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I've been RPing for about 10 years on and off, and I secretly want to be a writer. I'm a casual/advance RPer with a distaste for character sheets and extensive templating. I just want to write well with others.

Creative collaboration brings me so much joy, so please don't hesitate to message me if you're interested in telling a story together!

Currently in: San Francisco

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I just finished the Broken Earth trilogy, actually! Nice to meet a fellow fan. I'd be interested in plotting with you. :)

oh my godd I couldn't put down any of these three books. They were so amazing. I'd love to talk more, I'll PM you.
@Zayze@Pennyhaha that's great! Let me know if you want play around with a generator together and see what stories we can come up with (either 1x1 or in a group)
I'm looking for a couple partners to create something with me long-term. I like the slow burn.

We can go anywhere with the plots below or any that you may have in mind. Throw them at me! We could also use plot/characters/setting/etc generators for some of the plots, too. Let's just get out of the box more, you know? Imagine a story where a young boy plays a VR MMO with his disabled grandma to get her active again. Badass.

More random tips about the writer:

- I don't care for character sheets. Development can come on it's own time. Let's just write!
- Secretly an aspiring writer
- A sucker for elements of fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, history
- Favorite books and authors include: The Dispossessed (Ursula K. Le Guin), The Broken Earth Trilogy (N.K Jemisin)

I love to write non-standard characters, so not just young, good looking, straight people. Let's play around with multiple characters! I'd also prefer longer responses, but am not strict about it. Quality and effort matter more. I may not respond every day (that's the uncertainty bit), but I'll communicate clearly, and expect the same. I'm on my break, so it's prime time to get writing!

Alright, that's it. PM me know if you want to create something together!
Really interested!
Oh my god I love this show. IT IS A MASTERPIECE. Count me as interested!!
Interested and following! :)
just a note! playing around with the structure of character interactions and dialogue is interesting/a challenge within collaborative fiction. i may try various things throughout this piece, so no strict storytelling or grammer rules here (referring to my use of re-quoting your character in my post), my friend. just wanted to let you know so you feel free to approach it however you'd like as well.
Anis made a beeline to the front counter and slotted herself in the back of the line. She breathed deeply, fiddling with the crisp bills her hands. The smell of eggs and bacon was still thick in the air, and as the waitress walked by, so did the aroma of coffee.

The ring of the cash register brought her attention to person in front of her—she was overwhelmingly short in comparison to the skinny man. She took a small step to his left, and then saw the old woman behind the register. The old woman’s face was warm, the type of warm that is usually reserved for our friends, or those that we’ve shared a secret or two with. She went away, taking her warmth with her, and Anis was almost sad to see her go.

A hand jutted into her line of sight.

The sounds and smells of the diner were all that really registered. She stared at the hand for a moment, disoriented. The double stacked pancakes were really getting to her.

She looked up into green eyes. It was the tall man.

"You're not from around here, are you?" He smiled a little. "I like to think I've got a pretty good handle of the patrons here, and you're not a regular, far as I can tell."

She smiled her mother’s smile and grasped his hand for a few shakes, “no, I’m not. I’m Anis, from Philadelphia.”

"I'm Thomas. Thomas McClellan."

“A sharp eye, but also not too hard to tell, no?” She laughed as they released hands. "I’ve been here for a week, but I'm going westward. But what about you? You’ve lived here for a long time or—?”

Her energy was rekindling; the coffee and pancakes and eggs and greasy things working their magic, and a wave of journalistic energy washed over her. She considered this her superpower: anything which promised a story—which was everything, but some things stuck out like beacons and she trusted her journalistic sense—she wholly attuned herself to.
By the way, what timezone are you in?
So exciting! Looking forward to the adventure ahead with you, Fisticuffs :)
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