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Sorry everyone I am not having the amount of free time I want to invest into this...I think it may be best I politely bow out. This is just from me not being able to post as much as I like and I apologize for that.
Still here, just not sure I can post anything just yet..not seeing where I can say something for Zwei
Trying to find a good spot for Zwei to chime in but don't see nothing just yet.
Finally back! What I miss?
I need to inform everyone present that I will be going out of town this Wedensday and probably won't be getting back until Sunday at Noon on US Eastern time. I will have minor internet connectivty but I'm not sure if I will be able to post during this time. Regardless due to Zwei being a non combatant he will more than likely not be needed for a few days but he will still be with the group.

I can relate. I made my pen name 8 years back for PSN and chose Deadmeat because I was prone to dying in games a lot...the name just kinda grew and stuck on me.
"I suggest we be on our merry way as well. We can only assume we have little time to act if her highness is in labor." Zwei said breaking his silence as he leaned on his cane and looked at Telma from underneath his hood. There were a lot of details he didn't have in this situation and it was troublesome to say the least. The queen only stated she was unlikely to survive child birth and her husband was going to do something dangerous to illicit distrust from her. More than likely this was a plan to hide the baby away, but what about after that?

Details. Facts. Data. He needs more information to draw conclusions. For now he would provide his aid to this queen and determine his plans post mission.

"If we are to do this, I merely ask one of the more combat formidable of the group guard the rear as it seems we are a mixture of warriors and non combatants such as myself." He said

I'm still here as well. I will try to get something up once i am up to speed on the IC
Oh dear...
Was about to head out for awhile, so I just wanted to go ahead and do one final post to help free up Turok and move Zwei to standby so things can progress once everyone else has had a chance to post.
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