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Still here, just not sure I can post anything just yet..not seeing where I can say something for Zwei
Trying to find a good spot for Zwei to chime in but don't see nothing just yet.
Finally back! What I miss?
I need to inform everyone present that I will be going out of town this Wedensday and probably won't be getting back until Sunday at Noon on US Eastern time. I will have minor internet connectivty but I'm not sure if I will be able to post during this time. Regardless due to Zwei being a non combatant he will more than likely not be needed for a few days but he will still be with the group.

I can relate. I made my pen name 8 years back for PSN and chose Deadmeat because I was prone to dying in games a lot...the name just kinda grew and stuck on me.
"I suggest we be on our merry way as well. We can only assume we have little time to act if her highness is in labor." Zwei said breaking his silence as he leaned on his cane and looked at Telma from underneath his hood. There were a lot of details he didn't have in this situation and it was troublesome to say the least. The queen only stated she was unlikely to survive child birth and her husband was going to do something dangerous to illicit distrust from her. More than likely this was a plan to hide the baby away, but what about after that?

Details. Facts. Data. He needs more information to draw conclusions. For now he would provide his aid to this queen and determine his plans post mission.

"If we are to do this, I merely ask one of the more combat formidable of the group guard the rear as it seems we are a mixture of warriors and non combatants such as myself." He said

I'm still here as well. I will try to get something up once i am up to speed on the IC
Oh dear...
Was about to head out for awhile, so I just wanted to go ahead and do one final post to help free up Turok and move Zwei to standby so things can progress once everyone else has had a chance to post.
"I suppose it depends..." Zwei mused after a short silence, while the giant seemed friendly he had trouble understanding the figures of speech the Goron was using to express his views on the situation. This large rock of a fellow must be one of these 'friends' her majesty spoke of when she contacted him. That was valuable information to the Twili, because now he could further evaluate the situation. The Queen must have impressive magic abilities in comparison to the Twilight Princess if she was able to contact multiple individuals simultaneously. Regardless if it was by specific selection or random choice, it could be considered the child will inherit this same talent. Perhaps that was the reason she needed strangers to come to her aid? No, there had to be a process to isolate candidates to avoid any questionable people from doing her highness harm. If this hammer wielding giant of an individual, himself, and the others arriving on the scene were any indication...there had to be more to each of them than what met the average eye. As the scene defused with the dark skinned woman shooing the would be thief away, Zwei raised a brow as she ushered everyone present inside.

"I believe its about 'to hit the fan' fairly soon. However we shouldn't keep the lady waiting, else we may miss the chance to " Zwei said with a curious smile as he tapped the Goron on the arm with the back of his hand before lifting his cane up and waltzing towards the tavern.

"Evening ladies, gentlemen and humble plant man." He said casually strolling past the guards, Kokiri and the Deku Scrub as he walked. Due to his short time in the Realm of Light, he wasn't entirely sure what to call the little plant and hoped if it was offensive, his cheerful and friendly presentment would counter it. However as he was about to head in...

"My dinner! How can I go adventuring without moldy bread now?"

Zwei stopped and spun on the heels of his feet to Bilko, a puzzled look beneath his hood at the sight of the boy. He had the aura of a wizard, the Twili could sense the magic radiating off of him despite his dirty physical appearance. He was a curious little resoivor of this land's magic power and no doubt another odd misfit summoned by the royalty. By the sound of it, he hadn't eaten for some time either if he was resorting to such poor choice in sustenance. Parting his cloak to reveal his arms also coated in the illusion to make him appear as a Hylian, he grasped at the small pouch secured to his belt. Undoing the string to keep it bound, the opening stretched wider than what should have been for looked like an average coin purse. Reaching the entirety of his arm into the bag he pulled out a loaf of bread that was in far better condition than that which the rat had stolen.

"Here, now the rat can cry as he missed out on the better choice" Zwei said with a smile while handing it to Bilko. Zwei himself didn't have much in the way of rations, but it was clear he was not going to take no for an answer as he already tied his magic satchel shut. The first rule of magic was that you needed to provide energy to fuel the spell. Which almost always came from the caster's body. At least now this little guy wouldn't be trying to use his abilities on an empty stomach and tax himself further.

Not to mention it was also spreading that which the Twilight Princess always tried to instill into her subjects. Be kind to others and they may show you how kind in return they can be.

"Now if you will excuse me, mysterious voice in my head asked me to come here. The nice barkeep asked us all to come in, and it would be folly to upset a woman who offers her kindness." he said and with that twirled his cane and turned to enter the tavern.
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