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Any clues for what kind of story we might be in for? Also the scale the rp, I.E are we expecting to bring down regimes and have a galactic impact, or more using the AU as a back-drop?

@Gisk Will drop you a pm!
@Whirligig Oh man, can he be a part of Gui's crew?

Yes! Ex-empire meets ex-CIS could make for some interesting interaction
@Sep Having a Separatist ship would be neat but just that, not at all essential for the character, as long as it's plausible a Belbullab-22 would fit the bill then. Failing that, I'll give him a random ship swiped of Coruscant

@Seirei No Hai That would be a STRONG yes! *Fist-bumps*
@Whirligig I'm not a GM or anything, however, how does one Pilot a Tri-Fighter?. They are designed with an integrated Droid Brain, basically, they are a droid.

It also has no hyperdrive but that would be a secondary issue.

Ah, you're not wrong...let me just edit that out
Now don't get me wrong guys, Jedi are very cool and all, but they're not robot-cowboy cool:

Ooooh, interested in The Horned One

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