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Saris and Laurence

Saris, unlike his more action oriented enforcer, had remained at his terminal, watching the action through cameras and watching Perry the Pyjak on a nearby vid screen. Not that he had been idle of course. Remotely opening and closing doors to annoy the blue suns passing through them. Two smart blue suns had managed to avoid Laurence's rampage and got into the control room. Two corpses piled outside and a worn phalanx pistol on the desk told how that little endeavor ended. Watching the screen again, he noticed many mercs making their way away from the people he hired and towards the exits. It didnt take a genius to figure out what was going on. Blue Suns had taken too many losses and decided to withdraw. He briefly wondered if anyone had taken out the blue sun commander. His money was on Laurence or that Krogan.

He got out of his chair and strolled to the intercom.

"Excellent work everyone!" he beamed. "The blue suns are falling back, and i dont think we have lost... [Hhhkk...]...anyone! Everyone meet in the main hangar and i can get to meet you all. Oh, and dont mind the corpses, i know a... [Hhhkk...] company that doesnt ask questions."


In another room, Laurence heard his words. Seething with rage, he stormed away from the group and headed to the control room to escort Saris to the hangar, pausing only to shoot dead a wounded merc just outside the room with the diseased Asari and also-probably diseased children. that wolf thing dead? I was gonna have Elyan jam a spear through its skull. Not thrown, this time.

Cool, just making sure.

Im not sure if he missed because he doesnt have a throwing spear skill, or because hes still kinda drunk.

Its a pretty big spear. You sure you want it to hit her?
Finally managed to make a second post! You lot decide if it hits the wolf, the ground, or either of the characters.
Elyan, in contrast to the insanity that, unknown-st to him, was occurring all throughout the game, had decided to do something far less exciting but considerably more practical. He wandered around for a moment, found another tree with dryer ground than the last one beneath it, and sat down, immediately thinking about what had happened before he woke up in this game.

For some reason, most of it was a blur. He had multiple alcoholic drinks in game, was that the cause of how he felt at the moment? He couldn't remember if he had drunk enough to cause an effect on his character, which he assumed he was now. Was he his character? Or was he directly placed into the game and made to look like his character? He still had the spear, he felt like he had the skill to use it, but was that just a psychological effect of having the spear that his character originally used, of which the character would use to perform various crazy skills...

This was not helping how he was feeling at the moment. Maybe the drinks in game hadn't affected him at all.

So maybe what he did in real life translated into...

His train of thought was interrupted by someone yelling, the somewhat far away noise sending a spike of pain through his forehead. Using his spear like a cane, he managed to get to his feet, and began to sort-of run to the source of said noise. He expected to see someone in a fight. He didn't expect to see two people running away from a wolf, both of whom seemed to have the lungs of someone several times their size. Was it some kind of sound based attack? Whatever it was, it made Elyan's headache worse.

He raised his spear, and threw it like a Javelin at the wolf. A moment after it flew from his hand, he remembered in a instant that his character didn't have any skills in throwing his spear, and even if he did, he didn't know quite yet if he had the skills of his character.

Watching it go through the air, Elyan prayed throwing was something spear users could naturally do in this game. He didn't want to fight with his bare hands. He also hoped it wouldn't hit either of the people being chased.

@Bloodwolf 2

We aren't really near the limit for characters yet, so no need to rush.

Could i have Elyan nearby hearing them run?

Ive been trying to post for ages now and honestly, i just want to have him interact with someone.

Laurence stared at the people talking, not quite realizing the mess on the floor around him. Letting the comments and peculiar nicknames wash over him, he even barely reacted when a random Turian biotically charged and landed in the room with them, adding another name to him. "Stompy". That was a new one. He didn't even usually kill people by stomping on them. Didn't they hear the gunfire from earlier?

The one exception to his suddenly stoic demeanor was hearing what unit the diseased Asari was from. Even then, he couldn't help a small chuckle sound from underneath his helmet.

After all the excitement, he suddenly noticed something. A small line, at the bottom of his vision, too dark to be natural. Laurence sighed. His targeting array was damaged. He realized his shields hadn't stopped every shot fired at him today. In his fit of violence, he hadn't even noticed being shot in the face. In a moment of annoyance, he finally spoke.

"I'll still get paid more than you, former slave."

He felt a sense of pride in his armor, and undid the clamps attaching his helmet to his armor, before pulling it off in a hiss of escaped air. He activated his omni tool, and began to repair it. For a moment, he realized he wasn't wearing anything to cover his missing eye and the damage to said side of his face.

In the next moment, he realized he didn't care, and continued with his repairs.

I've never played the tabletop game before, only the unfinished PC game.

Always loved the lore though, so certainly interested if you are willing to have me.
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