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@Moro I love hashing out different relationships and would totally be down for that. ^-^

@NinaDivine I can see Ezra liking Mina. He finds her loyalty to the pack admirable and her fiery personality amusing. He appreciates her strong will and drive to get things done. X)
Ezra Verbek
35 / Male / Medic
Location: The Village Tags: Open

Finally. It was over.

After hours of sorting, calculating, and balancing the books the dreaded 'Inventory Day' had come to an end. Not necessarily difficult work it was more tedious than anything. A full day of counting medications and medical supplies making sure everything was accounted for and what needed replacing. And that was only the first half. The second half was spent hunched over a desk, figuring up cost and balancing the pack's checkbook.This daunting process would be repeated several times until all numbers were exact. Ezra was nothing if not precise. Another trait he'd adopted from his mentor. God rest his soul. He was beginning to understand why the old bastard was always so grouchy.

Ezra pushed himself away from his desk, briefly rubbing the ache from his temples before standing. He could run his report by the alpha later. If he recalled correctly, Jude had spent the day working on the damaged cabin and Ezra really did not want to bother him. He doubted his fried brain could fully explain it anyhow at the moment. Business could wait- right now he needed a break.

He padded quietly to his kitchen deciding to brew some tea to stop his growing headache. Grabbing his warm mug, Ezra slipped on his shoes and headed out the front door. He'd spent more than enough time inside for one day, any longer and he feared he'd go mad. Ezra settled in one of the two rocking chairs on his porch letting himself finally unwind. He sipped his tea idly taking in the casual commotion of his fellow packmates.

I deeply apologize, a few unexpected things came up irl but, I do have a post in the works that will either be posted tonight or tomorrow.
Apologies for the wait will have a post up sometime today 😅
Someone could play Anthony's poor assistant if they wanted

I might be up for that. Is there any certain character traits that you would want this assistant to have? Also would I need to make a Cs for him?
@MetronomeEdit: Finished! Please let me know if I need to change anything ^-^

Also have a character in the works that should be finished soon ^_^
Count me interested as well ^-^

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