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I can't think of anything useful to put here. Therefore I shall place a piece of the autobiography of Weni. One that I find quite interesting, considering how old the text is.

"When legal procedure was instituted in private in the harem against the queen, Imtes his majesty caused me to enter, in order to hear the case alone. No chief judge and vizier at all, no prince at all was there, but only I alone, because I was excellent, because I was pleasant to the heart of his majesty; because his majesty loved me. I alone was the one who put (it) in writing, together with a single judge attached to Nekhen; while my office was (only) that of superior custodian of the domain of Pharaoh. Never before had one like me heard the secret of the royal harem, except that the king caused me to hear (it), because I was more excellent to the heart of his majesty than any official of his, than any noble of his, than any servant of his."

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I do believe that a update of the thread, plus an extra "plot" deserves a bump.
Damn. No one told me about this. But with a stepped up game, perhaps it will work. You do get points for the Mechs though.

My thanks!
Weni's Current Idea(s)

Greetings friend! While I am currently new around these parts, I am not new to roleplaying. In fact, I've been doing it on and off for perhaps 5-6 years (or thereabouts). I am mostly used to one on one roleplaying, so I figured I'd try my luck here on the 1x1 board. While I do consider my English to be quite good, I suppose I might as well point out it is not my first language; so some oddities might be expected from time to time. Not really sure what else might be important, so I'll leave it at that, but do feel free to ask questions if you have them.

I put the tag of advanced on the thread which I think is correct(? [Perhaps High Casual?]). But I am still quite a laid back person in general. As for genres, fantasy is something I do love. Romance I do also enjoy, but it should be done in a natural way. If it does not come around, that is fine too! Historical can be great, but it is a bit more limited and only certain times interest me. Generally speaking when it comes to RP, the following I find quite interesting; Medieval Europe, Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt.

Do I have any rules? Not that I can think of. If you annoy me in any major way or make me angry (Good luck with making me angry) then I'll tell you that I am and why and we can solve it. Not that I have any idea what you would possibly do to annoy or anger me.

Below I currently have 2 spoilers (No shit, right?). Or hiders if you will. You may consider them writing samples if you wish to do so. However, their main purpose is not to serve as writing samples. But to serve as either a first post of an RP, or, possible "plot-makers" (for the lack of a better word) if that makes any sense.

At the end of each spoiler(Hider) there will also be a second one, giving possible ways one can think of the text above and then formulate a response or plot. (General ideas, not limitations or anything. If you can think of something else; that is even better!)

Basically my thought is this: there are two ways to go about this.
1. You read the spoilers below; if you feel that they are good as first posts; you can respond to me as if they were that (in a PM, for obvious reasons).
2. You are interested in a general idea but would rather not use the texts provided as first posts or would like something else [your own idea or something more general such as a historic or medieval fantasy RP, or simply discuss it more]. Then also send me a PM anyhow.

Simply put; Send me a PM (with post or no). Again, if nothing below interests you, I am always open to other ideas or discuss what you find below further.

Note: All ideas below, unless specifically stated otherwise are of my own imagination. Any place names, character names or general 'lore' as it were is of my own creation and made to make it feel real. Don't let that scare you away, I made it all up as I wrote it :P (If writing a response, feel free to develop on what has been created.)

New Ideas under construction

To be updated with more at some point...

16/11/2016 - Added Number 2. Added "things to consider" at the end of Number 1 (There will be "things to consider" at the end of every single 'Number' from now on too. Likewise there is one in Number 2.) - Also updated the thread in general with a few extra bits and bobs.
08/06/2022 - Removed old plots. Need to work on a few new ones.
Thanks! I almost feel bad for not having thought of that one. Need to step up my game it would seem.
Suppose I might as well say hello.

I go by the name of Weni, who was some high official during the reign Pepy I(Or was it II? I can't remember). I think it has a nice ring to it :P Been RPing on and off for some time but never been on here, it looks nice though. I'm generally one for fantasy stuff, but historic is quite good too, depending on the time.
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