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Still here. Should be able to post for the second case, got the last exam on saturday (yes, you read it right).
@Sailorsadie Happy Birthday :)

Update: I have recently gotten my laptop back. Which is good news. The bad news is that I got it much later than I expected, and since it's my only way of studying for exams (graphic design) now I have to focus on that, because my exams start literally two days from now. The good news is that all the exams are in the same week so it won't stretch over a long period. Bad news is that I can't be back before the end of it because I've already fallen behind on studying as a result of not getting my laptop fixed in time.

It seems the RP's pace kinda slowed down, not sure if it's a good or bad thing at this point. Hopefully it picks up again once I'm back.
I've not forsaken you, guise. Should be back next week. Long story short for those of you who dont know, my laptop broke down and I was unable to repair it (one of the reasons why Ive been absent longer than expected). Anyway, taking it to the repairshop this monday so whenever its done.
Man, I feel bad for not saying anything. I've been in a bit of a pickle with life and all so I haven't been active on RPG much lately. Sorry 'bout that. Hopefully I'll write something tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay.
@BrutalBx actually, it's fine. She and I didn't get in touch in time and it's mostly my fault for not letting her know about the PM you sent me earlier. All in all, she and I have some work to do, devising a scheme, plotting, conniving.
It's gonna be dope. It's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be fuck-fuck bananas.

As soon as Emory signalled, Bunny and Florian split off from the group and off to a random direction, far enough from the suspicious-looking family to figure out what to do next and where to go from there. The two weaved through the long corridors of this large unusual mansion for a few seconds before stumbling into a foyer. Standing there for a little bit to catch their breath and figure out where to go from there, without a word spoken, Bunny did her thing with that necklace she keeps around her long pale neck. She was searching for spirits that may be possessing the mansion and Florian realized it immediately, being partnered up with her for some time now. Their teamwork despite lack of communication for the most part worked like clockwork. Over the course of time they have worked together on various cases they came to realize each other's mindframe so it wasn't too difficult to see what the other one was thinking.

Their search was cut off by a loud commosion spreading through the long corridors and echoing from all sides of the room. Something was amiss. An unexpected woman's screaming cut right through Florian's attention on the task giving a swift look towards the corridor they just came from, but being trained in this sort of business he was quick to recover and look back at Bunny who didn't even flinch and was obviously still focused. "We don't have the time to go back and see what's going on." - Florian suggested: "We should keep looking for the room and leave it to the rest of the team."

He wasn't usually the type to shy away from danger, but he also had a keen knowledge in discerning his priorities during missions: "If in dire needs, they'll let us know." - he continued with his slight Russian accent. He has been working on his English pronounciation, trying to mask his rough Slavic speech behind an American one. But a sharp ear could still pick up certain words articulated in a non-American fashion. Luckily, he was not exactly the chatty type so for under-cover purposes it was good enough. Perhaps not well known among his colleagues is also his knowledge of Norwegian, which he learned at Durmstrang, as well as French and Italian. Emory and Arthur are most likely the only two people in ORO he may have mentioned this to.
Sorry for the long wait, boys and girls. I've been a little busy lately. Weekend and all. I'll be writing something up after a shower.
You see kids, this is why you don't bring negativity to those places. Ghosts hate that.

If Ted Mosby was Sam and Dean's father.
@spacecakes depending where she lives, that might be how she meets Dylan. He's expecting a delivery of CDs the next morning at Lou's Vinyl.

The time Florian spent in his bed just reminiscing of things and thinking about what could be helpful to the case felt longer than it actually was. Forty minutes long casual lying on that ugly yet unusually comfortable bunk and alas the announcement finally came. They are at their first landing already. He decided to get his things and take them downstairs to meet with everyone else. It wouldn't be too long after the first drop before his team has to set out as well. He tightly gripped the large suitcase expecting to struggle with it, but it was as light as feather and he seems to forget it every time, its size being quite an eye fooler. As he made his way down he noticed many have already assembled in the meeting room, ready for departure.

A room quite large, almost inexplainably, given the house's appearance from the outside. It had a very high ceiling with two majestic chandeliers hanging from above, covering every inch of the room in their light. Walls are tall and covered in some very dark wood up to the middle with exquisite designs while the other half that connected them to the ceiling was coated in wallpapers. Large entrance on one side, wide enough to fit four average humans standing shoulder to shoulder, and a pair of tall windows on the opposite end, starting somewhere at the hip level and stretching all the way up, just barely short of the ceiling. Most of the room itself was fairly empty as far as furniture goes. It was meant for assembling teams before going on missions and on some occasions house parties.

He approached the group not saying anything, just creeping up with his giant suitcase which he then casted aside. Seems as though the Texas case team was exchanging information about their case, which to Florian meant nothing so he stayed out of it. Finally, his team assembled just as well on the side, forming a circle of their own with his partner sharing valuable information to the rest of the crew. Florian listened carefully trying not to miss a single detail. Loads of unusual stuff and he wasn't sure what to make of it without further examination. Shortly after finishing her dictation, Bunny made her way over to Florian, almost pushing up against him which made him feel slightly uncomfortable. While he was trying to figure out how to get out of it, he noticed with the corner of his eye that Nickie was spectating the event for a brief moment. "Is she jealous?"- he pondered keeping her in sight for a second then looking away not to give her any ideas. After all, they never did have a talk about what happened that one time. He's not the type to settle down for a relationship and he didn't think it would be an issue with her, either. But it's been a fairly awkward situation ever since, and he's been wondering if she had actually taken it to heart. As a result he's been limiting his contact with her to a minimum, not opting to tell her directly. After all, he was never a big conversationalist anyway.

And finally the time came for the first team to leave the premises. As they departed, Florian's group slowly prepared itself as well, getting a hold of their luggage that was scattered around and slowly assembling in the lobby before getting off. "Looks like we're here." - he stated as the house was now slowly descending in some remote area of California, supposedly not too far from the crime scene.
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