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Current Im not an ioua clone, I think he's low elo.
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Null and Void
@Zinita yea sure, but things like angels have default mui so that is off-limits.

Gotta admit, kinda expected that. But can I make a reverse stat man? (E in every stat}

Ill lower that stats if need be.
Dragon Ball:New Generation

Congratulations are in order! you are just one of the 0.000000005% of the trillions that were accepted. Regardless of whether you got in through the entrance exam or tournament, you have distinguished yourselves due to your prodigal ability. Founded in memory and by the principles of the Z-fighters, and the genius mind of Bulma Briefs. All of which attracted you to the finest school in the Northern Quadrant with unparalleled academics. Upon your acceptance to go to this school, your transportation will be sent to you. Whether you live in the farthest reaches in the south quadrant or a neighboring system, there is no distance we cannot overcome. And again congratulations are truly in order, and let this start a legendary partnership with Mutaito University!

Overview: This a high casual roleplay based on the Dragon Ball Z universe, set in the future a millennia after the end of super. The primary setting will be of course Mutaito university, considered in-universe the most prestigious university in the galaxy. Here's the catch, it's not really a university. It is a front for the Z-fighters(who are now considered long gone) to find and train new members. This has been happening for generations, and only with funding from the Capsule Corporation have they been able to front as a school. The Galactic Government formed 500 years after Super, has sanctioned this within its defense department under the name Z-retcon.

Seems I have enough interest, to start this RP. Expect an OOC by tomorrow morning. SO, start to think about what character you want to make.
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