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3 yrs ago
I wish I could like statuses more than once.
3 yrs ago
Captain America would be proud.
3 yrs ago
Watched Castlevania.. now.. I don't know anything about the games... but damn, Alucard and Belmont are just hilarious together XD
3 yrs ago
A fight for the top is clearly the best way to go.
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3 yrs ago
D&D tonight. Hence the silence.
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| Late twenties | Ontario, Canada | EDT | 16+ years of EXP in RP | Work for a web/software company |

‣‣Very PM friendly.
‣Typically prefer smaller groups, or one on one.
‣Favour paragraph length posts (3 - 5 paragraphs on average), third person POV, and past tense.
‣Appreciative of effort in grammar and spelling.
‣Almost always prefer my partners' characters (and partners, for that matter) to be over the age of 18.
‣Comfortable with adult themes (but not looking for pure smut).
‣I enjoy OOC in separate threads where we can get to know one another, if that's your bag.
‣‣I'm drop friendly. If you don't send me any word OOC for a couple of weeks, I'll assume that you've lost interest.
‣‣Sometimes I'm just online to chit-chat rather than RP.

‣‣Some of my characters can be found here. Feel free to creep my peeps!

‣‣Here's my 1x1 interest check, if you're interested!

‣I enjoy a variety of genres including...
‣‣Comic book based: Marvel, DC (This is my favourite genre. I also like the movie universes and don't require my partners to have full comic book knowledge to play with characters from comic books!)
‣Fantasy (high, medieval, modern)
‣‣Various fandoms (PM if you're interested in which ones)

‣Always looking to inject romance, action, humour, and/or adventure into any of these genres.
‣Typically favour playing male characters over female (though I do play both depending on my mood).
‣I tend to find my pairings end up as either MxM or MxF, though I'm not opposed to other ideas.
‣I only want relationships to evolve organically. If you try to shoehorn a love story into the RP I will resist.

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Hey!! Just sorting some stuff out I'm gonna post asap!!
Welcome! Hope you have fun =3
of course I would! No worries on the absence, I was actually on a bit of hiatus myself for a week or so. Hope things have calmed down a little for you! Again, no rush on posting. I'm not going anywhere :)
What a lovely post full of detail you have. Love this!
@AllOurPrettySongs PM ME


@POOHEAD189 Almost glad. I'm sorta fucked off for the moment myself XD perfect timing. I'll be ready to kick this off when you have more time!
I keep coming back to this to read it. I guess that means I'm interested. Apprehensive to join a group RP (because I have yet to do that here), but interested!
Updated for fantasy cravings!
@PaperCranes NO U!!


Well then. We should just RP together. Your Mulder gif skills are on point u_u You MUST be a good peep.
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