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You know, I'm honestly starting to fucking hate Charizard now. Why does Charizard always get new things? I fucking hate the fact Charizard has a gigamax form, I hate the fact he has two mega. Its like Gamefreak and the pokemon company don't even fucking care about Blastose or Venasaur, I'm really fuming about how much of the preferred treatment Charizard always fucking gets.
I can have her as a different variety of Shiny, maybe golden fur with Red trims?
Indeed, which is why I was looking at how best to limit it. Like giving her only 5 forms she could do and making it impossible for her to switch forms on the fly, transformation would of also cut her hp by about 25% to 30%, as a way to counter it.

But Bowtie said no, so I'm retooling what I had planned. I still want her to be unique in some way which makes her stand out from other Lopunny's.
To add to my above post, it was things and pictures like these that perked my intrest in this idea as I was originally looking for a Golden furred Lopunny:

Lopunny Variations

Lopunny 2
Indeed, the initial plan was for Alexa Lopunny to be the only survivor of an experiment done by Alexa and Alexander parents who were scientist and breeders, Lopunny was breed to be as perfect stat, IV, EV as a Lopunny could be and then the experiment was done on her.

There would be a device implanted in her wrist and the scar hidden by her wrist fluff which would allow her to transform/Fusion with other pokemon who's DNA lived in her. So a Hounddoom would turn her into a fire/Dark type, A Syleon would turn her into a fairy type.

She was only going to gave about 5 forms in total, I though since Mewtwo was made by technology, that it might be possible. But, I'm rethinking my plan for her Lopunny now.
Sorry about the wait guys, I had a plan for Alexa Lopunny but it was not allowed so I'm trying to think of something else that makes her so unique. I'll get some post done tonight after work. Sorry again; for making you all wait.
@James Davy

The attack hit knocking Ninjask out the air as it crash landed infront of Bakeru, Maribella chuckled softly at that as she returned her pokemon before sending in Greninja who used his water shurikin to hit the weak points of the Trick room which shatter before then firing off a dark Pulse at Bakeru.


Drampa rampage was still going as it easily destroyed the water shurikin but being hit by the moon blast made him even madder as he now began using flamethrower and dragon Pulse after one another at not just Liam team, but Liam himself and the Drampa own trainer who was struggling to keep him under control before sudden a dragon Pulse came from the elevator knocking the Drampa out before the Dragonite would lock eyes with Liam and wave to him to come. It looked like Nigal himself was calling Liam now.


Sashia was on the other side of the wormhole making sure all the eggs were put in a safe place though she kept the Manaphy egg close to herself as she knew how rare the egg was.
Just need to wait for Bowtie conformation on something before I make my next post for Chuck.
@Azure Flame

Alexa spoke up as she said "Really Chuck? By using Sashia powerhouse pokemon makes you less of a trainer since your relying on a powerful pokemon that's not your own. Why don't you fight with your own team?". Lopunny nodded as she agreed with her trainer before whispering to her trainer and Alexa nodded as she returned Salazzle and Lopunny took the stage as she mega evoled.

@James Davy

Ninjask did indeed score a hit while the two pokemon fought, breaking the disguise but also taking heavy damage itself. Another glow boosted it speed but with Trick Room still active, Ninjack was not getting anywhere, so it choose to use X-Scissors again.


Both attacks hit their targets but Drampa went on a rampage from the hit, sending flames and Dragon pulse everywhere including his teammate who he knocked out.


Sashia heard the message too before she said to Aura "That mega stone was a Lucarionite, maybe we can design a mega bracelet for your trainer so you can take on your mega form once we're finished here". She then step into portal to see where it took the eggs before working with Jen to rescue all the eggs.
Sorry about the wait guys, had a lot of shit to do over the past week or so.
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