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Current Now, Now, I do KNOW he takes many long breaks, But give the guy some time! He still has a social life, And Is doing college so he's Okay for his breaks.
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I think Martin IS working hard, Why would he NOT?
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We Become What We Behold, We Shape Our Tools, And Thereafter Our Tools Shape Us.

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<Snipped quote by Warwick>

I can’t give generalized advice, but my advice for here? Be proactive in the interaction. Bring your characters to other characters. Maintain a conversation. And give some back and forth. Put yourself in a position to learn about the characters yours is speaking to, and naturally the opposite will happen, in a fluid flow of conversation. My experience outside MR is minimal, but MR is all about the cross-player interaction, and not a lot takes off without it.

In building a rapport with fellow rpers, I imagine this is also true to a heavy degree in the rest of the guild too.

Thank you.
<Snipped quote by Warwick>

Well. I don't really know. Do you want to play the RP or are you asking for more generalized advice?

<Snipped quote by Warwick>

No worries. Sorry that you felt ignored, we just didn't really know what to do either.

Thank you. What should I do?
<Snipped quote by Warwick>

So... what did you have in mind?

I don't know.
<Snipped quote by Warwick>

I was under the impression you were going to jump in and talk with characters.

No, Sorry.
<Snipped quote by Warwick>

What’s got you down?

WELL, I feel like I'm being a burden...or just plain ol' forgotten
Not doing great

<Snipped quote by Warwick>

I'm fine, you?

<Snipped quote by Warwick>


How are you?
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