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Is this dead? Nobody's posted anything for a while now.
Crepuscular Rays

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School
Interacting with: Following Prince Blueblood @Crosswire; also Worried Mind @Bright_Ops, Beeline @Ramzam

Rays shrugged.

"Eh, it looks like they have the situation under control."

With that, he finally turned away from the window and followed Worried out of the office.

Crepuscular Rays

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School
Interacting with: Following Thundering Cloud @Daglobster; also Worried Mind @Bright_Ops, Prince Blueblood @Crosswire, Beeline @Ramzam

Rays quirked an ear at the distant ringing. Was that an alarm? As more bells chorused in response, the answer became quite clear. Ignoring the others, he hurried to the nearest window. His face paled at what he saw.

"Skeletons! Armed and numerous, attacking the city wall!"

Rays cast magic sight before adding, "Animating magic centered where the heart should be."

Why did it have to be undead? Almost none of his spells worked on undead!
Nice post. Out of curiosity, what would the Pony version of the IRS be? You know, the government branch that handles taxes and all that?

I'd be inclined to use ERS (Equestrian Revenue Service).
Crepuscular Rays

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School
Interacting with: Following Worried Mind @Bright_Ops; also Prince Blueblood @Crosswire, Beeline @Ramzam

As a Canterlot native, Rays was quite familiar with Prince Blueblood, if only by reputation. As such, when the human made his (honestly mediocre) crack and put that expression on the noblestallion's face, it was all he could do not to laugh.

An amused snort escaped and he did his best to play it off as a sneeze.

Okay, spell descriptions updated.
What's the etiquette on editing character sheets? I'm keeping track of changes on my working copy, should I be doing the same for the official version? I also feel like I need to clarify certain points regarding notice-me-not, but it's gonna take a while for me to organize my thoughts into something coherent.
Crepuscular Rays

Location: Bellbrooke Reform School
Interacting with: (Following Beeline @Ramzam

After the tip, Rays set off again, this time headed for the old human castle that had been re-purposed into a reform school for reeducating human youths. He cast notice-me-not once he was outside the adventurer's hall and kept it active as he traversed the city streets and the path to the school.

He reached the front door just as a brown unicorn called out into the entryway, "Hello? I'm here to see the headmaster."

"What a coincidence, so am I."

Rays allowed his notice-me-not spell to fail as he approached the other unicorn from behind. After a quick prestidigitation to clear the snow of his legs, he joined Beeline in the old castle's entry hall. Spotting a bench, he pulled out a book and sat down to wait for their presence to be noticed by the school's denizens.
Crepuscular Rays

Location: Bellbrooke

Rays was beginning to question the wisdom of turning down the weather adaptation charm for his cloak. The merchant in question had been asking for an awful lot though, and it's not like he knew he'd be trudging through the snow in some near-polar region of Earth when he bought the thing. The unicorn's sullen grumble turned into a full-body shiver as his breath misted in the cold winter air. How did the weather change so quickly? He hadn't seen any pegasi getting the skies ready, and yet it had gone from chilly-but-bearable to frigid and covered in snow overnight. Equestria really needed to step their game up and get some weather teams cleaning up this world's climate.

Rays was snapped out of his reverie by the realization that he'd made it to his destination. At least the innkeeper's directions proved accurate (once her greed had been sated anyway). Hurrying inside, he looked around for the help desk. Ah, there it was.

"I'd like to register a Rended encounter."

The receptionist looked a bit more attentive than he had before.

"A new variation?"

"New for me, at least. Hopefully it was the only one of its kind, but you never know with Rended." Rays began to rifle through his saddlebags as he continued, "I think it used to be one of the native equines. You know, before."

Finding what he was looking for, he pulled it out and placed it on the desk. It was a horn. Spiraled like a unicorn's, but longer and far more deadly in appearance, it was broken at the base.

"It was like some sick parody of a unicorn. Big as a horse and completely insane. Barely managed to kill it before it could kill me."

"Well, we'll certainly add it to the watchlist. Was there anything else?"

"Got any good tips on salvage nearby?"

"Funny you should ask. We just got a commission from the mayor to send some adventurers up to the reform school. Sounds like the Headmaster's offering a job."
[@Crosswise] I don't mind the wait either. Besides, Rays really needs the rest. Pushing yourself too close to magical exhaustion isn't good for a unicorn.
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