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I basically nature Hunt in my game, but I've preferred playing it without the auto save for a quite now. It's a good thing don't get me wrong but I prefer traditional play.
"Well, it depends on how the Frolass treats it pray, some do freeze and eat the soul but there are other reports that they use other methods. One of our clan in Circhester, actually made friends with a Frolass and asked her what her spicies do, she learned some interesting facts about the pokemon that way" Selina said

Selina open up her rotom phone to bring up Hisuian Arcanine dex entry "Arcanine, Hisiuan form. The Legendary pokemon. A fire-Rock type. Snaps at its foes with fangs cloaked in blazing flame. Despite its bulk, it deftly feints every which way, leading opponents on a deceptively merry chase as it all but dances around them."

"Well, Growlilth and Arcanine have not changed much over the years but I believe we use normal Arcanine to teach about loyalty and protection, but honestly we use Hisiuan Arcanine to teach about avoiding conflict and how to safety escape conflict if we are on our own" Selina told Jen.
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Selina listained to both their pokedex, though it was Information she already knew before saying "Hisuin Zoroark and Goodra are also used to teach the younger members of the clan lesson. Zoroark is used to teach about Malice and the cost of letting something fester for too long that it turns into hate and anger, while Goodra is used to teach us what a toxic friendship truly is, but also the importance of standing by your friends and getting them on the right path"
Selina had already put in a call to her Grandfather as the two of them spoke in older Johtonise before what sounded like a brief disagreement before the call ended. "Grandpa going to send over all the data we have on the Hisui form of Pokémon, he's also got some data on the original forms of Dialga and Palkia, ancestor Idina and Alderman, leaders of the Pearl and Diamond clan respectively, both did more studies into Palkia and Dialga after Almighty Sinnoh was revealed to be those two pokemon, however that data is strictly off limits to all except the village elder." Selina told the group before she got an email from her Grandfather and then sent all the data of the Hisui pokemon to Liam father, he would also get an ancient diary from Irida and Alderman about there interaction with the young man who had completed the first ever Pokedex.
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Selina nodded as Shinranui pointed that out, "Its entirely possible, The Hero lived over 1000's of years ago, they say Hoenn was created from the ruins of Ransai region after Groudon and Kyogre changed the land forever as without Nobunaga Oda to control and summon Rayquaza, the two Titans fought until the draconoid people reached out to summon Rayquazayo defend them from the Titans and the meteor"

She listained into the discussion about the Hisui Region, "Funnily enough, my clan have records dating back to that, according to Grandpa, Our clan was creates when The leaders of the Diamond and Pearl clan, put aside there bias after discovering Dialga and Palkia both had a hand in creation of Hisui/Sinnoh and instead got married and united both clans under the title, the platinum clan, later years would change the name of course. I think, its current known as Sen no rekishi no ichizoku or Clan of a Thousand Histories". She snap her fingers and said "I can ask Grandpa if he's OK with sending you some of the history if you like Coleman-San" She said, not really sure if she needed to bow to a video.

"Its a shame you never got a chance to see my village Liam-kun, we actully have a place that you could of used to truly refect" Selina said, though it would be unknown if he'd even be let in. "Beat advice I can give you. Keep on the path that you chosen but remember that you will always have your friends to pick you up whenever you fall down. Nobunaga called you a descendent of the hero of Ransai in one of his reports, and said Hero United an entire region behind him"
"Honestly, his heart. In Haruka-San own words, "The heart is a great indicator, someone with large amounts of darkness in their heart should not wield pokemorphs, with destructive capacity that far outway many legendary. He may not see it but he is very much like Nobunaga, both men were destinated to be powerful dragon masters, but Nobunaga went on to become the evil Dragon Superior. I'm just not willing to give up Sceptile until I can see Coleman-kun won't end up going down thr dark route". You all sensed that during his battle with Klara" Selina told them. "Or it might just end up being something as simple as she wants to fight him at full power once all three of out other sibling have been defeated"
Selina walked ahead of them as she said "Grandpa told me, that in a place called the Slumbering Weald, is the last reported sighting of Zacian and Zamazenta. We did send people to see what they could find but there's a super heavy fog that can't be penetrated, not even by the move Defog from Sinnoh. If I was to take a guess, I would say that's where the two legendary wolves are but it's impossible for anyone to access. We'd probably be better off staying on course, Haruka-san will keep us up to date on Tru movements".

She stop before pointing to Liam "I'm sure you noticed it already but Haruka-san Sceptile has taken a great interest in you but Haruka-san feels your not yet ready to handle the power and responsibility that come with looking after a pokemorph" She told him.
Haruka chuckled and said "I help them. They fell for the trap the first time and only got wise when I started messing with the Pyramids control's. Sceptile help me out as well, though she was a little annoyed that Shinranui took all the fun from her"
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