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Maybe a battle between Markus and Liam if they want to see a few of the Galarian pokemon in action.
"I have a few of the Galarian pokemon on me if you wish to see them?" Markus said as himself and Selina walked up to them with Zerina staring them down as she always did.
I've got three years yet till I turn 30
"Its get better, removing that chip has given Hibiki her voice back, can't see for sure why they removed her voice, but I feel the answer could be bad. Though when I say she can talk, she will probably have a deep grow in her voice as she's not spoken for years, kinda like how Gileta has a hiss to her voice when she speaks" Vanessa told them. Charmcaster nodding to that, "Anyway, she should wake up in an hour and she should fully recover in a day or so. These pokemon has a faster heal cycle then others" She added before getting them to help her move Hibiki out of the room and into a proper room with a bed.

Selina and Markus were also discussing her strategy though they had move to further point to avoid other trainers overhearing their conversation, since it would no doubt lead to discussing the expermental pokemon.
Vanessa thanked Jen for locating it before asking Charmcaster to put Hibiki to sleep using her psychic powers which she was happy to do to help her sister, once Hibiki was in a deep sleep did Vanessa began her operation.

(I won't go into detail for this, instead just skip to the end)

It was about 2 hours later that the procedure was done, Vanessa finshed stitching up the last of the wound before washing her tools as she said "Theire we go, I've removed the chip from her so she is now unable to be controlled by the Poucher, however she is now going to be as powerful as Serina and the other so make sure you train and keep her in good health"
Charmcaster followed behind Jen, there for her if she needed someone. Soon the group would reach the room where they were told to put on outfits to protect themselves as Vanessa got the room set up getting Hibiki to lay down on the bed getting Jen to search for any anomalies in Hibiki body telling her it should be black mark or something like that. Then she would get Charmcaster to put Hibiki to sleep to allow Venessa to remove it.
"Alrighty then" Vanessa said before she walked up to Nurse Joy and spoke to her before the Nurse nodded and gave her the key to one of the rooms. She then returned to Chuck. "Alright, Chuck, Charmcaster, Hibiki and Jen. Follow me" She said before realising something quickly speaking once more "Jen, I'm going to need your powers to help me locate the chip in Hibiki, its invisible to the naked eye but someone with your power can find it with ease" She said keeping her voice low do only Chuck and Jen could hear her before directing them to the room where she could do the procedure.
Once again, Gileta took her friend hand to comfort her as she told her that their was one last person to introduce to the group who could carry out the delicate process. "I think I may have packed too lightly Markus" A woman voice said from behind Markus before a woman with dark purple hair and purple eyes appeared.

Her large sunny hat being bigger then she anticipated, she looked at Hibiki and Gileta before she added "Ahh, this is the young pokemon you were worried about Gileta". Selina once again introduced her "This is Doctor Vanessa Gosler, she's my stepmom. Married dad about 10 or so years ago and basically raised me with Dad". "Pleasure to meet you all" she said with a bright smile

She then looked at Chuck. Before walking up to him and then speaking to him in a whisper, much like Selina she wanted to keep Hibiki and the others true nature a secret from everyone. "Young man, I need your permission to do a procedure on your Hibiki to remove the mind control chip the pouchers put in her to allow them to always control the pokemon. It also preventing her from wielding her full power when in mega form, however removing this chip does run the risk of endangering your life too, you'll need to ensure you train hard and help her learn how to control her powers"
Markus would crouch to stroke Maul ahowimg that he was was a caring father who deeply cared for his daughter and would help her out whenever she needed it. He did nod to each of them as they introduced themselves. Gileta realising her friend was confused walked up to her and explained that Markus was the one who helped Selina remove the chip that the pouchers used to try and control them, and then helped Serina learn how to master Zerina and Charmcaster Rage form, allow them to use it for extended periods of time without any lasting effects.
Happy 2 hours later birthday greetings. I'm still about 3 years away from 30 but have my birthday coming up in just over a month and 7 days.
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