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Ooooh, interested in The Horned One

Yeah, high school sounds good. I bet most of everyone could be loosely acquainted. @Whirligig Maybe he could be a regular at the restaraunt Jenny works at?

Yes! Reckon he'd come in at the same time each day and might begrudgingly make conversation.

"The usual Jenny"

Not sure if you're still taking apps but thought I'd throw my hat in the ring if you were

This is a WIP but if you guys let me know if you approve the concept or not I'd appreciate it. A man who's had his consciousness merged with a kaiju, I'd be playing from the perspective of the human and they wouldn't be chatting to each other, only dimly aware of the other's emotions. Thought it might be an interesting concept to play.

Depending how I feel I may drop Mocha for this, as I'm not sure about juggling three characters, or maybe use him more minimalistically (which would kinda suit the concept) or have him die dramatically haha

<Snipped quote by wxps350>

That is also a good question, though from what i've seen of godzilla content over the years, I was assuming regeneration far above human standards, but with some kind of limiter [like rapid regen but with an upper limit, or a simply impressively high rate that doesn't constitute invincibility.] were a given for most of them in some form or another.

You could have it as one of the Kaiju's abilities? Or perhaps limit it to regeneration in specific circumstances i.e heals when in the water or hot temperatures
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