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"Who are you? Why do you sound like that?" the girl asked, obviously confused.

Now what is going on? Has she really never seen an alien before? Ben would understand the girl not recognizing him, but not knowing about aliens just doesn't seem right. Everyone has become accustomed to aliens being all around- even the most remote locations have had their fair share of off-world encounters. Ben remembers the rules of the Crossroads and how there's other token holders and such... maybe these other holders aren't just from other worlds, but from alternate universes? God, right when Ben thought nothing stranger could be going on, more confusing things happen. What's next, literal flying kids or something? Dragons? A giant flying telephone booth?? Whatever. Ben takes a deep breath before chuckling. This should be fun...

"Okay, squawk! I see why you're confused. But I assure you I mean no harm. Let me introduce myself better, squawk!" With that, Ben reaches for his shoulder, deactivating the Omnitrix. With a flash of light, Ben reverts back to his human self before giving the mystery girl an epic pose. "I am the one and only Benjamin Tennyson, the Hero of Heroes, bearer of the Omnitrix, savior of the universe, and self proclaimed lover of smoothies!" Ben innocently stuck out his hand, a simple smile creeping onto his face."And who might you be, miss..?"


This was strange. Way too strange. What even is this place?

As Ben soared the skies all he could see was this strange patchwork job of a world in front of him. Whenever Ben first got here, he figured he was flung into the Mad Ben world or something. At this point, he wished that was the truth. Whoever made this place must have been on something crazy. But just who could have made this? Well, a Celestialsapien could make this, but all they do is think all day. They wouldn't just go rogue... right? Besides, if a Celestialsapien made this, it would probably look a lot more organized. This was a mess. Some places make sense for them to be there, others didn't. Why were there perfectly good parts of the city right next to completely ruined one's? And why did Bellwood spawn in the middle of a desert? The more he flew, and the more he thought, the more confused he became. Nothing was making sense.

As he flew over the burning desert, Ben started to feel a bit uneasy. Was this really the right thing to do? Was there anything else he could do first? This foreign world was messing with his head. Maybe he should have looked around it more in Bellwood, or maybe pick the faster alien than Astrodactyl, or just something. But the top it off, it's almost as if this desert goes on forever. Hopefully, there will be something around here soon-

Ben looks down, squinting his eyes.

Maybe not something... but someone?

He slows to a stop a few meters above the girl. Her blank expression was giving him creepy vibes. And what in the world was she wearing? He guesses she must know what she's doing, considering that the outfit looked a lot more fit this kind of weather. She didn't seem to notice him at all, though. He ponders for a second if he should try to get her to notice him first or not... Oh well, go big or go home.

Ben lands in front of her, confidently posing in a heroic fashion.

"Greetings young lady, squawk! How are you on this lovely day?"

The "young lady" in question jumped back a few feet, obviously startled at Ben's presence. This itself was strange, everyone under and above the sun knew who Ben was and all of his aliens. Yet, this girl acted like she's never seen anything extra-terrestrial before.

Oh boy, Ben thought to himself, this is gonna be a long day...

@Zoey Boey I think Ben might check it out, but DIO would have to make sure he isn't talking about his weakness before Ben uses Heatblast for some light
Or maybe Ben just used him and will have to fight off DIO until the watch lets him transform again
Lowkey waiting for Ben to go WayBig against Godzilla
No cap
Wooh boy, I did a post
God it looks so off compared to y'all's beautiful writing
Also @tipssyCalibrator I think the Doctor would be fun, no cap

LOCATION: Bellwood, Desert

. . .

Slowly, Ben wakes up. He had no idea of what just happened, but woah nelly, these smoothies are a lot stronger than he remembers. All he was doing was getting a drink after saving the town for, like, the 9th time that day. Was there really a problem with having a break? Ben gets up off the cement, looking at the wasted beauty. This beautiful grape delicacy will always be remembered in his heart. He stretches as he walks away from the establishment, his shoes kicking up a lot of sand as he walked-
Sand? In the middle of Bellwood??
Ben jumped back, startled by his new surroundings. Sure enough, this Mr. Smoothies and about a fourth of Bellwood are in the middle of the desert.
"No way..." Ben said, trying to take in what had happened. How did he get here? This shouldn't be possible at all. This isn't even the 23rd dimension-traveling Mr. Smoothies, it was, like, 11! How could this happen??
Ben jerked his phone out of his pocket, seeing his low battery. Ooh, might need that later, Ben thought as he pocketed the device. For some reason, it made a clinking sound. Weird... He put the Omnitrix close to his face, activating the com-link.
"Plumber HQ, this is Ben. I'm stranded in unknown space and they took Mr. Smoothies too. This is any kind of Code Red we have."
After some silence, He started to panic. "Grandpa? Rook? Anyone??" Great, that's useless too.
As he looked around, a screen came up on the watch. He looked quizzically at this; he's never gotten a message like this before. Hesitantly, he opened it.
"What in the world is this?" After some reading, he wasn't sure what to think. Was this a test? A new villain? Eon 2.0? And what is this about tokens? Where are- Oh, the clinking! Ben thrusted his hand in his pocket, grabbing what felt like a poker chip and pulling it out. Sure enough, that's where the tokens were. They were green and white with the green and black Omnitrix symbol on it. This day keeps getting weirder.
He was tempted to grab two more and try summoning something useful, like his time-bike, some plumber tech, Rook, or even his car. Heck, just summon Paradox and get out of here. But with the mention of other ticket holders, that means that there are other people here. They could need his help. But where should he go? Where would people be?
Guess he's just gotta look himself.
With a swift motion, Ben hardly looks as he puts his index and middle fingers on the cover of the Omnitrix, activating the device. He quickly lifts his hand up, the cover going up and the dial popping up. "Here we go again!" Ben slams down on the dial, light green electricity lightly scattering. In a bright flash, his body morphed from that of a teenage boy to a bipedal dinosaur-looking beast. He had a jet-pack looking device on his back, that of which wings came from. He took a stance before going into the air with a green blast.
"Woah, this place is creepy, squawk! Even with Astrodactyl's eyes in the sky, I'm not sure if anyone is- wait, who's that?"
He looks off in the distance, and sees some black blob in the sand. Ben is hesitant; should he go there? He looks a little ominous, and he's just giving all sorts of bad vibes. Nah, he'll just go back to the desert. He wants more smoothies later anyways.
He turns his head, getting a visual of his surroundings. Torn up city, more dessert, snowy forest with giant tower-
Oh yeah, that's the one.
Ben squawks in delight. "This ought to have something good! After all, I could get a good visual of everything as normal old me, squawk!"
With the dessert heat on his back, Ben starts his way towards the forest, silently hoping he can get out of here and get home as soon as he can.

I am willing to make any changes if necessary
<Snipped quote by VibrativeAxis85>
Sure, I'm willing to except tiny alterations to characters. As long as they're not, like, fundamentally different it's perfectly fine. Just make a character sheet for him and I'll evaluate it

Thank you! I'll try to get it done ASAP!~
Does this also mean that I could use an original alien or two?
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