. That's not your strength. Placing her palms against the wall, she hit her head against it once. And again. Ouch. Too hard. When she spoke next, her voice was muffled, curtains of her hair blocking her face. "Go ask Connor to repeat what I said before you came."

Get a grip on yourself. This isn't you. You shouldn't get so frustrated and angry so easily.

Deep breaths, now. You need to stay calm, healers need to keep their cool.

This really wasn't her, and she didn't know why. Yes, it shouldn't have happened, but it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. Maybe it was because she was on edge because they had not been out to fight for at least a month, worried that the next attack would be devastating. Or maybe not. She didn't know. Maybe she was just tired. She'd feel better tomorrow.
Sophia Lemane
Building A: Suite 226, USARILN East
September 14th, 2020 - 6:45 am
When the knocking started, Sophia was fast asleep. The noise broke in through her sleep, causing her to roll over in bed. That annoying woodpecker, why wouldn't it let her sleep? The knocking became louder and more insistent. Groaning, she opened her eyes to find herself in her room in USARLIN East.

Not a woodpecker. Quickly throwing back the covers, she hurried to open the door. "What," she snapped, before seeing the guard standing there. With messy hair and dark circles under her eyes, Sophia listened as the guard explained that she was to come with him. Though at least she was given a small amount of time to make herself look somewhat presentable. Shutting herself in the bathroom, she threw on the first set of clothes she saw and ran a brush through her hair while simultaneously calculating how much sleep she had gotten. Five hours, and the night before that, six and a half. Wonderful.

The fresh air and smell of rain helped to wake her up, but she still walked without really noticing where she was going. However, once she arrived in the room with the other students she began paying attention, and finally it dawned on her that she and the other people in the room were going to be sent out. It didn't take long for fear to set in, multiplying upon seeing the monstrosity they were to fight. She struggled to keep her attention on the Commander as the words slipped by, barely imprinting themselves in her brain.

Category three was a significant threat. Apparently the thing was a subnatural and not a creature from the Dreamcatcher? It generated metal creatures. Could not summon and move at the same time.

Then, their tasks were assigned. She couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief when she found she was going to be part of the group that found the injured and brought them to the healers. Perhaps it was selfish to be glad that she wasn't even supposed to fight any of the creatures, other people would be doing that instead. But then, she would be pretty useless in a fight, right? So it was best this way.

She ran the names of the teammates who had been assigned to the same job as her through her memory to see if any of them rang any bells, but she didn't remember interacting with any of them before, except with Savannah. She felt like she had heard the name "Lawrence" mentioned sometime before, but she couldn't put a face to the name.

When they were finally dismissed, she took the Commander's advice and decided to eat something. She needed to eat if she was to have enough energy for later, even if she didn't feel hungry at all. Why was she so nervous already, when they still had approximately seven hours until departure? That was so much time. So much time to spend doing whatever she wanted before she would be at the same place as that... metal subnatural thing. So much time until the probability of her and other people getting injured or killed would rise drastically.

She forced herself to finish her plate of food before heading to her room. She needed to prepare.

There wasn't much for her to prepare, most of the preparation for her would be done mentally. She changed into a sturdy pair of jeans and plain gray long sleeved shirt with a snugly fitting black cardigan, nothing fancy. Dealing with her hair next, she began to tie it into pigtails before stopping halfway through. Undoing the one she had already tied, she twisted her hair into a low bun at the nape of her neck instead. She wanted something that would keep all of her hair out of the way. Patting it, she found that no strands were escaping yet, everything tightly fastened.

Looking straight into the mirror, she frowned at her reflection. With no hair framing her face, her dark eye circles now seemed more prominent, and her firm jawline was easily visible. She looked older than the mere thirteen that she really was, but then, she herself had never considered herself as the youthful pretty type.

Next up was the question of what to bring. She didn't really own anything that would be useful for this circumstance. She had a pocket knife, and that survival kit. She doubted she would need the knife, and the contents of the survival kit were meant for someone in the wilderness. Still, maybe she should bring the knife along, even if it would be useless. She could always clean her nails with it or something like that. But she decided again taking the kit, she had no way of bringing it along anyway since it didn't fit into her pocket. Maybe for the future she should consider getting one of those waist bags to carry stuff around in. There was also the phone on her desk, would she need that? Probably not... but... maybe she should bring it along just in case. One never knew. The last thing she prepared to go into her pocket later was a few sheets of blank paper, and a pen. Just in case she ran into... difficulties.

That was pretty much all she could think off, or rather, that was all she had. To finish off, she fed Heidi, but didn't feel like playing with her. It had been a little calming to do something productive and pretend that she was getting the things she needed to be prepared, but now that she had nothing to occupy herself with her fears returned full force. What was she supposed to bring in such situations anyway?

There's nothing you can do about it now. Prepare yourself mentally, remember? To Sophia, that meant thinking, more thinking, and more thinking. Grabbing her pillow off the bed, she dropped it on the floor and lay down. Might as well do her thinking comfortably. Laying in bed would be even nicer, but she wasn't wearing pajamas. No laying in bed during the day unless she felt really, really, bad. Rolling over to her side, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.


She started at the beginning. The guards would come to her room to get her when it was time to leave, or if they came later, they would find her in the dining hall because she would be having lunch. She would be led to the transport vehicle, and would most likely see her teammates there. Through the many outlines of people in the vehicle, her mind zoomed in on three particular ones. Two of them were question marks, but one person was Savannah. We'll have to introduce ourselves, and probably talk about our powers. She began to piece together words in the order that she would be introducing herself, running the sentences over and over until she was satisfied before moving on.

We'll arrive there, what was it, a few hours later? They'll probably get us out of the truck, and then... As she continued, she felt herself getting increasingly drowsy. Sleep began to pull her down into its depths, and she willingly let it. Sleeping was better than spending the hours worrying. She needed the sleep anyway, five hours was not nearly enough for a girl still growing.
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Wow I feel so guilty.

Need to reply, need to reply, need to reply...

I'll try to get a post up soon. Soon meaning... I dunno. Tomorrow or the day after at the latest.
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Quick question about the picture part of the CS. Should we be using anime/drawn images, or realistic ones?

Also, one more. Is this the first year that this new law is being implemented?

Hope you don't mind all the questions.
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Tentative interest for this, though no guarantee I'll be able to join. My decision would not only be impacted by how the actual OOC looks, but on the posting expectations. Would you be able to give me some idea of what you are expecting in that regard?
Sophia Lemane
Building A: Suite 226, USARILN East
September 9th, 2020 - 8:00 am
Opening her eyes, Sophia wondered what had woken her up, for her alarm clock was silent. Grabbing the clock from off the floor, her eyes widened. She had overslept a lot, and she didn't even remember turning the alarm off. But at least... it wasn't past nine yet. Even though she didn't have to go to class, she still wanted to. She needed to learn that stuff, for it seemed that she was pretty much the youngest. Everyone else probably already knew what was being taught.

Though she had less time than she would have liked, she didn't exactly hurry. An hour was plenty of time to eat and get dressed, she'd done it in less than half the time before.
Ten minutes before nine, Sophia was seated at the same desk as on Monday. The materials provided for her that she had forgotten to bring back to her room were still there, waiting for her to use. She had the electives sheet with her, so she was all set for class.

Or maybe... she wasn't set for class. She felt tired even though she had overslept, and though she normally liked math, it didn't seem so appealing today. Physics didn't seem appealing at all either. One could say that she was missing her motivation. She was telling herself that she needed to know that stuff, but for what? Her future, at the moment, was feeling very uncertain. How did education exactly work around here? Class was only every other day, and half the class had been allowed to just ditch class for winning that game. It didn't seem that the "school" cared too much about the students learning things. Just from the three classes she had taken so far, Sophia hadn't been liking it much. The first teacher had seemed far from eager to teach. The second hadn't explained things clear enough for her, and the way that man had talked had just bored her. The third hadn't been any better.

Interrupting her thoughts, the math teacher entered, looking no more enthusiastic as she had been on the first day. Class began.

Though she tried her best to pay attention throughout all the classes, Sophia was rapidly failing. Math, done by self-studying, went slowly and the section she was working on wasn't easy. By the time the physics teacher arrived, Sophia was frustrated and beginning to feel drowsy. The droning on about one of her least favorite subjects didn't help, and she found herself tuning the teacher out for almost all of class. And then by the time it was time for English, Sophia just wanted to go and sleep. English was a subject that she liked sometimes, especially if it was writing, but she wasn't in the mood for all this stuff about grammar and specific little details. That class, she tuned out too. By the time the last class before lunch ended, all she just wanted to was go lay down and rest.

Picking up the elective sheet, she handed it in on her way out.
She would not be coming back into class that day. Sometime during the morning, she had decided to skip the rest of the classes after lunch. None of them seemed like they would be spectacular anyways. Okay, she did feel a little guilty. But she probably wouldn't be able to pay much attention with how off she was feeling today. So it would just be wasted time sitting in class, right? Really, she didn't need to attend class anyway. Even though she really hadn't done anything during the game, luck had assigned her to the team that won.

She exited the room for lunch.
6:45 pm
Sophia came back from combat training exhausted. She wasn't exactly out of shape, but she was far from strong. She hadn't been able to do all that the exercises set out for them required, especially when it came to using weights. She rarely had used them when exercising back at home, for her parents hadn't let her lift more than a few pounds. Something about not being fully developed yet.

Glancing around her room, she sighed. There were still items lying around from what she had been doing before a guard had come to fetch her to the training, for she had totally forgotten about it after skipping the second half of class. She'd lost track of the time and it had slipped her mind, being occupied with setting up her phone to her liking (something that had been done with much trial and error due to her lack of experience), looking through the evaluation packet that had been brought to her room, and working on training Heidi.

Ignoring the stuff around the room, she made a little list in her head. First, shower. Then, put away the stuff. Feed Heidi, write in her journal, then go have dinner.
8:35 pm
Sophia was having another one of those silent debates inside her head. Though she had been trying her best to keep herself from thinking about her family, it was hard. She missed them. She had never been very capable of talking to any of them, but they had always been there. Now, all she had for a companion was Heidi.

But when she thought about her family, she wasn't just missing them. She was worried especially about how her siblings were doing after she was gone. Her little sister would be alone at night, with no one to read her a bedtime story or reassure her that no monsters or ghosts were going to come while she was asleep. Her older sister would have no one who would be able to listen to her and actually understand, or give her advice or reassure her...

Sophia looked down at the phone laying beside her. Should she call? What if her sister hung up on her once she found out who was calling? Matilda had never struck Sophia as that sort of person, but how would Sophia know? What would Matilda think if Sophia called her now? Would she be relived upon getting the call? What if Matilda broke down and Sophia couldn't cheer her up? What if Sophia accidentally showed how she didn't like it here, and Matilda began worrying about her? Something like this had never happened before.

Call Matilda now.

Call another day instead.

Call another family member instead.

Never call and forget about it all.

There were so many pros and cons that she could come up with for each of the options. She could feel herself begin to overheat, her palms became sweaty, her heart was beating so fast. She didn't know. She couldn't decide. It was so hard. Her head seemed to be ringing faintly. She felt detached from everything around her.

She sat there for what seemed like ages, unable to get a good enough grip on herself to draw herself back to the room she sat in. A few minutes later, she became aware that something warm and heavy was in her lap. Slowly, she moved her head to look down. Her right hand came up to gently stroke Heidi, feeling the vibrations as the cat purred. Her left hand released its grip on the arm of the chair.

Running her hand over her face, she let out a long breath. She hated when she got so worked up over such little things. Except it wasn't a little thing... anyway. She made up her mind to call another day. She certainly would call, but not when she was feeling like this. She needed to be happy when she called her older sister, to show her that everything was okay and that she was doing fine.

Deciding to go to bed early, she got dressed then crawled under the covers. Hopefully, sleep would come soon.

But probably not.
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