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I finished the pokedex as well. It's super helpful having my sister who always get the other version to me
Selina looked at Jen with a smile as she said "I hear you guys have been doing pretty well on your gym challenges, your looking at the newest member of the master 8". The young man was about to say something before his Pyroar came out her pokeball, much like normally with Selina. Zera was somewhere around using her illusion ablities to make her sisters look normal but People like Jen and The lucario would easily be able to tell the difference. "My name is Natsu, 2nd in command of the Shinobi no Shiki, it seems my Pyroar taking a particular intrest in you the same way Hibiki and Sceptile took an intrest in your friends". He said with a bow as his Pyroar followed suite.
"I'm guessing that's a member of the Shinobi no Shiki, Selina did say they were working alongside us, though I can sense the young man has one of my pokemorph sisters with him, it seems Maribella is the only one still under Nigel control, though I wish we knew where there base was" Mei said to Jen as she sensed her approach them. Akira bowed to Jen as she came.
Cammy loved hiw adorable her daughter was, even fully evolved. So her, Aura and Mei would join Jen in the bed.

The next morning:

Mei was up first, giving that she was an early bird, letting Cammy enjoy more time with Jen and Aura. She seeked out Akira, and then went to the entrance of the cave to find out who was there. Noticing Selina and a strange young man with Red hair.
Mei patted Aura head and then Jen as she said "Well, you've definitely become stronger, I think you'll still need some more training yet though". Checking over Jen once more Mei then said "Sleep for now and let your body and mind rest, it's not advised to push yourself once you've unlocked new powers"
Mei sits next to Jen to keep an eye on her as she starts meditating. Looking out for her as she always would, Cammy seemed a bit confused by the pillow but then understood it after a few second and she gently moved to hit Aura.

"Ah, you're referring to Gileta Matriarch aura" Mei said as she sat on the bed in though about it. Gileta Matriarch powers were extremely powerful, it was mostly luck and Hibiki getting though to Gileta that allowed her to calm herself. "There is a way to do it, but you would have to increase your own control and power over the aura" Mei said before reviling one of the Auravellas Flower that Jen had created before using her powers to crystallise it and then putting it in Jen hair as a hair pin. "This will help you slowly unlock more of your powers, eventually your aura will be almost as powerful as Mike's where you can conter the golden aura"

Mei smiled at her and even purred a little when Jen petted her before saying "Well, there a lot I can teach you, but what is it, that you want to learn the most about?"

"Well, tomorrow we'll make the cure. Then we can test it on either myself or Cammy to make sure it works" Mei said before she added "You look like you want to ether want to train or ask some more questions about your aura powers, speak and I'll answer them as best I can"
As the boys were having there pillow fight, Cammy was once again spending time with Aura, so Mei spoke to Jen. "I hope Chuck reunited with the rest of us soon, it's not going to be fair if everyone but Hibiki gets cured before the end of our journey here" Mei said to Jen as she sat down.
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