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Current Returned from exams only to see a few of my pals drop the site...
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appy New Year!
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One more day...then crack ton of responses to bust out.
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Taking a break for this week, need to survive exams and essay writings...
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Going to be gone entire day, family activities...hopefully get something in by the end of tonight.


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well can't wait to see how this will end out

EDIT: ?? where the people at?
question of the day, do we have a third spa gender that allows Claire in?
"S~Sorry Rochelle...first time visiting this place and who knows? There could be sky fish...that'd be awesome if there were a few out there somewhere."

Claire nervously mutters to herself/himself as she/he keeps speaking due to the embarrassment and decides to go a bit more silent due to thinking that she/he disappointed her/his friend. Though Claire does occasionally smile and grin when she/he gets to see all sorts of new views on top of the airship they got to travel on.

When they eventually reached the town, Claire nodded to the guards there to confirm that they were no hostile group and tried to give them a cheerful smile underneath her/his farmer's hat. Though when Claire heard of the spa, she/he seemed to want to go but didn't want to bug Rochelle again nor the two leader-like people of the group if they don't mind her/him joining...well then again, Claire has no idea if they'd allow her/him in the spa with them in the first place.
i'll see if i can get something up soon as well, yay no combat still XD
@Lady Athena

same with claire lol...going to be quite the brawl
"Wow...a flying boat! That's soo cool Rochelle. You guys are really lucky...though there is a problem with them. How else can you catch fish and other food while hanging up in the sky? D~Do you go bird fishing? F~From all the way up there? That's pretty scary...considering the fact I look over the edge of a boat a lot when I f~fish. Think I'll stick to the solid ground of a b~boat, much more used to it. And if we're fighting, does anyone want a thin layer of protection? I can only give one Lesser Water Armour out to a person...sorry!"

Claire was very amazed by the scenery he/she stepped into. It wasn't that bad and she/he pulls at the nape of her/his farmer's cloth at the v-neck...not really paying attention to if it would attract anyone's attention really. Her/His wand was at Claire's belt with her/his hand wavering over it in case for an emergency while the other get trying to cool her off a bit for some relaxation in the upcoming stress that may come upon her.
Claire nods her/his head happily as Rochelle appreciated the drink and grips her/his small tree-wood wand for her/his aquatic magic skills. The young healer follows behind though is still red-faced from Rochelle's treatment to him/her, still confused as to why did she reply in such a strange way...and her strange movements. Nevertheless, the healer was looking forward to this adventure and proceeds to follow his friend into the mysterious portal that she/he just took note of.

"I really hope I~I don't have to use my healing abilities as soon as we step seems safe enough though. Wait, fire kingdom? Oh no...that means no water areas for me to fish or draw more water from. It's hard to use my magic if the area is hotter than usual...though it does feel nice to get sweaty. A nice sweat results in more of a desire to drink some relaxing b~beverage...if we can find one out there."

The healer tries to joke a bit nervously as the group begins their travels through the portal...
@Darkmoon Angel

will get my response in by tomorrow
@Lady Athena@Cherrywitch

it's alright guys, no really. we tried and it was fun while it lasted. maybe one day in the future it'll be picked up again and i don't mind watching someone else host it. thanks again for trying and participating.

done, can't wait to see how this turns out
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