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Hi, any luck a Chinese god be used? Not exactly Shinto...Please let me know!

If you don't mind me asking, did you have a particular god in mind? Shinto has been influenced to a degree by both Indian and Chinese mythologies, so there's a chance that the Japanese might have adapted a god or two from Chinese mythology similar to how the Roman and Greeks did.

Am I correct in assuming all native American mythology is off the table?
So dumb question, but how accurate to actual mythology do we have to be?
I'll reserve Laverna, if it's alright with you.

Also, are we allowed multiple characters?
I'm not planning on including the Roman gods just because of the similarities between those of the Greeks and Romans.

The issue with that though is that there are several Roman gods that have no Greek equivalent, like Janus or the aforementioned Laverna for example.

I've been toying around with the idea of making a Communicator of either Acat (Mayan god of tattooing) or one of Laverna (Roman god of thieves), would either of those ideas be alright with you?
I'd be interested.

Also, dumb question but if faith powers the gods, does that mean that the communicators of gods from Shinto be generally stronger than the rest due to Shinto having a relatively large following?
Sorry for taking such a long time to finish my character, some irl stuff came up I had to deal with first.

Anyway, here's my character, should I change anything?

Name: Morgaine le Fay
age: 200
species: Half-elf
Class: Necromancer
good or evil: Neutral
short bio: Morgaine has always been obsessed with death for as long as she could remember. And in her eagerness to find to find some way to achieve immortality, or at least prolong her life, she started studying dark magic.
of course! That'd be great. :)

Great, I'll start working on my character right away.
Would you mind if I join this?
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